Vacation in Thailand

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My lovely little brown Filipina wife is very attractive and loving caring person. Ella is 5’5” – which is very tall for a Filipina – and she has a firm slim sexy body with long flowing black hair. I married my wife in the Philippines four years ago now and we’ve had a very good marriage. She enjoys sex every day and she is a very good lover with a real kinky side to her – she even had her tongue and pussy pierced to be able to heighten her sexual pleasure.

One day we decided to go on a holiday together in Thailand. I loved Bangkok – I even spoke decent Thai and my wife knew the passion I had for the country, culture and girls. My wife being a good little devoted Asian wife wanted to go on holiday there too, and when we arrived she even suggested that we visit a bar as she knew I liked watching sexy Thai bargirls. Ella was not jealous and she would tease me about my past affairs. Ella was quite open-minded and loved the idea of experimenting within our relationship. We do watch porn together and she especially enjoys watching threesomes. It makes us both climax quite hard. Ella knew that Thai bargirls would get me hard so she was keen to take me there so to enjoy good sex together back at the hotel after.

Although my wife was Filipina she often got mistaken for a Thai girl especially in Thailand by Thai people as her features and skin is similar to theirs and she is taller like a Thai girl rather than a Filipina. This always gets her angry as she does not think of herself as a Thai and she cannot speak a word of the language. The fact that stripped down to a halter top and a short skirt she looked identical to the natives did not help as she could easily have been mistaken for one of the local bar girls, especially as she was there walking the streets holding hands with a “farang”/foreigner.

As we approached the bar district I noticed some of the male sex tourists checking her out. They obviously thought she was a whore. Instead of angering me, this made me horny and I imagined my wife actually working in a bar. My wife picked out and lead me into a gogo bar in the red light district where the girls were pole dancing naked. Looking at those cheap whores in their heavy make-up and skimpy clothes made me instantly horny. My wife smiled at me as we sat down and I ordered drinks. I noticed the other girls looking at her very angrily. They obviously thought she was competition and they were hostile towards her presence due to lack of other male customers to buy them drinks. I thought nothing of it, blissfully aroused by the whole situation.

Before we had really settled down, a young, handsome Thai man came up to us and started speaking angrily to my wife in Thai.

“I don’t speak Thai.” She replied.

He did not seem to believe her.

“Why you come to my bar! You not work here! You bring your farang here!” He shouted at her.

“Wait a minute, she’s my wife…” I began.

His anger subsided as he looked her up and down, smiling broadly. “Wife?” he turned to me and laughed. “She look like whore.”

“My name Tae” he said, as he sat down at the table with us and called over a girl with a few drinks in hand. An hour passed as we all had a few rounds of drinks, laughing and talking about his experience running a gogo bar in Bangkok. He explained they had girls catering to all tastes – everything from classic beauties, to alternative/punk types, to even lesbians for their female clientele. My wife was getting hornier as the night went on, watching the Thai whores work their trade, and we talked about what life was like for the bar girls and the kinds of sexual exploits they’d get up to.

Tae looked at Ella with a grin. “You want try? Just one night?” He put his hand on my shoulder and whispered. “Don’t worry. I know you open mind. Have fun in Thailand right?”

This was getting a little too wild, I thought. The truth was, the idea excited me but I couldn’t imagine Ella agreeing to this. But then I saw her reaction to the idea, and all my indecision was suddenly gone. Hungry doesn’t even begin to describe the look that she had on her face.

Really? I asked with my eyes.

Yes! She said back with hers.

Tae was grinning from ear to ear. “Come. You have fun tonight. Be real Thai whore.” He laughed. The next thing I knew, we were led upstairs into what seemed to be a massage parlor. I sat on a chair in the corner of a dirty dark bedroom while Tae led Ella to a cheap metal bed with a stained mattress. Tae came over and put his hand on my shoulder. “You stay quiet OK? Time for your wife to enjoy fantasy. And I have something special for her… don’t worry. It safe.”

I saw him fetch a bag containing a syringe. Ella and I had read stories in the news about a new drug on the streets of Thailand that affects the brain causing euphoria, extreme sexual desire, increased confidence, and increased energy. It was very expensive and new, and people would travel from all over the world to try it. “Is that…?” she said. Tae nodded. “Our girls best in Bangkok with this. You feel very sexy, I promise.”

I watched from the corner as he injected it into her arm. She seemed to be floating there in a daze for a moment then she looked back at him smiling. “You strip now, OK?” My wife eagerly stripped naked and started playing with her nipples, the drug clearly starting to take effect.

