Village to modern

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preethi is from village. She s studying in a college near city. She was staying in college hostel. Preethi is very tall and she had her hair touching her knee. The volume s also good.jet black . She will plait and go to class every day. Her hostel roommate was sharmila. She is a modern girl. She will wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirt every day. She maintains her hair shoulder length . Days were passing both became good friends. They used to roam everywhere together. Sharmila hair were reaching the mid back. She planned for haircut. Outside her hostel there s a small barber shop where all the hostel students will go for trim or haircut. Preethi took head bath and drying her hair which s knee length. Sharmila told she s going for haircut would you like to join. Preethi thought for a file put her hair in ponytail and started to walk with sharmila. The shop was little crowded as it s on weekends. There were two barbers one is middle aged guy and one more is very old guy. These two girls reached the waiting area. After 15 minutes the middle aged guy finished his customer and called Sharmila to the chair. Sharmila told sweety I will be back. She sat in the chair. He covered her with the cape and started combing her hair softly. He asked what type of cut. She told trim it to the shoulder level. He sprayed water and took the scissors and gave her a straight cut. By the time the old aged barber finished his customers and snapping the cape pointing to preethi. Preethi was thinking he called her and she was moving herself to the chair . He caped her tightly. Opened her ponytail and started to comb. It was very long as it reached her knee length. The barber took the scissors and came near she told trim please. He hold her head and told i will remove the split ends first and started to cut mid level. She felt too much hair was cut. Her friend haircut was over.she got down and she had perfect straight line cut. She got call from lecture . She attended the call and she was adked to come immediately. She went to preethi and told I will pay and leave. I need to meet the lecturer. You finish your cut and go to room . She paid for both and she left. As they both wer the last customer the shop s empty now. Preethi hair was now mid back length straight. The barber brought spray and wet her hair completely and giving her nice head massage.preethi was liking it. He told can we go shorter. She without her knowledge she nodded her head. He took the comb and scissors. Turned her from the mirror and started to cut. He combed her hair placed the scissors below the neck and snipped everything. He was cutting all way round and the cape was filled with hair. She thought he should leave me. Her hair was reduced to chin length bob. He took the clippers and forced her to bend down. She told please don’t cut short. He started the clipper without any attachment and gave her nape shave. He turned of the clippers. Took the spray bottle again wet her hair. Combed all her top hair to front her eyes wer covered and she couldn’t see any. He came front hold her chin and cut her bangs straight to the middle of her forehead. Preethi did not know how she looks. The barber told its done and removed the cape. She was about to getup he hold her back and told final touch madam 2 minutes. Put a towel on her shoulder and applied foam in the nape and around ears took razor and shaved her. Applied powder in the shaved area and combed her hair. Turned her towards the mirror. She was shocked to see a girl sitting with such a short haircut. It was chin length bob and her fringe was tooo short. The barber hold a mirror and showed her back. She was about to cry. Her back was shaved completely. He rubbed her hair and told short and modern madam and removed the towel. She stood and told thankyou. The floor was covered only with her hair she saw tat. And started to walk. She touched her back and started to cry. She was having knee length but now no hair at back. She looked damn sexy now. She reached room. Met her friend who is checking her hair cut in the mirror asked y you are so late. She turned back and looked at her. Gasping in shock she went near her and saw her haircut closely. My god yu look hot in this haircut. I tought you will come with mid level hair to room but you came back with sexy bob and rubbed her head. She saw her back shaved and shocked further. She rubbed and preethi liked the feelings. . Next day ther both were getting ready she took bath and dried her hair started to class. Everyone was shocked by seeing preethi haircut. . Lecture came with exam notebook. She called one by one. Preethi is average student. Sharmila s class topper. They both will be sitting together in front desk. Lecture noticed both of them had haircut. She came near to preethi hold her chin and saw her cut gave a slap on her shaved back and told improve your studies.

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