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Wichita-4-show down



Wichita, Monday evening


Monday evening, Jessi sits with the “cool” Sarah Louise at the kitchen table with a bottle of Caliphon red. Sarah strokes her long blonde hair behind her ears.

“You know, I’m so worried about my little sister.”

“You have a sister? You never mentioned. ”

She takes a photo from her pocket. In the middle a woman with longer, slightly graded blonde hair, on the right Sarah Louise and on the left an approximately 13 year old girl with extremely thick brown hair.

“This is Ma, this is Cindy and I,” she explains. “My mother met a new lover. He has a hair salon in Amarillo and Cindy is afraid of the guy. But even more so than that of his daughter. It should be a really nasty part. ”


Wichita, Tuesday morning


Two patrol cars race through the student village with flashing lights and a siren.

Full braking. Four police officers jump out of the car. Shortly afterwards you can see Jessi being loaded into one of the cars.

In the elevator, one of the police officers says:

“Where’s your gun? I would then feel much safer. ”

At the station she is immediately taken to the chief, who is waiting for you with an arm in the bandage at the end of the office. Jessi gets scared.

The four officers push her into the room.

On the right and left, all the police officers got up and stared at them. It is absolutely silent. A young policewoman with extremely short blonde hair walks slowly towards her.

The chief was two steps behind her.

One claps his hands. Then all police officers, the hall roars.

After a while, the chief says, “I want to introduce someone else to you.”

He takes a step aside.

In front of Jessi stands an almond-eyed girl with short black hair, behind her her mother, her head covered with a cloth.

The girl takes Jessi in her arms and the woman takes off her headscarf so that her smooth-shaven skull is revealed.

„Danke, dass sie dafür gesorgt haben, dass diese Männer das nie wieder tun können“, sagt das Mädchen.

Linda now takes Jessi’s hands in hers.

“I would like to have a sister. I would be proud of a sister like you.

A blood sister! “

Jessi whispers: “It is Sheena who is hugging her sister now.”

Now the hall roars really.


St. Louis, 3 weeks later


A large conference table with Brenda, Victor and Paul, a private investigator, Tom Manson, with 5 of his employees and Aline.

The results of the private detective are put on the table.

“From here? It comes from St. Louis! ”Brenda is visibly excited.

“With her mother and stepfather?” Photos are passed around.

“There is little usable about your boyfriend? Your roommate comes from Amarillo? Can’t we put Herrmann on it?

And the police chick? “” Too dangerous! ”

Aline is on the phone. 10 minutes later. “As? Herrmann already knows them? Has a relationship with the mother? Well, it couldn’t be better.

So go gentlemen, get to work! And put plenty of loot on the table here for me, ”she grins angrily.


Wichita, another week later


One evening the doorbell rings for Jessi and Sarah Louise. In front of Jessi is a girl with two thick brown braids and a backpack on her back.

“I am Cindy and I want to see my sister,” she says well.

“Well, come on in then,” Jessi holds the door open with a smile.

Cindy later says: “I’m afraid of them. Can I stay with you? ”

“Sure, but I still have to call Ma. I’m sure she’s worried about you. “” I don’t think so. It’s all about Herrmann and his hair salon. She even had her long hair cut, which Dad loved so much. First so long and now very short. ”Sarah Louise informs her mother that Cindy can stay with her for a week. Jessi and Cindy quickly become fat friends after only a few minutes.


St Louis, Wednesday morning


“Aline! Call everyone! We’re starting now! ”Orders Brenda.


Wichita, Wednesday afternoon


Jessi’s cell phone rings, it’s her stepfather.

“Jessi! Your mother! ”“ Dad, what happened? ”

“So Diane and I wanted to go to the theater again tonight and she really wanted to get her hair done beforehand. We won the tickets in a lottery.

And now this hair salon has been attacked. ” A pause.

“No, nothing happened to Diane. But already. Don’t hurt. ” Pause.

“What’s happened? Her and her hairdresser’s hair was cut off. Then they soaped their heads and shaved completely bald with a wet razor. ”

” I’ll come over to you. ”

“No, leave it, your Ma is otherwise quite well.”


St. Louis, Thursday noon


“No, she didn’t come to St. Louis.” Brenda thinks for a moment.

“Well then the other variant. Get the child. ”



Wichita, Friday noon


Sarah Louise comes home from university.

“Cindy! Have you already cooked us something delicious, ”she calls cheerfully. No Answer. “Cindy! Where are you?”

