What someone left in my dorm Part 2

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What someone left in my dorm Part 2

It’s 8 o’clock on a Friday evening. The dorm is empty as my fellow students have already went home or to other destinations for the weekend. I strolled through the silent halls like it was own personal abode enjoying the peacefulness away from my boisterous classmates. As I reached the dorm common room which had the the snack machines and student phone I could hear someone speaking. I heard a female voice yelling along with the sounds of crying. I hid behind a door to eavesdrop a little to find out what was disturbing my quiet time.

To my delightful surprise it was girl number 3 on my list. The plump girl with the pretty blue eyes and the long blonde hair. I listened and figured out she was arguing with her boyfriend on the phone. Apparently he couldn’t make it here to pick her up for the weekend and she is really upset because she doesn’t want to be stuck here all alone. I heard her slam down the phone and she started walking in my direction. I hid behind a sofa and waited for her to go in her room before I came out as I didn’t want her to know I heard the conversation. I went to the snack machines and got some food then went back to my room. I sat there and thought about how my girl crush was just down the hallway from me and we were all alone just the 2 of us. This had to be fate or luck or the stars just aligning that caused this event to happen. I needed to act on it.

In the conversation I heard her say she hated being alone, especially here all weekend in the dorm. It sounded like she was afraid of being here by herself and wanted to be around someone. Maybe I could be the company that she sought. I changed into my pink pajamas and put on some makeup which I never wore but thought it might be more appropriate for tonight. I found a top 40 radio station that only played pop songs which makes me want to puke but once again it was something to set the mood for her. Next I turned on my black lights and strobe light then cracked the door to my room to draw the moth to the flame. The volume on my stereo was set to pretty high levels so it would carry down the hall hopefully to her room and might pique her curiosity.

About 10 minutes later I heard a knock at my door. I was laying in my bed acting like I was reading a book rather then waiting for my prey to come beckoning. I looked up and there she was my golden goddess standing at my door. She was wearing a white t-shirt with grey sweat pants and goofy slippers. She had her long blonde hair up in a high ponytail like usual when she wasn’t in class. She was dressed casual but still very attractive to me.

I got up from my bed and turned the radio down to a lower volume so we could converse.

“Oh hey, sorry if the music was too loud but I didn’t think anyone else was in the dorm besides me. I can turn it down if it’s bothering you.”

“No no it’s fine, really. I thought I was all alone and I’m just glad to see someone else is here as well. I don’t know if we have formally been introduced but my name is Gabrielle or Gabby.”

“Hi Gabby, my name is Jessica but most people just call me Jess for short. You can come in if you want. I got snacks and drinks over in the mini-fridge if you want something.”

Gabby came in my room and I handed her a soda then grabbed a bag of chips and dumped it into a bowl so we could have something to snack on. She looked around my room glancing at all the punk rock posters and thumbed past my shelf of books looking at the titles. I think she was trying to get an idea of who I am. We made some small talk about where we were from and I told her I was from California. She said her grandparents lived there and how she was going out to visit them on summer vacation. As we talked she started to become really at ease with me and opened up about her life like we were old friends. She then blindsided me with a question I didn’t expect.

GABBY “I don’t see any photos of your family or friends from California. I guess you’re kind of a private person?”

“Not really. I just have a ….. complicated relationship with my parents. We’re not on the best of terms so I don’t need photos to remind of it.”

GABBY “Sorry if I poked a raw nerve. My parents divorced when I was little and I’ve had some messed up shit happen in my life as well. You just push past it the best you can.”

“That’s just the thing. I’ve pushed past boundaries that my parents will never understand or accept. I’m living my life for myself. No looking back. I’m sorry for whatever you had to go through.”

I placed my hand on Gabby’s shoulder to console her then slid it down her back along that thick ponytail. The night was was starting to become a downer until I brought out my old reliable mood elevator.

“Hey I don’t know how you feel about it but I got some weed stashed away that I was planning on smoking this weekend. Do you want to smoke it with me?”

GABBY “No shit. Yeah actually I would but I don’t have any money right now to pay you for it.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m offering so you don’t have to pay me anything. You get the new friends discount, baby. I do need you to cover your eyes so you can’t see where I hide my stash though.”

Gabby covers her eyes and I grab my joints from my bag of tampons. No one would look there and this is from the same strain of weed that I smoked with Amanda all those years ago. I told her she could open her eyes as I closed the door to my room so the smell wouldn’t go in the hallway then I opened the window and turned on my fan to blow the odor outside.

“You can come over here and sit on the bed if you want because it’s alot more comfortable then that crappy wooden chair you’re sitting in.”

