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When I was in college, I was something of a homebody. I didn’t get out very much, didn’t go to bars, and didn’t try to make many friends, beyond the 3 close friends that I lived with. I was happy this way; having the occasional drink in my apartment was satisfactory to me. That is, until my fourth and final year at my University came around.

As I was milling about my apartment one day, I realized how much college life had to offer, and how little of it I had experienced. I wasn’t looking to go crazy or anything, but I felt the sudden urge to live a little, or to at least experience more than the four walls of my room. I set out on a walk to find what might be happening around campus and the surrounding college town.

I made my way to the main quad, where I knew there were always flyers posted announcing events that different groups were hosting. One of these flyers caught my eyes immediately. It was bright green, and stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the other plain white flyers. Taking a closer look, I noticed it was posted by one of the sororities on campus, advertising a party. It read:

Beta Zeta Zeta: Beers, Babes, and Boot Camp! Wear Green, Black, or Camo this Saturday at 9pm!

I quickly realized that this was what I had been looking for. I had never been to a genuine college party. An environment like this would be completely new to me, which I found rather exciting. Drinking in a group of more than four (and more than just men) sounded like fun, and I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.

The rest of the week, I just went through the motions. Attend class, do my work, go to bed, repeat. The excitement of the coming weekend threw into sharp contrast the monotony of my life at school for the past few years. I couldn’t wait to break the mold and have some fun.

Finally, Saturday came. All day I was restless, just waiting for 9 o’clock so I could make the short walk over to the sorority’s satellite house where they were hosting the party. I threw on a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans, hoping I would fit in with the other partygoers. Eventually, the clock hit 8:50 and I headed out.

As I walked up to the house, I noticed how nice it was. I was surprised that this was just a satellite house used for parties, it was huge and it looked about as nice as most sorority and fraternity houses on campus. I also noticed a long line extending from the front door all the way to the sidewalk. I stood at the back of the line, assuming that this was the line to get into the party. Oddly enough, though, it didn’t seem to be moving at all. After a few minutes, I noticed a couple girls walking out of the front door. A couple of guys were let in, but the line quickly stopped. Only three or four guys had gone in, and I knew that couldn’t be enough to have a party, right?

Soon, I saw one of the girls walking down the line of guys who were waiting to get in. She was dressed in a camo miniskirt with some black, high heeled, knee-length boots, showing off a decent amount of her tan thighs. Up top, she had on a very skimpy black tank top that clung to her like a second skin. It showed off her magnificant assets nicely and stopped just short of the miniskirt, revealing her toned, tanned midriff. She had beautiful blonde hair cascading past her shoulders from beneath a camo colored baseball hat. As she walked down the line, she would occasionally greet one of the guys with a smile and a little wave, showing off her manicured fingernails and beautiful white teeth. At one point, she greeted a guy with a hug and escorted him to the door. I wondered what was so special about him, but his only defining feature was his close-cropped hair. Eventually, she continued back down the line, and she stopped when she got to me.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” she asked with her beautiful smile.

“H-hi, I’m Tom,” I replied nervously. I had never spoken to such a beautiful woman in my entire life. I tried not to let my nervousness get the best of me, but I was doing a bad job of hiding it.

“Nice to meet you Tommy,” she said with a little giggle, “I’m Laura. Is this your first time at BZZ?”

“Yeah, I saw your flyer and, um… Well I just thought I’d… Y’know, stop by…” I stammered. I couldn’t seem to pull myself together. There was something about this girl that I couldn’t quite place, but she made me feel funny all over. I’d never experienced this before. I started hoping I’d get into the party so I’d have more chances to talk to her. She smirked and ruffled my shaggy hair slightly.

“Great! I’m glad you saw the flyer, I put it up myself,” she said, puffing out her ample chest slightly in a mock show of pride. I chuckled in response. “Well since it’s your first time here, how about you follow me and I’ll show you around?” she asked, not waiting for a response before grabbing my hand and leading me to the front door.

I struggled to keep pace with Laura as her heels clicked on the sidewalk and porch at a rapid pace. We made it to the front of the stagnant line, and Laura turned to one of the scantily clad sorority girls guarding the door. “Don’t worry, he’s with me,” she explained.

The girl to the left of the door had a very slim build, wearing a camo bra top and baggy camo pants with brunette hair cut in a long bob.

“He’s gonna look so cute,” she said, smirking as she looked me up and down. What did she mean by that? Surely nothing would be changing about my looks, right? Before I could think about it any more, Laura turned back towards me.

