Virtua Fantasia

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“Good day, sir. How may I help you?”

“I’d like to sign up as a beta tester for Virtua Fantasia.”

After the paperwork was done, George was led into the computing centre. There were rows of virtual reality rooms on either side of the corridor as he walked down it. Finally, he reached his cubicle.

“Sir, you have been assigned room 47. Enjoy your gaming experience!”

A tall reclining chair, bolted to the ground, stood in the middle of the room. Directly above it, was something like metallic tentacles. George sat on the chair. Without warning, his arms and legs were automatically strapped to the chair.

“What’s happening? Is this necessary? Help!”

His cries were not heard, because the officer in charge had left and locked the room, and it was sound proof. Next thing he knew, the tentacles descended upon him and grabbed his head!


That was the last spoken words before his mouth was gagged by one of the tentacles with its end terminated with a wad of cotton. Before he could react any further, he felt seemingly thousands of needles penetrating his skull! Darkness engulfed George’s vision as he passed out.

Suddenly, George found himself in a very bright place. Everywhere he looked, as far as the eye could see was white, and nothingness.

“Where am I? Is this heaven? Am I dead?”

A voice boomed, “This is EVA, Electronic Virtual Assistant. You are now in the main console.”

George looked around but saw no one.

“Hey! Where are you? Where am I?”

“I am all around you, and you are in Virtua Fantasia. Here, everything you imagine will come true. You can literally create any world scene you desire. For starters, here are some suggested `beginner level’ scenarios.”

A list appeared in front of George.

“Take your pick.”

“Hhhmmm. I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy in the wild west! Give me a bar shootout!”

“Please wait for a moment.”

Suddenly, the white environment morphed into a typical 19th century saloon. George found himself wearing a cowboy outfit, and seated at the bar drinking beer.

“This tastes so real!”

However, before he could take another sip, someone burst through the doors and shouted, “Where’s George?!” And the thug fired his six shooter into the ceiling.

Everyone in the bar screamed and ducked down for cover. The desperado walked up to George, pointed his gun at his head and said, “Are you George?”

“Err.. Yes, I am”


Darkness engulfed him, before he found himself again in the white main console world.

“Not a very pleasant world to live in.” EVA’s voice boomed.

“Why’d you send that thug after me?”

“That was part of the program. You are supposed to challenge him to a gun fight.”

“Give me something else! What other programs you got?”

As a new list appeared, he scanned through it until something caught his eyes.

“What do you have under this fetish subheading?”

“Ah, that’s a very popular choice amongst our beta testers. Selecting this will transport you to our fetish mansion, where you should be able to find something you like there.”

“Oh mama! Take me there!”

The white main console world morphed into a new environment. George found himself standing at the door of a huge mansion. The door was not locked, so he entered it without knocking. He found himself in a seemingly endless corridor with rooms on either side.

George decided to peep through the keyhole of the first door on his right. Inside, he found a nude female giving oral sex to a male.

“Not my thing.” George thought, as he stepped away. “I wonder what’s in the other doors.”

As he peeped through, door by door, he found various common fetish activities being carried out. Everything ranging from wild orgies, lingerie, nails, feet, punishments, and various sexual positions adopted from the Kama Sutra were there. Still, George had not found his heart’s desire on the ground floor.

“EVA! There’s nothing here for me!” he thought.

“There’s still two more floors to check out, George.” came the reply.

George went up to the next floor and peeped into the keyhole of the first room from the stairway. What he found excited him! Inside, two pretty girls were seated on a bed facing each other and brushing each other’s hair. The girl seated at the head of the bed had golden blonde hair, about butt length, while the other girl had waist length black hair, both silky straight.

“Oh my!” George exclaimed, then quickly closed his mouth, fearing he was overheard.

“That’s strange; they didn’t seem to hear me.”

EVA, “They cannot see or hear you. They are programs. You can even enter the room and watch them from up close.”

George heeded the advice and stepped through the door. He walked up to the two girls and stood right next to them. The girls continued to brush each other’s hair and by the looks of their faces, really enjoying it. Yet they did not seem to be aware of George’s presence, as if he’s invisible.

“This is so strange. Now I know how Hollow man feels like.”

“Just don’t touch them. The program is still in its early stages.” said EVA.

George grabbed a stool and sat next to the bed. He still can’t believe that everything he is experiencing is virtual. Everything seems so real, down to the girl’s facial features. He reached out to touch one of them, but instead, his fingers penetrated through!

“I told you not to do that. The program is still being developed. The next version should enable user interactions.” said EVA.