Still no answer. Sarah Louise searches the student apartment in a good mood. There is a shoebox in her room.

Two thick brown braids in a shoebox. Sarah Louise turns pale.

> Cindy, where are you? What did they do to you?<

A note at the bottom of the box: “Pick up your sister, or we’ll send you the next parts.” Sarah Louise races through the apartment in panic.

Only when she calms down does she find a note in the bathroom.

> The old wig factory <


Wichita, Friday afternoon


Jessi comes home. No trace of Cindy and Sarah Louise.

> They’re probably on tour together. <

By chance she finds the box with Cindy’s braids in Sarah Louise Zimmer and the clue immediately afterwards. Jessi races out of the house and forces the next taxi to stop.


Jessi enters the old factory hall, someone is sitting in a chair in the middle of the hall. It is approaching. “Sarah Louise?” She asked quietly. She raises her head, it is Sarah, the long blond hair cut off very short, a thick braid lies on her lap. “Where’s Cindy?” “Here with us,” she hears a loud voice. Jessi reaches for the hip, but there is no weapon.

“It is just being served. My buddy promised them a shave. But at its finest, with the knife, so that they also get some of it. ”He laughs loudly and comes out of cover. There are six men and a short time later Jessi is helplessly tied to a support post in the hall. One of the men stands behind Sarah Louise and sprays a foam on her short hair. Grinning, he puts the knife on his forehead.

Tim also finds things later. In the kitchen he grabs the filleting knife from the sink. He starts immediately, runs through the street canyons at a steady pace. During the run he call the “911”.

“Here is the emergency center. What can I do for you?”

“Here’s Tim,” he panting on the phone during the run, “and I absolutely have to speak to Chief O’Connor. Tell him it’s about Sheena! ”

“That will not do. You have to tell me what happened. ”

“No! Please connect me to Chief O’Connor. You’re welcome!”

“No you can’t …” Tim broke the connection and continues to run.

The woman from the emergency call center searches for Chief O’Connor’s number. “Chief, a madman just called and really wanted to speak to you.”

“What did he want?” “He was on the run, I hardly understood anything. He mumbled something about a Sheena. “ Pause.  “Was the name of Tim?”

“Yes, why?” Pause. “Dress up very warm when something goes wrong,” he says quietly and hangs up. “Linda and Mark, you drive to Jessi’s apartment and see if everything is OK.”  His worried look says almost everything and he hasn’t quite finished when Linda is already popping over the desk.

Linda and Mark are already in the yard. He heads for a patrol car

Linda on a Ford Mustang.

“Stop Linda! That’s the car from the District Commissioner! ”

And the side window is already shattering.

She pulls a few cables out from under the dashboard. Hold the red and the blue together, spark sparks and the engine bubbles.

“Very good. A ’67 big block. 540 hp. I didn’t expect anything else from him. ”

Mark is already sitting next to her and wants to put the blue lights on the roof.

It is almost snatched out of his hand as Linda accelerates.

The wooden barrier at the entrance shattered and the car hurled onto the street.

“Sister, I’m coming!” She says very calmly and Mark feels his own inertia as Linda accelerates. “Can you imagine the consequences! You stole the District Commissioner’s private car! ”

” Sheena is my blood sister! There is no consideration of the consequences! ”

He tries to hold on. The stationary speed cameras trigger in rows.

“But you also didn’t learn to drive a car on the children’s carousel,” he says appreciatively.

In the apartment you will find Sheena’s gun belt in Jessi’s bed box.

“Look here.” He holds a piece of paper in front of her face.

Linda informs the chief.

” colleagues!” He roars into the office and all conversations fall silent.

“Sheena has a problem. I need two volunteers. Who’s there? ”He says very quietly. Not a second and everyone is ready.

He looks proudly at his people.

“Sonny, organize the cars!” “But we still have …”

“We do not have! I want to have five cars down there in two minutes, none of which have less than 200 hp. Is that clear!

And full armament, we are not on patrol! ”


“Let me drive,” orders Mark. “You are too nervous.”

What comes now makes even Linda pale.

Pass the cars on the right and left, onto the oncoming lane, and then drift sharply to the right. The tires are separated from the curb by just a few millimeters.

Then it goes out of the city and Mark is only really accelerating.

It is just going out and Linda is laying Sheena’s Colt on her thighs.

The cartridge chambers are filled again.

Only her father could have done that.

