We all give in to the fetish, and get our haircut

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People with haircut fetishes know the stylists and barbers locally who are known for cutting hair shorter than other stylists and barbers. We just know. We notice the haircuts of our co-workers and friends, and we ask them where they got their haircut, especially if their cut resulted in them having a much shorter cut than they normally get. Sometimes, we even ask them if they had planned for such a shorter cut, or if it was a surprise to them. We do this in a manner as to not arouse suspicion that we have a haircut fetish. It’d be too embarrassing to do that or admit that. We notice people publishing pictures on social media who had a short haircut, and look to see if they posted who cut it. Because, we need to know these things! We take notice when we see a new salon getting ready to open, or we know which stylists are moving from one salon to another. We listen, we observe, and we just keep an eye out for new people who might start up a salon, or start renting at an existing salon. We are constantly looking. Because, we might want to visit a stylist or barber ourselves if we get the urge to get a surprise haircut. It’s not “if” we get the urge, it’s “when” we get the urge to get a surprise shorter haircut than normal, because we all do get that urge.

Sometimes, we with haircut fetishes try to ‘cheat’ on our current stylist and go somewhere else for a cut, just for a change of pace, or an excitement of someone else cutting our hair for a change. Sometimes we choose that person because of her (or his) own haircut and we admire it, and think maybe they could cut my hair like their own. Then we make excuses to our regular stylist that “Oh, my friend gave me a gift certificate for that salon, and I used it while you were away on vacation in Florida.” Or, “I really had to get my haircut, it was bugging me so badly, so I went to the salon over on Main Street because you were closed last Saturday.” We all do it. But my recent case caused some backlash from my current stylist.

My name is Laura, I’m a 38, white, divorced woman. I’ve had a haircut fetish for as long as I can remember. I cheated on my stylist.

I try to hide my fetish, it seems embarrassing. I get urges to cut my hair really short. Recently it’s not been so short. For about two years it’s been shoulder length. My hair is really soft, and thick. I wish I could keep it that way, because I think it flatters my femininity, but I get these urges I cannot control to cut it really short at times. I’ve kept that urge at bay for a couple years. About the longest I’ve gone in quite some time. I don’t think I look that great with short hair! My ears are not shaped perfectly, they seem bent out a little to me. My face is kind of round, and I think shorter haircuts on women look best on a longer, oval face. But I can’t help it at times, I just have to cut it! It’s the inescapable urge I get. It turns me on, not only getting it cut, but feeling how short it is after the cut. I know that nearly all men do not like a woman with short hair, and I have to fight the urge to get it cut. Being divorced is difficult. I’m lonely much of the time, without a man’s companionship. Still, the urge to cut my hair short many times has been more of a desire than anything else, and I just “do it.”

But, my latest short cut was not me “telling” Christine, my stylist for the last few years to cut it short, it was something else. Basically, it was Christine’s anger at me. Because I had tried to ‘haircut cheat” on her. I did not actually haircut cheat on her, I simply tried! But, she found out!

I knew that Christine was away on a vacation in Florida for a week. I often get the “haircut urge” when I’m drinking. I’d probably get a buzz cut if I ever went in to get a haircut while drinking! I texted Christine to ask when she would be back because I felt I wanted to cut my hair quite short. Again, I was drinking! She texted back and said not for 5 more days, and that she was booked for 3-4 days after that.

Then, again, even more drunk, I texted Evelyn, the other stylist in Christine’s salon. I told her I’d like to get my haircut tomorrow if she had time, that I knew Christine was out of town for awhile, but that I needed a haircut for an upcoming job interview. I told her in my text that I was looking for a nice, neat, shorter haircut for the interview. What was I thinking, that was what I thought the very next day when I woke up with a hangover.

Evelyn did not even answer my text until the next evening after I got home from work. I was very lonely again, and once again had started drinking wine the moment I got home. By the time Evelyn texted me I was once again drunk. Really drunk! She said she didn’t think she could get me in this week. In my drunken courage I said that I would pay her double what she usually gets for a haircut because I had a job interview coming up, and I wanted to get my hair clipper cut in the back, and I thought she was the only one who could do a short cut nicely. I did not have an interview, but I used that as an excuse to try to get in and have my haircut urge taken care of. I was so drunk, that once again I told her I wanted to go super short. She texted back and said she was sorry but she was booked. I woke up the next morning and read my texts. I told her I wanted a clipper cut! I don’t remember that! What was I thinking. I need to stop texting while drinking!