Gabby got up and walked over then sat down on the bed next to me. I lit a joint and handed it to her then lit another one for myself. She let out a cough as this was probably alot stronger than what she was used to. Nothing compares to California weed. We started laughing and joking as we were both getting stoned. I wanted to see my present all unwrapped so I gripped my hand around her thick ponytail and smiled at her then spoke.

“You should pull your hair out of that ponytail and relax. We’re not in class so you don’t need to wear it up. Besides I’m curious what you look like as I’ve never seen with your hair down before.”

Gabby did as I asked and took her hair out of the ponytail and let it flop down across her breasts and down her back. It looked so sexy all spread across her. I ran my hands through her long hair as it glowed like gold in the candle light. It was so soft and heavy like a blanket enveloping her upper torso. I stroked the hair out of her face so I could see her face and those gorgeous blue eyes.

“Wow, you really have alot of hair when you let it down. It’s so beautiful and thick. I’m kinda jealous of it because I just don’t have the patience to grow my hair out long like that. I’ve tried a few times to let it grow then get frustrated with how it looks and just shave it all off yet again. Oh, it must have taken you alot of years. I don’t know if I could put up with all that hair on my head but if it looked as beautiful as yours I’d try .”

I smiled while looking into her bright blue eyes as she blushed a little. She looked down at the floor and her face changed from a smile to a look of contemplation.

GABBY “Jess, to be honest. You don’t know how often I think about just cutting this shit all off. It’s just too much to take care of so the only things I do are either put it up in a bun or gather it up in the ponytail. It was so much easier when I used to have short hair.”

“Really? It’s hard to believe you’d ever even consider cutting off all that beautiful blonde hair. It’s so perfect. Wait, you used to have your hair cut short? I’d just assumed you were always a long haired girl as pretty as your hair is. No kidding? Was it very short like mine?”

GABBY “No, believe it or not I had my hair cut short most of the time when I was growing up till around my sophomore year in high school when I started dating and then I just let it grow. Before that I usually had it buzzed short around the ears and nape then left the top with some length. I never had it all buzzed off like yours but I did think about doing it a couple times.”

“You almost buzzed off all your hair? What happened? What stopped you from going through with it? ”

GABBY “The first time the thought ever crossed my mind was one day when I was sitting in the salon chair all caped up to get my usual haircut a couple weeks before my 15th birthday. The stylist was running a comb through my shortish hair and had clippers in her other hand. She suddenly grabbed the top of my hair then placed the buzzing clippers on my forehead right at my hairline and said, “I think we should try something different today. What do you think? How would you feel about it if we just shaved this all off and gave you a cute little buzzcut?” I was in shock. Confused by her actions and words, I meekly managed to utter out, “I…uh guess so.” She playfully said she was just joking as it was April fools day while laughing at my awkwardness and then proceeded to give me my regular haircut. That experience rattled me but also awakened a curiosity and thoughts I never had before in my head.”

“Hmmm, that was an interesting joke to play on someone. I’m sure that got your heart pumping. So what was the second time?” I reached out and took a handful of her long blonde hair into my grasp to intensify the feelings in my pussy as it gushed like a waterfall with her every word. These stories about cutting off her long hair were so erotic to me after my experience with Amanda.

GABBY “The second time was about a year ago. It was at my tour of this school actually. As I was walked from the different classrooms by the school administrator I noticed one of the students in a bakers class. She was a petite little pixie of a girl who had this fiery attitude just working like a machine in the kitchen and with so much passion. She let nothing slow her down and wasn’t even breaking a sweat because unlike all the other girls she had her head shaved. I was just in awe of her skill and dedication to the culinary arts. I wanted to be like her. She was the role model I had set for myself to follow when I finally signed up. So a couple weeks before I started classes here, I went to my stylist so I could at the very least look like my role model. As she caped me up my heart felt like it was going to explode from the fear of what I was going to ask her to do. The stylist began brushing my long blonde hair that was down past my shoulders for the first time in many years as I contemplated how to ask for such an extreme request. I thought back to that April fools joke she played on me and decided to play off that. I asked if she remembered pulling that prank and she laughed at me for agreeing to it. I asked her what she would’ve done if I had insisted that she give me that buzzcut. She just laughed again not taking it seriously. I then asked if she thought I could pull off the shaved head look. This time she stopped brushing my hair and walked in front of me. She looked down at me then held my chin up and looked at my face. “I think you could pull it off with those pretty blue eyes being the focal point of your head instead of all this long blonde hair. Are you wanting me to shave your head?” I said, “I’m not sure, maybe.” She reached into the drawer and pulled out a set of clippers then sprayed disinfectant oil on them. I sat in the chair of this woman who I now know didn’t have a problem with shaving my head and it terrified me. “So, are we going to lose all this hair today or what?” I looked at myself in the mirror as she now stood behind me clippers in one hand and the top of my head being palmed in the other. I only had to utter the words, “shave my head.” At this monumental occasion in my life, I lost the nerve to ask the stylist to do it. I played it off as a joke telling her I just wanted to see the look on her face as she let out a giant sigh of relief then just trimmed the ends of my hair. I was disappointed with myself as I left the shop with my hair intact but also grateful as I figured my boyfriend probably wouldn’t be very happy with me if I didn’t. I mean could you imagine someone just buzzing all this hair off and what his reaction would be when he saw me with a shaved head.”

