Where The Wild Things Were

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Jujou didn’t come to this particular bar often. Dyke bars weren’t normally her scene but, every once in a while she felt the urge. The urge to tease more challenging prey than the usual predictable men she interacted with in her more familiar haunts. Besides, most of the guys were on to her games now and refused to play along. “Sour grapes” she mumbled as she pushed through the western style swinging doors and into the dim, air conditioned comfort of the Lady’s Choice Western Bar and Grill, Albuquerque, NM.

Sawdust whispered beneath her trendy cowboy boots and the grainy fragrance of cheap beer assaulted her nose causing it to wrinkle in the cutest way.

“Ahhh” she thought as she opened her senses to the room, “A perfect hunting ground!”

It didn’t take long, she got the first nibble seconds after she pulled up to the bar.

“Buy you a beer sweetheart?” the stout woman said from behind her.

“Sure!” Jujou replied in her most coquettish voice.

The bartender set up a pair of brews before her as as her potential victim took the stool next to her.

“Name’s Raven” she said as she settled down. “Who might you be?”

“I’m Jujou but mostly I go by JJ” she replied as she shook the other’s proffered hand.

Raven was an interesting looking woman. Fiftyish, dressed in black slacks and a white man’s button down shirt she was very capable looking and her brush cut salt and pepper hair lent her a definite ex-military air.

“Bull Dyke” the petite redhead thought as she invitingly tossed her beautiful red hair.

They sat and made small talk and as the night wore on Jujou began to see a vulnerability in her companion. Something to exploit later should she desire to do so.

About an hour before closing the door opened and a lovely, woman of about 50 entered the bar. She sat down next to Raven who was by now slightly tipsy and said, “Sorry I’m late!” in an exasperated voice.

Raven leaned in and gave the stunning blond a loving kiss on the lips.

“No need to be sorry Ann, You’re worth waiting for!”

Ann smiled and asked, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your drinking partner?”

Raven replied “Where are my manners!” and with her slight Texas drawl introduces Jujou to Ann.

They settled in nicely and chatted amicably ’til closing and as they entered the parking lot Ann said to Jujou, “JJ, it was a real pleasure meeting you! We’ll be here about 8:00 next Saturday as well and would LOVE to have you join us again!”

“That would be great” replied the petite redhead as she combed back an errant lock of hair back.

“Then it’s a date!” said Raven with a happy smile as she courteously opened Jujou’s car door. “See you Saturday at 8:00!”

“The game’s afoot!” thought Jujou as she hit the gas and headed for home.

Saturday night came and went and Jujou didn’t show. Around midnight Ann’s cell phone received a text message.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it. I’m REALLY sick tonight. Can we make it for next Saturday?

It was not their style to let things get to them and their friends would never have guessed that anything was amiss. So, though disappointed they had a great time with their friends.

They left the bar at closing and on their way home happened to come across a scene that set their teeth on edge.

There, outside the front entrance of a trendy club with the even trendier name of Effex was Jujou, their long lost date but, she was NOT alone. Nor for that matter did she look sick at all. In fact, she appeared to be having a wonderful time in the arms of a well built young man.

As Raven and Ann slowly drove by the two love birds broke their passionate embrace just long enough to get into his sporty convertible (He didn’t even bother to open his car door but hopped in over the top). As Jujou and her paramour sped into the night Raven and Ann looked at each other in disgusted surprise.

“That lying little whore!” said Ann in exasperation. Raven just laughed softly and replied, “Don’t worry honey. Girls of her ilk always get what they deserve.”

“Yes, they do” answered Ann as she typed a text message into her phone. “No problem sweetie! We’ll be waiting for you next Saturday. Wear something nice.”

The car passed into the night as the two spurned lovers laid their plans.

The club was busy…REALLY busy. As Jujou walked through the swinging doors she quickly scanned the crowd like a hungry lioness scans a heard of zebras. Long years of practice had honed the pretty redhead’s skills and she could pick out a mark with little effort. Tonight, the place was full of needy faces, their hunger an almost palpable undercurrent to the country western music that pumped through dog eared speakers.

Tonight, she’d dressed for the part. A straw cowboy hat, hole at the peak, brim curled “just right”. A checkered red and white western shirt tied tightly under her pert, bra less breasts with only enough buttons done enough for “decency” and super tight saddle seat blue jeans broken in just enough to give them the lived in look. Her snake skin cowboy boots scuffed the sawdust (she was sure it hadn’t been changed since her last visit) as she reached up and coquettishly tucked an errant lock of silky red hair behind her ear. As she stood in the door way her taxi turned in the parking lot and for an instant its headlights transformed her into a western version of Botticelli’s Venus.