My haircut urge passed the next day, probably because I was embarrassed by my texts wanting a super short cut. A couple of days later I saw Christine’s car at the salon, so realized she was home from Florida. I sent her a message saying, “how was your vacation?” She texted back that it was ‘nice.” She said nothing more, and I thought nothing of it. A one word response, “nice.” That was strange I thought. Usually she is very chatty in texts. About 10 minutes later she sent me a text that said, “I talked to Evelyn.”

My heart sunk. I realized that Evelyn had told Christine that I tried to get into Evelyn’s schedule to get my haircut clipper short while Evelyn was in Florida, and Christine realized that I was trying to “haircut cheat” on her. I felt so embarrassed. I texted her back and said that I was very sorry that I had asked Evelyn to cut my hair, but that I really wanted it cut before my job interview, which again was a fake interview, and excuse I was using. She texted back and said, “no worries.”

About a week later I had no texts from Christine. I knew she must be disappointed in me for asking someone else to cut my hair. It was about an hour before I was going to leave work. I sent her a text that said, “how are you doing, haven’t heard from you in awhile, you must be busy.”

About half an hour later she replied, and I was wondering why it took her so long to reply, and was worried she was upset with me. Her text said, “hey, doing good over here, how are you? I have a cancellation at 430 if you want your haircut?”

I then breathed a sigh of relief. I realized she was not upset with me after all. I replied with a text that said, “wonderful! I will be there at 430!’ She replied again saying that she would like to go for a beer after my haircut. I said, “sure!” We often did that, every other week or so we would stop and have a couple of drinks before heading home from work. I felt that things were back to normal between her and I, and that my attempts to have Evelyn cut my hair was forgotten about.

Again, she replied and said, “excellent, we can have a couple of beers then after your haircut!” She went on to say that she had spent the last couple of hours getting something to eat and having some beer down at O’ Marleys bar.” That from 2-4 she had no customers, and that it would be good to see me! I texted back, “Great! It will be good to see you too Christine.!”

I felt like our friendship was back on track, and that Christine was no longer angry at me. I arrived at the salon precisely at 430. Christine welcomed me with a smile and a hug. She said, “it’s good to see you Laura.” I hugged back and said the same. We had become close friends over the past few years she had been cutting my hair. I was really glad to be here with her and that she was not upset I tried to get Evelyn to cut my hair while she was gone.

We are going to O’ Marleys after my haircut for a drink?” I asked. She said, “Most assuredly we are! We have not been there in over a month!” She went on to say, “In fact, I have a couple bottles of the same kind of wine here that we order at O’ Marleys!”

She pulled out a bottle of wine that was half gone. She asked me if I wanted a glass before my haircut and I said, ‘sure!” We sat and talked about her trip to Florida. I was really happy we were once again talking like we always had. I noticed she finished her glass of wine rather quickly, and poured herself another one. “After we finish our glasses we’ll get started on your haircut” she said. I told her, “ I am a light weight when it comes to wine. I said, “It’s a good thing O’Marleys is within walking distance, this wine is hitting me hard!”

Yes,” she said, “this is a pretty strong wine isn’t it?”

For sure,” I said.

She said she had been at O’ Marleys from 2-4 this afternoon and had some of the same wine there. I noticed she was slurring her words a bit! I thought, wow, she must have had more than a couple glasses while she was there!

We finished our drinks and she said, “ok, let’s cut your hair so we can go have another drink.”

The big glass of wine had relaxed me quite a bit. I was even starting to see double at times. I needed to close one eye to focus! Wow, this is strong wine, I thought.

Christine put the cape on me, and clasping the neck quite tight, she said, “Is that too tight?” It was, I could feel my heartbeat on my neck it was so tight, but I said, “no, it’s ok!”

Christine started combing out my hair. I was getting ready for the usual trim, but the wine in me made me ask Christine, “Can you cut it just a little bit shorter this time?” “Sure she said, no problem.” The wine really was getting to me. I now had an arousal that only occurs when my haircut fetish kicks in, that I might get 2-3 inches of hair cut off, rather than the half inch to one inch usual trim. I was excited. My emotions of my haircut fetish began to kick in. I thought, wow, I might get 3 inches cut off! I was not going to stop now, I was 100% into it. I told myself to not back out of this.

