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When did you realize you had a haircut fetish?

For me.

I was walking home from school in the 8th grade.

  • I lived in a smaller city in Texas. We had a barber shop on one end of Broadway and a womans salon on the other. Being it was only a half mile long they was close but the ladies place was on my way home. As I passed by I glanced in the window and seen a young lady. Around 15 years  I’m guessing with her mother apparently giving directions to cut her hair short.
  • The mother showing the stylist over the ear and chin length.  I was paralyzed watching.  When the stylist began to chop off her long brown hair.
  • In my mind I could hear the scissors crunching and slicing though her hair.
  • Snip by snip long brown hair was dropping to the floor. The the girl cried huge tears that ran down her face and dropped from her chin.
  • The stylist took no mercy. Pushing her head to the right then lopping off 10 inches of hair above the left ear then down towards her collar. Then doing the same for the right. She pushed her head forwards at her mothers request. Then the stylist reached over to the desk and picked up a pair of clippers with a short guard. Now I’m thinking it was a number three or four. It passed up the neck leaving a trail of short brown bristle hair. The hair seemed to float in slow motion like feathers to the floor with each pass the stylist went a little higher flipping her wrist with each stroke more and more hair floated down to the floor.
  • The girl protested but it seemed to only make it worse. The stylist went shorter. Thee more she complained.
  • Then with a just single pass over each  ear the haircut was all but done. The stylist finished shaping the cut with a comb and scissors.
  • I watched as long as I could before I burst in my jeans.
  • I walked away that day with a feeling that can’t be described.
  • The next day at school I seen the victim of the tragic event sitting alone in the cafeteria. Head down trying not to be noticed I guess.

I was so curious to why. I

approached her and introduced my self and told her I had witnessed the event and it was an awful thing to have you r haircut unwillingly. Truthfully I was getting harder by the second.

Turns out she was disqualified from the cheer squad for smoking on school grounds.

She ended up with an inverted Bob that was super short.

This was the only time she talked to me.  I kept tabs on her though.  Her hair was never more than shoulder length while she was in school anyway.

I made sure I checked that window and everyday on the way home.  A few times I seen an older lady getting a clipper cut shaped up but it never had the same effect.

  Only time I reached that satisfaction again is when my wife lost a bet and allowed me to pick her cut.

Being a barber it got short.

One response to “When?

  1. I don’t know when I first noticed my fetish. I think I had already as a young boy. As long as I know I want to touch long hair. In buses or trains, I tried to sit behind longhaired girls, trying to touch a strand of the long hair peeping out between window and seat.
    And in passing someone with long hair, I still feel the urge to touch it, brush it with my hand, without being noticed. And yes, there are these hairdressers salons, good view from outside sometimes… But alas never able to see it good enough. A few years ago, my curiosity almost brought me in trouble, as I was asked in to a salon (I had been staring a long time). The hairdresser told me about the hair of her client, it had been almost but length, but now already thrown away. I asked for it, only couldn’t give a good explanation why I wanted it, so it stayed in the bin. Later I have taken a some shorn locks from the floor, with the consent of my barber at that moment. But never had the pleasure to be witness in real time of a mayor change. Happily there are videos to watch from close 🙂

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