Suddenly the door opened and a Thai man walked in and began to pull down his pants. They were going to make her work as a whore and she was going to be fucked by this man. Tae left with a grin. “You have fun OK?”

He went over to the bed and roughly spread her legs exposing her wet, shaved pussy. She smiled and seductively bit her lower lip as he climbed on top of her. I watched with a mixture of anger and arousal as he pumped his hips forward and sent his thick cock into my wife’s pussy. I was angry and hard watching my wife being fucked like a whore on the bed. The guy laboured away at her for ten minutes before he came in her loins unprotected and pulled out of her messy pussy. My wife seemed unusually unaffected and smiling.

Tae returned a few minutes later. “You see, you like it slut. Do better next time and you can have more of this.” Grinning, he showed her the syringe and gave her exposed pussy a quick rub.

The next guy was a young white Marine in his 20s with a high and tight haircut, clearly on leave in Bangkok and spending his off-duty time with the local prostitutes. Ignoring me, he climbed between her legs holding his cock in his hand. His balls were large and filled with sperm. Ella used her long red nails on her freed hand to spread open her pussy lips as the Marine guided his cock to her hole. As he went in and out of her slit I saw that she was pushing her hips vigorously up to meet his thrusts. I watched him moving in and out as she sighed beneath him. Suddenly I saw her free arm wrap around his back, clearly turned on by this muscular, virile young man. Ella was breathing heavily. “Come on.. fuck that pussy! Fuck it!”, she cried out, clearly on the verge of a massive orgasm, desperately needing release. Her wedding ring was visible as he pumped her pussy with his throbbing cock. She screamed and shuddered with pleasure as he filled my woman with his seed.

The young man had barely left when Tae came back to the room. She sat there with a broad smile as he touched her breasts and rubbed her dripping wet pussy.

“You like?” Tae said with a grin.

“Please…” She said holding out her arm.

He looked at her and said, “What would you do for it?”

“I would do anything. I make money for you. Work hard. More days.” She groaned. “Please! I feel so good. So sexy. Just give me another shot…”

Tae looked at her, thoughtfully, and typed in a quick text message on his phone, snapping a picture of a sweat-covered Ella. A few minutes later an older Thai lady entered the room. “What you think?”

The lady looked her up and down thoughtfully, then pulled my wife’s hair back tight against her head and smiled. “We need a new Tom after the last one left…” My eyes widened as I knew what they were talking about – a “Tom” was short for “tomboy”, what the Thai would call a butch lesbian. Tae laughed. “Anything?”, he said to her questioningly. Ella nodded vigorously, clearly in an incredibly horny state and wanting to be even further aroused by another hit of the drug.

Tae laughed. “Good. The women will love her.” They left and the older lady made a call on her cell phone in rapid-fire Thai. In a few minutes another girl appeared with a plastic bag filled with haircutting tools. The girl pulled out a chair and my wife obediently sat down, absent-mindedly playing with her clit while the two women stroked her hair.

The older lady nodded thoughtfully. “The top I want slick back. Nice wet look.”

The girl nodded and ran a hand over the side of my wife’s head. “Number three?”

The older lady shook her head. “No. Skin to here.” She drew a line with her finger very high up my wife’s head. “Skin on the sides.”

The barberette smiled and ran her hands through my wife’s shiny black hair. “Undercut.” She smirked at my wife. “–and full treatment.” The older lady opened the door and screamed something in Thai, after which I heard footsteps making their way towards our room.

An Asian girl appeared at the door. She was wearing nothing except for a leather microskirt that exposed most of her ass and her shaved pussy, and her hair was cut in a severe bowl-type cut. The bowl was cut very, very high – it was almost entirely on the top of her head, shiny and gelled in place – and there were cheek-length bangs that hung down in the front, framing the girl’s delicate face. The rest of the hair below this severe bowlcut was clipper-shaved to microscopic dark stubble. The girl walked purposefully over to my wife and softly stroked her shaved pussy. “Mmm, you get a haircut…”, she said, smiling. “I make sure you enjoy it.”

The Asian girl shoved a finger in and out of my wife’s gaping hole. She gasped and let out a squeak. The bowl-cut girl stuck her head between my wife’s legs and shoved her tongue right in her dripping wet pussy. She gasped again, subconsciously spreading her legs as the girl flicked her tongue at my wife’s swollen clit. The girl looked up from between her legs and smiled at my wife. “You a lesbian slut, you spread your legs for anyone. Don’t worry, I make sure you come hard, we shave you while I eat you.” The barberette smiled and whispered in my wife’s ear: “I know you want this. You become shaved girl, a tomboy that shaves their head because it turns them on.” The Asian girl smirked and went back to working on my wife’s pussy, and I swore I heard my wife moan as the hair clippers screamed to life behind her ear. I struggled to no avail as my wife was being eaten out in the chair, about to be transformed into a dyke.

