Wanda takes the plunge

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I first met Wanda at Hardee’s one cold morning. She is a skinny woman, nice features, wearing a Brown London Fog Coat, with a Lush thick Braided Black Mane of hair falling to her knees. I was behind her in line, I said “Your hair looks nice Lady.” She turned around and said; “Thank You Sir.”

If I went to Hardee’s around 9am, Wanda would be there daily I noticed. Each time I saw her or she saw me, we said good morning. This went on for about a month. Then one day she asked me, “Do you like long hair on a Lady?” I replied with “YES, if it is nice and clean, like yours always is. Then asked do you ever wear it loose, you always have it braided?” Wanda then said, “Hello, my name is Wanda, who are you?’” I replied with I am OC Wanda nice to meet you.” Wanda asked if I would like to sit and talk with her, I followed Wanda to a booth, Wanda sat down, pulled her hair over her shoulder as I watched the mane fall down into her lap, bouncing to her knees. What a beautiful mane of thick hair I thought,. I asked Wanda what it would look like loose?”

We talked about each other and shared views on Trump and politicians, the Democratic investigations on Trump, plus Nancy Pelosi and her role in it all. We laughted. I then asked her again, “Wanda, do you ever wer your hair loose?” Wanda replied “Yes I have but, I like it braided instead of loose, But; tomorrow, I will wear it loose and flowing just for you OC.” I smiled then said “Now that will be a Mane Event for sure, that will be one that I cannot miss, see you tomorrow Wanda.” Wanda nodded and we both went our ways.

That day all I could think about was Wanda, her long mane of hair, loose, flowing free as the wind blew it about. It reminded me of the 70’s and all the long haired ladies of the Hippy movements, what a sight to be hold, long hair freely blown by the wind and swaying as the lady walkd by. Now I was exited to see Wanda, I could not sleep all night wanting to see Wanda’s long mane. I got up early, showered, got dressed and went to see Wanda with her hair loose. I walked into Hardee’s, looked around, but did not see Wanda? I waited about 15 minutes, finally Wanda came into Hardee’s, she had her coat on, her hair was under her coat? I went to see her in line, we talked as we ordered food then sat down. Wanda said I wear a coat if my hair is loose, that way the wind does not blow it all about. Wanda took off her coat and this glorious mane of Black hair came out from under the coat. Wandas hair fell below her knees almost to her calfs. What a beautiful mane of hair to behold. Wanda noticed me looking at her hair, she said would liketo brush it out for me OC and handed me a brush. I bushed the long mane of hair fron the ear to the calf, then from the middle of the crown to the calf, finishing with the right ear to the calf. What a rush, all that hair just waiting to be brushed out,to be caressed. I enjoyed every minute of the brushing. I asked Wanda if she had always had long hair? Wanda said she had it short in a nice 3” Pixie Cut, back for high school graduation in 1969. I deducted Wanda was 3-4 years younger then I was, how nice. I have had it long ever since 1970 and every oce in a while get an urge to get a Pixie Cut again but; always chicken out. I said so you have had your hair long for some 45 years WOW, thats a long time Wanda. Wanda replied, OC do you like a woman with long hair like mine or??? I paused for a moment and said Long hair is nice, but hard to take care of, washing, drying for hours, but it is very nice, just not really feasible for a fast paced life. Wanda looked at me and said so you like long hair but don’t? No Wanda I love long hair but; I cut my late wifes hair waist length hair in 86, she wore a Pixie Cut till her death in 2015. We cut her hair because we had a call to go to Georgia on a motorcycle ride, Norma said I have to wash my hair before we go OC, I looked at her and said why not cut it all off into a short Pixie cut now, Norma looked at me and said OK., if thays what you want to do? I got the clippers and scissors out, I held her long hair in the left hand and started cutting with the scissors through the thick mass of hair, it took 32 schinkings, with each schinking a spire fell to the side away from the scalp and laid on my hand and arm lifeless, then I took the clipper and brought them to life, running them up the nape of the neck to the crown servered locks of hair piled up on the floor, then around the ears and side burns as more hair covered the floor, then for the top, right down the middle, the hair piled up on Normas cape.. The clippers cut it to 3” all over, Norma washed the short hair, towel dried it and we went out on the ride. Norna rode with her helmet on and when we stoopped everyone marveled at the transformation of Norma with short hair.

Ever since that day, I trimmed Normas hair every month. Wanda looked at me and said you cut hair? I said yes, use to work in a salon back in the 70’s, then cut only my wifes hair. Cut my first wife Linda’s hair in 79 from 9’3” to a 3” Pixie Cut, then again from her waist length hair in 85 to a Pixie again. Wanda said 9’3” of hair wow that was a lot of hair to cut off OC, did you enjoy cutting it all short? OC it sounds like you like a Pixie Cut better then long hair ? No Wanda, I love long hair, but; if you ride a motorcycle with me, we just pick up, go on the spur of the moment, short hair is better, plus your hair at its length now is to long to ride on a bike as it could be braided yet come loose catching in the rear wheel? So what your saying OC is I should have short hair if we are to be together? No you can keep it long, but it will become a hassel I think? What would you say OC if I said I want you to cut my hair into a Pixie Cut tonight? Wow, really Wanda, thats a lot of hair to cut off on a spur of the moment. Wanda looked at me, then said I think I am ready to take the plunge OC, been wanting to for a long time like 3 years now, ready for a change, plus I think it will arouse you, amI right? Yes, it will do that. Then we can have great fun, playing with the long hair, brushing it for the last time, styling it, braing it, having sex doing this OC, what do you say? I have to say OK Wanda lets do it. Tonight we have a hair cutting event, from calf length hair to a 3” Pixie Cut. OK OC deal see you here at 7 pm, then I will take you home with me to brush out my hair, style it, braid it, play with it, then cut it all off into a short 3” Pixie Cut. Deal Wanda, see you here at 7 pm.

