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Sorry it been so long since I published anything on here been. Haven’t been in a great place mentally, and have been busy doing some poetry writing on how I have been feeling. I got inspired to write the other day, so I hope for all that reads this enjoy it.


It had been five months since Hailey moved to California from the Midwest to attend her freshman year of college. One Saturday morning, Hailey had just finished getting showered and dressed when her friend and roommate Kylie, who’s in her sophomore year, asked her to go shopping with her. While out shopping and Kylie picking out some new outfits, the two girls came across a sign that read Clipper Chick’s Barbershop. Clipper Chick’s is an all women’s barbershop that caters to the LGBTQ+ community. “Hey, why don’t we check it out! Kylie said with enthusiasm as she pointed to the sign with her thumb. “I ah don’t know Kylie. Hailey replied with uncertainty. Come on, it’ll be fun!, “Besides you could use a haircut Kylie said while grabbing Hailey’s arm, pulling her in the door before Hailey could interject. “I don’t want to get a haircut said Hailey with a whisper, as everyone’s attention within the barbershop turned towards the two girls upon entering.


Kylie grabbed the ends of Hailey’s long strawberry blonde hair between two fingers and held it in front of her face, “You really could stand to update this boring Midwest farm look of your’s! Kylie exclaimed, pointing out her friend’s current style was a bit drull. Hailey’s face turned red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger at Kylie’s words that just came out of her mouth in front of a room full of strangers. “I’m going to get mine cut as well Kylie explained, trying to put Hailey’s mind at ease. “Okay, I’ll do it, but you better get a haircut as well. Hailey threatened Kylie with agitation in her voice as she reluctantly agreed to have her hair cut at her friend’s behest. “Oh goody! Kylie responded with excitement, “You’re going to look sooo cute! Kylie said, teasing Hailey with exuberance over the thought of her friend getting a haircut.


Just as Hailey agreed to her friend’s wishes, the barberette at the back of the shop called out next. Kylie motioned Hailey to go first, Hailey felt weighed down as she nervously made her way to the barber chair. Hailey slowly sat down unprepared to have her hair cut on short notice. “Hi, I’m Genevieve. The barberette said, introducing herself. “Hi, umm… I ah…. I…am Hailey. Hailey anxiously replied as she stammered over her words. “That excited are we!? Genevieve playfully questioned in response, “Umm, no… I mean yes…. I just wasn’t planning on getting a haircut today, Hailey said, trying to explain her current predicament to the barberette that her friend had talked her into getting a haircut at the spur of the moment. “I understand being nervous, Getting your haircut on a whim is scary. “But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Genevieve said, trying to settle Hailey’s nerves. “Sooo what are we doing today!? Genevieve asked Hailey with exhilaration in her voice, “I’m not quite sure. Hailey responded as she had no prior thought on what type of haircut she wanted.


Before Hailey could come to her own decision, Kylie appeared next to Genevieve and started whispering in the barberette’s ear while pointing to a picture on her phone. Genevieve nodded in agreement and began to pin Hailey’s hair to the top of her head, then proceeded to tie a piece of tissue paper around her neck, then in one quick flick of the wrist Genevieve unfurled a large black cape that befel upon Hailey completely engulfing her. Genevieve tightened the cape around Hailey’s neck, then released Hailey’s hair and began to section it, then pinned the rest of it back on top of her head. “Are you ready for this!? Genevieve excitedly proposed the question Hailey dreaded most as she felt she would never truly be ready to have her hair forcefully cut even though she had begrudgingly agreed to this, but she had agreed nonetheless.


Hailey couldn’t help but feel angry toward her friend along with herself for allowing Kylie to talk her so easily into doing something she really did not want to do, especially considering she had no idea what kind of haircut Kylie picked for her. Hailey anxiously nodded her head yes in response. Genevieve picked up a pair of clippers and placed a number 2 guard on the clippers, and proceeded to run the clippers at the right side of Hailey’s head. Hailey let out a high-pitched scream as the clippers were plunged into her hair, as they made short work of Hailey’s treasured long thick strawberry blonde locks.


