Wife haircut

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I am 30-year-old working in IT industry, this is story of my wife haircut when I was out of India in UK.

Before six month I was to travel to UK I got a marriage proposal and I met my wife and we liked each other, Our family also like each other and we were engaged, She has long beautiful hair till waist everyone praises her long hair, I also like her hair but I like short hair on girl more, Short hairs looks more sexy on girls than long hairs. We talked a lot on phone as I worked in different city, I often told that short hairs look sexier on girls but she like her long hair and ignore my view.

Time goes by and I went out of India, We engaged in Feb and I travelled to UK in May, Our marriage date is fixed in Dec, December came and I travelled back to India and we married, I loved her a lot and spent quality time with her before going back to UK again, I started her VISA process also and waiting for her to come to UK.

Finally in Jan she came, I arranged everything and welcomed her to our new house, Three month passed so quickly, One day we were planning for a long vacation and I asked her about her hair that did she ever consider cutting her hair short, She said no, I told her that I want her to cut her hair short as I liked short hair, She was a bit surprised as I never ask der to cut her hair, but I said to her that I wont force her if she did not want to cut, She then asked me how short I want to cut I told her that I want a bit short but I will decide the style for her once she agree, 2 3 days passed and this topic did not come up, One day we went outside and i told her that in this country girls normally have short hairs rather then long she also noticed most of the girls have either pixie cut or bob cut, In the night she said to me that she is ready for a haircut, I was very happy listing to this, We decided a unisex saloon in the town and I took a appointment for Saturday.

Then Sat came she washed her hairs in the morning and wore a jeans and T-shirt, We went to saloon, She was very nervous, We sit there and I see two three girls getting their haircut one with pixie and one with bob, She start feeling nervous but I calm her down, Then one of the stylist asked who next I said my wife needs a haircut, Stylist was a teenage girl, My wife rose and go to cutting seat, She was then capped and stylist praised her long hair and said you have lovely hair and asked what cut it should be she told that my husband will told, I came near and told the stylist go give her a short bob at least till chin, Stylist was surprised and asked are you sure and my wife confirm that she want bob only.

Stylist pick up scissor and comb and start combing her hair, Checking everything she put scissor just below her chin and ask for my permission I said a bit high and she obliged whole bunch of my wife hair comes down to the cap and ground almost 20 inches of hair, she looked very anxious now, First time I saw her small cute nape, she then parted hairs side and matching the length cut the hair near her ear, this time her little ears exposed, next she moved other side and cut at the same level, both her ears are now clearly visible, She continue by cutting more precise, I was so happy to see her she looked so cute and sexy in half cut hair also, She then asked if she needs bangs, My wife looked at me and I asked stylist to give her bang also, she put all her hair in front and put scissor just below her hair and now my wife have short bangs first time in her life, small little hairs stick to my wife cheeks nose and all around her face, stylist tool a brush and clean the hairs, she asked me if the length in the back is ok u though for a while and asked if it can be converted into bit inverted, my wife now looks more nervous but did not say anything, stylist now took some small combs and taking her back hair put scissor between touching her head inside, she does it for almost 5 to 7 min keeping length short to short, she then draw a point in the back for proper lining, my wife hair is now converted into a very short sexy inverted bob, She put scissor and comb down and took trimmer now, my wife again saw me nervously I assure that it is ok she then push her head forward and clean all tinny hairs in the back, after this she inspected everything and get a mirror and display back hairs to my wife, my wife remove her hand from the cap and feel the back hairs she said it is dam short, but I told her that she look beautiful, she does not recognize herself, finally she removed the caps a large pile of hair was around the chair, I grab her hand and get her from chair.

I paid for the haircut and left from the saloon , I feel the back hair of my wife she was looking so sweet in this new haircut, She did not say anything as she feels a bit shy, some people on the way smiled at her, we then came to our house and I kissed her and said I love you a lot, she also told that she had done this for me, We hade love at night and I feel her hair and that night we had best sex of our life.

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