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By JimB (C)poyrighted December 2023

“Yes there will be some minor problems,” the caller, Duke, said.

“Red and passed her waist.”

“You can do what ever you want with her hair.” Duke said.

“Flattop will be alright.”

“I am not sure.” Duke said.

“I am not sure …..

“But, you can try doing that.”

“She will fight some, if you pull her by hair.”

“As for women!” Duke replied.  “Yes she has.

“Just make sure she is a light butch.  She will kick and scream if she is a hard butch.”

“I do not know if she has done that,” Duke answered.

“She might fight.”

“The financial funding will, of course, be paid when things have been taken care of as I asked,” Duke replied.

“Yes, as agreed payment will be in tens and twenties.”

“Yes, I will call you when she leaves,” Duke replied.

“Like I told you she will be wearing a light blue blouse and no bra with a dark blue skirt and five inch stiletto high heels.

“Once a week.”

“Damn he wanted a lot of information,” Duke said to Sandy.

“Just hope Wendy will understand.”

“Well, Wendy has been saying for months she wanted to try a FLATOP hair cut,” Sandy said.

“So, what type of flattop hair cut will Wendy end up with.”

“Hmmmmm …..

“I really didn’t think about that,” Duke told her.

“I guest they will have to make that decision when they have her tired in the barber chair.”

“Hi, it’s me Duke …..

“She just left and you should see in about an hour,” Duke told the person on the telephone.

“Like I told you, you will be paid when you have finished with my wife and her hair.”

“OKAY every one …..

“Wendy just left and should be coming by in about an hour,” Lee told his gang.

“Mary …..

“You can take her when we have finished her hair cut and shave.”

“Her husband said she shaves her pussy once a week.

“So, you make the decision ……

“Shave her pussy or waxing her pussy.”

“Connie …..

“You make the decision on what type of flattop hair cut she will end up with.

“Roger ……

“You and I will make her our meat in our sandwich.

““Then, we ALL will have her swallow every thing we do in her mouth.”

“Any problems?” Lee asked his gang.

“Almost,” Connie told him.

“But, I got that problem solved fast by giving hair a tug.

“You didn’t tell me how big she is!”

“When I grabbed her blouse I got a hand full of her tits.

“She must forty inches …..

“And, those nipples are suckable.”

“I agree,” Mary quickly said.  “I want to suck on her tits when we have finished what we agreed to do with her.”

“Mary, have you decision what type of flattop she will have when you finish her hair cut?” Lee asked.

“BOY ……

“I am going to have some FUN giving her a flattop,” Connie told Lee.

“I might ever shave her head!”

“NO ….

“Head shaving Connie,” Lee quickly told her.

“The contract is for a flattop.”

“Lee, she is waiting for Connie,” Roger told him.

“BOY …..

“I am going to have fun giving her her flattop.” Connie told them as she walked into the back room.


“NO head shaving,” Lee reminded her.

“Hmmmm …..

“So, your getting a FLATTOP hair cut!” Connie said to Wendy.

“But, the question is what type of flattop you …..

“I will give you!”

“If you touch my hair,” Wendy told her.  “I will have the police on your ass.”

“Really!” Connie asked her as she part Wendy long hair from the front to the back of her head

Connie grabbed her scissors and comb and showed it to Wendy,

She comber her hair out and her scissors cut her long hair to just two inched form her head.

She combed and cut …… and combed and cut Wendy’s hair to two inched all over her head.

She turned to the shelf and put the scissors and comb on it.

She grabbed her clippers.


“I wanted to shave your head,” she told Wendy as she should her the clippers.

“Don’t fight with me or move your head …..

“Or, my clippers might buzz your head and I will HAVE TO shave your head.”

“WAIT …..

“I want to feel her tits,” Mary said as she walked to the barber chair and unbutton Wendy’s blouse.

“Oooooo ……!”

“Go ahead and suck one on her tits,” Connie told Mary.

“I am going to have FUN with you and those TITS,” Mary told Wendy as she walked out the room.

“Just don’t more,” Connie told her.

Standing of the right side of the barber chair Connie started Wendy’s hair cut.

“I m going to go slowly,” Connie told her as she moved the clippers up the right side of her head.

As she clippered the right side she would brush her fingers, of her left hand, over where she moved the clippers.

“Tiled your head downward,” Connie to her as she began moving the clippers up the back of Wendy’s head.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair, Connie stood there.

“LEE ….,: she called.

“What?” Lee asked Connie as he walked in the room.

:Didn’t you tell me, I had to decide what kind of FLATTOP she was to get?”

“YES,” Lee told her.

“But, remember NO COMPLETE head shaving.”

“GOT YOU,” Connie told him as he walked out the room.

Grabbing her comb …..

“Now for the flatting of you hair on top of your head,” Connie told her.

Starting at the front she combed a little back was move the attachmentless clipper over the comb.

She continued combing backward and moving the attachmentless clippers over the comb until the top of Wendy’s head was clippered to a short quarter of an inch.

She tossed the comb to the shelf.

“Now we start with the clippers,” she said as she showed Wendy the attachmentless clippers.

“This is going to be fun.

“I have to decide WHAT kind of flattop I will give you.”


Connie tilted her head to the left side on her head.