The taxi passed. The lights dropped and as her eyes adjusted the crowd, hungry mouths hanging open rematerialized.

Turning to the bar, Jujou zeroed in on this night’s prey. Raven and Ann sat at the bar, seemingly unimpressed. Perhaps they had missed her entry?

“Hi guys!” she said in her peppiest voice. “Sorry I missed you last week. I really felt terrible!”

Raven and Ann nodded in uninterested agreement.

“Buy me a drink?” asked Jujou.

Raven nodded to the bar keep. A strikingly pretty if somewhat masculine woman of about 40 with a flat top haircut and the stub of a cigar in the corner of her mouth.

“Get my young friend here a drink Doris…anything she wants.”

Doris nodded back and turning to Jujou, shifted the cigar and asked: “What’ll it be honey?”

Though a bit intimidated by this VERY capable looking woman Jujou managed to squeak out “Um, I’ll have a Strawberry Daiquiri…please?”

Doris looked back at Jujou as if she’d just discovered some slightly gooey new creature living under a rock. She paused for a second and replied, “We don’t serve no lady drinks in here. Hell, I don’t even have a blender! Chose something else…something with BALLS!”

Snickers were heard around the room and somewhat embarrased, Jujou swallowed hard and then confidently replied, “Vodka…neet.”

Raven looked sideways, Ann sort of snickered and Doris smirked and snorted as she set the shot glass on the bar and poured a shot of Vodka.

“What?” said Jujou, a look of confusion on her face.

“Nothing Honey…nothing at all” answered Doris, a slight smile still on her full lips.

“OK…what’s wrong with a shot of Vodka?” Jujou said louder than she had to. “Not MANLY enough for you guys?”

Even with the music playing in the background you could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

“MANLY enough???” said Doris as she bent down and pushed her face into Jujou’s “What’s THAT supposed to mean…GIRL?”

“It’s…it’s just an…expression.” Replied the now clearly rattled red head. “I…I didn’t mean anything by it.

Placing a calming hand on Doris’ arm Raven quietly and calmly said “Relax Doris, she didn’t mean any harm. After all, she’s not REALLY one of us.”

Doris reared back, eyes widening in understanding and said “You mean she’s…BI?”

“Yuuup!” answered Ann in bored agreement.

“Hey! Wait a minute you guys!” exclaimed Jujou. “I’ve had PLENTY of girlfriends and they ALL said I was damned good too!”

“Sure thing Red…” answered Doris as she nonchalantly wiped down the bar.

Jujou was pissed now. She scooped up the vodka and downed it in one swallow before slamming the glass upside down onto the bar.

“Gimme another” she said defiantly.

“Another drink coming up…for the LADY” replied Doris sarcastically as she reached for the vodka.

“NO!” said the angry little redhead. “Not vodka…make it a shot of Jack!”

Doris paused, smiled and looking at Jujou over her shoulder said “Hm…maybe there are some balls in them jeans after all…”

The whiskey flowed and the night grew long. Before she knew it Jujou was far beyond her normal limit. In fact, she was drunk as hell and the drunker she got, the more daring she became. It wasn’t long before her natural tendency to flirt was getting the best of her. To her surprise the more masculine looking Raven turned out to be an excellent dancer and an even better kisser! Ann was in her element, Willowy, sexy as a woman half her age and more than a little horny (or so it seemed to Jujou). But, it was the strong and surly bar tender who really got her motor running.

As Doris poured yet another round of Jack, Jujou squinted and tried to imagine her as she must have looked at her own age. Her face was pretty in a strong raw boned way that gave away her Irish heritage and oddly enough, the pale blond flat top gone almost white somehow enhanced it’s femininity . She had probably never been slight and spritely like herself but, her well muscled yet feminine arms and broad shoulders lent her an air of capable-ness that Jujou found rather…exciting. Time and again she caught herself staring at the bar tender and imagining those strong arms embracing her tightly.

As she slammed yet another shot glass to the table Jujou had a strange moment of clarity. Pausing in her laughter she asked “What did you mean when you said I wasn’t REALLY one of you? What’s wrong with bein’ Bi?”

“Oh Honey…” said Raven stroking Jujou’s lovely red hair. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bein’ BI!. It’s just that we get a lot of bi girls who come in here, hook up and then run on back to their man. We have feelings too and they just trample all over them and that pisses us off like nothing else.”

“I would never do THAT to you guys!” replied the now clearly drunk red head said as she snuggled deeper into Raven’s hug. “I like you guys too much!”

“Well,” said Raven, “we like you too. It’s just that we’ve all been burned too many times to really trust a bi girl. We would need some sort of…well, assurance before we could REALLY trust her.”

