vagina and undercut

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Jeff called me and said one of the former players (all white players) had moved about 2 hours away from us. He said he thought that Dave was a favorite fuck of my wife. He said Dave was a big power forward, about six ft six and 265 lbs. Jeff said “I never saw him hard, but just from the showers, he could easily be well over 12 inches and fore arm thick”

Jeff asked me if I would mind him call my wife and let her know Dave moved close to her and would like to meet and rehash old times. I agreed.

The next day my wife said she was going to spend a weekend with one of her girlfriends in 6 weeks.

I immediately called Jeff to see if Dave was successful. Jeff said Dave almost came in his pants when my wife said “why don’t we make a weekend of it”!

My wife started training twice as hard, she was already in good shape, she lost 10 lbs. and after 6 weeks, I could start seeing some abs.

When the day came for my wife to see Dave, she was packed but needed to run to the drug store, I looked in her luggage and saw her 6 inch heels and high thigh dresses.

She had her “whore make up” and long blond hair in a French braid bun and wore her tight ass jeans.

When she got back from the drug store, I asked her if she wanted a quickie since it had been several weeks since we had sex. She said wait until she got home and no jerking off.

She said she would fill me in on why we have not had sex in several weeks when she gets back home.

I kissed her goodbye and told her to come back home with a full seeded cunt (not a fist time I’ve told her that) but her reply of “I’ll do my best” surprised me! After she drove off, it hit me that another dick was going to be drilling my sweet wife’s tight wet cunt the entire weekend.

I jerked off several times that weekend, I tried to think about other things, but just watching her get fucked in fantasies.

I called Jeff on Saturday and let him know that my wife, as I speak, probably has her cunt stretched to the limit.

He agreed knowing she was with Dave, he said he would call Dave Sunday night to get the details. I asked him to tape the call if he could, so I could listen to every detail of how slutty my wife was in bed.

He said he hoped my wife prepped to “open her cunt up” by fisting or fucked herself with large dildo to prep her cunt for a big time reeming by her former lover cock.


My wife got back home on Sunday afternoon earlier than expected and called me on the cell. She told me to hurry back home since she had a few presents for me.

I found her in bed with a sheet covering her, I flipped the sheet off and found her spread eagle with a BALD CUNT! My wife grew her snatch hair long and trimmed only along the sides. The hairs were close to 2 inches  to 3 inches long, so it was a huge shock to see her shiny pubic region.

Her lips were red and puffy, cum was oozing out of her. She had hickeys all over her pubic region, neck and tits. Her nipples looked like they had been gnawed on. She made a point of telling me she commanded her lover to “bite the shit out of her nipples” after a few margaritas on Saturday night. She was feeling no pain.


You’ll get 4 keepsakes said my wife from my weekend fuck fest from my lover:

As she was sitting on my face, reverse face sitting, she reached into her purse and pulled out her lovers cockring. “We found a sex shoppe on Saturday night and she thought that their largest cockring may not fit her lover, when they got back to the room, he was already hard and they barely got it on. She said after another fuck session, maybe 20 minutes, she said his cock head was turning purple from the tightness of the cockring.” My wife also said “her lover picked out some nipple clips with weights for her tits and cunt lip clips with weights to make her features engorge. She told me that piercings were out but she wanted tatoos picked out by my lovers”.

My wife said “her lovers would pick out her tats, but she picked out the 1st one. It was a square inch tat of 3 penises!”

My wife threw the huge cockring on my dick and it dwarfed my cock, possibly as much as 3 times.

My wife grew her snatch hair long and trimmed only along the sides. The hairs were close to 2 inches  to 3 inches long(not sure she ever cut the length just shape it on the sides), so when I saw my wife’s cunt after her fuck weekend and it was BALD!!!

The second surprise was my wife still sitting on my face, took something else out of purse and told me to smell. She got off my face and presented the particle to my nose, it smelled of sex. When I opened my eyes, it was her muff shaved snatch hair (with bits of mix cum in hairs). She presented her bush to me in a plastic sandwich bag!

My wife said “she knew after the 1st fuck, her long pussy hair would rub her lover cock raw (and pull out her long pussy hair) so she brought the small clippers along. She said she got off on having her big hunk carefully clipper her bush (like shaving someone’s head) and her hair falling off in chunks. Also, when he started to lather and shave me, I orgasmed.”

The last keepsake was actually 2 keepers. She pulled out her I Phone  and showed me a pic of her kissing her lovers huge cock dick head, she said she was sucking his precum. The cock was so big that it almost looked faked, but the cock veins showed it was real.

The next pic was of his entire monster cock inside my beautiful wife, my wife had her mouth open, she said she was almost screaming at that point.

her long silky blond hair reeked of pussy juice, some of it was crusty and some was still fresh. My wife said ” remember when we got drunk after a hard fuck and you used my mane to wipe off your cock, the last time my lover came in my pussy, today,  before he left, I told him to wipe his cock off all over my hair, especially in the nape of the neck, so you get a great smell of our sex juices.” she then pulled her hair up so i could see that her lover had given her an undercut and she gave me the long cut hair!

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  1. so i’m a cuckold and hair fetish, the above was from the 1st time my wife fucked her lover, since then when my lover leaves the hotel room to go home, she calls me and i clean her cunt from their creampie (wife calls the creampie as their love batter). the last month i cleaned her, she had cum all down her legs, it turned out her lover brought several guys in so she cum in all holes and her beautiful hair was covered in cum (they even combed the cum into her hair).

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