“It’s your hair and if you decide you prefer to be bald then just do it, girl. Maybe your boyfriend should be more accepting of your choices and love you for the person you are rather than your appearance. I could never go back to having long hair. Buzzing my hair off was the best thing I ever did to it. In and out of the shower in 10 minutes and out the door in another 5. No brushing or pinning it up and best of all no expensive trips to the salon. I just buzz it off myself when it gets a little unruly.”

Gabby shakes her hair and sweeps it all over across the top of her head so it forms a giant wave across the top of her head like what Amanda used to do with her hair. I was getting so horny thinking about that connection with Gabby. And now here I was thinking how she would look if I run my clippers through that golden mane of hers like I did Amanda’s. We both lay back on the bed next to each other with our legs hanging down as we were both pretty baked. She looked so sexy as she put the joint to her lips and exhaled the smoke. I ran my fingers through her hair brushing it off her face and she rubbed her face against my hand in response. I took my other hand and placed it on her hip then slowly slid it towards her lap. She sat up quickly signaling that she wasn’t into it. I stood up and said, “I’m thirsty. You want something to drink?” I got us both a soda to try not to make it weird. Gabby gathered up her hair and put it back up in the ponytail again. She didn’t walk out the door so I guess she wasn’t too creeped out. I showed her some of my ribbons and trophies that I was awarded from competitions the school had participated in to get her mind off what had taken place. After a few minutes we went back to talking and smoking weed again.

Apparently Gabby has a higher tolerance for weed than Amanda as she isn’t as submissive and wasn’t susceptible to my sexual advances. It wasn’t going to happen tonight but I have something else special to try tomorrow if I can get her back here.

“So are you going to be here all weekend or are you going home tomorrow?”

GABBY “No, I’m stuck here all weekend. My boyfriend had something come up and he couldn’t make it.”

“Well would you like to come over again tomorrow night? I’ve got plenty more weed and I was going to cook up some spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.”

GABBY “All I have is Ramen noodles in my dorm room. Sure, I guess.”

“Great come over about 7 o’clock and dinner should be ready. I’m kinda tired tonight from having early classes this morning but tomorrow night I’ll be well rested.”

GABBY “Yeah, I’m kinda tired as well. I’m going to sleep in late. I’ll see ya tomorrow night, Jess.”

“Good night, blondie.” I said as I tugged on her ponytail as Gabby walked past me to the door and she turned then smiled kinda playfully at me before she walked out of my room. I closed my door and put on my romantic mix tape then laid down in my bed. Just thinking about how I held her thick blonde ponytail in my hand got me so excited and I needed an outlet to release all this sexual energy.

An idea came to mind and I made my way to the bathroom where I pulled my clippers out of the cabinet. Placing them at my forehead without any guard attachment I ran them through the 1/2 inch of hair that was on my head leaving only a faint stubble that felt like sandpaper. I lathered up my head with shaving cream then took a razor and shaved my scalp smooth to the skin. Oh it felt so good to be bald again as I ran my hands over my soft virgin scalp.

I looked at myself in the mirror with my pale white hairless head and thoughts of when I shaved Amanda’s thick brown hair flooded into my brain. I began to finger my pussy but the juices really began to flow as I thought about Gabby. The long blonde hair flowing down around her with me standing behind her with clippers in my hand ready to shave all those golden locks from her head. My snatch is dripping wet as I vigorously finger it as I fantasize about running my clippers straight down the middle of Gabby’s head peeling off all her lovely long blonde locks. I orgasm like an open fire hydrant with juices gushing from my privates like never before. My legs give out and I crumble to the floor. I lay here and look at the little tufts of 1/2 inch hair I shaved from my head and think about the pile Gabby’s hair would make. I stumble to the bed then grab a box from underneath it and place it on my bed. I lay down and open the box then pull out the contents. It was Amanda’s thick hair that I saved after I shaved her head. I liked to pull it out time to time to smell her scent on it and to remind me of that day with her that changed both of our lives. Perhaps I’ll need another box for my lovely Gabrielle.

End 2

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