When Thunder Struck

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I just wanted to say that this is my first time posting here, and it’s been a long time since I really wrote anything so I am out of practice and it’s the first time I wrote anything like this in length.


by Brelaina the Butcher


Danielle is 22 years old she is 5′ 6″ tall with long dirty blonde hair that reaches down to her mid back. One day after work Danielle was heading to her car, as she got closer to the center courtyard of the plaza she noticed that the sky turned really dark and she darted for the closest store just as the heavy rains came. Danielle opened the door and a bell rang that gave away her presence “I’ll be right with you” a voice with a British accent from the back called out.

“Okay” Danielle replied with some uncertainty as she was staring at the purple and black with silver trimmed walls that had six barber chairs that match the decor on the walls, each chair was surrounded by makeshift cages that made up individual stations, there were three on each side ofthe shop. As Danielle finished inspecting the strange environment she found herself in, a woman emerged from the back of the shop, Danielle surmised that the woman was in her early 30’s, but Danielle wasn’t quite sure about the woman’s age because of the woman’s appearance, she was approximately 5’11” and wore 4″ black leather boots making her stand just over 6′, she also had on a shiny dark purple leather pleated mini skirt, an asymmetrical crop top that was half black and the other half a dark purple flannel pattern along with several studded wristbands and bracelets on her right arm, the woman’s makeup consisted of dark purple lipstick with black lip liner and dark purple and black smokey eyeshadow with black eyeliner with medium length false eyelashes, and her raven black hair was expertly cropped into what Danielle could only describe as a cross between a pixie cut and a chelsea cut with a tuff of hair that barely hung off the nape of her neck, Danielle found the woman’s appearance unusual but captivating. “Wow that storm came out of nowhere”! the woman exclaimed as a big crack of thunder rattled the window to the shop and a bright flash of lightning lit up the evening sky.

“Yeah I was heading to my car just as it rolled in, and ran to the closest store for cover as the rain just started to come down” Danielle remarked.

“Oh so you’re not here for a haircut”? the woman questioned with a little bit of playful disappointment in her voice.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t even realize what you’re shop was until I entered the door, I was just trying not to get drenched” Danielle confessed as the heavy rain smacked against the shop window.

“You’re more than welcome to stay and wait till the storm passes” the woman offered a friendly invitation to Danielle.

“Thank you but I wouldn’t want to intrude if you’re busy” Danielle replied politely trying to turn down the woman’s offer.

“Nonsense it’s been about an hour since I had a customer come in, and I doubt anyone would be coming in anytime soon with how bad the weather is. the woman extending the invitation once again.

“Besides it’s nasty out there, and you would be completely soaked before you even got to your car” the woman stated.

“If you insist” Danielle replied as the woman was walking to her station.

“Great why don’t you come have a seat in my chair Luv, and I’ll give you a proper haircut” the woman offered as she spun the barber chair around and patted the seat welcoming Danielle too take a seat.

“O o oh n n no that’s okay, I actually have an appointment to have my hair done tomorrow” Danielle nervously replied as she internalized what the woman’s definition of a proper haircut meant.

“Why wait till tomorrow to have your haircut you’re in my studio now, and it’s what I do for a living. I’ll make you a deal Luv, I’ll give you a free haircut today if you let me cut it however I want”.

“Besides what else are we going to do, as we wait out this storm? the woman questioned.

Danielle thought to herself for a moment, and asked herself what’s the worst that can happen it’s only a haircut after all.

“Okay you gotcha yourself a deal” Danielle replied.

“Awesome hop on up Luv and we’ll get started!!!” the woman beamed with excitement.

My name is Olivia everyone calls me Liv, and welcome to Vibe-9 hair studio” the woman introduced herself and her shop as Danielle climbed into the awaiting barber’s chair.

“Nice to meet you Liv my name is Danielle” Danielle responded in kind.

Danielle felt nervous sitting in the big barber’s chair surrounded by a cage in unfamiliar surroundings, as Liv wrapped tissue paper around her neck and snapped the cape tightly around Danielle’s neck making Danielle feel trapped.

Liv could feel the nervous tension in Danielle as she shook slightly in the chair, Liv leaned in over the chair and whispered in Danielle’s ear.

“It’s okay to be nervous Dani, but rest assured you’re in good hands Luv and you’re going too look amazing” Liv offered words of comfort and planted a soft kiss and left a smudge of dark purple lipstick on Danielle’s right cheek.

“That colour looks good on you, now let’s get this taken care of” Liv flirtishiously remarked as she teased Danielle’s hair.

Danielle was taken back by Liv’s action but wasn’t offended by it either, in fact not only did it put Danielle at ease but Danielle actually quite liked it and made her blush. Danielle found it rather strange that she was having these feelings, she never had feelings for another woman before. As Danielle was processing her thoughts Liv gathered up her hair and put it into a lose bun at the top of her head, grabbed her scissors and placed them right below the band in Danielle’s hair.

“Alexa play my butchherup playlist” Liv demanded.

“Playing butchherup playlist” the automated voice responded as industrial punk music began too fill the air of the shop.

“You ready Luv” Liv asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” Danielle replied. With out hesitation Liv sliced right through Danielle’s hair, leaving her with a rough bob that hung just below the top of her ears.

