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Amanda could hardly contain her excitement as she stood backstage, waiting for her cue to make her debut performance at the hairdressing convention. This was her first acting job, and it was a big one. The convention was the most important of the year, and it had attracted the best hairdressers, cosmetic companies, and fashion designers from all over the world.
As she looked around, Amanda was amazed by the sheer size of the convention. There were dozens of stands showcasing the latest hair products, tools, and trends. Fashion shows were taking place on different stages, and a huge theatre had been set up for the comedy play on hairdressing and its typical clients.
Amanda was set to star in the play as a wild influencer, and she couldn’t wait to show off her acting skills. She had signed a long contract without reading the fine print, but she didn’t care. The long wording was just a waiver because they had to style her hair and give her some piercings: nothing to worry about, they said. All that mattered to her was that she was getting paid to do what she loved.
The producers had explained to her that her role was that of a wild influencer who changed her hair, got mini tattoos, and a few piercings in every performance. Amanda was up for the challenge and couldn’t wait to bring her character to life. Other roles on this play would be the hesitant and never happy bride, the color chameleon and the vintage pin-up.
The ambiance of the convention was electric. The air was filled with the sound of buzzing hair clippers, the smell of hairspray and perfume, and the chatter of excited attendees. Everyone was dressed in their best, and the energy was palpable.
As Amanda took her place on stage, she could feel her heart pounding with excitement. This was her moment, and she was ready to shine. She took a deep breath and waited for her cue to start the show.
She took one last look around and smiled, knowing that this was just the beginning of an unforgettable experience and was greeted with enthusiastic cheers from the audience. She began by joking with her hairdresser, saying that she wanted a new look for a wild rocker party she was going to attend later that night.

Her hairdresser started by sectioning her hair and coloring the roots black, then adding a few streaks of red and blue throughout the lengths of her hair. As she waited for the dye to set, Amanda couldn’t help but feel nervous. She had never done anything like this before, and she hoped the audience would like her look.

After the dye had set, the hairdresser rinsed Amanda’s hair and began to blow-dry it. She then used a straightening iron to make it pin-straight before using a curling iron to add volume and texture.

The result was a long mane of black rockstar hair that made Amanda feel fierce and confident. Amanda couldn’t help but feel like a true rockstar as she admired her new hairdo.

Next up were the mini tattoos. The first one was a guitar that was inked onto her right wrist. Amanda watched in amazement as the tattoo artist worked his magic, creating a detailed and realistic design. The pen even buzzed like the real thing and she felt a tingling in her arm.
The second tattoo was of a punk with a mohawk, which was placed on her ankle. Amanda couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the artist work. She was having so much fun and felt like she was part of the rock and roll scene.
The third tattoo was a set of flashing arrows that were placed on her lower back. They added a bit of flair to her new look, and Amanda loved the attention she was getting from the crowd.
The fourth tattoo was a set of stage lights that were placed on her upper arm. They shone brightly, just like she imagined herself doing on stage.
The final addition was a nose piercing, which Amanda had always been hesitant about. But in the moment, she felt like it was the perfect touch to her new rock and roll persona. It stung a bit, but she dismissed it among all the fuss with her hair.
As Amanda finished her act, she was met with thunderous applause from the audience. She had brought the house down with her wit and charm, and the mini tattoos were a hit with the crowd. She was having the time of her life, and she didn’t even realize that the tattoos were real with the cheerful reactions she got from the audience.
Amanda was overjoyed with the feedback she received and couldn’t wait for her next performance. She was thrilled to be a part of the convention and was grateful for the opportunity to showcase her talents. As she left the stage, she was already thinking about what wild and crazy look she would come up with next.
The organizer told her to keep her look till the next day to highlight the changes for the new look. They would just give her a touch up before the next show.
Amanda woke up on the second day of the convention feeling excited and ready to take on the challenge of transforming her wild rocker persona into a girly influencer. She arrived at the convention in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans, with her long black mane still intact.
As she met with the organizer, he explained that her character would be going to a girly convention and rebelling against the pinkness of it all. He said that her hair would need to be transformed into something more traditional and feminine, and suggested a classic bob cut with some neon pink coloring to show her protest against the girly world.
The hairdresser got to work, expertly cutting Amanda’s hair into a sleek bob that framed her face perfectly. They added a neon pink hue to the ends of her hair, giving her just the right touch of rebelliousness.
Next up were the mini tattoos. The first was a heart that was inked onto her left wrist, a nod to the girly convention she was rebelling against. The second tattoo was a Barbie profile that was placed on her shoulder, a playful and cheeky addition to her new look.
The final tattoo was a phrase that was inked onto the back of her neck: “I’m not from this Barbie world”. Amanda loved the statement it made and couldn’t wait to show it off during her act.
The belly piercing with pink gemstones was the final touch, adding a bit of sparkle and femininity to her new look. Amanda was thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to take the stage once again.
During her act, Amanda joked about the wild transition from rocker to girly influencer and had the audience in stitches. Her mini tattoos and new hairdo were a hit with the crowd, and they couldn’t get enough of her witty banter.
As the second day of the convention came to a close, Amanda received more compliments and congratulations from the organizer and the audience. She felt proud of herself for successfully transitioning from one persona to another and couldn’t wait to see what the final day of the convention would bring.
As Amanda arrived on the final day of the convention, she was excited and curious about what her new look would be. The organizer informed her that it was going to be a surprise and that she needed to be ready to improvise.
As she sat down in the hairdressing chair, the hairdresser started preparing the tools. Amanda noticed a buzzing sound and realized that they were going to shave her hair. She felt a mix of excitement and anxiety at the thought of such a drastic change.

