Wichita-2-The Attack

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Wichita-2-The Attack

Part 2/4


Melanie Buzz


Wichita, Friday evening (the same Friday)


In the diner Jessthe watched with amusement the bickering of a group of three, a boy and two girls, at the next table. Trixi, the girl with her back to her, has shiny reddish-blonde hair that disappears behind the backrest. Emily, opposite her, has dark blonde hair that falls just over her shoulders, half a side parting, in the lower area you can still clearly see a full-length perm. And next to her is Theo, obviously Emily’s friend.

“Trixi, if you don’t stop bothering me now, then …”

Emily has to take a breath. “What then?” Laughs the redhead.

“Then, I’ll take you to the hairdresser next time.”

“Me? With me to the hairdresser? ” She pulls her hair together and puts it over her shoulder at the front, so that Jessi can see the whole waist-length reddish-blonde splendor. ” That would really be an adventure.” All three laugh.

“How are you going to have me cut it?” Emily thinks for a moment.

> What can I really shock her with now? <

“A Mecki, very briefly, so that only a few millimeters remain.

Then you finally look like a devil. ”

“Or a bald head,” she says. “Best in the men’s department.

I’ll make you shave a bald head. ” ” Oh! Bald?”

Trixi slides her long hair through her fingers.

“That sounds good. But only if you join me. ” Trixi laughs out loud.

“Both of us bald! I’m just imagining how we both sit at the hairdresser. ”

” Trixi! Leave it! It’s not funny. ”

They continue to fool around. When Trixi suddenly asks Theo:

“And what suggestion would you have for me?” “What suggestion?”

„Imagine I’m sitting at the hairdresser and you could do what you want.

Would you let me shave it off too? ”

He only stutters incomprehensible until he has collected himself.

“No of course not. But the day before yesterday a fashion show came on TV. There a viewer cut such a chin-length side parting. So in the front and then upwards at a slight angle. And then shaved the back of the neck very briefly.”

He clarifies his description with his hand.

Emily looks at him in complete surprise. “Just say you like that.”

He shrugs uncertainly. “Looked pretty good.”

“I wanted to have it cut shorter the last time because of the old perm.

Not so, rather straight around. But then I thought that my Theo would be nagging when I got my hair a little shorter. ”


Jessi is only partially listening. The other part is submerged.

“My parents called me Sheena”

she hears herself say through a veil.

“Sheena, that’s an unusual but very pretty name. I can’t keep up, I’m just Tim.”

The split second and Jessi is back.

She looks into a boy’s face.   > It’s cute. <

“Who are you?” Asked Jessi, startled.

“Tim and your name is Sheena, you told me.”

“No, that is not correct! My name is Jessi. ”

” And where does Sheena come from? ”

This is my middle name, but nobody actually knows it.

A smile flits across his face. “Why are you sitting here anyway?” Asks Jessi.

“Because here was still free.” Jessi looks around a bit theatrically, discovers two free tables and looks at him again questioningly.

> He gets nervous. He’s really cute<

“Any other reason?” Jessi is savoring the situation.

“Well, because of your nose.” “My nose? What about my nose? ”

Tim cocks his head slightly and looks her in the eye.

“She has something, well, something Indian.”

“What Indian! You’re kidding me! ”Jessi’s look gets angry.

“Really. It is so unique and suits you. It makes you so incredibly beautiful.”

Jessi runs hot and cold down her back.

Tim gets up. “I’d better go then. I’m sorry if you’re mad at me now. ”

One step towards the exit, another.

“Tim!” He stops.

In her corner in the diner it has become absolutely silent.

“My goodness it crackles between the two,” you can hear Emily say clearly in the silence. Trixi got up. Only now can you see that she is clearly over 1.80 m tall and her open hair reaches deep into the hip.

“It doesn’t crackle Emily. That flush, heavy, very heavy! And you there, if you don’t sit down right next to this lady, there will be a sparks flight that burns everything! ” The threat seems to be working.

Tim can’t help it and sits down very carefully against Jessi.

“May I?” No answer. She just pushes both hands over the table to him and looks at him with her big dark eyes.

Everyone applauds and then goes back to their conversations.

Even the two young men at the counter.

“The redhead is mine,” says Victor. “Too bad then I’ll take care of the Indian. Good hunting, salvation. ” They leave the diner.



Wichita, fridaynight


A little later the group of three leaves the restaurant. At the exit door, Trixi pulls a large clip out of her handbag and holds her red-blonde mane up at the back of her head with a practiced grip. “We’ll take you home,” says Theo to Trixi. “Thank you that’s nice of you.

But you see, I’m a big girl and nothing happens to them. ”

Trixi turns left and Emily and Theo straight out of the way.