“What kind of insurance?” she replied

“Assurance Honey, not insurance…at least not yet.” interjected the normally quiet Ann.

“I don’ get it” said Jujou now clearly confused.

“You know…assurance.” added Doris. “Something to ASSURE US that the girl wasn’t up to no good. That she wouldn’t run to the dick the first chance she got.”

“You mean like a contrack?”

“Yes…Like a contract.”

“You got one?” asked Jujou as her head wobbled ever so slightly. She was gonna have a massive headache in the morning but tonight…she was feelin’ no pain.

“Funny you should ask, I just happen to have one right here.” answered Raven as she put her satchel on the table and pulled out some papers and a pen. “I was just teaching a class on negotiation tonight and have a few extra copies right here!”

“Gimme that!” said Jujou as she grabbed the papers and pen from Raven’s hand. The others looked on curiously as Jujou scratched her name in the space at the bottom of the last page without bothering to actually read it. “Anyone else wanna sign up with me?”

“Of course we do!” replied Raven as she accepted the pen and paper from the drunk redhead. She signed it and passed it to Ann who then added her name passed it to Doris.

As the only one of the three who had never read it Doris paused To scan the paper. As her eyes tracked across the terms of the contract her they grew wide with surprise and her smile grew wide with eager joy.

“Hurry up and sign the darn thin so we cin get this show goin!” Jujou said as she downed another shot.

“You’re sure about this?” asked Doris, eyes narrowed.


Doris put pen to paper and signed

“OK then…let the games begin!” she said as she raised her glass in a toast!

“Yup!” replied Jujou, “Let them begin!”

“Good then!” said Doris. “Take off All of your clothes…NOW!

“Wha…?” jujou’;s face fell as she took in the Bar Keep’s order. “I…I don understan…”

“You don’t understand?” Answered Doris. “What’s not to understand?”

“Why? Why take m,my clothes off?” asked the rapidly sobering redhead.

“Did you not sign the contract?”

“Um…yeah, I guess so…”

Doris picked up the contract read aloud. “The undersigned sub is forbidden the use of clothing for as long as she is in service. Further more, the sub agrees to obey his/her Master(s)/Mistress(es) without hesitation NO MATTER WHAT HE/SHE/THEY ASK.”

“Do you not understand what “FORBIDDEN means?” asked Doris, now clearly getting angry.

“Um…yes.” the petite redhead shyly replied.

“Then let me read you another part of the contract…Disobedience on the part of the undersigned sub will result in punishment as deemed appropriate by his/her Master(s)/Mistress(es). Do you understand what THAT means?”

“Yes” she replied meekly…quietly.

“Then WHAT…are you going to do?” asked Ann.

“Ummm…undress…I guess.” It was barely audible.

“You guess?” asked Raven sternly.

“I…I mean…Undress, I’m going to undress.”

“I’m going to undress….?”

“I’m going to undress…Ma’am…” Jujou replied meekly.

“Much better!” said Raven.

“Well?” asked Doris.

“Well what?” said jujou

“Well…what are you going to do?”


“Then get to it!”

The poor redhead leaned in close and whispered, “But…there’s people here.They’ll see me. They’ll see me naked!”

“Honey,” said Doris as she locked the door, “If you don’t get the lead out THAT is gonna be the least of your worries!”

She turned to Ann and Raven but saw no mercy there.

Slowly, jujou unbuttoned her checkered shirt. Clumsily, she struggled with the tight knot until at last it came free.

“Lets see them titties said a rugged looking blond from a near by table.

“Come on red…” coaxed Doris, “give it over…”

The shirt fell from jujou’s shoulders and coyly covering her breasts the blushing girl handed it over the bar.

“Get them boots off next.” Ordered Doris.

Off they came followed by jujou’s socks. She handed them over the bar and they joined her shirt on one of the higher shelves.

“Your pants” said Ann, holding out her hand.

Still covering her breasts the embarrassed girl handed them over. On the shelf they went.

“Please, I don’t want to be naked in front of these women. Let me keep SOMETHING!

“OK red,” said Doris. “Nope, fork over those fancy panties of yours!”

“But…but you said I could keep something!”

“Sure…you can keep the hat…that’s something.”

Defeated, the poor redhead slipped out of her panties and handed them over the bar where they joined the rest of her clothes on the shelf.

Doris pointed to an empty chair in front of the bar and said, “You…slave, get up on that there chair, I want everybody to get a good look at ya.”

The sexy petite redhead dejectedly climbed the chair and turned to face the crowd, hands covering her boobs and crotch.

“Hands at your sides slave!” ordered Doris. “I said I want everybody to SEE you!

