Vanessa Loses Her Pretty Locks To The Shears

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18 year old Vanessa was off to spend the next 3 weeks with Aunt Lori across town while her parents went on their mid-summer cruise.  Though technically old enough to be on her own, trust was lost after Vanessa had thrown a graduation party at home to celebrate the end of high school a month earlier when her parents went out for dinner and a movie.


The party had gotten so bad that the neighbors had called the police over excessive noise and the house had been trashed.  Her parents had made her clean up the house and she had been forbidden to contact her closest friends.  They were quite concerned that the partying would carry over into college.


Vanessa was still fuming over being grounded for the whole summer.  Knowing how strict her aunt could be, Vanessa pleaded with her parents.  She was aware of how bad the next 3 weeks could possibly be.  Hearing none of it, her parents dropped her off at Aunt Lori’s house first thing on Saturday morning along with several suitcases, before departing to the cruise port.


Vanessa, tall for her age, stood before her aunt with her shiny mid-back length brown hair with newly added blonde high-lights.  Aunt Lori looked Vanessa over for a moment, smiled, and promised her parents that she would be well taken care of.


Aunt Lori was divorced and lived with her two daughters, 16 year old Angela and 13 year old Nicole.  Aunt Lori was a no-nonsense disciplinarian and had brought her daughters up to be completely obedient to her.  Vanessa was well aware that her aunt despised long hair and maintained her own dark brown hair in a short crop, cut close to her head allowing her ears to show.


Her aunt helped lug the suitcases into the house and up to the guest room upstairs.  Vanessa was told to leave everything be for now and come downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast.  She would have plenty of time to unpack her things later on.


Her cousins, who had just finished taking their morning showers, joined them at the breakfast table.  Angela and Nicole were forced by their mother to keep their hair cut short and they were envious of Vanessa and her long locks.  They sported short pixie cuts that reminded Vanessa more of butch hair styles.  Vanessa knew that they would try and make her stay miserable, so she planned to avoid them as much as possible.


As they ate, Aunt Lori glanced at Vanessa over her newspaper and asked, “Vanessa, what plans do you have for today?”


“I was just going to stay in and unpack my things,” Vanessa replied.


“That’s terrific because the girls are having their hair cut this morning by Alana, our usual hairdresser.  When I spoke to your mother last week, she agreed that you can join them as well.”  Vanessa just looked back at her in complete silence.


What in the world was her mother thinking?  She certainly didn’t want her beautiful long hair to be cut, especially after just getting her blonde high-lights added during her last visit to the salon.


“My mother said she wanted me to get a hair cut?  That doesn’t make any sense because I know that she loves my long hair as much as I do.  What exactly did she say?” Vanessa cried, completely shocked.


“Last week, I told her that the girls were having their hair cut by Alana during your stay with us and did she want yours to be cut as well?  She answered yes ,” Aunt Lori replied.


“I don’t want my hair cut at all, I just had the ends trimmed and high-lights put in!” Vanessa cried.


“Look Vanessa, I don’t have any time for this!  The plan is that your going to have your hair cut this morning whether you like it or not and your mother has approved your haircut.”  Vanessa could hear the satisfaction resonating in her aunt’s voice.


Aunt Lori despised long hair on females and had strongly encouraged her mother to have Vanessa’s hair cut shorter.  Vanessa was confused because her mother always took her side of the argument in the past.


“I don’t think I will be able to go down to the salon today,” Vanessa explained, “because I was going to unpack my things and then I have to also start planning for college in the fall.  That time will be here in only a few months.”  She was confident that her aunt couldn’t argue with that.


“You won’t have to Vanessa!  We hire a mobile hairdresser and she will be here in half an hour.” Aunt Lori smiled at her. “You can spend some time in up your room while the girls are receiving their haircuts and I’ll call you down when Alana’s ready for you.  There is no sense in arguing with me.  It’s high time that you get a decent haircut.  I’ve been on to your mother for as long as I can remember and at last she’s come to her senses.  She is giving me free reign on how short your hair will be cut”.  Angela and Nicole smirked at Vanessa from across the table as they knew what was coming forth.


After breakfast, the dishes were cleared and her aunt and cousin Angela moved the table and chairs to one side of the kitchen, leaving only one chair in the clearing.  A broom and dust pan from the closet were set out against the counter.  Vanessa began climbing the stairs on rubber legs, deep in thought about how she could possibly get out of this predicament.  She heard her aunt telling her daughters to go up to their rooms awhile and starting cleaning them up until Alana arrived.  They would be called back down when ready.


In her room, Vanessa couldn’t begin to unpack her things, she was distracted by her misfortunes.  Sitting on the stool and staring into the dressing table mirror, she saw her pretty face surrounded by her thick beautiful hair, parted in the center and flowing down past her shoulders.  The newer blonde high-lights added a nice touch of color to the natural brown locks.  She spent some time brushing through her locks, still not believing that her mother would consent to her haircut.