Christine opened up the door to her station cabinet under the mirror and pulled out the other bottle of wine. “I”m gonna pour myself one more glass,” she said. She did so and started talking to me more about her trip to Florida. She then handed me her glass and said, “want another sip?” I reached out from the cape and said, “sure.” She then let me keep the glass and she filled the other one that I had been using before and she started drinking from that. We talked quite a bit more until the wine was gone. By now, I was really feeling the alcohol, and found myself thinking about having my haircut even more than 3 or so inches off. As I said earlier, when I’m drinking my haircut fetish really kicks in. But I’ve never been drinking in the haircut chair with a cape around me! I had some courage. At that point I found myself saying to Christine, “you know what, let’s cut off about 4 inches today, and I’ll have a bob haircut!” She said, “Are you sure?” I confirmed that it would be ok. At the same time, my courage to get a bob was so exciting to me. I was getting aroused, and thinking, wow, I’m gonna get a short haircut, this is amazing!” I’m not going to back out of this, I’m sticking to my guns and am really going to do this! Even if she tried to talk me out of it, I’m going to do this, I thought.

Ok, let’s get started on your shorter haircut,” Christine said. She turned me away from the mirror as she usually does, I don’t think she likes people looking at her while she is cutting their hair.

She was combing again, in the back. Then, I thought she used a hair clip or pin to put some of my hair up in the back, and pinned it to the top of my head. This was different! This is going to be a nice bob, I thought. I will really remember this cut!

She said, “ok, ready for your cut?” I said with the courage of the wine, “yep, let’s do it.”

I felt the comb at the base of my neck, then felt the scissors cutting across the back of my neck. The steel of the scissors was bone chilling cold. It made me shiver. I thought, holy cow, that’s kinda short on my neck! But I liked the sensation, and continued to think about my new bob haircut. Then, Christine used the comb to brush the hair off from my shoulders onto the front of my cape. There was 5, maybe 6 inches of hair I thought! Maybe this will be an angled bob, where it’s really short on the neck and longer on the sides. I was kind of shocked though, and even said to Christine, “wow, that’s a lot of hair being cut.”

Christine, turned me back to face the mirror. She said, “oh it will look nice shorter, no worries.” “I need to trim up your neck a bit with the clipper,” she said. I thought, holy crap, she’s going to use the clippers to clean up my neck! This is going to be a short angled bob, I thought.” I had not had my neck trimmed for more than 3 years!

I saw her fumbling around in the drawer looking for a comb or something. She had the clippers in her right hand. She finally found the trimmer guard she needed I thought, and she snapped it onto the clippers. I thought, oh this will be ok, she is not completely using bare clippers to clean up my neck. And the wine had me relaxed.

I was kind of excited, after all, that my neck was going to be trimmed up. I’d not had that experience for a few years. She turned the chair slightly, just enough so I could not see full on, and she tilted my head down some with both her hands. Then I heard the trimmers start, as she turned them on immediately after tilting my head down. Then, I felt the clippers run up from the base of my neck to about the crown of my head! I wanted to say something, but nothing would come out of my mouth. After the second pass of the clippers up the back of my head, Christine said, “I talked to Evelyn.”

I talked to Evelyn,” she had said.

Oh no, I thought. She talked to Evelyn about me wanting Evelyn to cut my hair while Christine was in Florida..My hear sank. I was embarrassed. I was even a little frightened now that the clippers were humming up the back of my head. “I talked to Evelyn,” she had said, once again. “She said you told her that only she could cut your hair short so that it looked nice.” I remembered the drunken text I sent Evelyn, I did say that.

She said that you wanted her to cut your hair quite short, even with clippers,” Christine said. Now the 3rd and 4th pass of the clippers up the back of my head, and Christine flicking the clippers such that the hair she was cutting off was landing right on my lap on my cape. “So, I thought I’d give it a try to cut your hair short, I think I can do as good as Evelyn.”

