Unexpected quarantine haircut – Part 3

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Note: This is a fictional story and the third part of the Unexpected quarantine haircut series, so if you have not read the previous two parts, I strongly suggest you do so.


My whole body was sweating from the stress I was going through to hide my new haircut by wearing a ball cap. Before joining the meeting, I was checking myself on the monitor if there is a chance to see that I got a haircut. I realized that if you look closely, you can see that I have no hair around my ears, and everything above is completely shaved. I decided to stay as far as possible from the webcam to make it impossible for my classmates to see the details. When I finally joined the meeting other ten classmates were waiting for the class to start. We had to wait another 5 minutes for others to join so we could finally start. I was hoping that there will not be that many people so in case they find out about my new haircut, not many people will know about it so it would be less embarrassing for me.

When the class finally started, the professor had an introduction speech about what we are going to do in this lesson. I got a little concerned when he said that we are going to work in small groups on a project and make a presentation and then present it in front of others at the end of this lesson. I was thinking about leaving the class because it was obvious that someone is going to find out about my new haircut during the presentation. When you speak, your webcam is on full screen and everyone can see you. The problem was that for those presentations we were going to get a mark so leaving this class would cause a missing mark.

After he gave us all the instructions, he created a breakout group with 5 people in each team. We got a topic assigned and we had exactly two hours to do the presentation on the assigned topic. We immediately got into work because two hours was not enough time to get everything perfect, so we had to use every minute to make it as good as possible. I completely forgot during the work that I was trying to hide my new haircut until I reached my hand on the back of my head to scratch it and felt my shaved nape. I started to panic again because I was not sure if anyone already found out about my new haircut, for the rest of the time I could not properly concentrate on the assigned work.

After some time, we finally managed to finish our assigned topic and prepared our presentation, I was satisfied with the work we did but the only thing that was concerning me was the presentation in front of other students. I was nervously rubbing my shaved nape and still being surprised how short the haircut is. After a couple of minutes, we were got merged back into one big group so each group could start with the presentation. When I looked at the time, we have left of this class I have realized that we do not have much time and there is a chance that not all groups will be able to do their presentation. When I have heard that we are the last group on the list, I thought it is my lucky day, but I did not know what’s going to happen.

When others did their presentations, I was counting each minute we have left and hoping it is not going to be our turn and the class ends. While the penultimate group was having their presentation, I was sure that it is not going to be our turn because we had only 2 minutes left until the class ends, and each presentation was about 5-10 minutes long. When the group finishes, I was so happy that I can hide my horseshoe flattop and not show others how extreme the haircut is. When I was about the finally leave the meeting, suddenly I have heard something that made me very nervous. Our group was called to do the presentation even when the class was supposed to be over by that time. My heart started to beat so fast, and I started to panic because I thought I escaped this embarrassment. My hands were that shaky so I could not even use my keyboard or mouse, not speaking of how sweating I was.

Our group has divided each slide of the presentation into a different person, so everyone has an even number of slides to present in front of others. I got assigned the first four slides of our presentation, so I was going to be the first one seen from our group. I quickly checked if the ball cap is covering as much of my head as possible before starting with the presentation. I swallowed hard and started with the presentation when suddenly a nightmare happened to me. My professor stopped me while I was doing the presentation and asked me to take off the ball cap because it is very impolite to wear a hat inside and while I’m doing a serious presentation.

At that moment, I did not even know how to react, so I tried to convince him that it is very cold here and I need my cap on. Of course, he knew I was lying so he told me for the last time to take my cap off. My hands were abnormally shaking when I grabbed my ball cap and put it off my head and showing everyone my shaved horseshoe flattop. When I put off my cap there was complete silence and I turned immediately red how embarrassed I felt. “Oh wow, a young man with a proper military haircut! I used to wear one too when I was in the military!” said the professor. I did not know what to say so I just slowly nodded my head. “When I was in your age, almost everyone has worn their hair this short with haircuts like high and tight or crew cuts,” said again the professor while he was observing my haircut on his monitor. It felt like the longest minute I have ever experienced in life!

“Why don’t you show me the back of your head, I want to see how short it is”, he asked me. “Yes sir” I quietly replied and slowly turned around so he can see back of my head. I have never been more embarrassed that during the moment, I felt like my face is so hot and it is turning more and more red with every second. “I didn’t expect it to be that short! Razored shaved all the way, right?” he asked. I could not even speak so I slowly nodded and then he instructed me to continue with the presentation. The only I thought about during the presentation was only the fact that everyone could see my shaved horseshoe flattop. I could also hear other classmates quietly laughing while I was talking. When I ended, I just wanted my group members to finish as fast as possible because I wanted this to end already, I felt like I’m going to cry soon.

When the class ended, I just laid on my bed with my head stuck into a pillow and cried from all the embarrassment I just experienced. During that time, I received a text message, but I didn’t check my phone because I didn’t want to talk with anyone. After an hour, I put myself together and checked my phone. I got a message from the hottest boy in our class, he was a very tall guy with a very muscular body and light surfer hair. I was expecting him to make fun of my haircut because what else would a boy like him wanted to text me about. When I opened the text message with already expecting what is going to be about, my mouth dropped down.

“Hey man, it’s Lucas! I am not sure if you remember me, but we have classes together. I saw your shaved horseshoe flattop today and you look so badass with it! I respect you to have the balls to do it, I was always thinking about getting a very short haircut too but I have never had the guts to do it, so respect for that man! You seem like a cool guy, maybe we could hang out together? Message me back if you are interested!”

    I was speechless after I finished reading his message. At first, I was a little skeptical because I still did not know if he is just pranking me or not. I have decided to risk it and message him back. After some chatting with him, we have both agreed that he is going to visit me next week for some beers and chill. I had a great feeling about this because he was completely different than I think, and I enjoyed talking to him! For the rest of the day, I was just lying in bed thinking about everything that happened today.


To be continued… (meeting Lucas)

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