Vee’s Day of Change

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Alice was an Anglo lady in her early 40’s in charge of a small office of a big firm. She had two ladies working for her. One was Brenda who was Italian in her late 30’s and wore her hair in a short layered style no more than 4 inches in length. Alice wore her hair in a short style not as short as Brenda’s but off the neck. Alice had been working in the department for five years and looking out her office door at the back of Vee. It dawned on her that in five years she had seen the same look on Vee. Now, Vee was an Hispanic mix lady in her early 20’s and short about 5′ 5″. Vee had the prettiest chocolate colored hair that was about six inches off her waist. It was thick and beautiful like hair in a shampoo commercial. Problem was she never wore it different. Alice had asked her to at least try to wear it up but she said that she only put it in braids or put it up on weekends. Alice decided it was time for Vee to make a change.

Now Alice and Brenda both went to the same stylist Jovan at Shear Designs beauty salon. They happen to be there on the same day and Vee’s long hair was brought up. They agreed a change was needed. Jovan agreed to help them out. It was this chance meeting that a plan for Vee’s change came to into place.

It was an early Friday morning and Alice told Brenda that she was going to make a trip to the office supply store and was going to take Vee with her. Vee had come in wearing a long skirt to her ankles and a long sleeve blouse. Her hair was hanging straight and thick down with big curls on the ends. Vee looked very nice. Vee was glad to go to the Office supply store as she needed a few items. Alice turned back to Brenda and said that they would be back when they were finished in a few hours. When she said it Vee was going ahead of her and Alice gave Brenda a wink and a cross fingered sign. Alice followed Vee seeing the same look she had seen for the last five years. Long thick brown hair that was parted in the middle and hung down swinging back and forth. It danced near Vee’s tiny waist.

Alice drove and then made a turn and then another turn and the car found itself parked in front of the Shear Design Salon. Alice turned toward Vee ” Now, Vee this is my salon and my stylist is in this morning. I told her we could talk to her about your hair needing a change. I will pay for the consultation time and anything that is done.” Vee turned toward Alice ” I’ve told you before that I don’t want to cut my pretty long hair. However, I will go in and talk to your stylist if it will make you happy.”

Alice introduced Vee to Jovan. Jovan told Vee to stand still and she walked around her. Vee’s hair was as pretty as Alice had said. Also just as Alice had said Vee needed a change. Jovan pulled Vee’s hair upward into a thick ponytail and saw that Vee had a great neckline. Styles started going through Jovan’s mind. They sat down and looked through the style books. The more Vee rejected the short styles saying that her hair had never been shorter than shoulder length the more determined Jovan was to cut it just that way. A period of time went by the session went nowhere.

Jovan looked at Vee and said ” Well, your hair does need a good trim. Since your here why don’t you let me shampoo it and give it a conditioning treatment for free. Then I’ll trim it up nice for you. ” Vee agreed saying ” Your right it does need a trim but just a trim.” Jovan gave Alice a wink and a smile. Jovan led Vee over to the shampoo station. There she put a cape around her neck and lifted up the massive hair and put it into the sink basin. The she put a nose piece over Vee’s nose. This is Nitric Oxide like you get a the dentist. It will help you relax. Vee saw no sense to worry and since she was a bit nervous she could use it. What she didn’t know was that there was an unseen feeder tube that fed anther gas that would make her open to suggestions. Jovan had gotten the tip from someone who worked in the hospital.

Jovan ran the water and enjoyed lathering up the soft chocolate covered mass that lay in the sink. She really worked and played with Vee’s hair. Then she applied the conditioner treatment and told Vee to lay there quietly while it soaked in. Jovan then went and got a clipboard with a piece of paper. She told Vee it was a slip saying that she had received a free Permadelux shampoo treatment. Vee had to sign it so Jovan could get the money back from the supplier. Vee grabbed the pen and signed. The gas was taking effect. What Vee had just signed was a release giving permission for Jovan to cut her hair in a style of her choosing. Jovan rinsed out the thick hair and then sat Vee up in the chair. Her hair was held up in a towel .She unhooked the gas nose piece. The effect would last long enough.

Jovan spoke ” Vee, I don’t want to get those pretty cloths contaminated so why don’t you take them off and put on this smock.” Vee complied and in a brief moment she stood in her panties and bra. She had a nice bust and skinny brown legs with a nice small rear. Alice spoke instantly ” My your boyfriend must have fun making love to your cute little body.” Vee replied ” Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend of the lover type. I’m still a Virgin.” Jovan and Alice both had their jaws drop. Jovan turned to Alice. ” Alice go to my rolodex and call the number under “P” and then make sure the device in the rear room is ready for action.” The ” P” was a male prostitute named Jono that Alice could vouch for personally. He really loved to make love to a girl who just had their hair cut. The device in the back room was a hide-a-bed that Jovan used when the need arose.