As the poor redheaded slave stood on display with her hands reluctantly at her sides for all to see Doris addressed the crowd.

“Y’all see them clothes on that there shelf? THOSE are the LAST clothes this SLAVE is EVER gonna wear! From this point on she will be NAKED at ALL times. Tomorrow we are going over to her place and collect everything she own. Come on down to the bar tomorrow night and you’ll get a chance to bid on what ever strikes your fancy!”

The bar erupted with cheers and Doris walked up to jujou and gave her a resounding slap on the ass that almost knocked the poor redhead from her perch. “Come on down SLAVE” she said as she walked away.

After closing, they had jujou clean the whole place top to bottom. They even had her sweep and shovel the sawdust from the floor and replace it from the bales out side the back door. Though no one was in the alley the poor girl was deathly afraid that SOMEONE would see her and yet, If someone did see her maybe, just maybe there would be a chance to escape…

A car came down the alley and she watched as it parked and a handsome young man exited it two doors down. Screwing up her courage jujou prepared to shout for help but, as her lungs filled with air a hand fell upon her slight shoulder and squeezed firmly.

“Now, you wouldn’t be thinkin’ about violating your contract on the very first night…would ya?” asked Doris

“Ah…no Ma’am” answered the very flustered girl.

“Well, that’s good to know” said Doris. “Come on in, we got one more thing to discuss before the night is through.

“Ah…OK, I’m almost finished…I’ll be right in.”

Doris returned to the bar and a short time later that handsome young man returned. Talking on his cell phone he got into his car and started driving down the alley towards jujou.

“This is it” she thought, “It’s now or never!”

As the car neared her jujou hopped out in front of it stark naked. The man inside was clearly startled to see a beautiful naked redhead suddenly materialize out of the dark but became attentive as she opened his passenger side door and hopped in.

Ducking down she turned to the stunned man and whispered harshly “DRIVE! Just DRIVE!

“A…OK, OK! ” he replied as he hit the gas. “What happened to you?” he asked still more than a little stunned.

Breathlessly, she told him the whole story as he drove before giving him directions to her house. “PLEASE! Take me home…please Please!”

“OK, OK!” He replied. “I’ll take you where you need to be!”

“Oh thank you…thank you sooo much!”

“No problem! I always help people in need out!’

They drove through the night and at last, the young man pulled over and said OK, this is your stop.”

Carefully, jujou opened the car door a crack only to see…Raven, Ann and Doris standing in front of the Lady’s Choice’s open doors.

“Thanks Johnny” said Raven as she took jujou by the hand and led her through the door.

“But, you said you’d take me where I needed to be!” she said to Johnny as she was led away.

Johnny shouted after her, “This IS where you need to be!”

It was bad enough that she was always naked now, but did they have to make her empty out her house like that? The poor little red head had been ordered to put everything she owned into a moving van parked in the driveway. It was pretty close to the front door, but not quite close enough. There were about 15 feet in the open that had to be traversed in order to reach the concealment of the van doors. Each trip required both stealth and timing. Fortunately, jujou was not seen until she brought out the final load. It was a small load, only a handful of trinkets, so, they didn’t cover much when she looked up to find her neighbor and her 18 year old son looking on in disbelief. She almost flew into the back of the van, but it took long enough for her to see the boy’s shocked expression change to one of unbridled lust. For some reason, this did more to make her feel like a slave than anything she’d had to do the previous night.

As the van sped off into the late afternoon Raven remarked “Looks like the boys are still after your sexy little butt! We’re going to have to do something about that.”

“Too much temptation.” added Ann.

“Don’t you guys worry none” said Doris with a knowing grin, “I have a plan to deal with that little problem…”

The hours passed as jujou emptied the van and put her prized possessions on the bar for the patrons’ viewing pleasure.

At 7:00 the doors were unlocked and a record crowd filed into the bar.

“I guess the word is out!” said Doris as she playfully slapped the naked redhead on the ass.

The auction started at 8:00. Bidding was spirited but prices low. Everything went…cheap!

Things picked up a bit when her intimate apparel hit the block, but no one was going to get rich off of this auction.

The final item, a lovely pair of see through black panties with a lace border was on the block. A lovely blond girl who couldn’t have been more than 21 got them for $5.00. They cost her $40.00. The winning bidder came up and claimed her prize. As she returned to her seat the petite blond caught jujou’s eye, raised the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply. The message was clear, jujou would be “seeing her around”.

Dejected, the poor redhead hung her head and a sob caught in her throat.

Her attention was drawn by Doris when she planted herself before the bar and began speaking.

“I want to thank you all for coming. The money raised tonight will all go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. Now…on to the final auctions of the night!”

