What someone left in my dorm..

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This story takes place in the early 90s.

It’s the usual Friday at my college. My fellow students making plans to go home for the weekend or looking to find any reason to get away from the dorm for a couple days. This leaves the dorm practically deserted on most weekends except for just me. I have never gone home for visits and stay here in town working a part time job on weekends and holidays. My home life is very complicated. My parents don’t agree with my life choices and they are paying for my college all the way across the country so I won’t be around them as an embarrassment.

Even here at college I’m treated as an outcast as they don’t know or understand who I am so they look at me as a freak. I don’t really care enough to get to know them or make friends here because soon as I graduate I’m going back out west to build a life among my own. I’m definitely not an east coast domesticated girl like the rest of my classmates. I was into the radical nonconformist California punk rock music scene and to my parent’s dismay an admirer of my female friends. Yeah, they didn’t accept their daughters a lesbian.

I should probably describe myself. I am unlike the millions of California airhead bimbos with their bleach blonde hair, fake tits, and bronze tans even though those types of girls can be fun toys for me. I am very pale as I always spent my time in dark corners of punk rock clubs or basement jam sessions with shit bands that gave out free drugs to fans. I have pretty green eyes to go along with my paleness due to some Irish ancestry in my family history. I usually dress in ripped jeans or camouflaged pants to go along with my black punk band shirts with wife beaters thrown in for a change. I am kinda short at about 5′ 4″ with small tits and not much ass. My body isn’t skinny nor is it fat but definitely not toned but just kinda average and soft as I never worked out. I never tried to be more then what I am and my girlfriend’s never complained about my pathetic physique. But I am surprisingly stronger than this little body looks. Most California girls would’ve started out with telling you about their beautiful cascading long blonde hair when they began describing themselves but once again I deviate from the norms. I have no love for my hair and I routinely just take my clippers and buzz my head. Sometimes I shave it to the skin just for the hell of it plus I love how it creeps the other girls at my college out when they look at me. I can hear some of the girls whisper to one another calling me weird while others actively try to avoid me like they’re afraid that whatever is wrong with me will rub off on daddy’s little girl. It makes me laugh as I am the only person to have a dorm room all to herself because all the other girls are afraid to share a room with me. So I sit in my room and blast my punk music to my hearts content with no one to complain.

I’m in my final year and have less then 2 weeks before my graduation. I have been contacting friends back in California looking for a place to crash at once I leave here while I’m finding a place to live. I have already secured a job at an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles not far from where I grew up so I’ll be close to my old punk stomping grounds but far enough away so I won’t run into my parents.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been kinda obsessively checking out the other girls in my classes. I’ll be leaving soon and really want to have at least one conquest at college before I depart. It’s been almost 4 years since my last sexual encounter with a girl and I’m craving some muff.

I have narrowed my picks down to a handful. I’ve had enough of the skinny Cali girls so I’m looking for a meat and potatoes type with some curves. There’s a Latino girl with long black hair but her boyfriend also goes to school here so that probably won’t happen. Next is an African American girl with a mohawk but she is over 300 lbs which is a little much for little old me to handle. Then there is a farmer’s daughter Midwestern kinda girl from Nebraska or something like that but I think she is way too conservative to consider a one night stand with me. None of those seem likely they would work but there is one more in my sights.

The final girl is in one of my classes. I have noticed her for a while. She’s a plump white girl with very large tits and pretty blue eyes. She has blonde hair which she keeps up in a very large bun in class but wears it in a high ponytail most of the time. But there was one time she did let her thick hair down after class and it was nearly to her waist. She definitely got my attention. I have overheard her talking on the dorm floor phone so I know she has a boyfriend who lives a couple hours away. She’s friends with most people in the dorm and has an upbeat personality. I have said hi to her as we’ve passed in the hall and she would say hi back to me. We never really had a conversation between us. When she was with her friends and saw me she wouldn’t acknowledge me but she was never mean to me or said anything disparaging. Her friends would say hey baldy or call me a weirdo under their breath but she didn’t say anything derogatory.

