Unfortunate Gets The Fortune.

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This story is told by a my Facebook friend “ALBI” hope you guys like it.


It happened when I was a in grade 7, one fine evening my aunt was visiting us and it was all going good, then my aunt talked to my mother

Aunt:  Sis, Albi hair has grown out quite long.

Mother: Yes, He will be going to the barber shop in a day or two.

Aunt: Why do you want to waste the money?

Mother: What do you mean, It’s not like that I can cut his hair.

Aunt: Maybe you can’t, but I can.

Mother: How do you know to cut hair

Aunt: I just know, So what say can I cut his hair.

Mother:  No no it’s fine he will get them cut.

Aunt: Come-on it will be fine and besides if you don’t like it then he can go to the barber, anyways he needs to get a haircut.

Mother with a confused thoughts didn’t wanted to let her sister cut his hair but was not able to think how to stop her.

Aunt: ok then, it’s settled, I’ll get the things ready and you call Albi.

Before mother could say anything aunt rushed to prepare the things to give a haircut.

In few moments a chair was place in the lounge and small table was set with all the essentials required for the haircut except for Albi.

After tying various ways to convince her sister for not to give her son a haircut, the defeated  mother called Albi

Mother: Albi , Albi dear please come here.

Albi: Yes mom.

Mother: Albi please sit in the chair you aunt is going to give you a haircut.

Albi looked at his mother in confusion.  That what is going on he was going to get his haircut at the barber’s but then why now.

Aunt: Come Sit down, Ill be giving you a haircut today.

Albi: But mom I will get it cut from the barber.

Aunt: If you don’t like it then you can get your hair cut there, Ok now come on be a good boy and sit. See I have prepared everything. (showed the chair and the table)

Mother just stood there signaling him to sit, as it will be rude if he won’t

Albi quietly sat down in the chair for his haircut. At that time Albi had a over grown boy cut.

Aunt: OK now let’s get started.

Aunt placed a white towel around Albi’s shoulders and tucked it in his t-shirt. She picked up a spray bottle and started to spray water and comb his hair making sure they get wet, once the hair were dripping water and properly wet she switched the spray with scissors and starts to cut his hair.

With every snip the hair kept falling as the scissors moved more and more hair falls. Once the back was done aunt moved to the front and combed and sprayed the hair in the front and started to cut them in the straight line, she kept cutting that straight line all the way around, then finally placed the scissors down.

Aunt: Almost done, just few more minutes and then you can see the wonderful hair I have given you. All the kid will be so jealous of your look. Just wait one second.

With that she went inside and returned with a wireless clippers and turned it on, as the buzzing sound filled the room she pushed Albi’s head down and starts to run the clippers on the back of his head, small hair were flying all around and falling down on the floor and his lap. After several passes and 10 minutes of lowered head, aunt announced “There you’re all set” and removed the towel around his shoulders, allowing Albi to get up and see his haircut.

Before getting up he looked at his mother who stood with a disapproving face, but signaled Albi not to say anything bad and aunt stood behind him with an excited face , to hear the review of her hard work.

Albi looked in the mirror and hated this haircut, but just for the happiness of his aunt and on his mother’s request he just said “it’s good”.

Albi wanted to immediately wanted to run to the barber shop and get his hair fixed but waited for his  aunt to leave, as soon as his aunt left , he wore his cap and ran to the barber shop.

As it was a Sunday. The shop was filled with customers , so he waited and let the barber finish his customers , just when it was his turn a man walked in holding his daughter by her arm and made her sit in the barber chair, and in a very angry voice he said to the barber.

Man: Shave her head. Don’t leave a single hair on her head.

The barber was out stun by the man’s anger that without a word he started to cape the girl, the man walked over to the waiting area and sat down keeping an eye on here through the mirror with a stern face.

As the man sat down Albi saw that the girl was his class mate and neighbor. Seeing the girl getting caped, his were stuck to the crying girl.

Once the girl was caped the barber gathered the entire girl’s hair and made a thick ponytail, tying it with a rubber band. The barber place the thick ponytail between the scissors and starts to cut it, with multiple small cuts the ponytail came off still fixed by the rubber band, the barber place the ponytail on the counter along with scissors and picked up a fat clippers, removing it’s guard and plugging it in, brought it to life, a loud pop followed by a soft buzzing sound. The barber brought the clippers and placed it on the center fore head of the girl and pushed the clippers, making the hair fall all around her shoulders and seat, as the clippers mowed the hair left a trail of stubbles behind and giving the girl a buzz cut.

The barber turned the clippers off and started to wrap the wire, while the crying girl sat with a head full of stubbles, the barber picked up the water spray and started spraying, making sure, that stubbles are properly wet to shave, the barber placed a fresh razor blade in the straight edge razor and pushed the girl’s head down, shaving it properly and making sure no hair is left behind and no nicks and cuts , making it as smooth as  possible.

As the shave was complete the father stood up and checked the girl’s head, making sure no hair are left, the barber removed the caped and father held the girl’s hand and walked out, during this whole process Albi was feeling very excited and wanted to touch the girl’s freshly shaved head, he was shocked but had enjoyed every second of it , he haven’t moved his eyes from the girl for a second. As the girl walked out of the barber shop  with her angry father Albi’s eyes were still stuck on the girl’s shinning head.

The barber then called Albi to get for his turn and asked what does he wanted, As he sat in the chair  and took of his cap, the barber said “The only way to fix this is to give you a buzz” Albi just nodded in agreement and let the barber do his work, as the barber was buzzing his head, he was still lost in the thoughts of touching the girl’s head.

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