> Good job, Pa <

“What is that monster? It’s from the penultimate century. Nobody can shoot with that anymore, and won’t hit anyway.”

“Yes, a few weeks ago in our area,” she says quietly.

It crackles loudly when she cocks the cock.

Despite the pace, he looks over at her. “Please say that is not true.”

Linda is silent. “You were there ?!” Linda keeps silent.

“Sch …! And I’m making fun of your short hair. ”

Radio silence. “Which I find very cute, by the way.”

In a cloud of dust the car comes to a stop in front of an old industrial building. You will find an open door.

In the back of the hall, a person sits on an old wooden chair. It is Sarah Louise and she is tied up. A girl can be heard crying from further back. And Jessi is not far away, tied to a post. Her black hair lies on the floor in front of her.

Her hair was also roughly cut off with scissors.


And they see Tim. He is just one post away from Jessi.

The two police officers see the knife in his hand.

Linda gives Mark a thumbs up to indicate that Tim o.k. is.

She signals Tim and jumps out of cover.

“This is where the dance begins!” She calls loudly into the hall.

Bullets whistle at her as she takes cover behind the next post.

With this distraction, Tim made it to Jessi. With the knife he cuts Jessi’s bondage and gives Linda a sign.

“There are at least six!” Sarah Louise calls warningly. It’s Mark this time.

“Now Linda!” He calls out loudly and stands with his gun drawn in the middle of the hall and fires. A hail of bullets answers.

Linda also comes out of her cover:

“Sheena!” She calls out loud. “For my blood sister”, it comes a little quieter after. A big gun flies through the air.

Jessi flies sideways through the hall and catches the Colt in flight.

She sees Linda being thrown backwards. In retrospect, nobody could tell whether Sheena was still in the air or whether she already had firm ground under her feet when a deafening boom boomed through the hall.

Only the falling of a body was heard afterwards.

As if grown, the Colt is in Sheena’s hand, five cartridges are still clearly visible in the drum.

“You shot my blood sister”, one hears a voice very quietly and very angrily in the currently very quiet hall.

“Tom and Hank, you take over Winnetou’s sister, we take care of the others,” calls one of the invisible gangsters.

A dark shadow races silently through the hall, followed by a hail of bullets. Then the 45 Colt buzzes the second time, again.

Between the hail of bullets from the pistols you can hear the booming of the Magnum bullets three times at short intervals.

Outside, police cars with sirens and flashing lights are chasing the factory premises. One of the cars races through the closed hall gate and Chief O’Connor jumps out with his gun drawn.

Sheena stands in the middle of the hall and turns around herself.

The huge weapon at the ready. “Sheena!“ Tim shouts loudly.

Jessi looks him in the eye.

“Tim! Nice that you’re here. I need you now. ”

The revolver falls out of her hand.

“Where’s Linda, my blood sister?”

Tim catches Jessi. “It’s just a graze on the arm. She is fine. ”

Then Linda stands over her and smiles at her.

She continues to run to Mark, two bullets have hit him.

Linda places his head in her lap and he looks at her through his deep brown eyes.

“You crazy Officer! You … you can’t just drive a car! You can also..!

What did you say about my short hair earlier? ”

He just smiles at her, then the paramedics take over.

Cindy is sitting with Jessi and hugging her tightly.

The hall is bustling with policemen.

Chief O’Connor holds his daughter in his arms.

“Tim, what happened here !?” “I don’t know, Chief. She was….


“Faster than the wind and quieter than the night!”


“Bring me one of the bastards!” Yells the chief.

“I don’t think Chief can do that,” says Conny, the coroner.

“Why should not this work!”

“None of them survived. 6 bullets, 6 dead.

Who’s that chief? It doesn’t even have a scratch. ”



“Conny.” “Yes Chief?” The coroner looks at him questioningly.

“Conny, that’s a very special person. Please take special care of them. She is my second daughter. ”

The older woman looks at him a little perplexed.


Wichita, again a few weeks later


Linda and Mark’s wedding party. Only two people could be married as witnesses. Tim and Jessi-Sheena.

Papa O’Connor is very proud.

A fat engine bubbles, the district commissioner drives up.

He stands in front of the newlyweds.

“It was really not easy and cheap to get this car back into usable condition,”

he scolds. “And so that next time you no longer have to break the window and tear out the wiring, I want to give you this car for the wedding.” He holds up a keychain.


Victor and Paul were probably able to get away in time.


The end ?

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