Vanessa gets a Haircut

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Vanessa is a free-spirited 23 year old. She loves to do anything and everything, always willing to explore and try out new things.

Her stand out characteristic though, is her hair. It is jet black in color, and is all the way down till her hips. Since she can remember she has always had long hair, and she loves it like that. She takes a lot of pride in how luscious her mane looks like.

Her hair is wavy, but only very slightly. There are not much layers in it, but it is not exactly blunt as well. Vanessa likes to generally wear her hair open, or keep it in a bun.

The summers were here and the temperature was going up with each passing day. It was on days like these, where her hair made her life a little difficult.

Vanessa is meeting Beth, who is her close friend. Beth also wears her hair long, but not as long as Vennessa’s. Beth’s hair is barely reaching her waist.

“I think I might get my hair cut”, Vanessa says out of annoyance.

Beth appears peeved, “Didn’t you tell me not to cut my hair?”

Vanessa is quick to respond, “I am just gonna get a trim, the heat is fucking killing me.”

“Yeah it’s fucking crazy, I am gonna melt. I might get a trim too, actually might cut it short, who knows?” Beth responds while being annoyed.

Vanessa gets up, “See ya will talk later.” But she is now thinking about Beth said.

Vanessa walks in to her appointment. She only gets her hair done by Destiny. Destiny is in her 20s, and has a short and sharp A-Line Bob. It looks great on her.

“Hey hon, how are you doing.” Destiny asks as she hugs Vanessa.

“Apart from this weather everything is great, how are you doing?” Vanessa sulkily responds.

Vanessa sits in the chair as she maintains eye contact with Destiny during the conversation.

“You are telling me, it’s insane how hot it is. But yes I am doing great too.” Destiny responds with a smile.

Destiny then looks at her bun. “So what are we doing today?” As she lets her hair loose, it flows down all the way almost touching Vanessa’s thighs.

“I was kinda thinking a trim, but I don’t know what do you think?” Vanessa responds with a tinge of hesitation.

Destiny starts running her fingers through Vanessa’s hair as she ponders the question. “We can do a trim, but we can also do a proper haircut, what do you say, up for it?”

Vanessa is unsure if she wants to do that, but impulsively replies, “Oh for sure.”

Destiny is still running her fingers through Vanessa’s hair and asks, “So 3-4 inches off or 5?”

Vanessa thinks for a second, “I am sorry if it is 5 inches off how much does that mean?”

Destiny holds Vanessa’s hair from the lowest point and then points it at her waist. “So right about there.”

“So something like waist length hair then?” Vanessa quickly responds.


Vanessa thinks for a few, “I think I will go shorter, fuck it. I think something like up to my shoulders.” As she points at her shoulders. “So just sitting on top of the shoulders.”

“Are you sure, because that would be a massive change.” Destiny asks concerningly.

“Yeah let’s do this.” Vanessa responds firmly.

“So layers or…?” Destiny asks curiously.

“I think I want it blunt, like cut across very straight.” Vanessa answers back.

“Perfect, we will do that with clippers then.” Destiny responds as she leaves to get the cape.

Vanessa is left in the company with her thoughts. She is excited but also incredibly nervous about such a change. Having second thoughts is all but natural, but she is adamant and wants a change. Just as Destiny comes back with the cape.

Destiny grabs Vanessa’s hair as she puts on the cape and then gently tosses it on the cape. The cape is white in color, so Vanessa’s hair can be seen clearly in all its glory.

Since Vanessa’s hair is so long, Destiny increases the height of her chair, so that she has a better position to cut it carefully. Once she is satisfied with her position, Destiny collects Vanessa’s hair and puts it on her back.

She grabs a comb and starts combing it, “So is this the shortest your hair will ever be?”

Vanessa has a nervous smile, “Yes! As far as I can remember, always have had long hair.”

“Hey, you are still young and it’s just hair it will grow back.” Destiny tries to reassure her about her decision.

“Yeah exactly.” As Vanessa takes a deep breath.

Once her hair has all been combed out, Destiny reaches for the clippers and turns them on. The buzzing noise is quite loud and envelops the whole place.

“Never would have thought, those would be used on my hair.” Vanessa says nervously.

“Always a time for firsts huh?”. Destiny holds the clipper with her right hand, while she uses the comb as a guide for the length she has to cut off. She places the comb right at her shoulders.

“Okay, here it goes.” Destiny says. Vanessa has her eyes closed as she is too anxious.

Destiny brings the clippers to her hair from the right side, and it slowly eats into Vanessa’s thick hair. The hair below the comb starts slowly falling to the floor in pieces and after a minute Vanessa has shoulder-length hair.

“Holy fucking shit.” Vanessa looks at her short hair with amusement, she is still digesting how short her hair is. The floor now is adorned with her hair.

“It still needs to be evened out, but yes holy fucking shit.” Destiny responds with a smile.

Vanessa looks at her hair rather curiously and then says, “Actually Destiny, could you take off like an inch more? Right now it is on the shoulders, I want it just above the shoulders.”

Destiny nods, “Yeah sure.”

Taking the clippers, she takes off another inch but is now doing it more meticulously so as to even it out. After a couple of minutes the haircut is finished.

Vanessa has perfectly straight hair sitting just above her shoulders. She is still fascinated and can’t believe that is what her hair looks like, and is just twirling her head around and playing with it.

“It looks amazing on you.” Destiny responds with a smile.

“It looks so good, thank you so much Destiny.” Vanessa can’t contain her excitement and it seeps through in her tone.

Destiny removes the cape from Vanessa and as Vanessa gets up she looks at all her hair on the floor. “Hot damn.”

“Short hair looks great on you.” Destiny says as she starts cleaning up.

“I guess so, maybe next time I get a fancy bob like yours, huh?” Vanessa gives a wink while looking at the mirror as she plays with her hair.

“Join the fancy bob side Vanessa, join it.” Destiny says in an accent meant to be Star-Wars like, but has poor execution.

“Join, I might.” As Vanessa walks to give a hug to Destiny. “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure hon.” Destiny says, as Vanessa walks out with a newfound sense of excitement and feeling all lighter.

Vanessa already thinking on how she might look like with a bob like Destiny’s. But also on the back of her mind missing her long hair. But that’s a story for another day.

Vanessa’s hair looks like this now-

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