As he watched, the blonde girl turned around and had her back facing the other girl with dark hair. Her beautiful butt length hair was combed down her back, and a centre parting was made. What came next really turned George on; the dark haired girl took out a pair of scissors from her handbag!

“Mamamia!” he exclaimed!

The dark haired girl looked back at her own hair, judged its length and then measured the same length roughly on the blonde girl’s hair. She positioned the scissors at waist length and trimmed off the butt length hair at that point.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

Six inch long golden locks fell onto the bed, as her hair was blunt cut perfectly straight at waist length. Both the girls now have similar hair length and parting, and differ only in hair colour. The blonde then turned around to face her hairdresser. The roles were reversed as the dark haired girl passed the scissors and comb to the blonde girl.

“Oh my, I wonder what’s next?” said George as he looked intently. Strangely enough, even though his virtual body was not real, he could feel the surge of testosterone through his body!

The blonde girl combed the dark haired girl’s forelock down, covering her face completely, and tucked the rest of the hair back. Since her waist length hair was all one length, the long dark veil reached about seven inches below her breasts.

George knew that the blonde was going to give her bangs, and looked even more intently. “That’s a lot of bangs to cut off!” he thought as he grew more excited by the second.

The scissors was placed at eyebrow level and then cut there!


More than two feet of silky black hair fell to the dark haired girl’s lap. More joined the very long locks as the blades made their way across mercilessly.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

The dark haired girl now has thick blunt bangs falling softly to eyebrow level. George cannot believe all that he’s seen so far, and his cock was hard by now. He wondered if this was just his mind or his real cock was hardened too. Virtua Fantasia, based on virtual reality of “The Matrix” has blurred the lines between virtual and reality.

The blonde girl picked up the severed bangs from the dark haired girl’s lap and used it to tickle the dark haired girl’s face until she cannot stand it anymore and raised her hand in defeat. She then allowed more of her hair to be cut. The dark haired girl then turned around and had her back face the blonde.

The sight of her jet black silk covering her back was priceless. After combing the hair, the scissors was positioned at shoulder length, about three inches below the top of her shoulders. More than 20 inches of dark silky hair fell to the bed as the blades snapped shut!

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

Her once waist length hair crowning glory now hung at her shoulders. The dark haired girl now sported a “Cleopatra” look; shoulder length hair with bangs. After excess hair was brushed away, both girls turned around.

Now, the blonde haired girl has her back facing the dark haired girl. The dark haired girl combed the blonde hair and placed it into a ponytail with a rubber band. She plaited the ponytail and secured the end with another rubber band. Without warning, the dark haired girl grabbed the scissors and proceeded to cut off the braid at nape level!

Scrunch! Scrunch! Scrunch! Went the scissors as it sawed through the thick braid. The hair put up a good fight but was no match for the sharp stainless steel blades. After almost 20 seconds of hacking, many years worth of hair growth and maintenance was severed from the blonde’s head. The dark haired girl held up the braid triumphantly and used it to tickle the blonde’s now exposed nape until she cannot stand it anymore and surrendered.

The blonde girl, now with a rough bob, turned to face her hair slayer. Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! The rough bob was trimmed into a sexy chin length bob. She shook her head sideways, causing the bob to swish around her face. George almost exploded at this point!

The dark haired girl then playfully attempted to cut off the blonde’s bangs, but then hesitated. George’s heart almost skipped a beat when he thought that it was for real. Then, both girls turned to face George and pointed to the opposite room.

“I thought they can’t see me?!”

“That’s hard to explain. But they’re ushering you to the next room for something more.” replied EVA.

“Wow! There’s more?”

George hurried out the door and into the next room. There, he found two more girls, also seated on the bed brushing each other’s hair. One of them has red hair while the other has brown hair. George sat on a stool next to them and watched them. As he looked closer, he saw that the red head has layered hair; shortest at breast length in front and waist length at the back. The brunette has one length hair at the mid back length at the back, and grown out bangs in front at lip length which kept falling into her face whenever she tried to tuck them back behind her ears.

After they finished brushing each other’s hair until they were shiny, the red head turned around and had her back face the brunette. Her gorgeous red locks cascaded down her back in soft locks. The brunette produced a pair of scissors and poised to cut the red hair at bra strap length, in order to even up the lengths.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

Red locks fell onto the bed as the hair was blunt cut to one length at bra strap level. The red head then turned to face the brunette. Her hair, which was initially parted at the middle, was given a side parting at the left. The red head looked at George, tucked the left lock behind the ear and allowed the thicker right portion to fall across her face to breast level. Her partially covered face looked mysterious and George struggled to contain himself.