My wife was moaning heavily at this point as the Asian girl was furiously eating her out, the stubbled sides of her bowl cut rubbing against her legs as her tongue worked its way in and out of her pussy and pulsating on my wife’s exposed clit. The barberette sensed that my wife was getting hot – real hot – and grabbed her head, driving the 00000-bladed clippers straight up the side. My wife screamed as the clipper was driven higher and higher – almost right up to the top of her head – and then barberette pulled the clippers away, placed them next to the last bald stripe and ran them straight up for the second pass. I looked at her in the chair, almost unable to breathe as I saw shaved skin up the left side of her head and that hot Asian pussy-licker between her legs. The bowl-cut girl kept her mouth firmly on my wife’s pussy, lapping up her juices and occasionally doing things to her clit with her fingers that I didn’t even know was possible. My wife was visibly shaking at this point, cunt juices everwhere, all over the girl’s face, all over the chair, all over her legs. The clippers never stopped peeling the hair from the sides and back of my wife’s head as the barberette exposed bare skin, pass after pass. The scissors came out and the remaining hair on top was cut down to a masculine undercut, hanging over the clippered back and sides.

The barberette opened up a jar of pomade, its musky odor filling the room. “I love the smell, don’t you?” The girl coated every last inch of my wife’s remaining hair with the thick pomade. Picking up a steel comb, she harshly greased it straight back so it lay perfectly flat against my wife’s head, forming a severe contrast with the sandpaper-like stubble on the back and sides of her head. With her shears, she cut the back of the undercut straight across at the crown of her head, giving the style an extreme, masculine look.

The bowl-cut girl stood up from between my wife’s legs and stroked the stubbled back and sides of her head. “Mmmm, I love it.”

My wife tried to speak, but no words came. The barberette grinned. “Undercut, perfect for tomboy slut.” The barberette ran her fingernails over the stubbled back and sides of my wife’s head. “I think you want me to shave you, make you nice and smooth… smooth and shiny.”

My wife smiled and closed her eyes as she felt the shaving cream spread all over the back and sides of her head. The room filled with the sound of the razor scraping off the remaining stubble, leaving an incredibly extreme contrast between the straight, black, greased hair on top and the completely bald sides and back below. “Oh god”, screamed my wife, “Oh god, oh god, oh god…” My wife reached down to rub her clit as the bowl-cut Thai girl continued to eat her pussy with abandon. “Oh god.. I’m coming, holy FUCK, FUCK!!! FUCK!!! I’M COMING!!!!!!” The girl gave her pussy one last lick. “C-Come, mmmmm….Come, bitch!” wailed the Thai girl, twisting her tongue suddenly so that it impaled my wife’s gushing pussy full force. My wife howled as the shock waves of the ensuing orgasm washed over her lust-starved figure, screaming as she came in the chair, convulsing over and over, her hands caressing the now bald back and sides of her own head.

It was a totally masculine haircut, with no attempt at any kind of femininity. The women grinned at each other. “Perfect. We’ll put her to work right away.”

Tae and another Thai man returned, and they nodded with approval when they saw her new haircut. “First you suck my cock, whore.” Tae said, feeling the smooth skin on the back of her head as he shoved her head down on his cock.

My whore wife hungrily took his Thai cock into her mouth and sucked hard at it like a slut. I could not help but feel horny in spite of myself as I watched her head bob up and down the shaft of his cock. Her tongue stud flicked around his cock head until his shaft was hard. Her sucking made an obscene chocking sound as she sucked hard taking him deep into her throat. When he was hard, he turned her on her back and lifted her feet in the air and the proceeded to shove his cock in as deep as he could into my wife’s Filipina pussy. My beautiful wife held onto him desperately, pulling him as deep as possible into her. I watched as he thrust his full length and thickness into her tight wet pussy repeatedly. She was moaning now in real bliss as they fucked madly until he came grunting in Thai inside her loins. Without waiting for him to recover I saw my wife roll him over straddling his cock and lower her soaked pussy back onto it. Her slim tanned body began pumping his cock again until he was once again hard inside her burning sheath. She looked directly at me and I saw wild enjoyment and lust in her eyes. As I watched the second shorter guy who had been holding his hard erection suddenly decided to climb onto the bed behind the couple, stroking the shaved sides of my wife’s head. The bowl-cut Thai girl, who had been watching the scene unfold from the corner of the room, whooped with pleasure and clapped as she knew my wife was about to be penetrated by two men at once. I watched as he pushed his dick into her already occupied hole in a double vaginal penetration. My whore wife let out an animal cry of pure ecstasy as she felt two cocks in her hot pussy now.

