Valentines Haircut

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I had a new relationship after years of trying to find the right man for me I had met a new boyfriend. He was caring and our love life was quite fulfilling. I noticed that he liked playing with my hair , he obviously was turned on by short haircuts. I got a shorter than usual haircut and it was appreciated by him. It was coming up to Valentines Day and I wondered what we would be doing. I was suitable impressed when he suggested we have a Valentines Day tea at his house , he would cook. I only had to come. The invitation I received in the mail said I was invited to a Valentines Day dinner with rules, these were as follows. Firstly the evening was not to be discussed in any way or it was off. I was to shower , put on a long dress and was not to wear any pants. I usually shaved my vagina but was told not to on this occasion, in fact for the month before I was not to shave at all. I was to arrive at his home which was in a compound at a specific time.

I was to park and not get out of the vehicle until I was greeted by my him. I was given some money ( $500.00 ) in the envelope to purchase a wig , good quality that I could wear every day . I was intrigued , maybe he wants to see me looking different? I was to arrive at 7.00 pm on the 14th February being Valentines Day evening . Any any time I was not at ease with this invitation I could back out and we would just go to a restaurant for tea with nothing further being said about it. I must say I was intrigued by this invitation. We had been going out for about a year but lived in our respective homes. I wondered what the wig to be purchased was about , I imagined what it could be but was not sure. Well the big day arrived , a large bunch of red roses came to my house along with a Valentines Day card. Nothing abnormal here , actually I was quite impressed.

I worked all day wondering what the evening had in store for me and my new man. Seven o’clock just never seemed to come around.. the day dragged by. Now it was 5.30 so I showered , washed and dried my hair . I put my makeup on and admired myself in the mirror, not too bad I thought. I put on my dress making sure I did not absent mindedly put on underwear. It was time to leave to arrive at 7.00 as directed. All the way there I was excited with the anticipation of what would happen. The unexpected is always interesting and exciting. When I arrived as the invitation said I stayed in my car , he came out and locked the compound gate and came to the car door. He opened the door and we went in to the house. There the table was set and after some wine we had the first course, mushroom soup. I was quite surprised that he had cooked such a nice soup. Followed by seafood and sweets. At no time was the invitation or the evening talked about. As you can imagine my mind was working overtime and I was getting quite excited about events to follow. After tea and more wine ( trying to get me drunk I thought) he invited me upstairs.

Before we went he covered my eyes with a mask the same as the airline sleeping masks. Now I was getting quite interested and excited. We went in to the bathroom where he had set up a chair for me to sit in. It was a swivel chair. I sat in the chair and my hands were lightly strapped to the arm rests. He tilted the chair back and parted my dress to expose my by now quite hairy vagina. Slowly he shaved my mound and washed it to get rid of the stray hairs , it was lovely and smooth. I must say by now I was getting quite excited and tried to anticipate what was next. The mask was removed and there I was sitting in front of a large mirror.

On the dressing table were scissors, combs and a set of clippers all laid out in a row. He asked me if I wanted to continue , not knowing with what I said I suppose so ,I would like to. He undid my hands and asked me for the wig which was put on the end of the bench. I was asked to put on the wig. It was the same as my hair colour and a nice neat bob. Actually when I put it on I didn’t look much different to what I normally did. He took it off and put it on a wig stand on the desk. Once again he asked me if was sure I wanted to continue , hesitatingly I said yes. Actually for the first time I was enjoying a heightened degree of intrigue. What did he have in mind for me? I was about to find out. I had a fairly good idea about what he was going to do. He slowly pushed my head forward and he started to comb my hair which was just short of shoulder length.

He stopped and there was a silence, he was not doing anything then I saw him pick up the clippers. He started them up , I had never had clippers used on me before and the cold metallic feel at the nape of my neck was quite exciting. As he held the clippers at my nape with them running he asked me if I was sure I wanted to continue, by now my answer was emphatic yes. He pushed the clippers up the back to give me an undercut , then he just gave me a short cut like a longer pixie. When finished he asked me if I liked it and I actually did. He then asked if I wanted to go to the next level. What was my answer, yes for sure. This was the most excited I had been for quite a while. He then put the clippers at the back of my head . Slowly the clippers ran up the back of my head and up to the occipital bone , a large clump of hair fell down. Slowly he repeated this until he had done all the back of my head . Then he proceeded to the sides of my head being careful to trim around my ears .

I looked in the mirror and I had a haircut similar to a school boys. Short around my ears and longer on top. He stopped and explained at this stage I could back out and I would just have a short pixie cut. He said from here on on there was no safety net so now was decision time, did I want to continue. I wanted to say stop but the feeling was intoxicating , I could feel the cold air around my ears and it felt quite good. I answered yes please continue. Slowly he started the clippers and proceeded to clip the top of my head . I now had a buzzcut and to be honest it looked quite good. He stopped the clippers after he had made sure it was a complete buzzcut . It made me look quite young , I felt quite excited. He put my wig on and to anyone who knew me they could not tell I had lost all my hair. I had a feeling that this was to be an experience that I would have many more times. I felt quite sexy knowing that I knew I had a short buzzcut but no-one else did. It was a secret we would share. In our private time I would have a fresh buzzcut each fortnight and would go around the house like this.

Occasionally we would go out to tea where I dressed up but left my wig behind. I am actually a very good looking woman and would get many admiring glances. I think many women would love to be so adventurous but not courageous enough to do it. For the record I married my boyfriend.

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