What a Doll, Part 1

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As the screen rose signalling the end of lecture I watched Cassie gather her books and make her way towards the door. I hurried from my seat hoping for the chance to talk to her.

We reached the door at the same time and I stumbled into her.

“Watch it!” Cassie snapped and spun away from me. “Fuck!” She yelped.

I felt a sharp tug on my wrist and moved away from the crowd of students leaving, taking Cassie with me. Her hair had gotten wrapped around my bracelet, an old key attached to a chain with wire.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she said rolling her eyes. Without hesitation she got to work unravelling her hair from the bracelet and I could only watch her in awe. Her hair fell at least a foot past her hips in long caramel waves. She kept it well maintained too, where most girls with hair that long had thin, split ends her was perfectly smooth. I longed to wrap my hands in it and kiss her lips, just as I had two weekends ago.

“Cassie,” I started to say.

“What?” She rolled her eyes at me as she unravelled the last of her hair from my bracelet.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to grab coffee or a drink sometime, or you know…” I blushed fiercely and chided myself for not phrasing that better.

Cassie laughed at me. “Sweetheart, I was drunk and that was a one time thing. Masturbate to the memory all you want, but I’m not going out with you.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked away before I could respond.

I was mortified and livid all at the same time. I decided to skip the last lecture I had that day and instead go for a walk around town to clear my head.

I was walking down the street towards the record shop when I saw a sign for an antique’s shop. We were only two months into the semester and I was still pretty new to the area, but I couldn’t remember ever seeing it before. Antiques usually aren’t my thing but I had to do a double take when I saw the doll sitting in the window. It looked just like Cassie with the same piercing blue eyes and miles of caramel hair. I stood mesmerized and before I knew it I was walking home with a doll under my arms.

But by the time I’d reached my dorm I already felt foolish. What 18 year old spontaneously buys a doll? I figured I’d shove her in the closet for the night and donate her the next day, but seeing all that hair gave me an idea:

I grabbed the tube of green hair dye for my salon caddy and began the process of dying the bottom third of the doll’s hair. I’ve become well known in the dorms for constantly changing up my own hair and now have a steady amount of students who come to me instead of paying to go a real stylist. I’d been meaning to try this green for a while now and figured might as well get some use from this doll before I donate her.

I left the dye in for an hour before washing it out and shuddered at the results. It turned her hair varying shades of puke green. “Not so pretty now huh Cassie?” I said, combing my fingers through her hair. I imagined I was doing this with the real Cassie, and fantasized about gripping her hair and shearing it from her scalp. In an impulse moment I wrapped the doll’s hair around my fingers and ran my scissors through it with a satisfying crunch. I sat there with my heart racing as I held a foot of doll hair in my hand. Doll Cassie truly was a pitiful sight at this point, half her hair had been haphazardly shorn away while the other was caramel at the roots and turned to a vile green from the elbow onwards. “Well that was something” I chuckled before placing the doll in a bin atop my closet.

Later that night I had almost forgotten about my earlier insanity when a knock at the door disturbed me from studying. When I opened it I was shocked to see Cassie standing there with her hood pulled up.

“Jules, I know I was a bitch earlier. But I need help and I don’t know who to ask” she sniffled.

I ushered her inside and shut the door. “Is everything okay? What happened?”

Without saying a word Cassie pulled down her hood revealing a half shorn head and a mess of green hair.

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