As she continued to contemplate what might be in store for her treasured locks, Vanessa suddenly heard the front doorbell chime loudly.  She opened her room door and listened as her aunt welcomed the hairdresser and helped with her things.  The front door then banged closed and she could hear them conversing downstairs.


It wasn’t long before her aunt called, “Angela, we are ready for you, come down here please!”  Vanessa’s heart was pounding in her chest as she heard her cousin head down the stairs toward the kitchen.


Standing at her bedroom doorway, she strained to hear what was going on downstairs, but she couldn’t make out anything other than some mild conversation.  Vanessa paced nervously around her room for a several minutes, then sat back down on the stool and admired her lovely hair some more.


“Nicole!” Aunt Lori suddenly called out from downstairs. “Come down honey, it’s your turn now!”  Vanessa opened the bedroom door hoping to catch Angela returning to her room, to get a glimpse of her new haircut.  There was no sign of Angela, but she saw Nicole coming down the hallway on her way to the stairs.  Her cousin smirked at Vanessa and continued walking past.  Was Aunt Lori delaying the inevitable and deliberately making her wait until last?


Vanessa returned to the dressing table and sat down.  Perhaps she wouldn’t have to get her hair cut.  Maybe Aunt Lori was just tormenting her for the fun of it?  Whatever the case, she was growing more nervous as the minutes ticked by and she desperately wanted to keep her beautiful hair.


Suddenly her aunt called out “Vanessa, we are ready for you!”  A cold chill went through Vanessa’s body as she slowly brought herself off the stool and walked over to the bedroom door.  She had to think fast!


“I’m in the middle of something, I just need to finish up,”  she called down the stairs, playing for some extra time. “I’ll only be five minutes.”


“Please hurry, Alana’s waiting!” responded Aunt Lori.  “She has other appointments today.”


“I said in a few minutes!”  Vanessa cried.  She paced for a moment and returned to the dressing table mirror once more.  She gazed at her reflection and her beautiful long mane.  This was it, time was running out for her and very soon Aunt Lori would decide her fate.  While she couldn’t be certain, it was unlikely that her aunt would allow her to get only a trim even if she begged, especially after Aunt Lori had been pestering her mother about it for so long.


Her aunt was probably discussing her desired hair cut with Alana right this very minute.  Why had her mother betrayed her like this?  Perhaps, if she appeared to be a cooperative, Aunt Lori would allow her to keep a longer style?  So many thoughts were running through her mind.


“You better come right this minute,” she heard from downstairs.   “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Vanessa could barely muster as she realized she had start down now before the situation got worse.


Trying to feel confident, Vanessa rose to her feet and made her way down the stairs.  Her heart was pounding loudly as she approached the kitchen nervously.  There sat her caped aunt on the chair, while the hairdresser stood to one side using her comb and hair clippers.  Alana was in the process of shearing the side of Aunt Lori’s head.  Vanessa looked around and her cousins were nowhere to be found.


“Here she is!” exclaimed Aunt Lori, looking up as she heard Vanessa come through the open doorway.  “Alana decided to touch me up while we were waiting for you!” she explained. “Take a seat please, this won’t take long.”


“Okay,”  Vanessa replied quietly.  She pulled a chair out and sat down near where Aunt Lori was seated.  She watched the hairdresser continue to run the clippers, reducing her aunt’s brown hair further to barely half an inch.


Alana was a very attractive woman who appeared to be in her late 20’s.  She wore a beautiful dress, showing off her trim legs.  Alana’s jet black hair was stylishly cut short above her ears and her skin had a deep copper tone.  Her makeup was prestine, right down to the carefully applied eye-liner and lipstick.  Alana had plenty of jewelry on, including large hoop earings, a necklace and bracklets.


Vanessa was completely awed by Alana.  There was just something arousing about such an attractive looking woman giving another woman such a short masculine style haircut.  Alana caught Vanessa staring at her and smiled back, which made Vanessa slightly embarrassed.  Alana was indeed a very sexy woman with a lot of style and she obviously took much pride in her appearance.


As Alana stepped around the chair to continue shearing more hair off with the clippers, she caught Vanessa staring at her again.  She smiled at the young girl and asked “Do you like this?


Vanessa looked at her in puzzlement. “What exactly do you mean?”


“I mean your aunt’s haircut? Do you like it?” she repeated.


“Yes, yes it looks nice,” Vanessa stammered. “But it’s extremely short for a female,” she squeaked out feeling more embarrassment.  Alana just smiled warmly back at her.


“I would not be too sure about that.  I know plenty of young ladies who have similar haircuts and they all look good!  Shorter styles are becoming more and more popular,”  Alana replied continuing to shear more hair.