I have such a crush on her and want to do all kinds of bad things to her in a good way. She reminds of a fuck buddy I had back in California named Amanda. She came to some of the basement jam sessions and enjoyed the music and drugs like I did. We began to get to know each other at those sessions over a couple weeks before I asked her over to my parents house to listen to punk music I had on cassette. Amanda was a sweet innocent girl who was from an upper class family who had ties to people high up in government. My father was a councilman and my mother served on many different boards in our local community so they were government stooges as well.

Amanda seemed like a shy pretty girl. She had nice D cup breasts and was a little on the thick side but she had solid muscle tone as she played field hockey in school. She had an amazing head of very thick hair that was light brown in color and hung down to her middle back that was parted over to the side like a huge ocean wave.

My parents were gone for the weekend for one of their many business trips when I invited Amanda over. I offered her some of my best weed and we got extremely baked by the pool. I stumbled out of my chair over to her then put my arm around her shoulder and said let’s go inside. We went to my bedroom where I showed her my extensive library of hard punk rock cassettes so she could choose what she wanted to listen to. I sat behind her on the bed just looking at her as she went through my collection admiring how beautiful she was and imagining her naked body laying across my bed, my face buried in her vagina. She picked out some tapes then we started listening to music and dancing around like we were at a punk concert. I was thrashing my head around headbanging to the music and was really getting into it like I was in a trance being still messed up from the weed. I noticed Amanda was dancing but wasn’t quite getting into it as much and I asked her what’s wrong. She looked at me then said i was lucky to have my hair shaved off like this as she couldn’t whip her head around because her hair was too heavy and it would hurt her neck. I walked up to her and ran my hand across her cheek then into her hair and said we could fix that.

Amanda’s face turned deep red then she said, ” Uh I would but my parents….”. I interrupted her and said, “Are not here. They can’t stop ANYTHING from happening here tonight. ” I ran my hand over her head gently pushing that thick wave of brown hair off her face then whispered seductively in her ear, “I could shave you Amanda right now. I cut my hair with my own set of clippers that are in my bathroom and I could get rid of all that hair for you as well.” I had never thought about shaving another girls head before but after she mentioned it, the idea of stripping her of that massive mane of hair kinda got me turned on. I changed the music over to a mix tape of romantic songs I used when I invited girls over for sex in the past. I led Amanda by the hand over to my desk and asked her to have a seat. She sat down and I told her I’d be back in a couple minutes as I kissed her on the cheek. I went into the bathroom and got my clippers from the cabinet along with a brush then hurried back to Amanda who was waiting in the chair. I plugged in the clippers then oiled them up for their difficult task ahead of removing all that thick hair and then walked around behind her in the chair.

Amanda was now kinda whimpering as she saw how serious the situation was and said, “Now that I think about it I don’t think we should do this. I might look really ugly without all my hair and you seem to like how I look right now. How about we wait a while to get to know each other better then maybe you could possibly shave my hair off.” I rested my head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “I think you’ll look just as awesome without all that hair. Like a real punk girl you will be so sexy and hot with a buzzed head that no one could resist you. I know I won’t be able to, Amanda.” I kissed her on the neck while pulling her shirt off. Her large tits were now exposed as she wasn’t wearing a bra and her long hair flowing down her bare back looked so beautiful. I brushed through her thick hair very slowly and she closed her eyes while enjoying the attention I was giving to her luscious long locks. Her hair was so perfect it was a shame that I was going to take it from her. When I buzz my head I usually use a 1/4″ guard attachment on my balding clippers so there’s a little hair to cover my scalp because my parent’s would complain when I went all the way to the skin. I wasn’t going to give Amanda that choice as I had popped off the attachment and left it in the bathroom. I was going to take ALL that beautiful hair off down to her pale white scalp the first time as I might never get the chance to shave her again.

Amanda still had her eyes closed as I quietly put the brush down on the desk and pushed her head forward then kissed her shoulders to draw her attention away from what I was really doing. I placed the clippers right at the nape of her neck beneath her thick brown hair and flipped the switch to turn them on so they would instantly dig into her hair. I grabbed the hair on top of her head tightly to hold her head down as I ran the clippers up into the back of her lovely hair. The machine buzzed loudly as it struggled mightily to mow a path through her dense jungle of hair. Finally it completed it’s way to the top of her head and there was a strip of white skin carved out from her thick mane. Amanda started to struggle trying to pull her head from my grasp as the clippers began another expedition into her pretty tresses. As I said earlier she is a sturdy built girl and she was going to overpower me soon so I had to seal her fate quickly. I pulled the clippers from the back of her head and moved them to the center of her forehead right at her sexy widows peak.