As we left Wanda shook her long mane at me, then motioned with fingers cutting it off. I waved then made a snipping motion back, Wanda Laughted, waved good bye, then got into her car. I could not wait for 7 pm to come as the day wore on. Finally it was 6:39 pm time to go see Wanda. I waited having a drink and a small slider hamburger. It was 6:59 pm when Wanda came into Hardee’s, then saw me in the back waiting. Her hair was in a thick braid tonight, so that mean a lot of taking it down, brush and foreplaying. Wanda got a drink and said we ready to eat, then do this. OK I said lets eat at a nice resturant tonight as a special occasion to remember. Wand sid can we eat at the Outback or Applebys or Red Lobster OC. I asked Wanda where ever you want to go to Wanda, will be my pleasure. Wanda said Red Lobster OC, never really had the money to go there OK. Sure lets go. Wanda looked at Twana as we were ready to leave and said Twana, next time you see me will have a 3” Pixie Cut, Twana said REALLY?? Yes OC is going to cut it tonight for me. Twana said I would love to cut mine from knee length but hubby likes it long to my knees for now, Oh wow I am jelouse Wanda. We went to my car, I said I will drive. Wanda got in on the passenger side and looked at me, thn said, drie on OC. As I drove to Red Lobster, Wanda began to unbraid her hair. When we arrived at Red Lobster her hair was loose and free. She tickled me with the long hairs, then said will you bush it out fo me OC Before we go in to eat, wat it to look nice for the last time. I got out of te car and so did Wanda, she handed me a brushin the arking lot and I brushed out the long mane of hair for the last time. Wanda was enjoying me brushing her hair and so was I. Hair to thetop of her calves, just sonic to see.ng soon it will be all cut off to a short 3” Pixi Cut, what a dream to think about.

We wentin and Wanda was thetalk of everyone as we were seated inth back of the resuturant. Wand sat down and pulled her mane over her right shoulder and placed it itno her lap. What a spledid sight to see, hair as dark as coaland shinny. Wandas hair had a sparkle to it under the resturant lights, beautiful to see and yet soon to be cut off short. We inished dinner aand went to the ar, everyone was talking about Wandas long hair as we passed their tables, Wand a said little do they know that Iam getting these locks cut very short OC and she laughted. We got into the car and I said we can go to my plae Wand a I have a full salon in the basement. Wanda looked me then stated a full salon in the basement OC, you are full of surprises. I pulled up to the garage and parked the car, we both go out and went to the salon in the basement. Wanda saw the chair, table, clippers, scissors, combs, brushes, curling irons, mirrors and was taken back a bit. Nice OC very nice, so what now? I said we go upstairs and have a couple of drinks, talk about how you want your hair cut. In stages of different cuts, like waist length, bra length, chin length bob, inverted bob cut, then the Pixie Cut, or just braid it up and cut it or, leave it loose and cut it off section by section at shoulder length? Wand said wow why not do some different style to see what would look nice if I grew it out? Ok then we will cut it from calf to waist length then go from here. Sounds like a plan. I braided Wands hair, then we undid it and did a ponytail , then a ponytail to the left side and the right sde while takingpictures of each style. I lt it loose and brushed it out we each became arroused and had sex upstairs in the Master Bedroom, Wand was all I thought she would be and more. We played some more and fell asleep for a couipe of hours. Wanda woke up and said OC it is time to cut this mane of long hair off now. We went down stairsad I seated Wanda in the beauty shop chair. I combed the hair out this time or the really last time. Wanda stood up and the hair fell to the top of her ankles. I measured the hair, it was 56” long. I took a picture of it as it was soon to be reduced to 36” at her waist. Took out my scissors, Wanda stood very still. I measured off the hair to be cut , then rubber banded it, then with scissors in hand, I went to cut into the mass of hair, Wand said OC STOP, STOP, STOP I think I want it all cut off at once to preserve the long mane of hair at 53”. I think I shall then mount it in a shadow box on the wall in my living room for all to see the picture of it being measured as 56” then reduced to 53” Braid of hair. We have a picture next to it of the new 3” Pixie Cut. .I said OK Wanda if thats what you want to do, we will just clipper it all off to 3”. I got the clippers, held her long hair in a loose banded ponytail in my left hand, I then brought the clippers to life, Wanda jmped at the sound of the whirling blades, then watched intensley in the long mirrors in front, and the one in the rear to see what was going to transpire. I brought the clippers up to her nape. Wanda’s eyes were as round as saucers as the clippers neared her nape, I brought the clippers to the nape Wanda shrugged as she watched the clipper eating into the hair, severing the long mass of hair, leaving a nice path of 3” freshly cropped hair remaining.,The long hair falling away, laying limp and lifeless on my arm. Wanda gave out a gasping noise and said OH MY GOD, I LOVE THAT FEELING OF THE WARM CLIPPERS AGAINST MY NAPE, KIND OF PASSIONATE REALLY WARM, THEN SEEING THE LONG MANE FALL AWAY, THE SHORT 3” HAIRS SHOWING NOW, WHAT A ORGASAM I AM ABOUT TO HAVE WATCHING ALL THIS HAPPEN OC.. I continued cutting all the way around the scalp as the mass of hair was all severed to 3”. Wanda was in a climax mode knees shaking, body trembling with each stroke as the new short haircut came through from all the mane severd away, holding the ponytail I shook it, Wanda took the hair smiled we went upstairs to lay down.

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