The crowd went wild. Did they know something she didn’t?

The redheaded slave looked back at the bar but, nothing remained to auction off.

A small platform was brought out from behind the bar and set beside her. “What the hell?” she thought. Suddenly jujou’s blood ran cold. She turned to look and Doris was motioning her to mount the platform. They were going to sell HER!

As she stood in shocked realization Doris grabbed a lock of her red pubic hair and tugging on it, used it to force her up and onto the platform.

“What am I bid for item #1?” she said loudly. The bidding was viscous with various women competing at a frantic pace. Unlike the other items the price of “Item #1” soon rose into the hundreds of dollars! The winner, a butch looking woman the others called Pug grinned deeply as she paid Doris the winning amount of $450.00 but oddly…no item changed hands! What was going on?

The bidding for “Item 2” was even more aggressive and finally an older and rather mannish woman called Chef won the prize. $900.00 changed hands but nothing else.

Next, Doris announced the “final item of the night” Item 3.

This time the bidding was out of control and for the first time the little blond who had bought her panties joined the fray. The final bid was $1,200.00 and the blond who went by the unlikely name of Daisy paid in cash. Nice crisp $100.00 dollar bills. Once again…nothing else changed hands.

She absentmindedly sipped the drink anonymous hands had slipped her as she contemplated the the mystery. What had these women been bidding on? What did she have that was of that much value?

The room was hot and jujou suddenly felt exhausted. Now her head was spinning and the poor redhead felt the need to sit…fast. Doris asked her if she felt “OK” but, she couldn’t answer, A chair was brought and jujou settled back into it’s wonderful comfort. The smell of leather teased her nose and the chair tilted back comfortably as a feeling of euphoria came over her. This wasn’t so bad, In fact, it was quite nice. A pair of foot rests were raised and someone gently placed her tired feet upon them. It didn’t occur to her that anything was wrong until someone spread the foot rests widely and her cunt was exposed for all to see. Even then, there was no sense of urgency. A pair of hands stroked her pubic hair and when she looked up…there was that Pug woman standing between her legs. She tried to close them but, the will to do anything but observe had already left her as she felt Pug’s nails comb through her nicely groomed ginger thatch.

Pug had something in her hand, something shiny that buzzed as she lowered it toward jujou’s beautiful red bush. The vibrations felt wonderful and jujou closed her eyes as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Then, as quickly as it started…the buzzing went away. Pug was smiling and holding up a bag in which there appeared to be some sort of small furry animal. How odd…

But…someone was now massaging her scalp as well and that was just fine with jujou. She relaxed as her lovely red hair was collected into a thick pony tail. Then, the buzzing started again. It was annoying…something told her she should get up and run but, the effort was simply too great so, she stayed in the chair and accepted her fate, whatever it might be.

The buzzing was now in her head. It seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. Maybe it had something to do with the insistent tugging on the right side of her head?

A single strand of red hair floated through her vision and she thought “Hey, it’s the same color as my hair…”

It all came together in an instant. The small furry thing in the bag, the buzzing, the tugging and that single strand of hair. It wasn’t just the same color as her hair…it was HER hair! Someone was shaving her head!

A panic raced within her, she had to move NOW but, for some unfathomable reason, she couldn’t!

Drugged! That was it! Her drink must have been spiked with something. Her mind was now completely clear but her body simply refused to act. She wasn’t paralyzed. She could feel EVERYTHING. Every tug, every pass of the clippers made her mind scream out “NO!” but, her body had betrayed her and she could only lay there as Chef stripped every last hair from her head.

“I must look like a freak” she thought as her head was lifted to afford Chef better access to the back. At last it was done and Chef danced around in front of her holding her prize aloft. The gorgeous red curls that many a guy complimented her on and many women looked jealously at still looked shiny and bouncy in the see through plastic bag that now held them.

Finally, it was Daisy’s turn. The petite blond climbed up on the chair and straddled jujou’s unmoving form. “You should have called me the next day like you promised” she said as she leaned in nose to nose. “I bet you’re thinking there’s nothing left to take…aren’t you? Well, there’s ALWAYS something more to take.”

The small clippers popped to life and Daisy pressed them against jujou’s brow…HARD. Without hesitation but not without a smile the tiny woman plowed the blades through jujou’s right eyebrow, removing it from her still helpless face barely showing shock. The other brow soon followed. “You think I’m finished. Don’t you? Like I told you, there’s always something more to take.” Minutes later jujou’s eyelashes were trimmed as short as they could go with a small pair of curved scissors and were virtually gone as well. Daisy calmly dusted the meager remains of jujou’s brows and lashes and lashes into a small ziplock bag.