I yanked her head back so she was looking up at me then shoved the clippers back into her hairline as it peeled the hair from her head. A huge pile of hair came off her head and fell at my feet as the clippers carved a path of destruction across the top of her skull. I connected the front to the back like a reverse mohawk with a bald path down the center of her head. I positioned the clippers at her forehead again and was enthralled as I watched the hungry machine eat away at that giant wave of hair that usually flowed across the top of her head but now slid down to the floor. She was no longer fighting to get away as she just stared up at me with tears flowing down her face knowing that the damage was done. The clippers were working hard cutting through that thick hair and were getting so hot I thought they might melt before I finished. The floor around the chair was covered with long brown locks and more continued to fall from her pretty head as I finished removing all the hair from the top of her skull. I turned off the clippers and walked around her to take in the sight of how ridiculous she looked with her long thick hair hanging down her back from the sides of her head while the top of her head was shaved bare. She looked like a clown. I felt bad as she stared into my eyes sobbing when I stopped in front of her. I knelt down and held her chin in my hand then asked Amanda if she was ready for me to finish shaving her. She said angrily, “Just do it quickly”. I nodded to her.

I started in front of right ear and began running the clippers up the sides of her head. The pace sped up because the clippers had cooled off some and gotten their second wind. The hair began to pile up quickly on the floor as I made my way around her head. I held her hair in my hand as it was sheared from her head in large swaths. She had so much hair and it would take her years to grow it back out again. With three more passes all her long brown hair was gone. I then ran the clippers across her scalp from all angles to insure I hadn’t missed a spot. I turned off the clippers and inspected my work.

Amanda sat there half naked in the chair with only the hint of stubble covering her head. Her ears didn’t really stick out and her head was nicely shaped with no bumps or moles on it. She really looked great with a bald head and her eyes really stood out now without all that thick overpowering hair.

“Are you done?” She asked with an angry tone to her voice. “Yes I am.” I replied sheepishly. Amanda brushed the hair off herself and walked to the bathroom so she could look at herself in the mirror. I heard her in the bathroom talking to herself, “Oh fuck, what the hell did you do? ALL MY fucking hair is gone. I shouldn’t have smoked that weed.” She walked out of the bathroom and I figured she was getting dressed to leave. Instead she walked towards me and grabbed me by the neck then violently slammed my head down on the desk. I was barely conscious from the blow when I heard her say, “your turn bitch” as she held my head down against the desk and began to run the clippers through my hair very roughly. I guess she had never used clippers before as it felt like she was was ripping the hair from my scalp rather then shaving it. Her arms and hands were so strong that it felt like she was crushing my skull as she held me down. I went from being in control to having her completely dominate me as she shaved me bald against my will. All I could see was the little short blonde hairs shaved from my head falling in front of my face. Amanda picked my head up and slammed it back down on the desk so she could shave the other side. After about 5 minutes she grabbed me by the arm and pushed me into the chair then held me by the chin as she ran the clippers across both my eyebrows. She ran the clippers across my head like I did hers making sure to not miss a spot then turned them off. I looked up at her still dizzy and she smiled while rubbing my head then slapped me in the face so hard I lost consciousness.

I woke up naked laying face down in the huge pile of Amanda’s hair that was on the floor with my jaw aching. The hair smelled of perfume was so soft and thick that it was kinda like a pillow for my head. I slowly struggled to pull myself up from the floor to rest my head on the bed when I saw something that shocked me. Amanda was laying on my bed totally naked looking at me. She said, “hi sleepy head. Look I’m sorry for hitting you. I have an anger problem probably because I’m aggressive from sports and I don’t handle it well sometimes. I just flipped out when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I thought you were just going to buzz my hair off short like yours was and not shave my head bald like you did. Well, you didn’t shave it completely bald but I was bored while you were napping so I went back into the bathroom and found your mach 3 razor then some shaving cream. I lathered up my head and shaved it all the way smooth to the skin. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you because I also carried you into the bathroom, stripped your clothes off then shaved your head and eyebrows off smooth as well.”

