We both got haircuts…

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I discovered my desire and my wife’s appreciation for very short haircuts in a rather unexpected moment.  I had agreed to accompany my then newly we wife out on a day of shopping.  Being the good man I patiently endured a few hours of popping in and out of boutiques before sitting down for lunch.  We ate at a casual cafe that we frequented and enjoyed a bottle of wine as the day stretched passed noon.  I finished up the check and we made our way to the door when Chris got an alert on her phone.  Glancing down she exclaimed that she had forgotten about her hair appointment at 1.  It was 12:45.  Realizing we wouldn’t have time to get me home and her make it back in time she asked if I wouldn’t mind coming with her.  I graciously agreed and we made our way to the salon.  As we walked out she thanked me and confided that she was thinking of going short for the summer.  Her current style was already a fairly short chin length bob.  Curious, I asked what she had in mind.  She sheepishly replied that she was thinking about keeping her bob but doing something fun but really short.  I replied honestly that she could do whatever she wanted.  She smiled looking rather excited, saying, “OK, but I want to make sure you are OK if it is really short.”  I reassured her I was OK with whatever she wanted.

Entering the salon we were greeted by a handsome man.  He was stylish and sported a clean shaven head.  Thinking back to that moment I recall noticing that I liked his appearance.  He seated us on a comfortable leather couch and offered us a glass of wine which we graciously accepted as he informed my wife that her stylist was finishing up a client and would be only a few minutes.  Moments later Meg came upfront as Chris and I stood to greet her.  Exchanging greetings she ushered her to her station which was one of three simple chairs in an open concept salon.  Meg inquired, “So what are we doing today?  A trim?”  To which my Chris replied, “I was thinking of changing things up and going short for the summer.”  Meg visibly perked up “What are you thinking?”  Pulling out her phone, Chris showed her a picture.  Meg with her jaw now agape stated that she loved it but disclosed that the style was really short.  Meg’s reaction triggered by curiosity as I wondered what style she had chosen.

Meg proceeded to put the cape around Chris and secured it around her neck.  The man who had greeted us approached them and inquired about what cut they were doing.  Chris presented her phone from underneath the cape to which he gave an enthusiastic endorsement as he looked my direction catching me in full gaze.  He exchanged words with Meg and sat in the chair next to them.  Meg went to work as she gathered her hair creating a bun on the top of her head that she secured with a clip.  She then used a comb to create a line midway up the back and sides of her head and then secured this section with the bun she had created.  Moving toward her station she inquired “You’re sure?” to which Chris replied a confident yes.  I had not expected what would come next as Meg picked her clippers and changed the blades, brushed them clean and turned them on.  The whirring noise was almost menacing as she moved behind her.  “Here we go.” She stated as she gently nudged her head forward.  She placed the clippers at the base of her neck and quickly cleared a path revealing her nearly bare scalp.  I gasped as I realized she wasn’t using a guard but a very short clipper blade.  In no time she had buzzed her all the way around her back and sides.  Putting the clippers up she used her trimmers to detail around her ears and nape.  After putting the trimmers up she released the bun as her hair tumbled down covering her bare scalp.  My wife laughed “That feels so weird!”  Meg and the man laughed with her and exchanged conversation as the group looked my direction.

Meg walked over to me.  She thinks you should try a haircut like Mark’s as she looked back over her shoulder. I was caught off guard as he approached.  “Come on over.  I don’t have a client and it will be on me.”  My wife endorsed the situation saying “You really need a haircut anyway.  You should try it.”  I submitted to their request as Mark guided me to the chair he had been sitting in.  Meg focused on my wife as she sectioned the hair my wife had left on the top of her head.  Meg proceeded to with her cut creating a very short bob that just revealed her earlobes and angled up in the back revealing her shaved nape.  I have to admit I found her new haircut very attractive although a bit more severe than I expected.  Before I realized Mark had caped me and was working on his clippers.  He made his way to me and combed out my hair.  “How short are you comfortable with?” he inquired.  Hesitating, my wife spoke up before I could answer.  “You should go short like his babe.”  With a lump in my throat I swallowed as I asked “All the way bald?”  Meg chimed in “You will look awesome.  I love a man who can rock the bald look.”  Sensing I had lost control “Maybe not all the way at first?  What number did you just use on Chris” I pleaded.  “That was a number 1.” Meg reported.  “When we are going this short we are only talking about a difference in a few days growth.  Let’s just go for it.” Mark said in a convincing manner.  Endorsing his plan my wife stated “Take it all off.  That is what I want.”  Smiling Mark exclaimed “You heard the lady.  I’ll use my balding clippers.  OK?”  Realizing my fate I complied. The next few minutes were nothing short of amazing as he picked up his large red clippers and walked behind the chair as both Meg and Chris looked on.  They popped to life with a hum that was distinctly different that the clippers Meg had used earlier.  He began at my temple moving the cold steel up my head as hair rolled down the cape.  The sensation was unlike nothing I have felt before and I must admit I really enjoyed it.  He continued the shearing as Meg and Chris engaged in their own conversation.   In a matter of minutes I was completed shorn.  Mark dusted my head and rubbed it playfully asking “Doesn’t that feel awesome.  Let’s wash your scalp.”  He guided me to a basin in the back and proceeded to wash and massage my bare pate.  Honestly just that experience was worth the whole ordeal.  As we made our way back front I waited on the couch for Meg to finish Chris’ bob.  I couldn’t help but to rub the faint stubble on my head as I thought I could really get used to this.  Chris finished up and greeted me warmly “I love your haircut babe!” as she winked.  “Do you like mine?” She inquired running her hand up her shorn nape.  I informed her it was awesome and she really did look great.  Chris paid Med and we exited the shop into the afternoon heat and made our way to the car.

Driving home Chris couldn’t keep her hands off my freshly buzzed head as she delicately caressed my scalp.  Passing a Walgreen’s she abruptly instructed me to pull in stating that she needed something.  She informed me that she would be right back and to wait in the car.  Returning momentarily with one bag she smiled devilishly.  “What did you get?” I inquired.  “Just something to finish the job!” she laughed as she pulled out a razor and shaving cream.  I then did as instructed and drove home.  Feeling like the object of her desire I followed her instructions as she sat me in a chair, moisturized my head with a warm towel and shaved me completely bald.  That evening was one we will never forget but have frequently tried to recreate as I am only allowed to get haircuts at her discretion.  This usually amounts to about 2 -3 weeks of grow out when she takes me to the barbershop of her choosing where I am instructed to request “As short as you can get it without a razor.”  She insists on completing the task herself at home which I totally enjoy.

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