“WOW!!! that’s short” Danielle remarked with shocked excitement.

“I’ve never had my hair this short before” Danielle proclaimed.

“Well it’s only going to get shorter from here… much shorter” Liv answered with a slight purr in her voice as she clipped the remaining hair back on top of Danielle’s head, picked up her purple Wahl hair clippers off her work station and popped a #2 guard on and made several passes at back and sides of Danielle’s head reducing her hair to a 1/4″.

“What do you do work Dani?” Liv inquired.

“I work over at Bowerstone books on the west end of the plaza” Danielle answering Liv’squestion.

“Oh you guys have the best coffee and scones in the plaza, it’s a little out of the my way being on the other end but I make a point to go there every chance I get” Liv stated as she swiched out the #2 guard for a #1 guard too do a 1/8″ mid fade.

“Which brings me to my next question, why are you parked on the opposite side of the plaza?” Liv inquired.

“I was running late today do too an accident that had traffic all backed up, and they have the parking lot all under construction over there”.

“By the time I got here there were no parking spots closer” Danielle confessed her earlier inconvience that started out her day.

as Liv had now switched to a #1/2″ guard, fading the bottom of Danielle’s hair at the back and sides to 1/16″

“Oh that’s right I completely forgot that they were doing construction over there” Liv proclaimed as she swiched out the guard on the clippers again, this time she popped on a #6 guard.

“Okay Dani it’s time too even out the top, you ready for this Dani” Liv asked.

“W w wait are you giving me a buzz cut Liv?” Danielle asked nervously. Liv stepped in front of Danielle and leaned in.

” Yes Dani I am going to buzz the top, but it’s not going too be as short as you think” Liv said trying to once again ease Danielle’s nervous.

“You’re going too look amazing with what I have planned Dani”.

“What do have planned, how short is going to be?” Danielle inquired as she was trying to clam herself.

” This is a #6 guard it’s going to leave the top at 3/4 of an inch in length, then I am going too shape it” Liv vaguely explained.

“Shape it?” Danielle asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“You’ll see you’re going too love it, trust me Dani with your facial features you’re going too rock this style” Liv reassured her and planted another kiss so she this time on Danielle’s forehead, Liv carefully kissed Danielle so she wouldn’t leave another smudge of lipstick on her. With that Danielle nodded in approval then Liv undid the clip holding the remainder of Danielle’s long precious locks, and plunged her clippers right down the middle of Danielle’s head.

“You don’t mind that I call you Dani do you? Liv asked as she made several more passes through the top of Danielle’s hair.

“No it’s fine, I am okay with it” Dani replied as she thought to herself on why was allowing Liv too call her Dani, she didn’t even allow her friends and family too call her that, Dani couldn’t help the fact that deep down she was attracted too Liv.

“Oh good I didn’t want too put you off, I have a habit of shorting people’s names” Liv professed one of her quirks to Dani as Liv finished buzzing the top to one length. Liv then grabbed a large flat comb inserted in the side and back of Dani’s hair craving the clippers upwards, blending the sides in with the top.

“Okay Dani I need you too sit completely still for this part, Okay Luv.

“Okay” Dani replied and complied with Liv’s request, as Liv took off the guard and placed the large comb a few centimeters below the tips at the top of Dani’s hair. Liv made several passes front to back, and crisscrossing from side to side. Liv made her final inspection making sure everything was nice and even then applied some really stiff hair wax to keep Dani’s hair standing straight up in uniform.

“Well whatda think Dani!” Liv asked excitedly.

“OH MY GOD!!!… what did you do too me Liv?” Dani asked with shocked excitement and with a very stunned look on her face.

“It’s called a flattop… for the obvious reason of being completely flat on top, so do you like it” Liv asked again.

“Oh my God I can’t believe I’m about too say this… but I absolutely love it, can’t believe how good it looks!” Dani beamed with absolute joy.

“I am so glad you like it, I knew it would look good on you” Liv remarked.

“I knew you could pull off such a haircut, cause you have similar facial features too Ruby Rose” Liv giving Dani a very flattering compliment as the two women began too share a passionate kiss between them as the storm had passed.

“Would like too join me for Thai food” Liv asked soothingly.

“Yes yes I would” Dani cooed as Liv went too wipe off the smudge of lipstick she left on Dani’s right cheek that she left earlier, Dani stopped her before she could remove it.

“Leave it I look good in this color remember” Dani reminded Liv of her words from when she had kissed her for the first time, then the two women locked up the shop and left for dinner.


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  1. This was absolutely adorable! I would suggest being more thorough in your proofreading, as I see myriad little errors here and there, but none of them are enough to really make the story any worse. Just little grammar/spelling errors, but it’s far from difficult for me to figure out what you meant. Despite that, however, I love this story. I love the style Dani ended up with, and the unusual circumstances by which she ended up in Liv’s shop, and also just- Liv as a whole. Her entire character so far is just,,, magical, I’d dare say. I can’t wait to read the follow-up!

    1. No <3 thank you I am glad you like it. I am working on trying to hone my spelling and grammar, which is definitely a challenge
      cause I am very much a novice writer at best. I will definitely try to improve my skills and get better. Again I am glad you enjoyed it nonetheless

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