Who am I?

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Betsy was your average looking mid 20’s woman. She wore plain clothes, white sneakers and jeans, topped by her plain grey t-shirt. Her brunette hair hung just above her breasts, all uniform in length.

While walking down the street she caught a glimpse of her reflection in one of the store windows.

Who am I?” She thought to herself, noticing all the different people walking down the street.

They all looked so different from her and much more interesting. One girl was wearing a cute bright sundress and her hair was jet black, bobbed just below the bottom of her hair line, even with her chin. It was held back by a stylish headband except for her eyebrow length bangs that framed her face. Another looked like a fashion model. She was wearing a very stylish outfit and had long layered blonde hair that had highlights and was perfectly wavy. She even had to do a double-take on a girl because she wore her long hair up and as she walked by noticed she had an extremely short undercut that exposed her scalp underneath.

She makes a promise to herself, the next place that does hair she was going to walk in and get a new haircut.

As she was walking down the street she noticed a pole on the side of a building that was red, white, and blue swirling around. When she approached there was a sign on the window that just said “Barber”. After making the promise to herself she decides to walk in. When she enters a surprisingly young man, who seemed to be around the same age, approaches her.

“How can I help you today ma’am?” He asks with a smile. “Are you making an appointment for your husband?”

“No” Betsey responds “Actually I’m single and sick of my boring hair”

“I’m sure we can help you with that today, but I can’t say I’ve had much experience with woman’s hair.”

Betsy was getting nervous. Was she really going to let this guy cut her hair? Every stylist she’s been to has been a woman and they’ve given her exactly what she’s wanted. She starts to look back, but notices her reflection again and the promise she made to herself.

“That’s okay, I’m sure you can figure it out” She responds trying to not sound nervous.

“Well okay, let me show you to the chair then” he says, waving has arm in the direction of his barber chair.

Betsy walks up to the chair and sits down. The chair felt cold and firm. She starts to wonder when his last client was. He steps behind her in the chair and she sees a cape float over her head and rest perfectly around her, as he fastens it to her neck while lifting up her hair. He steps back and grabs some tissue. He starts to fold it around her neck and she can feel the tips of his fingers massage her neck, distinctly firmer than the hands of her previous stylists. She’s unsure what the paper is for and if she’s making the right choice, but proceeds on, trying to fulfill the promise she made to herself.

“So what were you thinking about doing?” He asks, brushing his hands up the sides of her head and through her hair. “Trim the ends?”

The feeling of a man brush her hair with his hands felt very different to her. She almost started to get flush.

Regaining her composure she responds “No that’s why I’m here to begin with. Every time I go to a stylist I just get my ends trimmed and I want something different this time.”

“Different?” he inquires

“To be honest I just made the decision a few minutes ago, but I know if I go to the same place I’ll ask for the same style. I don’t really know what I want, but it needs to be different than this.”

Excitedly he responds “We’ll I think I can come up with something different. Just stop me when I’ve gone too far”

He combs her hair as he sprays it with water.

Betsy’s head bobbed from the tension of her hair being pulled by the combing. It was rougher than she was used to, but she was starting to like the feeling of a man taking control of her hair.

Once her hair was completely wet he grabbed his pair of scissors and snipped it in the air a few times inspecting them.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard that sound. Her hands were clenched on to the seat as if she was holding herself down.

He placed the scissors on her left side just above her shoulders. She closes her eyes.

Schnnk, Schnnk

Her eyes were still closed, but she could hear the scissors, and feel the cold metal graze along her neck.

“Turn my chair around” Betsy instructed “I don’t want to see me until I’m me”

The man does as requested and turns her chair around, away from the mirror.

She opens her eyes back up and a tear drops down.

The man continues his work, guiding the scissors around her neck and snipping away. She could see her hair falling down onto the cape in long strands.

Seemingly enjoying his task he finishes up coming around the right side and ruffles her hair around freeing any caught hairs.

Her head felt lighter and she was biting her lip enjoying the feeling of his hand ruffling through her hair.

He started sectioning her hair. Pulling all of it up except for anything that laid below her earlobes.

Expecting to hear the scissors again instead Betsy hears.

Pop! Hummm

Knowing the man told her to stop him if she wants, her head follows his hand as he guides it downwards until her chin touches her chest. Her hands clench the armrests tighter and she starts to squeeze her legs together. She can feel her panties starting to get wet.


The clippers start making their way up her neck

She tries to hide the feeling that’s coming over her, but is overwhelmed.


She hopes she was quiet enough that the man didn’t hear.

The clippers stop and the room is silent

“I’m sorry did you want me to stop?” He questions almost looking disappointed

“Are you finished?”