Trixi runs a few meters when suddenly there is a shadow next to her. She turns and feels a cold liquid spurt on her face.

At first her arms can no longer be moved, then her knees give way.

“So girl, then the barber is coming,” she hears a voice still very weak.

Victor puts her on a park bench and takes the clip out of her hair.

It floods openly over the back of the backrest and he can slide it through his hands several times. He takes his new cordless hair clipper out of his pocket. The engine hums very quietly. “But your girlfriend will be amazed when you stand in front of her freshly shorn tomorrow,” he says with a grin to himself and puts the machine on her forehead.


Jessi and Tim leave the diner a quarter of an hour later. They stand hand in hand at the door. “Left or straight ahead?” “Straight ahead,”

Tim decides on Trixi’s bad luck. A tall man in dark clothes follows them.

Suddenly he stands in front of them, the large blade of a Bowie mess reflected in the moonlight.  “Your handbag and everything you have with you!”

He underlines his demand with a quick cutting movement of the knife through the air. “Yes, yes, of course,” Tim tries to calm him down.

> This intimidation always works right at the beginning <

But why doesn’t the girl respond? His right fist moves sideways towards her like a club. But Jessi ducks forward and his blow knocks Tim into the bushes.

One of her braids has slipped forward and he grabs it on the left.

Pull her around so that her back is to him.

He pulls up the braid and the sharp blade cuts it off.

“Ouch!” Jessi screams first.

“My hair!” She shouts now. And again: “My hair!”

“And now I’m going to get the other one,” Paul grins broadly. “Jessi let him do it. It’s just your hair, ”Tim tries to appease.


“He cut my braid off!”


Tim hears Jessi say softly.

Tim tries to stand protectively in front of her and gets a kick that brings him back into the bushes. The kick did not come from Paul, because he receives one at the same time.

But the giant stops. Tim only sees Jessi’s right braid whirling through the air and keeps hearing the clapping of a hit.

Tim got up again and sees his arm with the Bowie knife straight towards Jessi.

> This is the end <

But Jessi seems to be flying. The knife comes out of Paul’s hand and races vertically into the sky. A loud moan. Tim comes back to the action and the next kick takes him back to his usual place in the bushes.

Wherever he was standing, the knife races towards the ground.

A hand wipes through the air and the knife is gone.

Someone moans loudly again, then Tim sees clearly again.

The guy kneels on the floor, Jessi stands behind him, pulls his head back and holds his knife to his throat.

Tim roars: “Jessi! No! Don’t do it! ”  But she doesn’t respond.




he shouts again. Jessi releases him and turns to Tim.

“What did you call me?” Then she breaks down in his arms.

This of course gives Paul the opportunity to escape.

A quarter of an hour later, the ambulance and the police are on site.

While Jessi is being looked after by the paramedics, Officer O’Connor asks Tim about what happened. “Then tell me how you put this well-trained 1.90m man, who was armed with a Bowie knife, to flight.”

“It wasn’t me. I lay over there in the bushes most of the time. That was it, Jessi. ” “You mean the little girl over there with the paramedics?” Tim nods.

“Don’t kid me! My job is hard enough. It is just 1.65 m tall and weighs 130 pounds. ”

A medic arrives. “And what about her?” Asks the officer.

Actually no injuries. If you ignore the bruises on the feet, the open fists and a cut braid. ” “She has what? No cuts, no bruises all over your body?

The way it looks here, she would have to go to the intensive care unit. ”

He looks at Tim, then over to Jessi, who now comes to them unaided. His facial expression changes completely.

“I think they found something very special. They have to be very careful about that. ” “Yes, sir! Sure sir. ”

Jessi puts her arms around Tim and hugs him and whispers:

” Tim my feet hurt so much. Take Sheena home. ”

Officer O ’Connor looks after the two and shakes his head in disbelief.

He doesn’t know yet that a few hours later he’ll be called to a crime scene nearby. A sleeping student has been found completely shaved by two joggers lying on a park bench.


It is getting light when Jessi and Tim come into their apartment.

Jessi goes to the bathroom first and sees the mess in the mirror.

On the right still breast-length black hair, on the left cropped up to the earlobe. She reaches for the scissors and hesitates.

“Tim, are you coming please? You have to do something for me. ”

“Now?” “Yes, absolutely! I can’t sleep like this. Just do it no matter what it looks like afterwards. When Tim finished, he cut her hair all around at the tip of her nose. He looks at his work.

“Wow! You know you look so much prettier this way. And if I weren’t already, I would fall in love with you. ”

They hug each other tightly and fall into bed together.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you are a martial arts world champion?”


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