When the rural comes to the urban

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Crown Jewel, a city just beyond the border of the rural sector of Kansas, was as busy as ever. The hustle and bustle never stopped in the city nor would the people have it any other way. But still, there were those places that got steady traffic. Like Horton’s barbershop: located in a mall just outside the city main square.

He got no more than sixteen people in his chair each day that wasn’t a holiday or event day. He wished he could have a more productive conversation with his customers but oh well, he would take what he would get.

On a Tuesday, he had a peculiar experience. A rural woman and her two daughters came into his shop, the woman wanted haircuts for herself and her children. As Horton was pinning up the woman’s chestnut hair, he asked what style she wanted. Without hesitation, she said,”Well, We live pretty far away from here and no one in our town can cut hair. And working on the farm all day with this hair is such a hassle. I would like you to take it all off of our heads so that we’re cool and can grow it back over the course of a year”

Horton was very surprised but what could he do, he was only a barber who worked for the cash; not giving a damn about who gives it to him. So, the chestnut tresses had to go and when they were gone, the mother of two was very satisfied. Up next was the eldest daughter and after the youngest, both with honey blonde hair. They didn’t seem to mind losing all the hair on their scalp, playing with the severed chunks in their lap.

When Horton was done, three bald ladies stood before him in denim dresses and freckles on their faces.

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