My wife had taken the cocks of two Thai men in her pussy and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Ella seemed to quickly adjust to the size of the double cock and I watched as my wife received the fucking of her life. She fucked and fucked them. She was bouncing up and down on their cocks while they fucked her pussy and sucked her nipples. In spite of the fact that my wife was being fucked by other men, my cock was as hard as steel I saw the duo fucking her. I saw her body shake and climax in a series of multiple orgasms. She was crying out with pleasure as a series of strong orgasms sent convulsions throughout her body all the way down to her feet as she clenched and unclench her pussy muscles frantically milking the double cock inside her pussy. Finally when the two men could not take it any longer they started shooting cum deep into my wife’s grateful tight pussy. She was so hot, sweaty and horny, sweat glistening on the smoothly shaved back and sides of her head.

They left her collapsed on the bed. When the next customer, a slim Asian woman with a spiky, butch haircut, entered accompanied by Tae, my wife kneeled on the floor, licking her lips in an obscene invitation and sign of submission. She looked up her eyes shining with desire. I saw her frantically pull down the woman’s jeans and panties, and she started to lick the woman’s pussy with wild abandon.

“Fuck! Fuck me!” the woman groaned, caressing the shaved back and sides of my wife’s head, clearly turned on by her severe butch look.

My wife led the woman to the bed and began to 69 her energetically, thrusting her loins down hard against her face. The woman’s eyes were jammed tightly shut and she let out little whimpers of bliss as my wife lustfully sucked on her clit, the shaved sides of her undercut rubbing on the woman’s smooth thighs. The woman’s long fingers dug into the smooth skin on the back of my wife’s head, pulling her face into her wet pussy. Tae looked at me with a grin, and put his arm around my shoulder and led me out of the room back down into the bar.

Tae said, “She having fun on vacation, right? You should have fun too.” He gestured around all the girls. “You have your choice, can fuck as many as you want.” He grinned and handed me a beer. “You and I good friends now right?”

When finally after two days of agonizing wait, Ella came back to the hotel and was a total mess. Her disheveled undercut hung over the sides of her head that was now grown out into light stubble.

“Hi.” She said with a smile. She looked exhausted but bright-eyed, like someone who just experienced the greatest orgasm of her life. “I really need more… can’t stop thinking about it…”

I gave her a hug and after a while her tense body seemed to relax. I held her face and kissed her. My tongue darted into her mouth as we exchanged a hungry desperate embrace. As I kissed her I could recognize the taste of pussy juices in her mouth. I knew there would be a taste and smell in her cunt too.

I kissed her eagerly, passionately, open-mouthed. She responded, her tongue meekly darting at mine. I eagerly responded by kissing her harder and searching her mouth with my tongue. My cock was hard. I tried to push her back onto the bed to have sex but she refused telling me her pussy was too sore. She kissed me instead. When we broke our embrace she said, “I’m sorry darling, but I have to go back tonight to the bar to work…”

“What do you mean?” I cried out in horror.

“Please understand darling. I need my fix. He agreed I could work at the bar for it. Tae was very kind to me.” She stroked the back and sides of her head, now with a few days’ worth of stubble. “Besides, they’re going to shave me smooth again tonight.” She stepped into the bathroom and pulled a jar of pomade from her purse. I watched her smile with satisfaction as she worked the thick pomade through her black hair, and used a steel comb to carefully grease her undercut straight back over her head, fully exposing the stubble on the back and sides.

I nearly choked. “You’re going to stay here?! How can you do it to me?” I managed. “Looking like a butch lesbian? And becoming a full time whore?”

She told me that she loved me very much but that she really needed her shot now. I replied that this could ruin our marriage and I asked her if becoming a lesbian hooker was worth it. She confessed that after a while in the whore house everything had blurred into a sea of pleasure and ecstasy and that she had got used to it, the high, the sex, the butch haircut. She admitted liking the excitement and thrill of sex while she was high, and she felt sexier than ever with her shaved undercut. She said she knew Tae let me fuck the other bar girls and she wanted me to go back and try them all. I told her that she was a dirty slut but that I was okay with it and that she could fuck anyone she wanted.

She kissed me and left quickly.

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