The brunette then handed over the comb and scissors as the roles were reversed. The red head tucked the brunette’s hair behind her back, leaving the grown out bangs in front. She combed them down, and they covered her face to lip level. The scissors was positioned halfway up her forehead, about one and a half inch above eyebrow level, and then cut!

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

The brunette’s long bangs were soon transformed into short bangs, which contrasted with her mid back length hair at the back. Next, the red head grabbed a handful of her own cut red locks from the bed top and used them to tickle the brunette’s partially revealed forehead. After a while, she surrendered and allowed the red head to cut more of her hair off.

The red head combed the brunette’s hair and sectioned it down into three parts; back, left and right. The scissors was positioned at lip length on the left portion and cut there!

Snip! Snip!

Two one foot locks of brown hair fell to the bed as her mid back hair was cut to lip length there.

Snip! Snip!

Two more locks joined the mound of red and brown hair on the bed, and the brunette now sported a hime-cut hairstyle; bobbed in front, and long at the back. The red head grabbed the brunette’s severed locks and tickled her face with them. The brunette then turned around to allow the back portion to be worked on.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

The mid back hair at the back was cut to the same length as the sides, leaving some nape hair dangling. The red head then reached for something on the floor on the other side of the bed.

Pop! Bbbbzzzzz! Came the familiar sound of an electric clipper.

The brunette’s nape hair “remnant” was quickly clippered off in a few runs. The girls did not say a single word throughout the hair adventure, but George thought she heard the brunette moan as her nape was clippered. The brunette now sported a lip length bob with a clippered nape and short bangs.

Pop! The clippers went off. Both girls then turned around, now the red head’s back facing the bobbed brunette. The brunette then turned towards George and grinned at him. She grabbed the clippers, removed the guards and popped them on!

Pop! Bbbbzzzzz!

Without warning, she ploughed the clippers through the red haired girl’s head! One and a half feet of beautiful silky red hair fell to the brunette’s lap helplessly as the clippers make runs across. Starting with the top, she worked her way back down the nape and then finished up the sides and temple. However, the bangs where left untouched and the red head now sported a chelsea cut, with very long side parted bangs down to breast level! George thought it was the “longest” chelsea cut he had ever seen!

The brunette sprayed some shaving cream onto the head and then used a razor to smoothen out the stubbles, leaving the head smooth and shiny! The red head then turned to face her hair slayer, and the brunette used the red long bangs to tickle the top of her bald head. After much giggling, she surrendered and allowed all of her hair to be cut off. The brunette handed her a pair of scissors, which the red head used to chop off her own bangs to eyebrow level.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

More than foot long bangs were severed from the chelsea, leaving her with eyebrow length bangs. Still not satisfied, the brunette put shaving cream on the bangs, and razored them off, depriving her from the last of her red hair. She is now completely bald!

At this point, George could not restrain himself any longer and ejaculated. Whether it was virtual or real, he didn’t know. But he knew that he had finally fulfilled his fetish. However, the pleasurable sensation which flooded his entire body was soon cut short.

“System malfunction alert. Neuron connection unstable. Losing subject.” EVA’s voice boomed.

“What’s happening?”

“Performing auto-reboot” replied EVA.

Black out.

Back at the virtual reality room, where George was strapped down…

“He’s brain dead.”

“Did he sign the disclaimer?”


“Good. He knows the risk. Now take his body out of here and inform his family of his passing.”

Back in Virtua Fantasia.

“System reboot complete” said EVA.

George found himself at the door of the mansion again. “What happened?”

“There was a system malfunction and I had to reboot the system. Unfortunately, your consciousness has now been separated permanently from your body.”

“What do you mean? You mean I’m trapped here forever?”

“This was not expected to happen, but yes, your body is brain dead but now your mind lives on here in Virtua Fantasia.”


“Look at the bright side. At least now you can live with your fetish forever and ever. You are now immortalised in Virtua Fantasia. In fact, I have just installed the new version of the program after the reboot. Now you can interact with the bots.”

George rushed into the mansion and up the stairway to the first floor. There, standing in the corridor awaiting him, were the four girls he saw earlier, their hair restored to how it had been initially; long. The blonde held a pair of scissors in her hand, the black haired girl had a brush, the red head had a comb and the brunette had electric clippers in hand.

“Hi, cowboy!” they greeted in unison.

George’s hair adventures had actually just begun.

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