what would you do for me?

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Jordyn and Virginia were very close friends. They always spent time together. Jordyn slowly began to fall in love with Virginia. Virginia’s smile, her gaze, everything was amazing. As that love grew in Jordyn’s heart, so did their friendship. They eventually went to the same university. House rents were pushing both of them, so Virginia offered Jordyn to be her roommate. Jordyn realized that she couldn’t contain these feelings any longer and decided to share her feelings with Virgina. virgina and jordyn were sitting in the cafe. Virginia began to speak.

Virginia: Don’t you think it would be great to be a roommate? we know each other very well. We love each other and get along very well.
jordyn: yes you’re right we love each other a lot but virginia there’s one thing you should know before we’re roommates… i love you so more than just a friend…

After this conversation, Virginia was in a serious shock and without saying anything, she got up from the table where they were sitting and left. A few hours later, Jordyn’s phone rang. It was Virginia. Virginia didn’t say much. She simply said, “Come to my house in an hour.” Jordyn went to Virginia’s house. Virginia immediately took her in. and began to speak. “Do you really like me, Jordyn?”.

jordyn: yes, yes… I’ve liked you for a very long time, but I didn’t want to ruin this beautiful friendship. Today I thought you had a right to know.
Virginia: Good because you can only do what I want if you love me. I thought about what you said. I like you too, but I have some limits. I can be with girls, but the person I’m going to be with has to be masculin. So would you change for me?
(Now it was Jordyn’s turn to be shocked.)
Jordyn: But don’t you like shopping together, applying nail polish, doing make-up too? (she looked at her own nails) I love my glittery nail polishes, my silk eyelashes.
(Jordyn closed her eyes, waited a minute, then spoke again.) Okay, I’ll do it. i change for you.
virgina: good because we’re starting tonight. I asked a barber friend of mine for help for you.
jordyn: what? You didn’t even know what to answer.
Virginia: ahh please do you think I’m stupid? I always knew you loved me. I’ve been waiting for you to confess for a very long time. Someone who waits that long will do anything.

They started to head to the barbershop together. Jordyn’s jet black, long, straight hair fluttered around her hips and blended into the night. Virginia’s curly red hair was flaming at her waist. It was an amazing sight to see them together. they finally arrived at the barber. Virginia took a firm step forward. jordyn was very dsha shy but went after her. Inside stood a man Virginia had introduced as Harry. Pointing quickly to the barber’s chair, he began to speak.

harry: come on please sit down. I should have gone home already by now but I couldn’t break through virginai so we better be quick. I also have my own business.
(jordyn sat on the chair in horror)
harry: yes what are we doing now?
virgina: I want a military haircut. understand that this is not a temporary thing. Besides, shaved “MEN” have always been very attractive to me. Other than that, you can decide how to cut it.

Jordyn started to cry. Didn’t expect such a severe cut. But she couldn’t take a step back now. She reluctantly agreed. A white stripe soon wrapped tightly around her neck. and was put on a black and white cloak. jordyn couldn’t stop crying. but harry was ready to get down to business and put the number 1 guard on the shaver. He put the shaver to her forehead. and pushed it back from her forehead. Jordyn began to cry even harder. She could see her own white skin through the bristly bristles. it was too short. Harry deftly reduced all his hair to one dye very quickly. Harry pressed Jordyn’s head to her chest. then the guard came out of the shaver and the bare iron touched her neck. Jordyn shuddered, but the feeling was short-lived as Harry finished the cut again too quickly before Jordyn even knew what was going on. the hairline was also above the occipital bone. Hot foam spread across her neck, temples, and sideburns, while Jordyn tried to figure out what was wrong and guess where her hairline was. just the foam didn’t touch the top of his head. Harry pulled out his razor. This time, very carefully and slowly, he ran the sharp razor across Jordyn’s skin. After this was over, Harry cleaned up the remaining foam. She applied a soothing lotion to the areas she had smoothed with the razor, and a little gel to the short bristles. Jordyn and Virginia were leaving the barber 30 minutes later. Virginia was still tossing her gorgeous, incredibly flaming hair. poor jordyn’s head was cold. She was very embarrassed. her hair was cut shorter than most men. It could even be said that she had no hair left. now her long jet-black hair lay lifeless on the floor in a barbershop’s shop. Her eyes and nose were red. prominent ears were sticking out of his head, adding embarrassment to his embarrassment. They soon returned home. Jordyn thought she was done, but she was wrong. jordyn had gone to the kitchen to drink water and relax. Virginia called out to jordyn from her bedroom. Virginia was sitting on her bed waiting for Jordyn. She gestured for Jordyn to sit beside her. Jordan sat down. Virginia had brought along cotton, lots of acetone, and nail clippers. jordyn knew what was coming. took a deep breath. She took one last look at her almond-shaped nails with beautiful glitter nail polish. First the nail polish came off, then Virginia took her nail clippers and cut Jorsyn’s nails so deep it hurt Jordyn. next were the kiepiks. She removed her silk eyelashes after removing Virginia Jordyn’s make-up that had deteriorated while crying. Jordyn felt like she had betrayed her femininity. but it wasn’t over yet.

Virginia: Can you take off your top?
(jordyn looked doubtful. shook his head. took off his shirt.)
virginia: hmmm… you have a pretty body but it’s too soft and feminine. We’re going to have to work on your body. You’re going to start the gym tomorrow, I want you to gain muscle. but first let’s get this done.
(shows virginia jordyn’s boobs)
jordyn: i don’t get it. What?
Virginia: Calm down, we’ll just tape it.You will stay here tonight. I want you to relax. we can sleep together. Sure, let’s tape her breasts first.
(Viginia took the bandage and pressed it tightly to Jordyn’s breasts.)
Virginia: You can get dressed again, my love. then come and lie down next to me.

Jordyn looked at the reward that awaited her on the bed. she grinned happily. On her way to Virginia, she caught sight of his reflection in the mirror and wondered if it was all worth it. She no longer felt like a woman. 3 MONTHS LATER

Virginia had already begun to mold Jordyn into the mold she wanted. Jordyn knew about some of what was done to her self, and some did not. jordyn spent almost all of her time in gyms, gaining muscle all the time. His body had become quite masculine. Virginia had recently started giving her testosterone, but Jordyn didn’t know it was testosterone. She would soon realize the truth. Her voice had deepened considerably and muscle gain had become much easier so Virginia had to admit what she had done, but Jordyn accepted the pills again the next day. She had embarked on a path of no return. Jordyn was constantly tying her breasts, and the haircut was maintained. When her beard grew with testosterone and her voice got thicker, there was nothing left to prove her femininity from the outside. Virginia wouldn’t let her cut any hair on her body. finally what was expected Virginia made it clear what she had planned from the very beginning.

Virginia: I want you to have a penis, jordyn. You’ve already come this far. You can go further, I know you’ll love it.

Jordyn remained silent until the end. but she knew she couldn’t refuse. She wished with all her heart to return to being a woman one day, but now she was losing that opportunity as well.


jordyn’s breasts were gone forever, something else had taken. Jordyn was now a handsome man. virginia was enjoying every bit of jordyn. jordyn hated everything. He hated every moment of everything he had done for Virginia. He was stuck in an identity he didn’t want to be, but that was it. At least he had Virginia. they eventually got married. but before they got married, jordyn’s name was changed to jordan. she came to he.

PS:I am aware that I write very simply, and I am sure that it reduces the pleasure of reading, but I cannot make complex sentences, I hope you still enjoy it.

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