“That may be true but I like my hair just the way it is,” Vanessa replied firmly.  “I have no plans to cut it either.”


“Well too bad young lady,” interrupted Aunt Lori, “your mother finally wants it cut and she’s left it to my discretion.  I think a nice short style for you is a long time coming!”  Vanessa was silent, afraid to escalate the situation further.


Alana looked at Vanessa and said, “How do you know that you won’t like short hair especially when you’ve never tried it before?”  Vanessa was getting butterflies in her stomach as she thought about Alana cutting her hair.


“I know I like my long hair,” argued Vanessa.  “What if I hate short hair?  Once it is cut off, then it’s too late to go back.”  The trouble was, Vanessa was beginning to feel confused.  Her arousal and the mixture of Alana’s sensuality, confidence, and persistence was slowly winning through.  Even worse, the clippers had gone silent and Alana was now dusting off Aunt Lori’s neck.  Pretty soon her aunt stood up and glared over at her.


“Ok Vanessa, let’s be having you!” Aunt Lori said sternly, motioning toward the chair.  Not wanting to cause a scene, Vanessa apprehensively rose to her feet and walked over to the waiting chair.  She felt Alana place a reassuring hand on her shoulder as she lowered herself into the chair. Once seated, the cape was placed around her.  With Alana standing over her, Vanessa’s nostrils were filled with her intoxicating scent.


“You have such lovely hair and it’s so thick,” Alana exclaimed as she ran her long fingernails slowly and seductively along Vanessa’s scalp.  The young girl fidgeted on her chair as she struggled with being sexually turned on by Alana


“How short do you want it to be cut?” Alana asked her aunt, who had lingered in the kitchen.


“I want it to be cut as short as Angela’s and Nicole’s,” Aunt Lori instructed. “Let’s try and make the most of this opportunity!”  There was pure satisfaction in her voice because, after several years of persuasion, Vanessa would finally be receiving that desired short haircut.  Aunt Lori slowly sat down in a chair at the table to watch the deed be done.


Vanessa concerned about her aunt’s request because loved her long hair and didn’t want to give in.  At the same time, the idea of receiving such an unwanted haircut from her, left Vanessa feeling incredibly excited inside.  Alana drew her fingernails through Vanessa’s tresses, causing more butterflies in her stomach as apprehension continued to build.


“Although it’s such a pity to cut off your beautiful hair, I can promise you that you will look amazing when I’m done,” Alana reassured Vanessa. “You will be transformed into a young woman, so much so, that you won’t even recognize yourself.”  Vanessa felt her hair being gathered into a ponytail.  She knew all too well what was about to follow as the ponytail was pulled taut and the scissors rapidly closed.  Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.


“Yes!” Aunt Lori exclaimed excitedly, practically coming up off her chair as she watched Alana snip off the ponytail.


“Oh no!” Vanessa cried, her emotions overtaking.  A tear ran down her cheek and she hated herself for showing any sign of emotion in front of Alana or her aunt.  Aunt Lori didn’t seem to care about Vanessa’s feelings anyway.


“Finally!” Aunt Lori continued to gloat with extreme satisfaction. “You just can’t imagine how long I’ve waited for this moment!”  Then she called to her daughters who were apparently in the next room. “Angela and Nicole, come here right now please!” They quickly appearing in the doorway within a few seconds.


Vanessa looked at their smiling expressions and was horrified upon seeing their hair, or what was left of it.  Their short pixie cuts had been reduced to shorter almost boyish looking cuts.  The back and sides had been shaved down to mearly a half inch in length.  The top had been cut down to maybe 1 inch, at most.  One thing was certain, the haircuts no longer looked feminine.


“Girls, girls just look!  Alana just snipped off Vanessa’s ponytail!” Aunt Lori explained to them with pure excitement. “Alana will you please show it to the girls!” Alana held the severed ponytail out in her hand.


“Is she having her hair cut like ours?” asked Angela, smirking at the sight of Vanessa caped in the chair, in the process of receiving her forced haircut.


“Yes honey she is,” replied Aunt Lori. “I’ve already instructed Alana on what to do.”


“I will do as you wish” answered Alana, beginning to comb through Vanessa’s remaining locks, causing her to fidget nervously in the chair again.


“Yes!” replied Angela, who was taking great delight in watching Vanessa’s plight. “The shorter the better!”  Vanessa just glared back at her.


“You two will sit down here with me and watch the rest of the haircut!” instructed Aunt Lori.  The two girls each took a chair at the table and continued to smirk at their older cousin, watching the proceedings intently.


“Very well, I will continue now,” Alana conceded.  Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.  Long locks of brown hair were scissored off and rained down onto the cape and the floor as Alana removed the bulk of Vanessa’s precious locks, starting on her left side.


