wild west – 1

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Hallo liebe Freunde, mein Name ist Melanie und ich bin Deutscher.

Ich habe einige Haarschnittgeschichten geschrieben und sie auf einer deutschen Website veröffentlicht.

Jetzt werde ich sie auch auf dieser Seite zeigen.

Entschuldigung, ich muss den Google-Übersetzer verwenden, aber es scheint in Ordnung zu sein

Und wenn Sie denken, dass dies in Ordnung ist, lassen Sie es mich bitte wissen. Ich habe noch mehr.


Bitte genießen Sie die Geschichte.


Wilder Westen-1


Dies ist die Geschichte einer harten indischen Mischling namens Sheena


Es ist das Jahr 1885. Wir sind irgendwo in einer kleinen Stadt im Westen der Vereinigten Staaten. Wie heißt die kleine Stadt? Ich erinnere mich nicht mehr.

Würde auch nichts bringen, da es sowieso niemand weiß.

Aber damals muss etwas Haariges passiert sein.

Ich war in Tuscon, als ich die folgende Geschichte hörte:


Victoria Harlow sitzt in ihrem Salon und spielt mit ein paar Ranchern Poker. Sie raucht und trinkt den Whisky wie die Männer.

Sie besitzt den Salon seit mehreren Jahren. Sie hat es im Poker gewonnen und der Besitzer ist zu dieser Zeit nicht mehr unter den Lebenden.

Was kann ein so kleiner Revolver in einem Strumpfband?

Es unterscheidet sich nur optisch von Männern.

Das prächtige blonde Haar ist wie eine Dame mit Stil gekleidet und kunstvoll hinten hochgesteckt. Die Rancher wetteifern um ihre Gunst und Freunde nennen sie gerne Lady Vic.

In this round she got out early and watches the goings-on outside on the street.

A two-axle farm wagon rumbles past. It stops diagonally across from the store.

A young woman in jeans and a flannel shirt is sitting on the box.

When she jumps down, two long brown braids wave through the air.


“Jenny needs supplies again”, she says condescendingly and everyone turns to look out. You don’t need to say much about it, because everyone knows that farmers and rancher are not friends.

“Yes, Jenny and her half sister Sheena really make life difficult for us,” says one of the farmers. “Didn’t think that they would last so long after the death of their parents.” “Some people have already bitten their teeth on the Sheena”, laughs one. “How true. The sheriff is also on their side. I think he almost kept an eye on little Jenny. ”

Lady Vic takes a deep breath through her long cigarette holder.

“Dress like a man. Then she should also wear her hair like a man, ”throws Lady Vic emotionlessly around.

“Let’s keep playing, I need your dollars.” Everyone laughs.


Jack Hanson, the largest and richest rancher quitt he game.

He gets up, goes to the bar and exchanges a few words with his foreman.

A few minutes later, some of his men leave the saloon.

One is heading straight for the store.

“Hello Miss Hamilton” he greets the shopkeeper.

“Hello Carl. What do you need? “” I would like have a scissor. ”

Miss Hamilton looks at him questioningly and put a scissor on the counter. “Don’t you have a bigger one?” She gets a pair of scissors twice the size and Carl snaps it shut. He looks out of the corner of his eye at Jenny, who is being served by Mr. Hamilton. “What in the world do you need scissors for?” Asked Miss Hamilton. “I just want to beautify something” he grins and pays. Two of his people are leaning on the farm wagon.

One of them fiddles with his knife on the wheel cotter pin.

Then the group goes to their horses and rides out of the city.

They are sitting in the shade of a tree as the farm wagon hurries past. Jenny’s braids flutter in the wind. “Sit on!”

You don’t have to ride far to see the broken car.

Jennny stands next to the car and swears. Your goods are scattered around the world. She doesn’t hear the buzz of anger. Nobody can fool Carl with the lasso. She is pulled to the ground and held tight by strong arms. She screams and fights back, but has no chance.

A hand grabs her left braid. The big scissors flash.

“If you act like a man, you should also look like a man,” she hears a laugh. The braid is off, shortly afterwards the right one.

A hand grabs her remaining brown hair. She hears the scissors snap shut. Again and again. Short cut her thick brown hair 2 cm. Then let go of Jenny. Everything is full of brown hair around her.

“But Lady Vic will be happy,” she hears a saying “Idiot!” Comes the answer from Carl. “You pigs!” She cries howling after the men riding away. Her hands run through her short hair.

Stumbling, she pulls the horse out and desperately rides home.

The next day in the saloon.

Jack Hanson throws two long brown braids on the poker table.

“Do you want to play about it?” Vic asks. She takes a braid and slides it through her hand. “No, that’s a gift for you,” Jack smiles at her.

Everyone knows about her preference for braids, since some young women have already left the city with short hair in the stagecoach.

Girls where Victoria suspected incorrect billing.

In the meantime, she has a decent collection. It started many years ago, when she was still married and her husband had hired a Chinese housekeeper.

The saloon door swings open and the conversations fall silent.

In the doorway stands a woman, a dark complexion, dressed in suede, the revolver belt tied by her father, two thick black braids hanging down at the front. It is Sheena, the Indian half-breed!

“Oh! Jeronimo is on the war path. ”Everyone laughs out loud.

“You should watch your revolver, not shoot yourself in the foot.”

Another loud laugh.

“Where’s Carl?” She just asks. “It is not here. Probably in the pasture. ”

Sheena sees movement from the corner of her eye.

This is followed by a movement that is not comprehensible to the eyes and four shots popping. Two revolvers fall loudly on the floorboard.

It is not Sheena`s Colt, because he rests smoking in her mouth in her left hand. To the side of her, in the shadow, two men fall behind her Colts. Everyone turns in shock. The first is Carl. His colt is next to him. Carl was known as the fastest shooter here and he clearly took up arms in front of Sheena!

The second is the man next to him.

They stare at Sheena. A movement behind her. Her Colt barks for the third time and one of them falls, a bullett into the leg on the sidewalk.

“Anyone else interested?” She asks, but it remains silent.

Sheena makes the Colt disappear in the holster. Two cocks crack behind her, but she doesn’t move.

“I’ll keep your back free.”

It is the sheriff with a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.

Sheena goes to the poker table. She reaches for the two braids and sees

Lady Vic to: “I thought you were in there. See you.”

After she and the sheriff are outside, it takes a while for someone to say something. The shock is too deep.

The next nights not only Victoria sleeps badly.


Months later. The saloon is, as always, very badly visited at this time, since the rancher has to prepare the cattle drive. Victoria closes her saloon at 11:00 p.m.

At midnight she sits in her nightgown in her large room above the taproom. She brushes her long blonde hair in front of the mirror.

A flickering candle! Leaky windows!

A rope wraps around her upper body and the back of the chair several times.

The mouth opened to scream is closed by a gag.

Only now does she see Sheena standing behind her in the mirror.

She gets scared.

“It`s your turn” she hears Sheena say and sees Jenny appearing behind her.

Und was Jenny in der Hand hält, erzeugt Panik in ihr.


Jenny kauft Vorräte im Laden. Ihre Finger fahren glücklich durch ihre kurzen braunen Haare.


Lady Vic lässt ihren Salon über einen Mittelsmann verkaufen und verlässt die Stadt unsichtbar, aber nicht unversehrt.

Nur ihre etwas einfältige Köchin Aline begleitet sie.


> Entschuldigung, eigentlich hätte es nur eine Kurzgeschichte sein sollen, aber jetzt schreibe ich bereits Teil zwei. <

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