“C’mon boy toy, let’s go!” she commanded cheerfully as she pulled me into the sorority house.

The house lights were dim with colored lights flashing and dancing on the walls. The music was loud, but not overwhelming. People were dancing in a wide, open room near the front door. This was exactly what I had pictured a college party being like! I was excited to let loose, have a drink, and maybe even dance with the beautiful Laura. The very thought made me giddy. As I scanned the crowd a bit, though, I noticed something peculiar… Most of the guys appeared to have extremely short hair, some of them even sporting shaved heads. I found this strange since I didn’t know any bald guys my age, but I didn’t have much time to think about it before Laura led me to a cooler and handed me a drink. She grabbed a drink herself, opening it and raising the bottle in the air.

“Cheers,” she said with a wink as I raised my bottle as well.

“Cheers,” I reciprocated, clinking my bottle against hers and taking a sip.

While we continued to drink our beers, Laura led me to the crowd in the front room, and we started dancing together. I’ll admit that my movements were a bit awkward, but watching her heavenly body move was intoxicating. Every once in a while, though, I would catch one of the scantily-clad sorority girls giving me a strange look. Laura usually waved them off or whispered something to them, and their gaze would soften as they walked away. I wondered what was going on, but they were making me feel somewhat unwelcome.

As Laura and I resumed our dancing, I began to loosen up again. I was having a lot of fun, and I enjoyed spending time with such a gorgeous woman. As I looked around the room, I again noticed that all the guys seemed to have scalp-hugging buzz cuts or shaved heads. This was starting to stand out to me, but I was too entranced by Laura’s beauty to care about much else. Eventually, another girl came up to us, dressed in a camo crop top and tight black leggings.

“What is HE doing here?” the girl asked Laura, aggressively. I had never seen this girl in my life, I couldn’t imagine why she’d have a problem with me! She looked me up and down, sneering.

“It’s okay Hannah, he’s with me. I’ll take care of him,” Laura said with a smirk and a wink. Hannah immediately eased up and began to smile.

“Oh my mistake! Welcome to Beta Zeta Zeta, shaggy!” she said cheerfully as she reached up and ruffled my dark hair so it fell past my eyes. I brushed it out of my face and shyly thanked her before she walked away. I was a bit taken aback by the whole encounter, but Laura placed her well-manicured hand on my arm and I forgot all about it.

We continued dancing for a moment before I saw something that stood out amongst the crowd: a man with long hair. Amidst a sea of shaved heads, his mop stood apart. He didn’t seem to be dressed in camo, and wasn’t with any females. Perhaps he had somehow snuck in?

Within seconds, I saw three attractive women in skimpy camo outfits surround him. It looked like they were questioning him, but I couldn’t hear what any of them were saying over the loud music. Suddenly, two of the girls grabbed the shaggy guy and started dragging him to the corner. He tried to resist, but they were too strong for him. I noticed the third girl leave the room and come back with something shiny in her hand as the other two forced him into a chair in the corner. Before he could get up, the first two girls had grabbed some rope and were tying him to the chair while the third one bent over and plugged something into a wall outlet.

“Let’s go boyfriend, follow me,” Laura said, startling me as a sudden sternness entered her voice. She grabbed my hand and we started walking towards a hallway, pulling me away from the scene that was unfolding in the corner. I turned and looked over my shoulder, curious about what was happening.

To my shock, I watched as the third girl turned on a pair of clippers and started ruthlessly shaving off the guy’s long hair. She ran the clippers over his head row after row, buzzing him down to the scalp. The other two girls held him in place and within seconds, the third girl had him shaved bald and he was released back into the party.

My jaw dropped. What just happened? Was this normal for college parties? Why did every guy in here have a shaved head except for me? As this last question flitted through my mind, panic set in. I realized that I was the only guy in there with hair, and I started to worry that I was in for a similar fate. I didn’t have much time to contemplate my situation as Laura led me down a dark hallway.

As she marched me down the hall, we approached a room that had normal lights on, contrasting with the colored lights throughout the rest of the house. When we passed it, I took a look inside. Three guys were seated in chairs wearing haircutting capes as their hair was sheared off by gorgeous, camo-clad barberettes. They were being shaved brutally short and brutally fast, much like new recruits at… Boot camp. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The flyer had said boot camp, but I thought that was just in reference to the camo theme. I didn’t realize that all the guys would have to have their heads shaved!