“I’m sure my mother would not have agreed to this haircut!” Vanessa protested, as Alana continued to snip off the hair exposing her left ear.  Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.


“I have made my feelings known about your hair for a long time Vanessa.  Your mother left it to my discretion and she obviously knew how short it would be cut!”  Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors. Vanessa felt Alana comb out and quickly severe more locks, now working on the right side of her head.  The snipping continued as the hair gently fell to the cape.  Very soon Vanessa felt a hand on her neck, gently pushing it forward. She had no choice but to comply and the cutting resumed at the back. Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.


“I know she wouldn’t have agreed to this!” Vanessa persisted. “Just wait until she sees me!”


Aunt Lori could only shake her head and laugh.  “Well, it’ll be just a bit too late by then huh?” Her daughters giggled at their mother’s cruelness.  They watched as Alana slowly reduced the glossy brown locks on top down to a few inches; combing and cutting with the sharp scissors. Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.


“Don’t worry,” Alana reassured Vanessa as she set down her scissors and picked up the clippers, attaching a half inch guard. “You will look delightful with short hair, I promise!” She stroked Vanessa’s head lovingly as she spoke.  “Maybe your aunt is right?  Maybe your mother knew precisely what your aunt had in mind and she didn’t share your love of your long hair after all?” Vanessa shed some tears as she looked down at the mass of hair on her  lap.


“I don’t suppose it matters now anyway, does it? She’s got what she’s always wanted!” Vanessa glared at her aunt.


Alana continued to sympathise with her. “You are a very attractive young woman, and you will look absolutely stunning with short hair”


“I will tell you a story.  I used to have long, cascading locks that reached right down my back,” Alana recalled as she clipped more of Vanessa’s hair off.  “A girlfriend of mine persuaded me to let her cut my hair at home.  I said no, but she kept pestering me until I finally agreed.”


So what happened?” asked Vanessa, becoming more interested.


“My girlfriend said she thought my hair was desperately in need of a tidy up.  She had me sit down on a chair and she gently combed my hair for awhile.  Then I expected her to pick up her scissors and start trimming the ends but she produced a pair of clippers and told me she was going clip my hair off!”


“Oh my, what happened next?” inquired Vanessa.


“At first I was scared!  My girlfriend switched on the clippers and I felt them plunge into my long hair.  She just asked me to trust her, that she would show me how I was covering up my beauty with my long hair.”


“Wow, that is something,” mused Vanessa, envisioning the story being conveyed to her.


“I just sat there and let her clip my hair off.  You see, I really cared for her a lot so I decided to close my eyes and let her go to work,” Alana continued.  “I could hear and feel the clippers shearing my hair off but I no longer cared.  Hair was falling all over me and I was absolutely covered by the time she was finished.  I thought I would regret allowing her do it, but it actually brought us closer together.  It was such a sensual experience and I would never have done anything like it on my own.  With her gentle persuasion it just happened.


“But your hair has grown back some?” Vanessa questioned, as Alana finished clipping the back and sides to a half inch and set down her clippers on the counter.


“You’re right, I am older and I have chosen to keep my hair at this length.  What I’m getting at, I was just like you at one point in my life and I would still have long hair weighing me down, if my friend had not persuaded me so.”  Alana picked up her scissors and comb and began to shape the top hair.  Shiiick, shiiick, shiiick went the scissors.


Aunt Lori and her daughters continued to watch Vanessa’s haircut intently.  Her aunt absently petted the tops of both of her daughter’s heads as Vanessa’s hair was slowly reduced further.


After some more combing and cutting the top was reduced to an inch in length.  Alana snipped here and there to complete the final touches and then stepped back to admire her work.


“It’s all done, as you requested,” Alana announced to Aunt Lori, “very short on the back and sides, and short on top!”  Alana began dusting the hair off Vanessa’s neck and then removed the cape.


“Absolutely!  The deed is done and Vanessa has finally been shorn!  The haircut that I’ve been desiring for years has finally been completed.  It’s a terrific looking boy’s cut, right girls?” Aunt Lori exclaimed.


“Yes!” both girls responded in unison.  “She looks much better with her hair cut short,” Angela quipped with a smile.  Vanessa just glared at her.


“I hope my mother did agree to this, otherwise she’s not going to be very happy when she sees what you’ve done to me!” Vanessa snapped at Aunt Lori as she got up and stomped out of the kitchen.


Aunt Lori turned to Alana, who just shrugged her shoulders.  “I’m sure that she’ll get used to it in time,” Alana smiled, beginning to sweep up the discarded hair on the floor.

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  1. I agree. A very exciting element of any female haircut is that others get to watch. It keeps the victim who is receiving the haircut on edge and just adds to the humiliation. Thank you for commenting.

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