While Hailey was having her hair butchered by the barberette, Kylie sat back and watched in arousal, as she would daydream of Hailey getting a short haircut on a regular basis. Kylie was infatuated with Hailey ever since the first day she had locked eyes with her. As strong and confident, Kylie was within herself she could never muster up the courage to tell Hailey how she felt about her out fear that Hailey would reject her. Hailey wasn’t the typical type Kylie sought after, Kylie is usually attracted to girls with more of a punk rock/skater look, and she couldn’t help envisioning Hailey being transformed to fit that style.


Unbeknownst to Hailey, this wasn’t all by chance that Kylie and her wound up at Clipper Chick’s Barbershop today, for Kylie came across the barbershop a few weeks back when Hailey was attending class and Kylie had a free day of classes. As soon as Kylie laid eyes on the barbershop, Kylie devised the perfect plan to remake Hailey in her image in hopes of getting Hailey out of her comfort zone. Kylie was risking a lot trying to make Hailey feel vulnerable, so she might lean on her for comfort in hopes it would bring the two of them closer together.


Genevieve finished buzzing the back and sides of Hailey’s head with number 2 guard, Genevieve then removed the guard then proceeded to buzz more of Hailey’s head with a bare bladed guard giving her a high skin fade haircut. Hailey began to weep as more of her hair was being shorn off. Kylie went to console her friend when a Barberette from the other side of the room called out next. True to her word, Kylie climbed into the awaiting chair feeling guilty about what she had done to Hailey, for she knew it was wrong to project her fantasies on to Hailey. Kylie turned to the barberette and told her that she wanted a crew cut with a skin fade, “Are you sure it would be a shame to lose all this thick wavy auburn hair, it really compliments your carmel skin! the barberette proclaimed. Kylie stared in Hailey’s direction as she witnessed more of Hailey’s hair being massacred by Genevieve.


Genevieve put down the clippers as she finished fading the sides & back of Hailey’s head and handed Hailey a tissue. “I know you’re upset, but you’re going to look really good with the haircut your friend picked out! Genevieve said, trying to put Hailey’s mind at rest as she picked up her scissors. “Besides, I think your friend cares about you more than you know! Genevieve energeticly stated as she gave Hailey a little wink in the mirror. Hailey was perplexed by Genevieve’s statement. How does Kylie wanting me to get a short haircut show she cares about me, Hailey thought bitterly as Genevieve held the rest of Hailey’s long strands above her head and slide her scissors through Hailey’s hair severing the rest from her head leaving Hailey with a raggeded cut that barely touched the top of her ears.


Genevieve plopped the severed strawberry blonde locks in Hailey’s lap, which only infuriated Hailey even more as Genevieve with expert precision continued to cut, pull, push, pull and cut more of Hailey’s hair. After several minutes, Genevieve put down her scissors and told Hailey she would be right back. While Genevieve was in the back, it gave Hailey a chance to inspect her radical makeover. A mix of emotions ran through Hailey’s mind, as she was left with a longish layered choppy undercut pixie that hung just below her eyebrows. Hailey began to think the cut really complimented her facial features. Hailey thought she might have loved the cut if Kylie didn’t force it on her. With Hailey’s emotions running high, she couldn’t even look in Kylie’s direction with how angry she was at her.


Just as Hailey was getting ready to swallow her pride to get a glimpse of what her friend was having done, Genevieve reappeared with a tray with tinfoil and a mixing bowl. “What’s this?! Hailey asked Genevieve, trying not to sound annoyed. “I have to bleach your hair so I can color it to complete the look! Genevieve explained charmingly. “Do you not want me to color it? Genevieve inquired, sounding a bit disappointed at the notion of not being able to finish the job that her and Kylie agreed upon. “No, it’s fine. “Go ahead. Hailey replied, sounding defeated. Genevieve began bleaching Hailey’s hair after being given the green light.


Five minutes later, Genevieve started sectioning Hailey’s newly cropped bleached blonde pixie and placing tinfoil underneath the sectioned off pieces of hair and painted it a different color. Genevieve repeated the process a few more times then set a timer for fifteen minutes. By this time, Kylie was already finished having her auburn hair cut into a skin fade crew cut. While waiting for Hailey, Kylie went and picked up food for both her and Hailey. Kylie returned and placed a chocolate, banana, and strawberry smoothie along with an oven roasted turkey sandwich on pita bread on the counter in front of Hailey. Hailey was completely taken off guard when and almost didn’t recognize Kylie when she saw her for the first time after taking her turn in the barber chair.