“Bet you’re wondering why we’re keeping these, aren’t you?” she taunted. “You’ll find out soon enough!”

The drug was wearing off. Though movement was slowly returning to jujou’s leaden limbs, she still lacked the will to do anything to protect herself from the others. Daisy’s words still echoed through her mind: “there’s always something more to take”. The poor girl shuddered to think what they might take next.

There was a subtle murmur building in the the room. Some sort of under current of whispers was building all around her but, before she could decipher what was being said, it ended. Daisy approached the three ladies who were hosting the night’s festivities and began speaking.

Strain as she might, jujou could only catch snippets of the earnest conversation that was passing between them. At last, they seemed to come to some sort of agreement and Daisy returned to her table as Raven held up a hand for silence.

“Miss Daisy here has informed me that you all are unsatisfied with what has transpired here tonight.” she said in a soft drawl. “It would seem that more than a few of you ladies have been deceived by this young lady in the past and feel that the corrective measures we have employed while successful in removing some of her most enchanting temptations are not sufficient to break her of her evil ways.”

She placed her hand on jujou’s sheared head and slowly rubbed it as she continued to speak. “It would seem that some of you want a more appropriate and lasting punishment.” Raven’s hand left jujou’s head and reached into her pocket. From there she produced a gleaming and wicked looking straight razor. “It would seem that the most popular choice is a cliterectomy.”

Her hand gently cupped jujou’s breast before sliding down her stomach and parting her neither lips. With surprising ease, jujou’s clit was rubbed to attention.

Ice cold fear ripped through jujou’s suddenly clear head but, try as she might she could not overcome the effects of the drug. “NO!” she screamed in her mind…”Please don’t cut off my clit! PLEASE!”

Slowly, gently Raven stroked the razor’s edge along the side of jujou’s hardened nub. The crowd held it’s collective breath, Raven leaned in close and whispered evilly “One quick cut and the problem ends…right?”

Just as quickly…she withdrew and the audience released it’s breath. “But…we have decided we like her clit just where it is…for now.”

“Thank GOD!” jujou said inside but, before she could enjoy her relief…

“HOWEVER…” continued Raven, “Clearly SOMETHING must be done to reign this floozy’s behavior in.”

“It would seem that Daisy here has an alternate plan in mind.” added Ann. “One that does NOT include bloodshed. Please Daisy, come up and explain.”

Everyone in the room was bursting with anticipation as the petite blond took the floor and began to speak. “As you know, I am the owner and operator of Daisy’s salon and spa. We have this REALLY cool new piece of equipment called a Laser Epilator. Basically, it uses a pulsed laser to remove all traces of hair…permanently. I vote we use it on this little bitch to render her totally hairless from head to toe FOR EVER!”

“That’s a GREAT idea Daisy!” said Doris with a grin. “Even better than neutering her. Just think, she’ll still want the dick but, she’ll be so friggin’ ugly she WONT be able to get any without all that ginger hair she was sporting before to catch the eyes!”

The idea caught on and Daisy left to get the machine. She returned a few minutes later with an evil looking black metal box from which extended a hand held laser. Taking a seat between the poor girl’s thighs she turned to the crowd and said, “Enjoy your drinks ladies…this is gonna take a long while.”

She pulled the black out goggles over her eyes and placing the laser at the top of jujou’s bush said “Everyone should look away as this will be bright! Here we go!” and got to work on attacking jujou’s pubic follicles between her legs.

The laser hurt like hell though the drug kept jujou still. Inch by inch, strip by strip the poor little girl was robbed of her luscious bush. After an hour no sign of hair, not even the merest hint of stubble that usually clung to the follicles remained to show that she’d ever had pubic hair at all. Doris bent the soon to be bald girl’s head so she could inspect her laser ravaged cunt.

The skin was bright red as if she’d received a bad sunburn above and around her slit but, it was also smooth, unnaturally smooth and her slit, which had been hidden beneath its crown of curly red feathery hair her entire adult life now seemed prominent and very exposed. Never in her life had jujou felt so vulnerable and helpless.

“Will it grow back?” asked a curious Doris. “I hear you need several treatments to make it permanent with a laser.”

“Well,” replied Daisy, “with the old style lasers that was true but this next gen model is quite a bit more effective. It pretty much does the job the first time around. Of course, there will always be a few stray hairs we miss the first time and a bit of peach fuzz may show up but, we’ll hit it again in a few weeks and well…that’s all she wrote!”

“Total baldness forever?”

“Yup, at least in the places we go over. She’ll still have small hairs on her arms, legs and body but, they’re pretty light as she is a ginger and wont be very noticeable.”