I stuttered, “I’m sorry Christine, I’m really sorry that I asked her to cut my hair.” I was hoping that by saying that I might maintain some length of hair somewhere, even though I knew it would be not on the back of my head! Then I realized, and thought to myself, you know what, I owe Christine this cut! I should let her do what she wants. I was going to haircut cheat on her. I owe her this. If I am ever going to get her to cut my hair again in the future, and to be my friend, I owe her this, for trying to haircut cheat on her.” Not much more was said as my haircut progressed. Christine pushed my head down firmly and finished clipper cutting up the back of my head, and then started on the sides. Oh my God, I thought, as she ran the clippers from the back of my ear up over it and over the side to the front. But, I told myself, this will be ok, and I owe it to her. I owe this haircut to her. But as she did the other side, up over my ear, I thought, oh my word that feels good. This feels so incredibly good. One of my erogenous zones is behind my ear, and the ear itself. When she grabbed my ear and folded it down to cut up around the top of my ear, I nearly lost it. Her fingers felt so warm on my ear. At this point I did not want the haircut to end. But it did, after she trimmed the top of my head with scissors. It was a nice looking short haircut! But when Christine shaved my neck to get the stray hairs, I again once lost it, as my neck is also an incredible erogenous zone for me. She ran the trimmers “up” from my neck, and then “down” from my hairline over my neck. It felt so incredible. She again used the small electric trimmers to go up over my ears. Again, as her fingers folded down my ears, her fingers felt so warm, and I didn’t want it to stop. And then the sideburns I had left. She took the trimmers and cut them off! I could feel it. She started high up on my sideburns and I could hear the small trimmers stutter and work harder as they cut off my sideburns, then scraped down the side of my face in front of my ear. I knew there was some fuzz there, but I realized, these trimmers were cutting my sideburns off to as high as I’d never had them and trimming the fuzz that would be my actual sideburns that was left. I realized I would now need to come in every three weeks to get a cut, so she could again razor my neck and up over my ears and do my sideburns.

There, what do you think?” Christine said. You told Evelyn you wanted it cut short and that you thought only she could do it nicely. What do you think of my hair cutting abilities to cut it short?” I stuttered, “I think it’s the best haircut I’ve ever had.” Christine smiled and ran her fingers up the back of my head. Then up the sides of my head with her fingernails then with the sides of her fingers feeling the short bristles. “It feels really nice,” she said. “I like it.” “I hope you do too.”

Then, from behind, she took each of her hands and ran them up over my ears, before putting her thumb and forefinger on the top lobe of my ears and massaging them! I nearly lost it once again. “I am coming back in 2 weeks to get it trimmed up again,” I blurted. I felt embarrassed at saying so. Christine said, “ Yes, 2 weeks is perfect!”

The wine was not lost on either of us, and Christine, in her many more glasses of wine than I had said, “It is kind of embarrassing Laura, but I have this fetish of wanting to use clippers on women to cut their hair short!” “I loved cutting your hair like this, I just hope you will not hate me for it, but I really got carried away with the wine and wanted to do this so badly.” I thought to myself that I knew all the stylists and barbers who were known for cutting hair shorter than asked! I was way off, as I guess I missed the target on Christine! Then, I thought, it was probably just the anger she had because of me haircut cheating on her, combined with the alcohol. Either way, I was happy!

Are you kidding me!” I said. The wine made me say, “it’s my fetish to get my hair clipper cut short!” I am so glad you did this to me. I realized I had said, “TO, me.” And I realized I loved having it done “TO me.” Please, don’t let me grow out my hair again.,” I said. Cut my hair again in two weeks. She gave me an appointment card with a smile that said, “oh I can’t wait to cut it again, now that it is this short, maybe we can go shorter next time.” I cringed.

The next morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. I hated the way I looked, but I loved the playback of the haircut in my mind when I went to bed each night for the next two weeks. I wondered what would happen in two weeks, given that Christine has a fetish to cut women’s hair short! Then, I realized, I still owed Christine for haircut cheating on her in the first place. And I felt the short clippered bristles of my hair in the back and went to work to endure the looks of those who hated it. What would happen in 2 weeks? I thought!


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  1. Wow such an amazing story! I loved that not only the client had a haircut fetish, but also the stylist. I also loved how you brilliantly wrote about the complex thoughts and feelings one has when that person has a haircut fetish. It was also very nice that the haircut had a surprise element to it as Laura had no idea how short Christine was going to cut her hair.

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