What a Doll, Part 2

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I stood in my dorm room staring at Cassie in shock. Her lip quivered as though she were about to cry and the red of her face clashed with the green of her hair.

It truly was a hack job. The whole left side of her head had been brutally shorn; the hair closet to her temple was almost to the scalp while the back was left longer. It was as if someone had lifted it above her head and cut it in one fell swoop. Just like I did to the doll, I thought to myself.

The green was no better, if it looked pitiful on doll Cassie it was even worse in person. The green of the dye mixed with the caramel of her hair to create a vile green. It almost wouldn’t have been so bad if the colour took evenly, but it stained the hair in varying shades of vomitus.

“What happened?” I asked her. But in my heart I knew; as crazy as it was somehow my actions on the doll caused this. While I felt sick to my stomach that I had caused this, a little part of me was thrilled at the situation. Serves her right for how she treated me. I stirred at the thought of the power I now held, both the doll and because I was the only one who could salvage her massacred locks.

“I don’t know,” she said slowly. “I don’t know what came over me, it was like I was possessed or something. I was in the kitchen getting a drink and I saw these packets of green kool-aid and I just had this urge to dye my hair. You know, like people used to do as kids?” Cassie ran her hands though what was left of her hair and winced. “It was stupid I know, I can’t explain it- it was like I couldn’t do anything else in that moment but dye my hair.”

“Oh honey,” I said, guiding her to my desk chair. Running my fingers through the green locks I asked “what happened after the green?”

Cassie started crying at that. “I still don’t understand. I’d rinsed out the green and I hated how horrible it looked. My hair was ruined and I knew that, I was going to call my hairdresser to try and get something booked ASAP to fix it, even if it meant cutting off over a foot of hair just to get rid of the green.” She sniffled again and I passed her a box of tissues, Cassie gave me a weak smile in return. “There’s no good explanation. Before I could even dial her number I’d grabbed the scissors from my desk drawer and cut off half my hair right at the scalp. It was only when I was holding three feet of hair in my hands that I ‘woke up’ and really understood what had happened.”

“And then you came to me,” I said as I began to arrange my supplies.

“I didn’t know who else to go to,” Cassie sheepishly said to me. “I’m too embarrassed to go to a real stylist like this, and everyone knows you do hair in this dorm.”

I looked at Cassie and the impossibility of the situation in front of me. Her hair was bad. Like one step away from buzzing it and starting over kind of bad. I bit my lip as I walked around the chair, surveying the damage.

“It’s really bad, isn’t it?” She whispered, looking up at me with doe eyes.

I nodded. “But you already knew that.” Her shoulders slumped in defeat. “You used kool-aid which already makes things hard, that’s basically impossible to get out. If you’re okay with it at the very least we should start by cutting off the green.“ Cassie gave the barest of nods as permission. I removed a black salon cape and wrapped it around her neck. I felt myself getting wet of cutting so much hair from a person. Without hesitation I cut through her hair just below her breast.

Cassie looked at me with wide eyes, “that was a lot more than just the green.”

I shrugged, “It was almost definitely going to have to come off eventually, I’m just making it so there’s less hair on the floor. Besides, you’re already missing most of the hair off your left side, does it really matter how much is on the right?”

I could see her deflate and I instantly felt bad. After a moment of indecision I wrap my arms around her. “Hey now, I’m sorry, that was insensitive. I promise I’m going to do my best to make you feel beautiful again. I won’t actively fuck up your hair.” At least not again.

Okay, I trust you. But um, could you turn me away from the mirror? I don’t want to see.” Her face reddened again and I felt a pang in my heart. “If it’s any consolation, it looks like you parted your hair off centre to begin with, so you could probably pull off a half shaved head and it would look intentional. I just have to clip the side down a bit.”

“It’s going shorter!? I mean I guess it has to given the mess it is right now. But fuck. Do you really think it’ll look okay?”

“I think you’ll give off major badass, punk vibes with it like that.” I attached the number 2 guard to my clippers and turned them on with a pop. As I ran them up her skull she stiffened then relaxed into my touch. She got this look of bliss on her face and I saw her hand roaming beneath the cape. I decided to take my time shearing the rest of the hair from her scalp. With each pass more of her ragged caramel locks decorated my floor and I wondered how weird it would be to keep a few of them. The back took longer as that was where the longest hair remained. But I was still done far too soon. I purposefully gave her a second to

resituate herself under the cape before I moved in front to asses the progress.

She was stunning. If I had found her attractive before she was drop dead gorgeous now. My panties grew wet as I brushed against her stubble and fingered her remaining locks. She truly pulled off the badass head shave look. “Give it a feel,” I said hoarsely.

Cassie tentatively raised a hand to her scalp. “Oh! Oh, that actually feels really good. It’s…soft. I wasn’t expecting it to be soft.”

“Just let me soften up the ends of your length a bit and then I think you’re good. Just tell everyone you were bored and felt like a change, I’m sure people will like it and you’ll get asked out by flocks of people.” I turn away from her to concentrate on the job and mutter to myself “maybe you’ll even deem them worthy of a date.”

“Jules, thank you. You didn’t have to help and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had said no. I deserve it. Honestly… I’m used to being the dorm’s “it” girl and the attention it gets. I like that attention. And I didn’t want to get involved with someone I actually seemed to like because if I was involved in something serious I wouldn’t get the same attention.” I stayed silent as Cassie continued.

“I don’t know. You still helped me and were nice to me when I came in looking like a disaster and honestly, I think that’s the attention I’d rather.”

I snipped the last end and led her over to the mirror. “What do you think?” I asked her.

Her eyes filled with wonder as she fingered her curls. “I love it. How can I repay you for this?”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll find a way,” I said as I pulled her into a kiss.

“You’re such a doll,” she said smiling at me.

I stiffened.

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