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What drives me to get my hair done in a women’s salon just like the women do. I don’t know how old I was but I can remember sitting in my Aunt’s beauty salon during my summer school break watching my mother and the other ladies getting their hair done. Every Monday Thursday morning at 7:30 my mother would arrive at my Aunts Beauty Pallor to have her hair done. My mother got regular perms, sets and coloring. My mother had a standing appointment like most of the other women at the salon. So every week that I was home during the summer I would have to go to the salon while my mother got her hair done.

I got to know many the other women that came in while my mother was there. They came the same every week for their outstanding appointment. I must have been around 10 or 11 years old when I started getting aroused by watching the women getting their hair done. It was the 70’s and they would march in to the salon in mini skirts, high heals, dressed to the nines. Their hair usually covered with a triangle scarf and beautiful polished nails holding a Virginia slim 120. They looked so hot / elegant it was unbelievable. It was around this age that I noticed the smells when I walked in to the salon. I noticed that I loved the smell of a perm, that meant that someone was wrapped up in a perfectly set perm. I started really admiring the way the perm rods and rollers were so perfectly set in the clients hair. I was aroused by the smells and the looks of them set in their rods and rollers. Watching a women getting her roots double processed with the blue bleach and smelling the ammonia in the air was also a trun on. I soon found my self in the restroom gratifying my self with their salon images in my mind. Sitting next to my mother while she was under the dryer smelling the wella setting lotion blowing out from under the dryer was very pleasing to me. The sight of a 30 something women getting out from under the dryer with a head full of rollers netted checking her roller set with her palm while holding her 120 slim would drive me over the edge. After all this foreplay I would have to sit there while the rollers were removed hair brushed, teased to the moon, sprayed, teased, and picked in to a perfectly smooth bouffant hairdo. It was pure ecstasy watching as they had the final coat of spray applied to their hair then grabbing their purse as they leave the salon. Their look was one of beauty and confidence in their perfect look as they strut toward the door patting their do to check the firmness.

I soon became aware that my own fantasies started to develop. I started to let my hair grow long because of the natural curl the longer it got the more messy it looked. The weight of the hair due to the length pulled the curl out of it at the roots and the ends would curl up big. My hair was straight looking at the roots and frizzed up and bushy on the ends. Soon after my 13 birthday my mother had my aunt perm my hair. I know you all can rember your first perm. There I sat shaking in my aunts chair watching her wheel the perm rod cart over asking me to hand her the end papers. Looking around the salon my mother is under the dryer watching me and so was all of the other women in the salon. There I was sitting with my hair wet after being shampooed driping on my cape just like I had seen so many other women. Thoughts of backing out running through my mind as my aunt asked if I was ready. But I soon handed her the first end paper when she asked for it. Underneath my cape I was able to feel how good this experience was. I watched as Aunt Ella wound the first rod around my long hair. The feelings rushing though my mind were so numerous I cant begin to describe them. Looking in the mirror I saw my mother looking back at me as her son started the process of getting his first perm. This embarrassed me as well as excited me. Noticing how much I looked like one of the ladies daughters getting a perm also embarrassed me but at the same time it felt good. The look on the faces of the women in the salon as my aunt continued to wrap my perm also started to turn me on. I occasionally would see one of them lifting their dryer hood to chat to the women next to them while looking in my direction. The sight of my head completely set in a piggy back wrap weighing 20 lbs and looking just like one of the women was erotic. My mother coming over to me as my aunt was wrapping cotton around my rods saying “you look cut how does it feel “ and then “ are you sure you want to go through with this my response was “Look Mom I cant believe I am getting my first permanent wave. I hope it come out as nice as yours do. I couldn’t wait until my aunt clipped off the tip of the first bottle and started apply that smelly cold perm solution to my rods. I remember how wonderful it smelled and the way it felt going on my rods. I did feel like a daughter as my Mon sat next to me and watched my aunt apply the perm solution. I remember my Mom saying to my aunt that she couldn’t believe that I was going through with it. My aunt told her that I had said that I wanted to have one for a long time and that I thought it was fun have it done. Three bottles of perm solution done and my aunt had place a plastic cap on my head and lead me over to the dryer were several women were already drying. The excitement of my first official dryer session. I loved it. By now I was so truned on and so wet thank god for the cape. I remember reaching up and touching my rods like I had seen other women do and saying to my mom I like the way they feel in my hair and they look so neat. The dryer was so hot and the fumes from the perm were all over the place. But now that I had reached girl status I sat there and took it just like a good girl.. 20 minutes later I was back at the bowl getting rinsed and my neutralizer applied. After some new cotton and 15 min I was rinsed again rods removed and shampooed. When I got back to my aunts station and saw the curl I couldn’t believe it. I was so tight and so long and it looked so fem. I kept running my fingers through it as my aunt picked it out. I played with it pushing it all on top of my head then turning my head up side down and picking it out flipping it back over my back. I kissed my mom and thanked her for taking me for my first perm. The curls felt so good between my fingers I can’t even describe it. I then asked my aunt what am I suppose to do when its time to go back to school. I said if I show up at school like this it would be a disaster. At this point she informed me that I would be getting my hair roller set and that I should come in with my mother on Mondays and Thursdays to get my hair set. As if it couldn’t get any better my hair was sprayed with setting lotion the roller cart wheeled over and my first roller set started with a big red magnetic roller and two silver clips one placed on each side of the roller. I looked over at my mother and said “ isn’t this great Aunt Ella said I have to get it set when you get yours set. I love the curl the perm put in my hair but I can’t wait to see how the roller set will turn out. That’s right guys hair net and ear pads then off to the dryer with the rest of the women. Looking at style books and reading, the star helped pass the time. I didn’t mind being under the dryer it was relaxing and I known I had fully entered the women’s domain. Looking across the salon in the mirror at my image under the dryer with rows of perfectly set red rollers in my hair just blew me away . I felt like such a women it was unreal and I loved it.

A hour went by an my dryer went off and I had to sit in the salon for another hour before my aunt could get to me. My mother had went to the store to do some shopping. I made a couple trips to the rest room to admire my roller set in the mirror. It was then my turn to have my rollers removed. The curls were big and smooth. My aunt brushed them out and sprayed my hair. I loved the way it looked smooth and wavy it looked so much better then it did when I walked in to the salon. My mother said it looked nice and asked me if I wanted to come twice a week to have it set. I told my mom that I was really happy with the way it looked and that I did mind coming in again for the sets. I really was looking forward to Monday when I would be getting it set again.

All of the feelings I described above is why I still have my hair done today. I am sure many of you can relate.

I still get off on going into a beauty salon and asking for a roller set. Going through the entire process that the other women go though to have beautiful hair. The attention and shock factor plays a part also.

Recently since my hair is short when I am feeling the mood for a fem style I go in and have a weave put in with human hair extentions and then set in one of the many retro styles I enjoy.

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