What can I say, men love baldies

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Amber is top dog at Spinster High and very popular. She liked wearing fluffy coats and having curled blonde tresses, the long of their kind.
So imagine when the herd’s shock when gorgeous, flammable Amber showed up with a sleek head and no eyebrows.
An abundance of makeup made up for the lack of blonde curls.
Her friends were aghast at the daring haircut but said nothing out of respect of their hairless leader.
“Uh… So, Amber. Why did you decide to undergo this (change)?”
Amber seemed in a daze,”A boy”
Then, Richard Hart, king of the sports league and student debate club, entered.
Amber shot up and ran up to her boy, he looked pleased and what he said cleared everything up.
“So you took my advice. Wow! You’re head’s so soft”
Amber’s story:
She and Hart went to a movies and watched a film about an Alopieca girl and Hart was basically swooning over the character which drove Amber nuts.
“You gel. Haha! Well, how about this. If you shave your head and eyebrows off, I will swoon over you more than a fictional character”
The movie ended and Amber was driven home by Hart.
Stopping at a red light, Amber spotted a open barbershop across the street and told Hart to drop her off.
Not knowing her meaning, he let her go.
There, on the street, Amber made her pilgrimage to the shop and opened the door.
The lights nearly blinded the starry night outside, three chairs with their capes draped over the left armrest propped the wall, their cushions positioned as if to say SIT ON ME.
A figure approached, a woman in a white barber’s gown and black utility belt about waist.
“What can help you with, hun?”, said the barberette.
Amber told her what she wanted which somewhat startled the lady.
“You alright?”asked the stylist.
“Yeah”, replied Amber, quite ecstatically.
With her formal consent, the hairdresser took her back and sat Amber in a comfy chair.
The cape was fastened and the barberette grew ever more concerned, contrast to Amber’s anticipation.
“You read…”
“Yes!” Exclaimed Amber as the stylist started snipping off the mass of curls.
Each curl fell like wisps of golden brown and Amber found it a magical experience.
When her head lay a field of short hair, Amber took the clippers from the trolley just aside the chair.
But it was too late, Amber had plunged the device onto her scalp and was buzzing every single hair off.
With the adrenaline still going, she buzzed off her eyebrows as well.
“Cream me”,laughed Amber as the hairdresser was forced to comply, spreading the substance all over her scalp.
Even though Amber wanted to glide with the razor, the barberette insisted she do it.
Over the crown and down the nape, Amber’s head became less and less hairy.
At last, Amber’s head and brows were hairless and Amber loved it.
She applied her fur coat to her body and generously paid her barber.
“I feel more free”,Amber told her friends.
“And more beautiful”,added Hart, kissing Amber’s bald head.
When the football season rolled around, Amber came out to cheer her love on.
Her head was painted with school art she had done herself.
On her brows, were written Love and Go Team!
After that day, girls from Amber’s group came in to get
Amber’s Look

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  1. Three new stories. Congrats! Brilliant writing. Absolutely brilliant!

    Being an amateur writer myself, I truly appreciate how long it must have taken you to write these new stories. There is so much depth to each character, and to the stories themselves. Such imagination!

    And your writing style. How unique. How special. One sentence at a time. No paragraphs. How ingenious! How effective!

    Truly, I am speechless. I look forward to reading your next projects!

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