Wanting her back

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“I- I want you, I love you”,the words fumbled out of Paul’s mouth, knowing that she didn’t want to go back to the things were.

”Again, we can stay friends”,Stacy Cruz calmed his beating heart,”But what we had, it’s gone.My feelings aren’t the same as yours but I don’t want to lose you as a friend and brother”

Paul sighed, he couldn’t live those words in his mind and made his stance known to her,”I wish you well, mate. I have made up my mind, I need to start fresh; away from all this. I’m moving out of town within the week and if you want to help me pack: then by all means, do”

”I understand”,Stacy nodded,”And sure, I’ll help you move”

Paul didn’t harbor any bad feelings about their separation, he was cordial when she came and helped him.He was out of Wolver in the following two days. When all was packed up, Stacy asked what he was going to do when he left.

”Probably go to cosmetology school and get my degree while I’m still young”,he laughed, shaking her hand,”Well, see ya”

She didn’t respond until his car was over the horizon, she whispered,”Goodbye, my friend”

Life went on as usual, Paul worked on his craft and apprenticed with many a barber shop. But her name never left his mind, he was a fool not to keep in touch.When he had enough of the city and foreign territory, he again made up his mind: he was going back to his hometown.

The trip, he stayed silent, in his mind; he worried: what if she married and her man doesn’t like me.’Was this a mistake?’he thought,’All of this could’ve been a mistake’   His car was driving to her and he had to sleep in the bed he made.

What he didn’t expect was that she would run to him as soon as she saw him.He was a bit shocked at that. She never forgot him.

A baby was in her possession and how she came to have one was quite a story.From what she told him: after he left, she got married to a recently returned veteran. He was kind and a good man,’like you’ she told him. It was three months after baby Bella’s birth that he lost control. She calmed his nightmares and he went for a drive to make sure he was calm and think everything over. He was T-boned by a drunk driver and fell into a coma.

To provide for him, she worked hard to keep him alive.Paul wanted to see the man who cared for his sister and she gave him the room address for she couldn’t take further heartbreak.It was weird, seeing a great man not waking from a well-needed rest.”I hope that when you wake”,Paul smiled at the man,”I hope that I can shake your hand for taking care of my sister-in-arms”

He went back to Stacy and Bella, at the park: it was Bella’s favorite spot to nap. She was slightly tearing up which he gently wiped away from her face.Paul said,”Don’t cry, he will wake”

Stacy looked at him,”I don’t know how much longer I can do this”

He sighed,”Tell you what, I can get a job here in town easily.I’ll make sure you can pay his bills and I won’t quit”

She smiled,”Thank you”

He didn’t have to but he wanted to do this. She was the closest thing he had in the town and he already lost her once.Paul got employment at a small barbershop down Main Street and worked to the satisfaction of his clients.

Paul expected nothing in return for his labor but Stacy knew she had to help him for helping her. She fed him often and he became a surrogate father to Bella in return. It was a kind of fairytale to Paul, he had purpose here.

It was Tuesday, Paul was in the middle of a sluggish shift: hardly a soul came in. She may have planned on this, Stacy came to view just outside the shop.Paul was surprised but delighted to have her in the shop.He was ecstatic when she said,”Can I you cut my hair?”

He nodded and propped Bella up so he could work on her mom.Stacy’s auburn hair was up in a bun as she took a seat in his red-leather bound chair. An equally red cape surrounded her torso and it clipped just behind her neck.

Letting her hair down, Paul combed through it and asked,”So, what are we doing today?”

She smiled in the mirror, so beautifully, and said,”Take down the sides to the skin and the top is yours to play with”

He didn’t want to press her on why for he trusted her decision. She wasn’t one to choose poorly and he liked her for that fact. So he separated her crown from her sides and mentally prepared himself.

With clipper with no guard in hand, he switched on the device and tilted her head down; lifting the hair on the back of her head as he did so. The blades went up her nape and took much hair off, only short, fine stubble was left on her neck. She quite enjoyed the sensation of losing so much hair so fast.

Stacy looked beautiful, gorgeous, without the hair on her sides.Paul took off the stubble at her request, her sides were smooth and hairless.For her top, he had to think on that.

Then, an idea popped into his head. Paul suspended the hair above her hair and took off much of the length.Stacy did not protest, she trusted him and the process. With final touches, Stacy was done. The cape was undone and Paul waited for her reaction.With a grin, he knew she liked her flattop haircut.

Paul continued to play husband and cared for his girls.Stacy grew attached to her style and every now and then, she came in to maintain the style. She always liked to see her man at work.

After a year of this, there was a miracle: Stacy’s man woke up. She came to his side, happy to see his eyes open. But he didn’t remember her, he didn’t know he was married. She was sad but never gave up.her man, Ron, came to live with her.

Paul was not effective in the scene for he only met the man in the hospital. But he helped Stacy to try and help him remember it all. Dates of birth, photos, and the like; he thought they would’ve made some progress. But all he remembered was waking up in the hospital.

Paul and Stacy took Ron and Bella to the park to help him remember something.A bench near we sat was where the couple first met but he only shook his head.”I’m sorry”,he murmured,” I don’t remember”

Stacy was softly crying but she didn’t let anyone see.Her heart was breaking, her life was fading away; all the memories she made with this man: gone.

But everything had go on, since he lost his job during the coma, Paul took the man to the barbershop to clean him up for a job interview. Cutting his hair and cleaning him up, Paul told of everything that happened when he returned back to town.Ron nodded and smiled.”She had long hair before she wanted it cut”,Paul told him,”Hair down to her breast”

He nodded,”Yes, she did”

Paul stopped what he was doing,”Do you remember her long, auburn hair”

”Yes, I do”,he replied.

That seemed to jog his memory, Paul told Stacy of his advancement and she rejoiced. He was remembering more and more, when Stacy was doing something and Paul mentioned she used to have long hair: it was weird.But soon,Ron was back.

And even greater, he liked Paul as a brother.He didn’t hate him for cutting his wife’s hair short as he did: he was quite impressed by his skill.


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