Visit to grandmother in Texas

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Nancy, a 27-year-old college student from LA, was spending her summer break with her grandmother in Texas. Despite the heat, Nancy insisted on keeping her long, flowing locks of hair. Her grandmother, a traditional woman, often scolded her for not keeping her hair neat and tidy.

One day, after yet another argument about her hair, Nancy’s grandmother decided that enough was enough. She told Nancy that they were going to a barber shop the next day to get her hair cut properly.

Nancy was apprehensive about going to a barber shop, as she had always gone to salons for her haircuts. However, her grandmother was insistent, and Nancy reluctantly agreed to go.

The next day, they arrived at the barber shop, and Nancy was surprised to see that the barber was a woman. She was a tall, imposing figure with short hair and a stern expression. Her grandmother explained to the barber what she wanted, a short back and sides!

Nancy was horrified by the idea of having her long hair cut so short. However, she knew better than to argue with her grandmother. She sat down in the barber chair, and the barber caped her tightly.

The barber began by running her fingers through Nancy’s hair, pulling it back from her face. She then took a pair of clippers and snapped them on. The sound was deafening, and Nancy could feel the vibrations through her entire body.

Without warning, the barber plunged the clippers into Nancy’s hair at the nape of her neck. She worked quickly, pulling the clippers up and over Nancy’s head, leaving a short, buzzed strip of hair in their wake.

The sound of the clippers filled the room, drowning out Nancy’s protests and sobs. She could smell the sharp scent of freshly cut hair mixed with the barber shop’s aftershave.

The barber continued to work her way around Nancy’s head, clippering the sides and back of her head to an even shorter length. The hair on the top of her head was left longer, and the barber skillfully crafted a severe side parting.

Nancy cried throughout the entire process, tears streaming down her face and onto the cape. She couldn’t believe how short her hair was, and how different she looked.

Finally, the barber finished the cut, and Nancy’s grandmother paid her. The barber removed the cape, and Nancy saw the extent of her new haircut for the first time. Her long hair was gone, replaced by a severe, masculine-looking cut that made her look like she was ready to join the army.

Nancy was devastated, but her grandmother was pleased. She told Nancy that she looked much more respectable now, and that she should have gotten her hair cut like that a long time ago.

Nancy left the barber shop feeling embarrassed and humiliated. She couldn’t wait to return to LA and have her hair grow back to its former length.


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