Hailey ate her sandwich and was still working on her smoothie when Genevieve approached to check on Hailey’s color, and told her to come back to the sink. Genevieve vigorously washed, toned and rinsed Hailey’s hair then left the towel on Hailey’s head after she had dried it, to preventing Hailey from seeing her new hair color in any of the mirrors they would pass by. Hailey sat back down in the barber’s chair as Genevieve removed the towel and presented Hailey’s new look to he. Hailey sat in complete shock as her long strawberry blonde hair was replaced with a short choppy layered pixie with shaved sides, and was now bleached blonde with a few bits of a few purple/pinkish streaks within the hair that remained at the top of her head.


Genevieve began running some product into Hailey’s hair and moved in different directions, giving it a pieced out messy look that had some spiky pieces while other pieces laid flat. “Whada think!? Genevieve asked over joyed with her work. Hailey just sat in stunned silence as she had no words to respond with, “I think you look gorgeous! Kylie chimed in with an electric spark excitement in her voice. “It’s just going to take some getting use to. Genevieve words were directed at both girls as Hailey thought Genevieve’s words were a huge understatement. Kylie paid for both haircuts and drove back to the dormroom.


It was a long uncomfortable, and silent drive back to their dorm. Neither girl uttered a word until they were just outside the door to their dormroom, when Kylie was the first to speak. “When I said you look gorgeous, “I meant it. Kylie said nervously as she opened the door to their dorm and let Hailey go first. Kylie followed suit and closed the door. “How could you do this to me Kylie! Hailey said angerly with her voice raised. Kylie had no words in return as she just stood in silence, knowing full well that she deserved the tongue lashing she was about to receive. “God, I can’t believe you would do such a thing! “What was all this for? Hailey questioned bitterly as she started to turn towards her bed, Kylie, with a firm but gentle, had grabbed Hailey’s arm and turned Hailey back towards her. “WHAT!? Hailey shouted angerly.


Without saying a word, Kylie aggressively shoved her tongue down Hailey’s throat and began to kiss her. Kylie brought her right hand up behind Hailey’s head and grabbed the back of her hair, while Kylie still had a grip on Hailey’s arm. after a few minutes, Kylie let go of Hailey as Hailey fell backwards, taking a seat on her bed in complete an utter shock. “Hailey, I’m sorry it’s, just I had such a hard time trying to tell you how I feel about you! Kylie explained with nervous energy. “I know……. it was wrong to project my fantasies onto you. Kylie regretfully expressed any distress she had caused her friend.


Kylie shamefully made her way to the door, fearing she had nuked her friendship with Hailey. “Kylie wait! Hailey cried out before Kylie could get one foot out the door. Kylie stopped in her tracks and turned back to face Hailey when Hailey closed the door, pushed Kylie up against it, and forcefully started kissing Kylie while Hailey reached under Kylie shirt and started massaging her left breast. Hailey and Kylie tore each other’s clothes off, and the two girls landed in Kylie’s bed as they ravaged each other passionately.


The next morning, Hailey awoke still tangled in Kylie’s warm embrace. As Kylie eyes opened, she automatically locked eyes with Hailey. “So you’re not upset with me? Kylie questioned nervously, anticipating Hailey’s response as she tugged on the front of Hailey’s hair. “I wasn’t exactly happy with being forced to have my haircut and colored! Hailey said, a bit annoyed. “But I’m glad you dragged me into that barbershop, “I just wish you opened up to me first! Hailey stated as she kissed Kylie’s forehead and caressed her arm. “I don’t deserve you! Kylie proclaimed happily. “There is one problem though! Hailey announced with some distress, “What’s that? Kylie queried nervously, anticipating Hailey’s response. “I don’t have any clothes to go along with this look. Hailey replied with some disappointment. Kylie kissed Hailey on the cheek and pointed to the bags of clothes she had bought yesterday, “You bought me clothes!? Hailey asked enthusiastically. Kylie nodded her head, and the two girls began making out with extreme passion.


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