“No, no, no” replied Doris, shaking her head. “If we’re going to make this little dick sucker bald I want it to be done right. I want to see a clear cut. Not a single hair standing…ANYWHERE!”

“We can do that” said Daisy with an evil grin. ” It may take a while but, it’s certainly very doable.”

“Fuckin’ A! Let’s do it!”

Daisy went to work on jujou’s under arms next. The stubble there didn’t stand a chance and it wasn’t long before she was working up and down along her arms as well.

The night grew long but, no one left the bar. Everyone was intent on seeing the poor girl through her transformation.

A couple of hours later Daisy finished up jujou’s shapely legs and announced to the crowd “Time to start the fun stuff!”

As the laser crawled over the poor girl’s head members of the audience began to come over and gawk with some hiding smiles of satisfaction and a few even clapping when it began. Removing her bush had been exciting. Removing her body hair had been some what routine but removing the lovely red hair from her head that she was so known for in social circles FOREVER was down right exotic!

By the time the left side was done the ladies were coming up in small droves to stroking her newly acquired baldness and commenting upon it. Everyone thought it very fitting and lots of talk around her no longer being a ginger once they were through. She would have to get used to not identifying herself with the red hair any more.

A few of the comments were somewhat positive. One woman remarked that it was a good thing her head was nicely shaped as it would now be on display for all to see. Another thought it might be sexy to rub her cunt on jujou’s baldness while masturbating and yet another simply bent and gave her pate a passionate kiss before winking suggestively and returning to her seat.

The over whelming reaction however was one of satisfaction. Satisfaction at seeing the little tease finally put in her place. Some of the faces she recognized. Women she had recently played and strung along for fun and drinks. Others only tickled her memory. She couldn’t quite remember just where she’d seen them but she HAD seen them. Surely it wasn’t possible that they had ALL fallen victim to her games…not THAT many! But then again, she had to admit she’d been doing this for a very long time.

Their comments were not nearly so nice as the others. Some were just straight up “she got what she deserved” and many showed their cruel satisfaction, particularly once they realized she had been doing this to so many others and the amount of cash and gifts she collected along the way before ditching one after another. Many were in the vein of “Not so pretty now…are you?” but the ones that stung the worst were the ones that hit her where it hurt the most…in the ego.

One cute little Asian girl smiled and said “Guess you wont be picking up men anymore. Hell, I bet I could get more dick than you and I don’t even want it!’

Another said “Don’t worry honey. I’m sure you can make a lot of money giving blow jobs on street corners…for a dollar!”

The general conciseness all around was that her man fucking days were over for good and all she was good for anymore was eating pussy. She wanted a chance with the lesbians and now had it full time. She was apparently lucky they were a bit less into good looks.

One really scary bull dyke even told her “If you were mine I’d sew that cunt shut. It’s not like it’s gonna be used anymore anyway!” Later jujou over heard this same woman suggesting to Raven that all her teeth be pulled for more comfortable pussy eating! A sentiment Raven did not (thankfully) share.

Daisy made her final pass over jujou’s head just an hour short of dawn. She stretched and cracked her knuckles before pronouncing the poor ex redhead “officially bald”. “Now,” she added, “It’s time for me to take what I came here for.”

Pushing jujou’s head back Daisy proceeded to attack the poor girls eyebrows with apparent gusto. It would seem that Daisy was bound and determined to leave jujou as hairless as a frog. Her brows didn’t put up much of a fight and as the new dawn broke, Daisy laid down her laser and said “Done!” with great satisfaction. She would have no doubt taken the lashes permanently as well if she could have safely but would have to settle for them being trimmed off regularly.

Though she hadn’t really noticed it the drug had worn off some time ago and Raven and Doris hauled her to her feet as a full length mirror was brought in. The ex red head stared in mute despair as the crowd cheered. There before jujou’s lashless eyes was a sight she could hardly comprehend. The face and body were hers. That was for sure recognizable, but the rest? The bald head, the grossly exposed genitals and the hairless brow? Those belonged to someone else. Some odd looking stranger had stolen her reflection and replaced it with this freakish pale and hairless image.

“Welcome to the rest of your life!” said Doris.

She fainted.

The bald slave had learned a lot during the last year. She’d learned to serve, She’d learned to eat pussy the “right” way, She’d learned what it was like to own literally nothing, not even clothes, she’d learned what it was like to be honest to others as well as herself. But, most of all…she’d learned humility.

Being hairless had also taught her an important lesson. It taught her to look beyond the superficial and to see the person behind the pretty face. That, more than anything had led to the revelation that she deserved the penitential life she was now living. A life of abject slavery.

