Wichita-3-the day after

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Wichita-3-the day after

Part 3/4


Melanie Buzz



Wichita, saturday morning


Unlike normal students, such as Theo, Emily is an early riser. She gets up in a good mood, takes a shower and makes her way to the bakery to get fresh bread for her Theo.

Your baker is closed for vacation. Well then just a few meters further, then the next one will definitely come. Are really not at this time too many people on the go and certainly not on Saturday morning.

A new shop in the corner house, brightly lit. It’s a hair salon and the door is open.

> No, not now. Theo didn’t mean that, did he?<

Another two steps back. A pretty young girl is standing behind the counter. > Goodness has short hair. That’s just millimeters<

The girl looks up and smiles at Emily. Emily turns her left foot to the right, hesitates, then turns it left towards the door.

“Yes please?” Asks the girl. “I’d like to have my hair cut,”

Emily looks around. “Something like that.” She points to a picture.

“Just maybe a little bit shorter overall.” She holds her hand diagonally up to her hair. “Adorable, sure, gladly.”

“When could I get an appointment?” “Are you a student here?”

“Yes, I live with my boyfriend, over there around the corner.”

The girl leans forward and whispers.

“Then we just do a simple haircut, without washing and at the student rate. Agree? ” ” Thank you. ” And already she sits on the chair with the cape tied around and is combed thoroughly.

“By the way, my name is Laura,” she introduces herself.

With the bottle, Laura sprayed Emily’s hair wet, comb it over her shoulders, pulls the side parting further to the left and reaches for the scissors.

Emily feels the sharp scissors on her neck and already hears the cutting noise. She cuts off her long, open hair at chin level and then switches to the machine. “Don’t worry, we’ve been balding this week,” she laughs and tunes in.

The engine hums quietly and Emily’s head is pushed forward.

At the back, she works with a comb and machine forever.

“I cut it even 1 or 2 cm shorter, then you don’t need to come back soon,”

Laura says cheerfully. While Emily’s mood changes suddenly when she sees her long hair falling on the cape in front.

Half an hour later, Emily leaves the salon almost panicked and grabs her hair.

They are just enough on the sides at the tip of her nose so that the lower earlobes are visible. Cut straight all around and shaved completely up under the edge with a knife.

> I was so happy when she finally opened my tight cape and then I see the open razor in her hand! < She no longer thinks about the rolls.


One floor up Victor is on the phone with his mother Brenda.

“First come to St. Louis, and we’ll discuss the rest of it. Can Laura continue to run the salon alone? ”


Wichita, Saturday late morning


Jessi and Tim are now waking up in the dormitory. Nobody says anything, what happened is too inexplicable. Again and again Jessi grabs her only half-length hair. She looks in the mirror again.

“You actually did a great job,” she smiles at Tim.

“But here and here you should cut it again. And the fringe a little bit shorter.”

She sits on the bathroom stool and pushes the scissors into Tim’s hand.

He combs her through, raises her chin a little and puts the scissors on.

“Look me in the eye, little one,” he says with a smile.

“You know Casablanca?”

“Why, surely. I love this movie. “” You too? ”

So this love is boundless.


“I have to call my mother.”

Shortly afterwards the Skype connection is established.

“Jessi! Your hair! What did you do? Who was that? I’ll kill him! ”

“ It’s not that bad, Ma. That was there ”, she pulls Tim into the picture.

“Hello Mrs. Morgan,” Tim smiles at the camera.

“And you can’t kill him either. Because he’s one of the good guys. ”

Then she tells about last night.

Her mother says no more sound.  “Ma, what’s up!”

“I’m coming. Wait for me. ” The screen goes dark.

Two cars meet on the highway.

Diane is sitting in the direction of Wichita, in the other Victor and Paul in the direction of St. Louis.


„Aline! ”Brenda calls her secretary. “Yes Brenda?”

“Do you still have the phone number of this sleazy private investigator and his team?” “Should I connect you to him?” And besides, Victor comes today.

He should cut your hair again on occasion. They are far too long.




Wichita, Saturday afternoon


They have already heard some sparse information from the radio.

A young couple courageously put a robber to flight.

And also that another girl was attacked.

An hour later, the listeners learn that the second girl’s long hair has been cut off.


The doorbell rings and a policewoman stands at the door.

She introduces herself as Linda O’Connor.

The light blonde hair, braided up into a tight braid, stands out strikingly from the black uniform. She interviews the two of them again last night.

Linda looks at Jessi. “I thought he just cut a braid from them.

Have you been to the hairdresser this morning? ”

“No, that was there. He did a pretty good job, ”laughs Jessi with a look at Tim. “Perfect, great cut. I might come over to your house after work. My father keeps scolding me for my long hair. That is too dangerous for the patrol.

Maybe he’s right. ”

Then they learn that the other girl was less lucky.

She was found completely shaved on a park bench.

There was nothing left of her long red hair.

“That was the Trixi from the diner!” Tim says horrified.

“She had hair almost to the bottom!” “Shaved bald?” Asks Jessi.

