Wendy’s Tough Choice

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A new school year had started at the local High school. One October day the Principal Mrs. Cindy Owens and the Asst. Principal Samantha Harris were in the mail room chatting when in walked Wendy a young 24 year old new Foreign Language Teacher. Wendy had long waist length chocolate brown hair that reached her butt. Samantha looked at Wendy with her softly curled hair moving to and fro. She turned to Mrs. Owens ” How is the new foreign language teacher doing?” Mrs. Owens replied ” She is doing fine but she looks too much like her students. She dresses young and her long hair adds to her youthful look. I don’t think she gets the respect from her students. Samantha ” You have to admit she has beautiful hair with great color and when she wears it up she has a great neckline. I would have loved to have given her a new ” Professional ” look back in my college days.” Mrs. Owens smiled at Samantha ” I had almost forgotten that you had worked your way through college as a hairstylist. Looking at the way you look at her I bet you would have loved to have her as a client” Mrs. Owens called Wendy over to ask her how things were going and so Samantha could get a look at Wendy’s mane parted in the middle and worn down loosely with big soft curls. She made a note of Samantha’s stated wish.

It was December 1st when Mrs. Owens got a memo that budget cuts were coming and there was to be a reduction in force at mid year. One of the positions to be cut was Foreign Language and since Wendy was the newest hired she was listed on the cut list. Mrs. Owens called in Samantha and showed the memo to her ” I’m torn as to what to do with Wendy? I sure wish I had an alternate position to give her. I know her finances are tight. ” Samantha looked a the memo and then at Mrs. Owens ” There is a Parent Coordinator position open that would pay her the same money but longer hours.” Mrs. Owens replies ” She first has to pass an interview with the Dept. Director Mrs. Keams and you know her conservative values. Wendy with her long hair and youthful dresses wouldn’t stand a chance of getting past the interview. ” Samantha ” Not unless she had a ‘ makeover’ before the interview.” Mrs Owens looked over at the smiling Samantha ” That would be a tough choice for the young lady to make. Let me make a coule of phone calls.”

A week went by and on a Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Owens told the Assistant Principal Samantha that they were to have a joint interview with Wendy in her office at 4pm on Thursday afternoon. It was 4pm when in to the office walked Wendy with her long soft brown hair flowing down the back of her dress. She sat down in the chair facing Mrs. Owens with her long hair flowing down the back of thee chair. Samantha came in being her and stood by the door as she closed it. Mrs. Owens looked over at Wendy ” I know you have heard the rumors of the Reduction in Force coming at mid-term. I hate to tell you that the district can’t affford two Foreign Language teachers at the High school and your name is on the list.” Wendy looked horror struck over at Mrs. Owens ‘ Oh, No,,! What am I suppose to do as it is mid-term and jobs are so hard to find? ” Mrs. Owens ” There is another position open at the district office but you would have to make a change in your appearance.. I know it would be a tough choice for you to make. The position is Parent-educator and it would pay the same as you make now but with longer hours. You would be meeting with students and parents at all levels. The change you would have to make is a more ‘proffesional’ look.” Samantha came over and stood by Wendy ” We know the Department Director Mrs. Keams and your long hair and short skirts would have to go. We have set up an interview with you and her tomorrow morning at 9am which means you have to have your hair cut short tonight and go buy a skirt at least knee lenght at Penney’s or Macy’s.” Mrs. Owens ” Now Samantha is a licensed stylist and can cut your hair into a suitable style after this meeting to save you money. Now if you go to he interview looking like you do now you will not pass the interview. We know from past experience.. I also know it is a terrible time for you to be unemployed. Samantha will help you adjust your makeup also so that you can pass the interview. I know it is a tough choice so me and Samantha will leave you alone for a few minutes to allow you to make the decision.”

