Vacation surprise

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Our 3 month vacation camping at the beach left me with a dilemma – where would I go for a quality haircut in the area. My hometown go-to’s were 700 miles away, so in unchartered territory somewhat… Horace’s Barbershop came up in google, and after a brief look at the reviews, I walked in. Two chairs, a small shop and Pat greeted me at the door. As I came to know later, 61 years old, separated, a bit overweight, cute face, and oh boy, country as hell! I mean a true country gal for sure. I sat and used my go to routine of  “in the area on vacation, need a little trim etc…” I flipped through my phone and went to a picture of a bald faded cut, with instructions to go with this style, but not balded out – maybe a #1 is as short as I wanted to go.

Immediately the loud clippers were placed against my neck and for the next 30 minutes, tufts of hair fell in my lap. Non-stop clippers, no scissors, and the conversation was great. Talks of kids, grandkids, where we grew up etc… I was in the chair for over an hour. I left, the cut was short, but really good. I told her I would be back in a few weeks – the whole “I get a haircut every week and a half…. The story starts here: You see, I am a self proclaimed “trichophiliac” like no other. A life of barbershop visits, absolutely aroused by getting sheared, watching, especially females going short, 2 divorces mainly from my insistence on short haircuts. It’s an addiction that has literally controlled my life since the age of 12. My current girlfriend has a shorter style (reluctantly) and she says that my hair looks better a bit longer than I wear it now, but to no end. I’m at a barbershop at least every other week, and she knows that I have a hair fetish for sure. Whatever, it works, we’ve been together for over 10 years. And since she’s a bit older, our sex life is essentially non-existent, but she does from time to time let me “buzz” her nape, which in turn allows me to please myself and drown in my dreams and what ifs….

I walked in from my haircut and of course got the same response from Carol. The one of “why do you tell them to go so short on the sides” and “do you tell them to give you the damn “Kim Jung” haircut, always a bitch, always complaining – but I do love it short, even if she’s not in agreement.

My second trip to see “Pat” came two weeks ago. She had reached out on Facebook and “friended” me and during this visit we talked more and she seemed a bit more chipper than she was a few weeks back. Her hair was short, something I did not notice on my first trip, she was wearing a ball cap! Slightly over the ear, a messy kind of older ladies pixie I suppose. Midway through the haircut I noticed her talking more, leaning in on the chair, placing her hand on my shoulder more, laughing, but all the while still cutting! I mentioned that her hair was cute and that I loved shorter styles on women.

Jokingly I said ” Shit girl, I would put you to shame with clippers, I watch a ton of Youtube” we both laughed and she asked if my wife (told her I was married) had short hair, answering with my usual “yea, but not short as I would like” response. I told her Carol was not a big fan of short hair, and that she even prefers my hair longer than it is. We chatted more and I left with a much shorter fade than before, the response from Carol later was one of “what the fuck”…

My third trip was yesterday. I walked up and the shop was closed. Pat (she’s solo in the shop on Tuesdays) had been open a t 8 both times, today, the shop was closed. I waited for a while and holy shit!

‘Hey guy, sorry I’m running late, I stopped off for a haircut myself, I totally forgot you were coming by today” She as she opened the shop, put on a pot of coffee and asks me to sit in her chair. And the holy shit part, well now Pat’s hair was much shorter, clippered tighter, it really looked amazing on her. My pulse rose and 55+ years of what ifs came to fruition! Her old tennis shoes now replaced with heels, no hat of course, make up on point, my thoughts raced. A shorter sun dress revealed a rather cute figure for sure…

“So how did your wife like your last cut” she said as she tightened the cape and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“She freakin’ hated it as usual, but whatever, I like it shorter, so she’ll get over it I suppose” I said as Pat pumped the chair and walked over to grab a cup of Joe.

“To bad right, I love a man clean shaven and buzzed tight, kinda’ the military look” she said now reaching for the clippers. During the next 30 minutes or so, I felt the clippers press hard, me rock hard under the cape, as she practically skinned the sides and back bald, the top left about 1/4 inch. As each blade was attached, her pressure on on the crown of my head was the cue.

“When the clipper is on and grinding, drop your fucking head” she said as she sheared me like a sheep, removing every follicle of hair on my head. What the fuck? She well knew my wife would be pissed, but as I sat still, loving every minute of the cut, I soon caught on to her M.O. After the lather, the foil shaver and with a quick spin towards the mirror, I realized what had happened.

I was practically bald! Pat removed the cape, blew the hair out, gently took my hand and helped me out of the chair. As I walked a few steps Pat sat in the chair and spoke up:

“It’s my turn now guy, lets see what you can do with this” pointing to her head.

And now after literally my entire life, I’m in a barbershop, clippers everywhere, with a lady, sitting in a barbershop, sign saying closed on the door,  asking me for a haircut.

“You do know the proper barbershop etiquette, don’t you” she said now getting comfortable in the chair.