I reached up to feel my head and she wasn’t kidding. My head was smooth as a cue ball. I climbed up into the bed and slowly crawled up to where Amanda was and laid down beside her. I looked at her shaven head which looked like it never had a hair on it except for being so pale under where all her hair had been. She rolled over on top of me and pinned down my arms with her muscular legs.

“You look like a boy with your shaved head and flat as a board body. A weak little boy who needs to service his queen like the submissive little slave that he is. I order you to eat my pussy and asshole you pathetic little loser.” said Amanda as she took control.

I gave her what she wanted that night and many more nights after that. I became her sex slave and she shaved me bald every time she came to my house whether I wanted her to or not while she began to grow her hair back out. She never offered me any sex and I was only there to pleasure her. That all ended one night when we were supposed to have the house to ourselves all weekend. I was wearing a strap on and was riding her when my parents came into my bedroom. They saw me on top of Amanda pinning her arms down so she couldn’t move and fucking her. My parents started yelling and Amanda got scared then told them that I had been forcing myself on her. She said I
shaved her head months ago against her will then threatened to hurt her if she didn’t continue do what I told her to. She got out of the bed and grabbed her clothes then went running from the house. Later that night my parents got a call from her father threatening to have me locked up and my parents told him I would be leaving town if he wouldn’t call the police. He agreed I think because he didn’t want Amanda’s story to get out to his snobby friends by going to court. That’s when my parents agreed to fully pay for my college if I moved out east.

I saw Amanda one more time before I left. It was about three months after that night we were caught in bed together. I was at the mall picking up a few things before my trip when I looked over at the food court and saw her.

She was with another girl and they were both wearing their field hockey uniforms and eating pizza. Amanda had stopped letting her hair grow out and now had it cut off into a very short flattop with it shaved smooth on the sides and down the middle on top. The other girl was pretty with long blonde hair nearly to her waist with a tanned lean athletic build but with nice curves in the right places. She was the total opposite of me. Amanda had lost all the extra weight that made her look plump from before and was now ripped with a muscular physic with veins popping out because of her low body fat. She now looked very masculine as she wore no makeup or any kind of jewelry. It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl who only a few months ago had all that beautiful thick long hair and now would look like a man if she didn’t have those big breasts. I watched them from afar but I could tell they were a couple as Amanda had her arm around the girl stroking her long blonde ponytail and kissing her on the lips a few times. They got up from the table and held hands as they walked through the mall. I followed them as they window shopped at different stores. Amanda’s hand reached up and undid the girls thick blonde ponytail so her long beautiful hair splayed out across her back and over her shoulders. They stopped walking and looked at each other before they shared a long passionate kiss then walked into a store.

The store happened to be a barbershop which I guessed is where Amanda now went since she had an extremely short men’s haircut. I hid behind a vendor cart and watched as the pretty blonde girl sat down in the barbers chair and a cape was thrown over her. Amanda said something to the barber then he picked up clippers from the shelf and placed them at the girls forehead. Over the next 5 minutes he methodically removed all her beautiful blonde hair down to just a faint stubble as Amanda looked on with a smile. He lathered up her head and used a straight razor to shave her down to the skin. At the same time Amanda was gathering up all the blonde hair off the floor and putting it in a bag for some reason. The barber finished shaving her then put some oil on her head and massaged it into her bare scalp. Amanda paid the barber then they walked out together holding hands and smiling each other. I followed them outside and that girls head literally shined like glass when the sun hit it. It was like she was so beautiful that she glowed. As they got in the car I could see Amanda rubbing the girls bald head and kissing her repeatedly as they drove off.

I never saw Amanda again before I left but I’ve heard lots of rumors from friends that the 2 of them got sports scholarships to a university up in Northern California. Supposedly both of them are bald now permanently after they got electrolysis treatments on their scalps. I think back on that day when Amanda was sitting in that chair and told me we probably shouldn’t shave her head. What if I had listened to her and she left my house with all her thick long brown hair still on her head. Would her life be totally different if she never met me? How many people’s lives did I change simply by shaving her gorgeous hair off?

But let’s get back to present day where a gift is going to fall into my lap.


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