Jovan sat Vee down in the styling chair and took off the towel. Vee’s mass of thick hair tumbled down the back of the chair. Jovan took a wide tooth comb and started combing through it. It was silky smooth as the conditioner had done it’s job. She then grabbed a small tooth comb and again combed it from top to bottom. It was beautiful raw material. The Jovan divided Vee’s hair into two sections. She combed the bottom section and then divided it into eight small ponytails. She combed out each chocolate brown silky tail to its end. The ponytails were banded at a length near Vee’s neck. She then motioned a smiling Alice to come over. “Let’s get started” spoke Jovan and with that took a sharp pair of scissors and severed the ponytail and handed it to Alice with Vee facing the mirror. ” Vee started to cry.. no, no. I didn’t want my hair cut short. I told you so. I’ll look ugly. ” Jovan replied ” Your going to learn young lady that you don’t need all this hair to look pretty.” Vee cried hard as Jovan shnick, shnick, shnicked through another ponytail. She held one up and grabbed a tape measurer. ” You’ll see that you won’t need this twenty two inches of hair hanging down your back.” Vee sat in stunned silence as she saw Jovan cut off the rest of the ponytails on the bottom side. She didn’t notice that the door open and Jovan said ” Hi Jono, glad you could make it.” She turned Vee to face Jono as she let down the top section. She then did the same with creating eight ponytails and then cutting them off at the bottom of Vee’ neck. Vee gave up crying. ” Now that the bulk is gone lets get to the styling” spoke Jovan as Vee shuddered. Jovan took a pair of thinning shear and began chopping. Now Vee saw junks of hair five to six inches long tumbling down the smock into a large pile of hair on the floor. Then when Vee thought the worst was over she saw Jovan grab a razor. Jovan proceeded to take more hair off of Vee’s head. Vee could feel her head getting lighter and lighter. What once had been 29 inches on the crown was down to two inches. The sides and back one inch and the nape less than one half inch. Vee couldn’t bear to look at the floor as it pilled up with her long pretty treasured hair. Finally Jovan grabbed the hairdryer and dried and combed up Vee’s hair. She turned Vee towards the mirror. Vee was red eyed and as she reached up she realized how drastic a change it was. Alice wth a smile spoke ” Vee, you look great and you will like it in a few days.” Jovan turned Vee around toward Jono was sitting.

Jono why don’t you take Vee to the back room and help her put on her regular cloths and comfort her. Jovan took Vee by the hand and led her to the back room. Alice put the ” Close ” sign on the door and Jovan and her rushed to the room that held the monitor for the security camera that monitored the back room. Jono removed Vee’s smock and soon had Vee’s panties and bra off. When the panties came off Alice noticed that little Vee had a bush mound. Alice spoke” Looks like she had a lot of hair at both ends ” “Not for long if I know Jono “spoke Alice. Sure enough in a short time Jono produced shaving cream and a razor and went to work on little Vee with her legs spread. Soon she was shaved smooth as a babies rear. Jono proceeded to make foreplay to Vee like she had never had done. Soon the moment came and by the sound coming out the door Alice and Jovan knew that Jono had inserted his erect and full tool into little Vee. Little Vee as a Virgin no more. Then later he rolled over Vee and made Alice gasp. ” He is going to give her anal sex. I know she has never had that done before. A sound came out the door that was hard to discern between pleasure and pain. Jono pulled out all stops and gave all little Vee all she could handle. Finally, they stopped and Jono talked to her. He helped her put her cloths on. He came out first and told Jovan and Vee who had rushed to the normal seating area. ” She will be fine and out shortly. She just has to brush her new hairdo out. Thanks for calling me and there will be no charge for Vee”

Vee came out with a shock smile on her face. Jovan came out to Alice and handed her a small sack with something in it and told her to give it to Brenda since she couldn’t be there. Alice followed Vee out to the car. There was no long brown carpet of hair hanging down Vee’s back. Alice could clearly see Vee’s neck and ears. Alice got in the car and looked at Vee ” Vee, you look fantastic. It has been a big change for you this morning so lets go back and you can take the rest of the day off OK. ” Vee nodded approvingly. When they got back to the office Alice let Brenda see Vee. Brenda spoke ” Wow, Vee you look like a new woman” Alice responded ; ” She is in more than one way and then whispered in Brenda’s ear about Vee losing her Virginity.” Gee, Vee you have had a morning full of changes.” Brenda continued. Vee grabbed a few items and left. Then Alice remembered the small brown bag Jovan had given her. She gave it to Brenda and opened it up and pulled out one of the smaller ponytails that she had cut off Vee’s head. It was long lock of shinny soft brown hair that was almost dry. Brenda spoke ” Well, should we hang this up somewhere or maybe I can use it as a hair extension. ‘ Hair Extensions, that was Jovan’s angle. That is why she cut so much of Vee’s hair off and didn’t charge me.” exclaimed Alice. ” Why didn’t I think of that.”

Vee survived her ” Day of Change” and in spite of the nightmare made Jovan her stylist too. Maybe she grateful to Jovan for arranging her loss of Virginity as well as her long hair.

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