Wichita-1-The Prehistory

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Wichita-1-The Prehistory

Part 1/4


Melanie Buzz


(For better understanding you could read the stories wild west 1-4

but it is not necessary )


St. Louis   (here we start)


A typical American home settlement.

Jessi is 19 and has recently graduated from high school.

She hears the rattling of the mailbox and runs out.

Her almost waist-length black hair is blowing in the wind.

A big envelope: “University of Wichita”.

As she runs, she tears it open.

“We are pleased to inform you that …”

Inside, she falls around her mother’s neck. “I have it!” “What?”

“A scholarship to the University of Wichita!”

She also hugs her stepfather, to whom she has a bad but rather cool relationship.

In the evening they sit together at dinner.

“Jessi,” says her mother, “before you move to Wichita, you still go to the hairdresser.” Jessi looks up and strokes her long hair from the side parting to the back. “But why is that?”

„Your hair keeps falling over your face. And you’re not that ugly. ”

“Your mother is right,” her stepfather agrees. “You shouldn’t have them cut short, just a little bit, let’s say neat, more feminine.”

Two days later, Jessi sits on a barber chair for the first time in her life.

The hairdresser, who always serves her mother, has cut her waist-length thick hair down to the length of her chest. She gets a middle parting and he combs her hair forward over her face. She sees nothing more, but feels how he puts the scissors on her left eyebrows. Her long thick hair falls on the cape. She gets a straight full bangs cut across her eyebrows. He always finds a corner to cut off and when she is finally allowed to get up, she is quite unhappy.

In bad mood she sits at dinner. Thanks to the pony, her open hair remains on her back.

“If I wasn’t already married to your mother, I would marry you immediately, as pretty and as womanly as you are now.”

The ice is broken.


St. Louis, another region


Brenda Harlow runs a wig manufacture and trade in hair,

especially with women’s hair. The company is still named after its founder:

“Lady Vic’s Beauty”

Employees process most of the hair into practice heads for hairdressers and especially beautiful long hair is processed into exquisite hair pieces and wigs. The company was founded at the end of the 19th century in St. Louis by an ancestor of her.

They do not get their raw material from Asia or South America, there the competition is too great and the prices are spoiled.

Brenda (very in the family tradition) specializes in American women’s hair and European braids, as these can also be sold at very high prices.

Her customers include actresses, pop and rock greats and show bizz, who also pay exquisite prices for exquisite products. But it is not so easy to get long hair from the USA or Europe in beautiful and shiny natural colors such as brown and especially blonde.

She has contacts with hairdressers who supply her supplies, but it is actually not the quantities that she needs and which, in her opinion, are also available on the market. Therefore, it uses all possible sources of supply.

Her personal preference is and remains natural red hair.

She pays every price for that!

Favorable offers on Ebay are rather rare. But they still exist.

Mostly from rural areas when the young girls still need money for the prom

and then my $ 20 for a braid be a good deal.

This actually only applies if the braid comes from an unpleasant competitor or the little sister.

Then she also has so-called private dealers, from whom she is certain that the “goods” offered were not entirely voluntarily provided.

With these providers, she always asks about the origin of the goods and receives the most interesting explanations, which in no way prevent them from buying. “I found my wife’s hair in the food.”

“A colleague who constantly takes away the parking space in front of the office …”  “The new service in my local pub. I saw her braid dipped in my beer. ” Etc.

But her son Victor is coming home today. Victor is 22 years old and has finally graduated from boarding school. That has cost her a lot of money in donations for the boarding school.

And tomorrow she’ll take him on his first business trip.

She wants to visit customers and suppliers and see what else happens.

With the plane a few days in Los Angeles, she has a dreamy blonde wig for Lady ??? there, then to Las Vegas and from there back in the motorhome.


Rocky Mountains


The camper is buzzing to the east. In some places, “special” suppliers are visited. Braids and dollars change hands. Friendly words are exchanged even if no goods are available or the price is not agreed.

Brenda calls maintaining business.

The motor home buzzes further east, a Ford overtakes it.

A few turns further on, the Ford is standing in a parking lot with a smoking engine.

A woman in her early 50s, very elegant, blond side parting except for the

Shoulder blades, stands next to the car and waves.

“I think you’ll get your first customer today,” says Brenda, stopping.

The car broke down and she forgot her phone. She wants to call her son to send someone to pick her up.

“No problem, call me and then come over to us for a cup of coffee. We wanted to take a break anyway. ”

Over coffee, she says that her son runs a hairdressing salon in the city and has already dispatched an employee. “You know, he specialized in long-hair care in his salon and is extremely successful with it. His female employees also all have to wear long hair. ”

She takes another sip of coffee and yawns. “I’m so glad I met you out here.

Who knows what can happen to you there. ” She yawns again.

“You are absolutely right. Especially when you have beautiful, well-groomed hair like you. ” ” Thank you, but how come you … ” She fell asleep.

“So Victor, now you can get started. With the clipper first the longer top hair. Always put a handful and nicely together. I’ll hold her head in position. ”

Half an hour later a car rolls into the parking lot. A girl with brown hair gets out and looks around. “Are you looking for someone?”

“Yes, Penny, the mother of the boss. I should pick her up here.