My god, what would I do now? I certainly wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. So the words started to flow. Years of shop talk…

“How short are we going today” I said reaching for a neck tssue and wrapping it tightly around her neck. The white, pin stripped cape was next, covering everything except the heels she was weraing.

That’s no too tight is it” me asking as I settled her in for the kill.

“Feels fine” she said as I moved to the back and spun her towards the mirror.

“Lets take this real tight here” rubbing the sides of her hair around her ears.

“And this is definitely coming off girl” placing my hand on her nape

The next few minutes literally made me melt – aroused in a way I had never dreamed, not in 50 years. Turning her away from the mirror as all good barbers do, the words I’ve imagined saying started to flow. I pumped the chair 3 or 4 times, reached for the Oster Titans, clipped on the #000 blade and began the cut,

“All the way down” as I placed my hand on the crown of her head, gentle, but stearn pressure, her chin now resting on her chest.

The sound of the clippers “Schnick” the sound that has made me quiver for years, the sound of the blade being attached and the strong motor grinding, waiting to shear this lady. I started at the bottom and just like in all the videos, the powerful shears started dropping her black hair all over the cape. Ten, fifteen, Twenty passes up her nape left her skin finally glowing. Stopping for a moment, silencing the motor, I guided her head upright and used the air hose to blow off the chards of hair. Admiring my work for a moment, reaching again for the clippers to take a few more passes, I wanted, no I needed this to be perfect. Perhaps the best moment was as the clippers fired back up, she immediately dropped her head down, as if she knew and really enjoyed the experience.

“Now I know why you use these big ole’ clippers lady, you can see the blade literally scalping your ass” I said as I pressed harder as to not leave a single follicle of hair on her nape.” There is nothing better for me to see a classy lady, sitting in a large barbers chair, cape tight, having her hair cut! And the best part, it’s me actually doing the cutting!

“Damn girl, this thing is shearing you like a fucking sheep, can you say shorn to the bone?”

As I walked around the side of the chair, Pat took the opportunity to reach out for the obvious! My cock, rock hard under my running shorts, was bulging and as I rested it on the arm rest of the old leather barbers chair. I would not waste this moment, one I’ve longed for forever! Sure, I’ve begged and trimmed my past wives and at times forced a few girlfriends to go short with the clippers, but this was fucking real.

“Make sure you get it all big guy, I’m starting to really feel a cool breeze back there.” she said now rubbing her neckline slowly, eyes closed – a picture I’ll never forget!

“I’m shorn, you really did take it all off, didn’t you” she said rubbing her nape slowly, feeling only a slight stubble.

By now my cock is hard as a diamond cutter, and the girl knew it. Within seconds, I felt the caressing of my cock, in her hand, slowly stroking my member.

“The green can over there, pump a few drops here” as she held out her palm – I dropped a few pumps in her hand. The next few minutes were a blur, her stroking my cock, me trying to remove all the hair above the ear – all with a burning sensation –  a tea tree lotion designed to warm the neckline after the straight razor shave now had my cock on fire.  I managed to finish both sides, Pat now looking cleaner and tidy for sure. Her hairline completely gone, the clippers had removed most everything – just a slight fuzz left.

“All the way down” as I firmly pressed, her head seemingly on a swivel as her chin rested between her breasts. The sound of the foil shaver crunching her stubble made me fucking crazy. I pressed hard – as per her instructions. Back and forth, over and over the same area time and time again, until her head was smooth bald.

Over the next hour I continued to shear her to the bone, only leaving a patch on top, maybe 1/8 of an inch. So many passes over her head left the clippers on fire, still I continued to glide the 5’00000 blade over until it was only skin.

And just like that, I was done. Dick hard and now what?

“I’m so shorn big guy, but you’re not done yet big guy” as she settled in in the chair moving the cape to one side, slowly moving her short dress to reveal a rather manicured, yet somewhat bushy pussy.

“Let’s get rid of this as well, fire those clippers back up and cut the grass please” as she settled back in the chair, legs wide open and hanging on the arm rests. I’ve needed this trimmed up for a while now, so let’s go smooth bald please, and careful not to press to terribly hard, I’m looking so forward to your soothing tongue applying the chemical to the lawn baby”

I wasted no time going deep with my tongue, her shear enjoyment was evident.

“Tell me your shorn baby, tell me again” I said now right where I knew she would soon explode.

“God damn baby, you took me so short, I’m shorn, I’m shorn, I’m sh…………..”

An just like that – bam! A solid minute of quivering a screaming.

I rose up seconds later and ran my rcok hard cock deep in her throat, thrusting in and out violently until I unleashed my own deep in her mouth. I swear, rubbing her freshly buzzed nape her trying to speak and tell me over and over again- I’m shorn, I’m shorn….. Fucking amazing!

A few minutes later, we both stood up, smiled and…..

“The bitch will not like this will she”? Rubbing my bald scalp… I’ll see you a a week or so sir….


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