Each morning jujou woke and did her chores. By the time the bar opened at 7:00 PM she always had the place spotless. Gone was the old sawdust floor. Now the hardwood shined so bright you could eat off of it. It was a good thing too because more often than not, jujou DID eat from the floor.

THAT, was Daisy’s idea and at first she hated it. It was so demeaning to eat table scraps from a dog bowl in front of women who, only a year ago she would have led on and manipulated just for the sake of doing it.

Now, they laughed as she gobbled down the food they put in her dish and took “liberties” with her ass and cunt as they rose into the air while she bent and ate. How many times had her most personal spaces been invaded as she chewed a dry crust of bread or some leftover asparagus? She’d lost count.

That however, was nothing. Nothing compared to her nightly “duties” as a living “pleasure delivery devise” as Doris had so quaintly put it one day. This duty consisted of her crawling from table to table in response to the patrons’ whistles. What she had to do beneath those tables varied from customer to customer. Sometimes it was as simple as massaging tired feet. Other times…

When she finished jujou was always rewarded though. Usually with a dollar bill “for her upkeep” which she had to take between her teeth and deposit in a jar on the bar top. Of course, the entire thing had to be done on all fours. In fact, except when cleaning, that was the only way she was allowed to get around.

Over time her dog like behavior had given rise to a new nick name and the bar’s patrons had taken to calling her “princess”

Tonight however was going to be a special night or so jujou had been told. Tonight marked her first anniversary at the Lady’s Choice and there was going to be a celebration! Doris and Raven had even dropped hints that she was going to receive a gift of some sort. Could it be they were finally going to release her?

She’d learned her lesson. Surely they knew THAT! After all, that lesson had cost her the beautiful red hair,,,ALL OF IT! What could be more humiliating than THAT! Even her year of servitude had failed to match her debasing public shearing and subsequent depilation. Surely she’d had enough…

The crowd was huge on this, her first anniversary as the official slave of the Lady’s Choice Western Bar and Grill. The biggest she’d ever seen by far. Doris had even invited the staff of the gay bar down the street to attend. What ever was going to happen, there’d be plenty of witnesses.

The night wore on and jujou licked a dozen pussies before the announcement was made.

“Attention Ladies and Gentlemen!” said Doris into the mic. “The Lady’s Choice is proud to announce the first anniversary of our mascot jujou, the hairless wonder dog and it is with great pleasure that we drink a toast to her 12 months of exemplary service!” The crowd raised their glassed in a toast and shouted as one “jujou the wonder dog!” before downing their drinks.

“We here at the Lady’s Choice pride ourselves at giving our patrons what they want” she continued. “and we have been listening to you, our valued customers very closely. That being said, we have decided that jujou is not REALLY an appropriate name for the house dog and from this day forward as you have requested she shall now be known as “princess!”

Poor bald jujou’s head snapped to attention at that. “No!” she thought. “No, they were supposed to let me go! Not change my name!”

“Boys?” said Doris to the gay guys lined up along the bar. “Is her inaugural drink ready?”

One of the guys stepped forward. The same guy who one year ago tonight had betrayed her into the clutches of Doris and the others. He reached out and handed jujou an icy Pina Colada.

She was still thanking the universe for human food when Doris raised her glass and said “A toast to Princess! Down the hatch!”

Everybody slammed their drinks and jujou acknowledged the crown with hers and downed it in one long swallow.

It was NOT a Pina Colada. Sure, there was Tequila but the rest? The rest was semen! Cheeks full to bursting, jujou looked over to the gay guys who were all laughing at the inside joke.

“Swallow and enjoy it!” said Doris from behind her. “That’s the last time you’ll EVER taste a man.”

She swallowed and a tear ran down her cheek.

“And NOW! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!…” shouted Doris. Bring out her birthday present!”

Maybe something good would come from this day after all. Maybe they might even let her wear some clothes!

The gift was pretty big and covered in brightly colored birthday themed wrapping paper. What could it be?

“Well?’ asked Ann…”Aren’t you going to open it?”

The bald girl tore the paper with trembling hands and slowly the gift was revealed…

6 Months Later…

Princess reached up and rubbed her ear. At least it wasn’t itching like it had for the first few weeks. She was getting used to the collar as well. Once again she looked in the mirror that hung behind the bar. There, in bold black letters was the name. HER name. PRINCESS tattooed along the top edge of her ear. Turning her head she caught a glimpse of the the other, similarly decorated ear. Glancing above the mirror she caught sight of her “birthday gift” where it hung on the wall for all to see. The lights inside the shadow box glinted beautifully on the long red pony tail mounted on the black velvet background and highlights glinted on the plastic encased pubic curls, eyebrows and lashes mounted beside it.

And above the display was the sign which read:


The end

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