”The wind blows her long brown hair around her head and she sums it up.

“She is in with us. She wasn’t feeling well, so she wanted to lie down briefly. Come in for a coffee for so long. The wind messes up her whole hairstyle. ”


In the city, Brenda has to inspect Penny’s son’s salon. Through the window you can see two hairdressers with long, open hair talking to a long-haired customer.

“Maybe we should remember this hair salon for later activities. Victor take a closer look at the surroundings. ”

An hour later, the police find two women sleeping in a Ford in a parking lot. And both shaved bald.

A usable statement is not available and the police officers actually have no particular desire to search for two hysterical women and a few cutting hairs.




In one of the outer suburbs of Amarillo they have a date with their favorite business partner Hermann Scherer and his children Paul and Pauley.

Both are strikingly large, and Paul is athletically trained.

With Pauley weighing over 260 pounds. Pauley has cut her blonde hair straight around the mouth, the forehead is covered by an exactly straight bangs that ends 1 cm above the eyebrows.

The three run a hairdressing salon here. Brenda is offered one blonde and two brown braids, whose previous owners were somehow convinced of the advantages of a short hairstyle.

“The last time you had more to offer,” says Brenda jokingly.

Herrmann grins and opens a drawer a crack.

A 23 cm long, very thick blonde braid appears.

“Unfortunately it was no longer, but top quality. Or?”

He opens the drawer a little further. Another blonde braid, this time 35 cm long, but not quite as thick. Brenda looks at him questioningly and he grins broadly as he opens the drawer even further.

Luminous copper red, tightly braided, 48 cm long.

“Wow! That’s crazy! ”And she has it in her hand and lets it slide through her face. She smells it.

“Fantastic! Where did you get it from? ”He grins.

“My Pauley has joined a self-discovery group of diverse housewives and convinced three women that a new self-confident haircut is also part of the new self-confidence.

And all three of them were already sitting side by side in the salon. Maybe that was fun. This one, ”he points to the red braid,“ was as tall as Paul, but very slim. After that there was a little bit of trouble, but that was quickly resolved. What is that worth to you? ”

Brenda can be carried over to a quite high sum.

> But the braid is red, natural red! <She smells her hair again.

“But for all three,” she adds quickly.

“Add 20 more, then we will agree.”

“10!” “15!” “All right,” she agrees gritting her teeth.

“And now we’re going to make party.”

Paul asks Victor: “Do you take black braids too? But is also first-class quality.

I was in Mexico two weeks ago to relax. Look at that, Victor. ”

He holds up a shiny black braid, 50 cm and insanely thick. Victor picks it up.

“How did you cut it off, no scissors can get through.”

Paul grins and pulls out a large Bowie knife.

“Well, that’s a real gem,” says Victor. The two seem to get on well straight away. “The lady was on her way to a wedding and missed the bus,” says Paul.

“I took her a little in the car and gave her a chic wedding hairstyle.”

Pauley dismissively says: “One week in Mexico and only one braid.

Wait a minute when I come back from Canada in three weeks. ”


St. Louis


Back in St. Louis, Victor gets a two-week haircut course mainly on his own practice heads, then, to the dismay of the employees, on the living object.

The contact with Paul was never broken.







Brenda sets up a small hair salon for Victor and Paul in Wichita.

Since Paul is also gay, it’s the perfect connection to Victor.

The shop is bright and nicely decorated, but there is a lack of customers.

They even have an employee, Laura, pretty crazy and a hairdresser. She almost always wears her blonde hair on 3 mm short rasp. Unfortunately, the new opening is not yet known enough and / or the hoped-for customers do not seem to be interested in the short hairstyles that the pictures advertise in the shop window.

> If the hoped-for customers do not come to us, then we will come. <

The two roam predominantly through residential areas with socially weaker residents through their bars and pubs, but occasionally also through the student district.

Often you will find “customers” who have looked a little too deep into the glass, but very few make their way home alone.

The two have different approaches. Victor relies on the chemical and anesthetic variant and Paul more on the frightening second by his size and his Bowie knife.

As always, the police have no particular need for action if a woman from this district wants to report the loss of her long hair.


Wichita, Friday evening


It’s Friday evening in Wichita.

Most of the students are at parties, only Jessi not.

> Probably they forgot to invite me again <

she consoles herself.

Her roommate, Sarah Louise, went to Amarillo for a long weekend with her mother. Jessi noticed her depressed mood, but did not question it because they are not exactly the fattest friends.

In her student booth she watched one of these old western classics: “Petroleum Miezen” with Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale.

She loves those old films.

She doesn’t want to go to bed yet, there are always these strange dreams.

“Come on Jessi, just go have another beer. Maybe you’ll still meet your dream prince after all, ” she says aloud to herself and stands in front of the mirror.

The center parting sits exactly, the long hair braided into two thick braids.

> Well, now put a feather in your hair and you could get a leading indian role in every John Wayne movie. <

So open braids, brush everything vigorously, tie and braid high up, that looks very neat.

> Do I want that today? No!

And for open hair it is definitely too stormy for me today<

So braids again. 20 minutes later she leaves the dorm with two braids and neat bangs. Now she is sitting alone at the back table of a diner near the campus and is just watching the people a bit.


Now you have to wait to part 2

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