Laura guided me to a closed door and stopped. By now, my breathing had stored up and my heart rate was way up. Laura looked up at my shaggy mop, running her nails through it and smiling at me. She then opened the door to the small room and grinned at me.

“Welcome to boot camp, boy toy!” She said excitedly as I looked into the room. It was lit just like the room full of new recruits, and had a kitchen chair situated in the center. Next to it was a small table with only a cape, some rope, and a pair of dark red clippers on it.

“Sit down,” Laura said aggressively as she started to push me towards the chair. Before I could react, she had pushed me down into it and was tying me down with the rope. I flexed against the rope, but to no avail. I was trapped. Panic washed over me once again.

“W-wait! Please don’t cut my hair like those other guys,” I pleaded as she flung the cape over me and tied it securely around my neck.

“You’re in no position to be giving orders,” Laura said with a small chuckle. “All new recruits get their heads shaved, and you’re no exception hun,” she explained as she picked up her clippers and plugged them in, her heeled boots clacking ominously against the tile floor.

*POP* “BZZZZZ,” the clippers hummed loudly as Laura ran her nails through my hair one last time.

“Say goodbye to it! It’s all coming off,” she taunted as she placed the clippers at my forehead. Without mercy, she pulled the clippers back over the top of my head, leaving a path of bald skin down the middle of my head. I began to panic, pulling against the rope as hard as I could while my heart rate increased rapidly. No matter what I did, I couldn’t escape. My hair was well and truly doomed.

Laura made another sweeping pass over the top of my head, causing my long dark hair to rain down around me. It slid down the cape and hit the floor next to my feet. I couldn’t believe my formerly long hair was all going to be gone in a matter of minutes.

“Y’know Tommy, this party was actually my idea,” she explained as she continued mowing off the hair from the top of my head, “I’ve had these Balding clippers for a while now, and I’ve just been dying to use them on someone. Guys with shaved heads are just so sexy.” She placed the clippers in front of my right ear and rapidly ran them up the side of my head.

“I first had the idea for a boot camp party when I saw a video of some new recruits having their heads shaved. It looked like so much fun, and a couple of the girls in the house agreed!” She giggled, clearly enjoying her position of power over me as my hair surrendered to her balding clippers. “Just like that, we all ordered some cute camo outfits, bought a few pairs of clippers, and got ready to buzz some guys bald!”

She sheared the right side of my head with ruthless efficiency, using her free hand to grab my head and move it around so she was in a good position to shave off every last hair in my head. She didn’t hesitate to push my head in any direction she wanted, digging her nails into the shaved portions of my scalp ever so gently as she did.

“B-but why me?” I managed to ask as the clippers ran around my left ear, depositing another massive clump of hair onto the cape.

“Well Tommy, the second I saw you, I knew you’d look so sexy without all this messy hair,” she whispered into my right ear, using her free hand to stroke her nails over the shaved parts of my head. I shivered violently, held in place by the rope around my arms and torso. “I just knew I had to get you in my chair,” she said as she shoved my head forward until my chin touched my chest. She placed the clippers at the base of my neck, and then aggressively ran them upwards, shearing off all the long hair on the back of my head. Her clippers revealed a long path of pale skin as they climbed all the way up to my shorn crown.

Four, five, six passes up the back was all it took for the last of my hair to slide down the cape and join the massive pile on the floor. At this point, Laura pressed her body up close to mine and began to run the clippers all over my head once more, ensuring that every hair had been completely buzzed down to the scalp. After a few moments, she turned off the clippers and set them back on the table, satisfied with her work. I sat completely stunned, still in shock that my head had been shaved completely bald. Unable to form a sentence, I sat quietly as Laura ran her nails all over my newly burred head. The skin on my head was so sensitive that I began to get hard beneath the cape as her nails lightly dragged along the areas where my hair used to be. She glided them behind my ears and down the back of my head to the nape of my neck, letting her nails brush as lightly as possible against the freshly denuded skin.

Finally, her teasing ended and she stepped behind me. She vigorously rubbed my hairless scalp, sending tiny cut hairs flying all over the room. She then untied the cape and rope, freeing me from my bonds and giving me a chance to feel my bald head. The feeling was incredible, and my erection became noticable through my pants.

Laura placed her hands firmly on my shoulders. “That’s much better, Tommy, now you look like you belong at boot camp!” She said forcefully and enthusiastically. She must have noticed the bulge in my pants, because she reached around me and began to rub it, leaning in near my ear and whispering, “Welcome to Beta Zeta Zeta.”

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