Veronica Flat Topped & Banged at the Barbershop

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Veronica was in her early 30’s, petite with perfect b cups and a short brunette French bob cut. She’s always had a hair fetish since she was a teenager. Her local barbershop would let her watch guys get buzzed, she really enjoyed flattops. Every once in a while she would get to watch a girl get buzzed.

Tom would always trim her bob and then shave her neck and nape. This usually drove her nuts, and Tom and the regulars could tell that she got off on it.

One day, Tom said the usual and Veronica said, I really want to feel your Osters plow up the back of my neck. He said really and she said give me a little boys haircut.

No problem, if that’s what you want I would love to buzz your bob down to nothing. As he placed the tissue tightly around her petite little neck and then caped her, saying I’m going to really enjoy this. Sh was already getting very moist.

The guys all watched as he picked up his heavy duty Osters, tilted her head into her chest, placed them at her nape and plowed them up through her bob leaving a strip of white skin in their wake.

She was so aroused and nearly came with the first pass. By the third pass, her crotch was dripping and wet. When he said, have you ever had a flattop? Without waiting for an answer he proceeded to give her an amazing perfect flattop with a landing strip and completely shaved sides and nape. She loved the straight razor at the end.

Tom, I’ve always wanted to be trimmed down below in a barber shop. He looked a bit surprised but said I think we can take care of you.

She thought he would take her in the back for privacy but he tilted the chair back and pulled her legs wide apart, and placed them up and onto the porcelain arm rests. He then raised her skirt and pulled her panties down exposing her massive bush.

The guys were staring in disbelief. Veronica couldn’t believe that a barbershop full of guys had a ringside view of her pussy, including some teenage boys. She actually knew some of these men and teenagers.

This will be something that we’ll remember for a while, and I’m sure you’ll never forget, Tom said. Taking his clippers, he changed the attachment and proceeded to mow her bush and give her a landing strip to match her head. He then lathered up her cunt and shaved the sides of her freshly trimmed pussy with his straight razor.

I think she’s ready for you boys. Ain’t that right Veronica? Oh yes, she said. One got up, then another, pulled down their pants and proceeded to bang her freshly shaved snatch in the chair, with her legs still spread eagle on the armrests. She was having multiple orgasms and screaming.

After a while one of the guys turned her over and now in the chair with her cute little bubble butt sticking up, began to drive into her rear and fuck her ass. It was incredibly painful and she begged for more.

When everyone had finished, she realized that a couple of guys had left but seven different guys had fucked her, including three teenagers. It was the best most intense sex of her life.

Tom smiling said, we’ll see you two weeks for a touch up for both top and bottom.

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