The policewoman just nods. “He didn’t leave a millimeter. Probably with a hair clipper. It shakes me myself when I think about it. ”


Wichita, Saturday evening


It’s almost evening when Jessi’s mother is at the door.

They are sitting in the kitchen and this time Tim is telling the story.

How she whirled through the air without any noise, and also that she only reacted to her middle name  “Sheena”.


“Faster than the wind and quieter than the night!”


says Diane Morgen softly, and then very seriously: “Jessica has no middle name.” “But Mrs. Morgan …”

“Please tell Diane to me,” she interrupts him.

“Thanks Mrs. Mor .., uh Diane.”

Diane strokes her half-length black hair behind her ears.

“Sheena was an ancestor of ours. She was a half-breed and lived here in the West over 100 years ago. ”Diane tells Sheena’s story.


Jessi swallows. “She was my great-grandmother? And I am..? ”

Diane just nods and reaches into her travel bag. She puts a heavy bundle wrapped in black cloth on the table. Jessi carefully pulls back the cloth.

A leather belt with cartridge loops. A holster and a revolver inside.

“It’s Sheena’s Colt!” explains Diane.

Your father entrusted him and her story to me for safekeeping. ” ” Dad? ”

” No, your biological father. He died shortly after you were born. Your current dad always cleaned and maintained this belt and the revolver for you.“

Jessi carefully pulls the big gun out of the holster and in her hand.

It does a thud when she throws it on the kitchen table, startled, and howls.

Tim hugs her in comfort. “What about you Jessi. It’s just an old gun. ”

” It fit in my hand! How tailor-made! ”

It was already late evening.


Diane and Tim didn’t hear the faint scratching sound on the door, just the loud crack of a revolver tap, then the scream.

“Shit …! What is that! “It is Sarah Louise, Jessi’s roommate, who has dropped her travel bag and pulls both arms up to the ceiling.

She looks straight into the round black hole at the end of a 45 mm revolver. “What was that?” Thinks not only Sarah Louise.

It takes a whole bottle of wine until she too has learned the events.

“Jessi! What did you do little gray mouse You beat a 1.90m man! ”With an open mouth she stares at Jessi. “I always thought you … let yourself be hugged, brave little girl.”


Wichita, Sunday morning


The doorbell rings and Tim opens the door. Two police officers in uniform stand at the door.

It’s Officer Linda O’Connor and a colleague.

Chief O’Connor asks her to accompany us to the guard. There was another crime and this time we were able to arrest the perpetrators. ”

The revolver belt is still on the kitchen table.

“What’s that? I think I’d better take it with me first, ”says Linda.

On the way in the car, Linda tells a few details.

A woman of Asian descent accompanied her 16-year-old daughter to the barber in a mall. The girl had her hair so long and cut a bangs. On the way back to the car, they were ambushed and pushed into a van. The girl then had to watch her mother’s waist-length hair being shaved off in the van. And by the time the colleagues were finally on site, the two had already cut off the girl’s black hair very briefly.


At the station she hands Jessi and the Colt over to Chief O’Connor and exchanges a few words with him. Jessi sits with her back in the room opposite the chief and answers his questions again.

Suddenly he sees a change in Jessi’s posture and how she gets up, then he hears the scream of a woman, then the roar of two men.

One of the arrested has grabbed Linda’s braid and pulls her in front of her as cover. With the other hand, he waves a large carpet knife around in the air. The other man has seized Linda’s police weapon and fires a shot.

An officer who has drawn his gun goes down. Everyone stands motionless and tense in the big office, a policeman is bleeding on the floor. Only Jessi still turned her back on them.

“Let go of my daughter right away!” Roars Chief O’Conner.

“Your daughter?” Grins with the knife. He pulls her thick braid back so hard that she cries out. The sharp knife runs three times through her hair and the braid is off. He throws it in the direction of the chief, but immediately grabs her hair again as the massive chief storms off.

In the second step, the ball hits him.

As he falls he sees everything in slow motion.

The guy puts the knife to Linda’s throat.

Jessi’s reach for Sheena’s Colt on the desk.

She pulls up her left leg, turns and bends her right leg at the same time. Almost deafening, the cock of the huge weapon crackles in silence.

Then the 45 booms. Most officials are unaware that two shots were fired. The one with the knife no longer feels the bullet hitting his forehead, the other jerks his arms up as if to do the tango, turns twice around his own axis to the right, then it booms a third time and he abruptly changes his direction of rotation . The large-caliber bullets tear two holes in his shoulders.

“Guns down!” The Chief roars from the floor. “You too Jessi!”

No reaction. On one leg in a crouch, the huge colt, with both hands, she is waiting for the next movement in her environment.

It’s Linda, bloodstained from top to bottom, who is the first to grasp the situation, approach Jessi and hug her.


“Sheena! It’s over!”


“Your hair, I should have been earlier …

And they weren’t the two of Friday night either.”

“It’s all OK. Sheena, you weren’t too late, I’m fine. And I’m so thankful to you. ”

The hell is going on in the office. Injured people are cared for by paramedics, while others run around completely senseless and disoriented.

Linda takes care of her father and Jessi takes the revolver belt and quietly leaves the building.


Further more read in part 4

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