“I remember I told you I was going to go SLOWLY with your flattop,” Connie told her as she began slowly moving the attachmentless clippers up the right side on her head.

“There …., Connie said as she brushed her finger over the clippered area.

“But, I can see skin!” Wendy quickly said.

“Yes,” Connie told her as she began moving the attachmentless clippers a little higher.

Connie began clippering the right side of her head and with her head tilted she began clippering the back of Wendy’s head.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair she buzzed the left side of Wendy’s head.

“There ….!” Connie said as she stepped back a little.

“Now for the finishing touch.”

She under the cape and removed it tossing under the shelf.

Connie began tucking a large towel in her collar of Wendy;s blouse.

She turned and walked to the shaving cream dispenser and flowed some warm shaving lather.

Stepping on the right side of the barber chair she began spreading the warm shaving lager over the buzzed hair.

“Did your friend say NO shave,” Wendy told her.

“He said NO COMPLETE head shaving,” Connie told her as she continued lather the buzzed hair.

Taking her straight razor she began stropping it over the leather strap.

She raised the straight razor and began slowly shaving the buzz hair.

With the right side shaved she brushed her fingers over the shaved right side on Wendy’s head.

She tiled Wendy’s head down and began slowly shaving the back of her head.

With the left sides shaved. Connie put the straight razor on the shelf.

“Now for more finishing touch.” Connie told her as she lowed the barber chair into it’s laying position.

She stepped to the shaving dispenser and flowed warm shaving lather and began lathering Wendy’s face and eyebrows.

She reached for her straight razor and strapped it.

“Don’t move.” she told Wendy and shaved her face and eyebrows.

“FINISHED,” she told Wendy/

“What the barber chair?” Wendy asked her.

“Mary needs it like this for her turn with you,” Connie told her as she walked out the room.

“My my …..

“I see Connie decided on the shaved back and sides flattop,” Mary told her.

Mary walked to the right side of the barber chair and began unbuttoning Wendy’s blouse.

“You won’t need this and your skirt for my FUN,” Mary told her.

With Wendy’s clothing removed, Mary could not resist playing with Wendy’s tits.

“Can have some hair down here,” Mary told her.

“Let me think …..

“Lee said I could decide shaving or waxing.”

“Let open the drawer ….!” Mary told her as she reached into the drawer.

“Your lucky day,” Mary said as she showed her a jaw of wax and began covering what hair Wendy had on her pussy.

“This will not hurt MUCH,” Mary told her as she pulled the wax off.

“Mow to check for SMOOTHNESS ….”

Wendy felt Mary’s tongue and reached for Mary’s head and held it.

Her legs wrapped around Mary’s head as she mound.  Which took Mary by surprise.

After about fifteen minutes Mary stopped when Lee and Roger walked into the room.

“Had some fun,” Lee said as Mary smiled.

“Nice and smooth,” Roger said as he brushed her wax pussy.

“Back door or frond door?” Lee said to Roger.

Roger looked at Wendy’s backdoor and move his finger in her backdoor.

“I’ll take the backdoor,” he told Lee.

Lee laid on the bed with his hard pole.

“Will you two be waiting a little help?” Mary asked.

Roger lifted Wendy up and slowly lowered her on Lee’s hard pole.

Lee reached up and grabbed Wendy’s head.

“This will not hurt,” he told Wendy as Roger slowly moved this hard pole into her backdoor.

“Mary,” Lee called.

“You and Connie get read.”

Just as Lee and Roger removed the now soft poles out of Wendy’s back door and front door, Connie and Mary walked in.

“Just lay her on her back,” Mary told her as Connie lowered her self over Wendy’s mouth.

Reaching down and grabbing Wendy’s mouth, Mary told her, “OPEN WIDE.”

She lowered her body and let liquid flow into Wendy’s mouth.

When she finished Mary lowered her body over Wendy’s wide opened mouth and let her liquid flow into Wendy’s mouth.

“Sit her up,” Lee told Connie and Mary.

“Keep your mouth OPEN WIDE,” Mary told her as Lee stepped in front of Wendy.

His soft polo moved to Wendy’s wide open mouth and let his liquid flow.

Roger was next.

“You can now get dressed,” Lee told Wendy.

  “DUKE …. DUKE …..

“GET your fucken ass in her,” Wendy called.

“You too SANDY.”

Slowly the walked into the living room.

“Can’t you two do anything right …..!” Wendy yelled at them.

“Look at me.” she told them.

“I told you I WANTED MY HEAD SHAVED …..!


“Instead I get a fuck back and sides shaved FLATTOP ….

“I told you I wanted them to SHAVE MY HEAD.



“But, Connie to told us last night you wanted the flattop,” Sandy told her.

“NO I DIDN’T.” Wendy told her.



Wendy walked around and around and stopped.

“At least you got one thing correct,”she told them as she got undressed.

“I was hoping they would shave my pussy for you.

“Instead she WAXED my pussy.

“Something I have been thinking about doing for months.

“AND, the fucken Mary …..

“Where did you two find her?

“When she checked my pussy for smoothness.







“As for the liquid in my mouth.

“Theirs’ was SO — SO.”

They stood there looking at her.

“BOTH of you get undressed and get you asses to my bedroom and we can have some FUN ….’ she told them as she walked to her bedroom.

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