Unexpected quarantine haircut – Part 2

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Note: This is a fictional story. If you have not read the first part of this story, I highly recommend you do so to fully enjoy the story.

The rest of the day I got my first flattop haircut ever I was observing it over and over with very mixed feelings. One part of me was excited about this change because I have always secretly wanted a haircut like this, and it finally happened. The other part of me was worried about what other people are going to think about change, especially my classmates that have always made fun of me because of my hair. Getting a military haircut like this at my age was very uncommon and the fact that I switched from a medium-long haircut into a very short military haircut did not help it at all. After a couple of hours, I took another shower because I have enjoyed the feeling of running water on my scalp and then got into bed to get some rest after, for me stressful day. Immediately after I put my head on the pillow, I felt my shorn scalp touching the pillow which felt completely amazing!

The upcoming day I woke up around 10 am because I had to get ready for my afternoon online classes. It felt amazing to get out of the bed with the feeling of a light head with almost no hair. When I got to the bathroom to brush my teeth and look at myself in the mirror, I could not believe my eyes. My hair was looking like a huge mess and everything was out of place, it almost looked like a completely different haircut. I started to panic because I did not know how to make it look as good as it looked yesterday right after the cut. The first thing I did was to wet my hair and then try to dry it by using a blow dryer, to make my hair stand straight again. Of course, I did not turn out very well how I was expecting. After almost an hour of trying to comb my hair and using a lot of the wax she gave me yesterday, I gave up. I almost started to cry because I was worried that I will have to go to my online classes looking like this and then I came up with an idea.

I took my phone and called my neighbor who cut my hair yesterday because she was the only person that could help me in this situation. She immediately picked up the phone and asked me what she can help me with. I explained to her the situation that happened to me and I asked her if she could come over and help me one more to style it. She did not even think about it and said that she is going to be at my place in a minute. After two minutes I heard her knocking on the door, so I opened the door to let her in. She was standing there the same as yesterday with a smile on her face. Right after she saw me, she looked at my hair and giggled a little. She ran her hand through my hair and said, “Don’t worry sweetheart, we will sort this out”. I got a little calmer when I saw that she is willing to help me to not look completely like a dork in front of my classmates. I let her in, and she headed directly to the kitchen where she gave me the haircut yesterday. I head to the bathroom because I thought she will help me there to style it, but instead of that I heard her shouting at me from the kitchen, “Take off your shirt honey and come here, we will sort your hair out”.

I was confused why I need to take off my shirt, but I took the shirt off and headed to the kitchen to see her. When I got there, I saw a chair standing in the middle of my kitchen and her getting clipper from her bag. When she saw me coming, she told me “Have a seat sweetie, we will begin shortly”. I was even more confused because I did not know what she was planning on doing, but without any questions, I politely obeyed and sit on the chair. After I sit on the chair, she immediately put a paper towel and barber cape around my neck and said, “I see that styling your flattop is a problem for you so we will take the top and sides much shorter, so you don’t have to worry about styling your hair that much”. I did not even have a chance to say something and I heard her clippers running. She told me to hold my head still to make it easier for her to cut my hair properly, after she finished the sentence, I felt cold metal running in the middle of the top of my head to my crown taking away already short hair.

I had no idea what she was doing and why is she making a bald strip on top of my head. After she finished the strip, she took a small guard and put it on the clippers, and then she ran the clippers through the remaining hair around the bald landing strip, leaving just very short stubble. There was no mirror in front of me so I could not see what she was doing with my hair, but I could imagine it by feeling the clippers running through my head and seeing that she is almost using no guard on her clippers. After she was satisfied with the top of my head, she told me, “Let’s get the sides and back shaved” and pushed my head hard until my chin was touching my chest. I could hear her taking off the guard and after that, I felt cold and sharp medal going very high through my neck. She was working very fast and I could only see already small hair falling on the ground and the cape that was very tightly around my neck. She was constantly running her hand through my scalp to see if everything is perfectly buzzed into the shortest length. After 5 minutes of buzzing my back and sides, she turned off the clippers and searched for something in her bag. Then I could hear a weird sound and after that feeling her hand putting a foamy substance around my ears and high on my neck.

I could tell by the smell that she was putting a shaving cream around my ears and very high on my neck. I have never experienced someone shaving my head, so I got kind of nervous. She told me that there is nothing to worry about and that it does not hurt. I closed my eyes how scared I was and then fell running razor almost everywhere around my back and sides including the buzzed strip on top of my head. After she finished, she cleaned the remaining foam with a towel and applied aftershave on my neck. Then she handed me a hand mirror while she was rubbing the top of my and said, “So what do you think sweetheart? Tt’s called a horseshoe high and tight.” I could not believe my eyes. Everything was completely shaved except the remaining hair in the shape of a horseshoe on top of my head that was in the same length I had back and sides before this haircut. She took my hand from under the cape and made me rub my head and asked me, “Doesn’t it feel amazing to feel the stumble and shaved scalp?” I did not know what to say how surprised I was by this change because I thought nothing can be shorter than the flattop I had before this haircut. She dusted off all the tiny hair and released me from the cape.

She looked at me with a smile on her face and said, “You don’t have to wash your hair after this cut because there is almost nothing to wash” and she laughed. I felt so humiliated when I had to clean all the hair on the floor while she was looking at my horseshoe high and tight with a big smile on her face. Before she left, she rubbed my neck to the crown while I was standing directly in front of her and said, “See you next week, we will keep your haircut extremely short because it suits you well!”. After I closed the door I started to cry because I felt like I just got a punishment haircut for not being able to style my flattop. The thing that was making the thing a lot worse was the fact, that I had an online class planned in an hour and all my classmates are going to see my extremely short haircut.

After I stopped crying and thinking about what to do, I got back to my room and put my shirt back on. I came up with an idea to put a ball cap on my head to hide my horseshoe high and tight from all my classmates. I sat in front of my laptop waiting for my online class and hoping that my classmates will not find out about my new haircut. I started to shake how nervous I was, when I received an invitation to attend the meeting, joined and turned my camera on…

To be continued…

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