Wife’s flat top haircut

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My wife got a promotion at her job and she came home with a new business suit and high heels and sat in the chair and open up a bag and took out a pair of Clippers and told me to give her a real short haircut

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    1. She has her hair buzzed side and nape and the top between 1 to. 2 inches. When she showed me the clippers i knew what I was going to do she never had the clippers on top of her so i put number 2 guide and buzzed first down the center of her head then when top was done number one side and nape then square left side burn and long point right side burn then tapered side and nape with triple zero

  1. Had a similar experience and was absolutely sensational. It certainly brings couples closer together. Currently I am pleading my wife to go back to a buzz cut or fade type. Unsuccessful at this point.

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