“Not yet, but you could still cover this up easily”

“Then no” Betsy replied smiling at her response

His eyes met hers and they locked for what seemed like forever until it was interrupted by another

POP! Hummm

He retreated behind her again and motioned her head down once more


She could feel the clippers make their way up her neck and back down, making multiple passes. She wasn’t sure what guard he was using, but it felt like metal.

Agggh” Betsy squeezed her legs harder. The vibrations along her neck felt like ecstasy to her.

The man catches on, turns the clippers off and starts rubbing the area he just denuded.

Betsy tilts her head back in pleasure and sneaks two fingers into her pussy.

She bites her bottom lip while the man explores her neck and her fingers explore her pussy. The room was silent or so Betsy thought. The man could still hear the heavy breathing coming from her as he massages her neck.

He guides her head back down and starts rubbing something onto Betsy neck. It feels thick, cool, and creamy as he applies it. Then she feels a warm blade at the top where he stopped the clippers.

shhhk, shhhk

Now she realizes what he’s doing and that she’ll have no hair there at all. The razor continues to scrape down her neck and one finger explores deeper into her pussy as she starts rubbing her clit.

Mmmmmmh” she moaned while her other hand is still clenching onto to armrest.

shhhk, shhhk

More and more passes were made until the man stopped.

Her neck felt cold until the man placed his hands on it again. The warmth she felt pulsated through her body, mimicking the mans hands as he massaged her neck once more.

“I have a confession to make.” The man whispers behind her into her ear “It has been a dream of mine to have a woman walk in here and let me do anything I want. If you want we’ll stop now, otherwise I will lock the door and close the blinds.”

Once again Betsy asks “Are you finished?”

“I’m not”

“Then no” she replies with a full flushed face and slightly out of breath.

Her neck feels cold again as his hands retreat and he walks away.

She hears the doors lock and the blinds fall. The man approaches her again and as he stands in front of her she notices a bulge in his pants. He leans over cupping the back of her head with his hand and whispers into her ear.

“I’m going to make you beautiful”

He kisses her on the cheek and lets down her hair.

The strands of hair brushing along her newly denuded area feel foreign.

He returns to his post behind her. Gently he guides his hand up the back of her head and tilts her head back until her eyes can meet with his. They lock eyes again and Betsy hears.

POP! Hummm

Still locking eyes the man places the clippers at her forehead.

Betsy quickly inserts her fingers into her pussy again and bites her lip with pleasure

The man starts pulling the clippers back


Hair falls all around the floor and they continue to lock eyes. Betsy’s scalp was visible through what remained after the clippers passed.

“f-fuck it feels so… good” she moans

The clippers continue to pass along the top of her head until nothing long enough remained. He moves his hand to the top of her head and tilts it to the side.

The feeling of his hands on top of her basically bald head was enough to set her off of the edge.

“F-fuck… fuck, FUCK!” 

As she climaxes her whole body tenses up and bursts with pleasure making her feel exhausted.

Once she finishes the man once again repositions her head and finishes cleaning up the sides.

Betsy closes her eyes enjoying all the things she’s feeling as he clippers away the rest of her hair.

The man brushes off any remaining hair and starts lathering the shaving cream all over her head this time.

Not feeling unfamiliar anymore she feels the warm blade of his razor start to shave awaythe rest of her hair.

shhhk, shhhk, shhhk

“Mmmmmmh” was all she could mumble

The last of her hair was scraped away and her entire head was exposed. The man rubbed some oil in his hands and massaged it into her scalp. She opened her eyes again and was staring at the bulge in his pants as he continues the massage. She reach out from under her cape and started rubbing it until it was completely hard.

She slides off her seat and kneels in front of him. While he continues to explore her head with his hands she unzips his fly and pulls his penis out.

“Let me take care of this for you” she teases and inserts it into her mouth.

She hides her arm under the cape again and he controls her head pulling it closer, and getting his penis deeper into her mouth.

He reaches over and grabs his shaving cream and razor again.

Betsy was confused but figured he missed a spot.

Instead he puts the cream and both of her eyebrows and starts to scrape away while he keeps his penis in Betsy’s mouth.

Ungggh” she gurgles

After finishing up with her eyebrows he rubs some of the same oil over her bare skin.

Then he rocks her head back and forth guiding it with one hand on top of her head and the other exploring all the new bald places on her.

As he’s about to climax and removes his penis from her mouth and ejaculates all over her bald head.

Betsy stands up and the man sits her back in the chair. He turns her chair back around so she can see herself in the mirror.






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  1. Very nicely written. I love the slow progression of the cut and Betsy’s gradual submission and then unabashed arousal as her hair got shorter and shorter. I’m still debating on leaving her astonishment to our imaginations, but it is growing on me.

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