Mrs Owens after they had left Wendy alone looked at Samantha. ” Did you find a room to give Wendy a makeover?” Samantha ” yes, I did I found that the school nurse is on leave at a conference this week so I have her office set up with all my equipment.” Ten minutes later they opened the door. Mrs. Owens looked at Wendy” Did you make a decision Wendy?” Wendy looks at Samantha and Mrs. Owens ” It looks like I have no choice. I’m between a rock and a hard place. Your sure Mrs. Keams won’t accept me with my hiar worn up” Samantha and Mrs. Owens shook their head back and forrth indicating a no answer.Wendy looked at Samantha ” Where do you want to cut my hair? Here or elsewhere? ” Samantha came over and took Wendy by the hand ” Come with me Wendy. I’ve got the nurss office down the hall all set up for your makeover.” They walked a short distance down the hall to the nurses room with Wendy’s delicious locks flowing down her back like chocolate syrup. Wendy noticed that the windows had been covered up and as they opened the door she saw a stool in the middle of the room. Newspapers were placed on the floor around it and on the counter were various instruments of hair removal including scissors, clippers , clips , combs, and a bright silver cape. Samantha looked at Wendy ” Your wearing a lovely dress and I dont’ want to ruin it. Please remove it and place it on the coat rack. I then want you to sit on the stool where I will cape you.” Mrs Owens ” I’m going to take a few pictures of you before so you can see the difference later.” Wendy removed her dress and sat on the stool where Samantha placed the cape after lifting Wendy’s massive mane of hair up and pinning it .Samantha let down the long brown hair and began burshing it. ” I notice that you have a very nice neckline so I intend to show it off. I’m going to cut your hair short near ear level in a nice inverted bob that is conservative but easy to care for and Im going to give you bangs. However first we have to get rid of the bulk of your hair which means sectioning and cutting off a few ponytails right below your ears. How does that all sound.? Wendy” It sounds scary as I haven’t had short hair for a very long time. Just don’t have me looking like a boy when Im done.” Samantha asked Mrs. Owens to help her as they created four thick 23 inch long ponytails of brown right below Wendy’s ears and at the nape. The hair was pulled tight and a final brushing of the hair done. Samantha came over and looked at Wendy ” Ok, it is time to get this makeover done whether your ready or not.” Samantha took the first ponytail and held it tight and placed her sharp silver shears at it’s base. snnip, snip, snip, schnip and a final plop sound was heard as the tail was cut loose and handed to Mrs. Owens who placed it on a towel on the counter. Samantha took the next ponytail of chocolate brown and again the snip, snip;, scnhip sound was heard with an ending plop. There were two left but Samantha decided to make a change since the hair was so thick so she took the wahl clippers and she felt Wendy jump a bit when the click sound was heard and a buzzing noise came to life in the room. She dug the clippers into the base of the brown mane at they ate their way through the thick material. Now, Wendy had a rough bob look. Samantha then taking a clipper over comb method began cutting in the angle of the bob from chin length upward to a point in the middle of Wendy’s head upward in the back. Soft pieces of chocolate brown hair began to tumble from the cape to the floor below and the newspaper. Some pieces were one inch and some were two or three inches longer. Wendy’s neck was being exposed and Samantha put a number 3 guide on the clippers and pushing Wendy’s head down she pushed them up the back of her neck to a selected point of meeting. Soft tufts of brown hair fell floorward bouncing off the cape and hitting the newspaper. Now, Samantha came to stand in front of Wendy. She took a two inch section of hair above Wendy’s forehead and coming it down in front of Wendy’s face she began to cut away and make nice thick brown bangs for Wendy.

Wendys sat quietly and anxiously in the chair as she saw her long locks that she loved being removed. Then Wendy took a spray bottle and made Wendys’ remaining brown hair wet. Then she attacked it with a razor slicing away more brown hair and creating a very nice conservative but modern style. Samantha loosen the cape and shaved with the razor the hair on Wendy’s neck and around her hair line. Samantha worked quickly and silently as if on an important mision with Mrs. Owens taking pictures every so often. A hair dryer and brushing meant the style was almost done. Then a final tuneup with scissors and comb. Wendys long hair was now gone. Replaced with a nice conservative bob that showed off her lovely neck. It would be a long time before a ponytail could be created. The Hair dryer was turned off and the cape was brushed off. Samantha handed a mirror to Wendy ” Ok your free to look and feel your new hairstyle.” Wendy looked in the miror and felt her fuzzy hair line “Holy Crap! I look like Kris Jenner Kim Kardashiians mom but with shorter hair. I might look closer to the comedian Alen Degeneris. What a change! Your sure this is the look I need to get past Mrs. Keams. It will take some getting use to. I sure wish I had another choice besides cutting it so short.” Mrs. Owens ” Yes, this and a long conservative skirt and conservative makeup.” The time was reaching almost 6pm when the cape was removed and Wendy put back on her skirt. Just before Wendy left Mrs. Owens told her to make sure she followed the hints she had given her for the interview. Wendy dashed out to her car. Mrs Owens looked at Samantha who was beginning the cleanup. ” You did a great job. What are you going to do with the cut ponytails? ” Samantha ” I have stylisth I can sell them to use as extensions. I might keep one to go with the pictures you took. Nice thing they have one hour developing now days.” Mrs Owens Wendy had a tough choice to make today. I’m sure she didn’t think this morning she would leave school today missing her long hair. Lets hope she passes the interview in the morning.” The cleanup proceeded and all was set back to normal in the nurses office.

The next day at 11am Wendy called to say that the interview had gone great and she had gotten the job.. Mrs. Keams had complimented her on her “professional” appearance for being at such a young age. When Wendy came back to finish up the last few weeks at the High school the place was a buzz about her new look and the students and teachers gave her multiple compliments and wished her luck in her new job. Wendy walked into Mrs Owens office while Samantha was visiting with her on the day she packed her desk up to leave. “Mrs. Owens I want to thank you and Samantha for making me make a tough decision and making sure I had a job with your advice. Samantha thanks for the new look. I’ve really gotten to like it the past few weeks as it allows me different looks.” Mrs. Owens ” Good luck Wendy and come by and see us from time to time.” Wendy took her box of items and left the room.The back of her neck showing as she left.

The End…

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