When you both love ft.Cousin

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My cousin who looks awesome with her very long hair below her butt got married few months before, her husband works out of station so he resides home once a week. One day everyone on my family has planned for a trip but not me so they told me to stay with my cousin till they return.

And its common that I get horny for her long hair as I have hair fetish. On that night we both slept on the same bed, she slept making her long hair visible to me which made me horny so I just went near her, took my dick out and started playing with her hair, I thought she is slept but she isn’t she just turned towards me and found me playing with her hair.

And I’m sure that it’s my only opportunity to get her, I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it which aroused her and she started kissing me, I removed her dress and sucked her boobs hard. Then I just made her to doggystyle and fucked her hard while pulling her long silky hair I just let all cum on her panties and made her to wear it.

And we both slept nude that night, I gathered all her hair with me and slept covering myself with those silky long hair. The next morning again she took my dick when I got morning wood and I used to go to her home whenever she or I get in the mood to fuck.

It’s been long since we both started fucking and I have never done anything with her hair and I can’t control myself seeing her in long hair, so I had decided to make her bald and don’t allow her to grow her hair back again.

One evening when she called me to fuck her, I went to her home with all the tools needed to shave her hair. When she opened the door, she noticed me with a bag and asked what I just distracted her and we both started having fun. After having sex, she felt sleepy and fall asleep and I know that’s my time to get her hair, I just gathered all her hair into a ponytail and chopped that ponytail into my hand and kept it on my bag which I bought.

The next morning when she woke up, she tried to gather her hair all together to make a bun but all there is just an irregular bob. She doesn’t get angry or confused on seeing her hair she just asked me whether that’s my job and I answered yes. She told me that she already knew about my fetish and she was ready to give her hair to me, on that moment I became a little emotional and fucked her hard. After that she let me shave her head bald while she suck my dick and finger herself.

I kept her long ponytail with myself and asked her to keep those remaining shaved hair with her forever. I told her I won’t let her to grow hair till I wish and she agrees with that, after that I used to shave her whenever I wanted to and it’s been years since I never let her grow hair on her head as well as pussy, Now she is a cute bald bitch cousin.

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