The hairdresser began by sectioning off her hair and securing it with clips. Then, he took out a pair of electric clippers and attached a guard to them. Amanda watched as the hairdresser slowly buzzed off the sides of her hair. She could feel the vibrations of the clippers on her scalp, and she couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of her hair falling to the ground.

Once the sides were done, the hairdresser moved on to the top. He took a pair of scissors and began cutting the hair to a shorter length. Amanda watched as her hair fell in clumps around her. She couldn’t believe how much hair was being taken off. She joked about it, saying that she always wanted to be a punk rocker, and the audience loved it.

After the hair was cut to the desired length, the hairdresser took out a straight razor and began shaving the sides and back of her head. Amanda watched as the hairdresser expertly moved the razor over her skin, creating a smooth and clean look. She couldn’t believe how different she looked without her hair on the sides.

Once the hair was buzzed and shaved, the hairdresser lathered the remaining hair with shaving cream. Amanda closed her eyes as he worked the cream into a rich lather, enjoying the sensation of the cool cream on her head. She could hear the sound of the razor as the hairdresser carefully shaved off any remaining hair. When he was finished, he wiped off the excess cream and applied some soothing lotion to her scalp.

Amanda looked in the mirror and saw her new look. She had never felt so exposed before, with the shaved sides and the short, styled top. But she also felt exhilarated by the change.

The mini tattoos were related to the event, with a pair of scissors and a hairspray can being inked onto her arm. Flower designs were added to the shaven part of her head, creating a beautiful and unique look. Amanda was a little confused because the tattoos were not supposed to hurt and felt like her skull was on fire… the joke on this tought was also a success!
The final touch was to open two large tunnels on Amanda’s ears. This caused plenty of pain, and Amanda was surprised that the organizes would take the changes so far. However, she didn’t want to make a scene and continued with the act.
When it came to close she could see that the final act was a massive success. The audience loved her new look and the mini tattoos, and she received a standing ovation at the end of her performance!
After the closing, Amanda went to the post-convention party with the other actors and hairdressers. She was nervous at first, wondering what they would think of her new look, but as soon as she arrived, everyone complimented her on her wild influencer style.
Amanda had never felt so confident before. She loved her new look and the attention it brought her. She danced and laughed with her new friends, feeling free and alive. The party was a blast, and Amanda enjoyed every minute of it. She had embraced her wild influencer persona, and she was happy as she walked out of the party.
Back at home, Amanda stares at herself in the mirror, admiring her new hair and the many tattoos covering her body. She takes a closer look at the piercings in her ears, feeling their weight and marveling at the tunnels she now has. She thinks to herself how much she loves this punkish wild influencer look, and wonders what life would be like if she was a real influencer.
But, it is time to put an end to this wild influencer look… Amanda rubs off her make-up easily, but as she starts to remove the tattoos, she realizes they’re not coming off. She tries several methods, from scrubbing with soap to using makeup remover, but nothing works. She starts to panic as she realizes these tattoos are real.
Next, she moves on to removing the piercings. The belly piercing comes off easily, but the others seem to be clicked shut with no place to open. Even the ear tunnels have small rings inside with no opening, preventing her from removing the ear plugs. She starts to feel trapped and helpless, wondering how she can go back to her old life.
Amanda’s heart sinks as she realizes the consequences of her temporary fun. She feels trapped in a new identity she never asked for, and a sense of despair sets in. She wonders if she will ever be able to escape this permanent change, and how she will be able to move forward. The wild influencer persona she played for a few days may have become her new reality…

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