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Mehr Wilder Westen

Melanie Buzz



Komisch, in Laramie habe ich wieder von dieser Inderin gehört:


Gute sechs Monate sind vergangen.

Jenny heiratete den Sheriff und die drei leben jetzt auf der Farm.

Sheena fühlt sich jeden Tag überflüssig.

Eines Tages kommt Jenny mit einem Brief aus der Stadt zurück.

Es ist an ihren verstorbenen Vater gerichtet. Es ist von seinem Bruder.

Sheena öffnet es und liest laut vor. Zuerst die üblichen Sätze, aber am Ende macht er sich an die Arbeit. „Leider ist hier seit einigen Wochen kein friedliches Leben mehr möglich. Die Brüder Pavarotti übernehmen immer mehr die Stadt.

Wir müssen Schutzgelder zahlen, damit unseren Familien und Feldern nichts passiert. Wir werden wahrscheinlich unsere Farm hier aufgeben müssen.

Grüße Jimmy.

Zwei Tage später reitet Sheena von der Farm.

Die Satteltaschen gepackt, Decke und Kochgeschirr dabei, die langen Zöpfe unter dem Hut verstaut. “Du kannst ein paar Tage ohne mich auskommen”, sagte sie nur und stieg auf das Pferd. Sie ist seit zwei Wochen unterwegs und meidet jede Stadt und den Kontakt mit anderen Menschen.

Gegen Abend nähert sie sich einem Bauernhaus und schaut in die Läufe einer Schrotflinte, die aus einem Busch herausragt.

“Stop! Kein Schritt näher!” Sie sieht sich ruhig um. Die tiefe Sonne dahinter.

“Wenn ich dich töten wollte, hättest du es nicht bemerkt. Ich habe deine Schrotflinte aus der Ferne in der Sonne blitzen sehen.”

“Wer bist du, Mann!” Sheena beantwortet seine Frage nicht.

“Wohnt ein Jim O’Hara in der Nähe?”

Hinter den Fässern erscheint ein rundes bärtiges Gesicht. “Ja, er wohnt in der Nähe.”

Plötzlich ist der Pferdesattel vor ihm leer. Der Mann wischt sich ungläubig die Augen und sucht nach einem Ziel für sein Gewehr. “Fallen!”

Die Klinge eines großen Messers an seiner Kehle und sein Gewehr fallen zu Boden.

Sheena lässt ihn los und tritt zwei Schritte zurück. Der Mann dreht sich um und sieht ihr in die Augen. Es dauert eine Weile. “Sheena?” “Onkel Jim?”

Die beiden fallen sich in die Arme.

Ihr Hut rutscht zurück und zwei dicke schwarze Zöpfe tauchen auf.


Im Bauernhaus trifft sie seine Frau Barbara und ihren Sohn Billy.

Das Essen ist fertig und Barbara ruft: „Judith! Kommst du zum essen Wir haben Besucher. “Keine Antwort. Mit einer verzweifelten Mine kommt Barbara zurück in die Küche. Jim erzählt seiner Familie von ihrer Begegnung.

“Sie bewegt sich schneller als ihre Mutter und sie war verdammt schnell.

How are the two actually doing? ”Sheena becomes silent, but then she tells of her mother’s early death and the accident death of her father and stepmother.

But when she talks about her little half-sister Jenny, her sunshine, the mood brightens again. Billy just sits there silently the whole time.

“Who is Judith?” Sheena asks and the mood sinks immediately.

“Our daughter Judith, Billy’s big sister, was mistreated in town when she wanted to help Billy,” Uncle Jim squeezes out.

“What happened? You already indicated something in your letter. ”

Barbara looks at her slumped husband and shakes her head.

“What!” Sheena`s voice has changed, so that suddenly Billy looks up too. Then it’s Barbara who just gushes it out:

“They beat up Billy in the city because he didn’t want to pay. His sister intervened to help him. So they packed Judith and dragged her into the barber shop. Her long blonde hair was her pride and joy. ”Barbara howls.

“They have already cut three women ‘s hair to make men pay.”

“Where’s her room?” Sheena asks and Jim just looks up.

“Right” is the only word that Billy brings out today. Sheena enters a darkened room. She dimly recognizes the outline of a bed and sits down.

She doesn’t say a word.

After a while a small voice asks: “Who are you?”

“My parents called me Sheena.” “Sheena? I do not know you.”

“Neither do you, cousin Judith.” She leans down and hugs a wailing girl. Her hand strokes a shaved head. “I think there is still a big bill left.”

The girl howls uncontrollably in her arms.

Sheena disappeared very early the next morning. Her luggage is still in the kitchen. Curious, Billy opens the saddlebag and pulls out a large-caliber Colt. “Put him back in immediately!” Barbara hisses.

“Give it to me,” says Jim. He looks at the Colt closely.

“My brother’s gun, a sniper’s weapon. Perfection without a match. ”

He takes out the knife himself. A heavy long blade.

“The knife of a Sioux chief’s daughter. Sharp and deadly. ”

“Where did she go? Without their weapons? ”Asks Billy.

Jim shrugs and looks towards the city.

Sheena ties up her horse at the entrance to the city. She explores the city on foot, moving so vaguely that no one notices it.

She is watching. Shouting in front of the saloon. Two men drag a red-haired woman onto the street. Her hair pinned up and falls openly over her back.

“Your husband probably doesn’t want to pay his club fee.”

“But we can no longer pay!” Behind them comes a man out of the saloon.

He grins broadly with his cigarillo in the corner of his mouth and just watches. The door of the barber shop is opened and a sleazy guy shows up. He holds a large pair of scissors in his hand and snaps them shut several times.

“Brother, will you bring me a new customer again?” He laughs, “unfortunately everything is occupied inside. But there’s still a chair out here. ”

The red-haired woman stands motionless and pale corpse on the street.

Then they drag the men towards the chair. She is tied up and the greasy guy reaches into her red long hair. “It’s always a great experience to be able to cut a pretty woman’s hair.” Sheena looks around. No chance to intervene. The woman screams as the scissors strike. Long red hair is blown away by the wind.

“Luciano, you pig!” Calls a man standing in the middle of the street.

He pulls the gun. Two shots bark and the man breaks down.

Luciano shot first, his brother Pietro a split second later.

> They are quickly the two, even very quickly. I have no chance against both of them, < sums up Sheeena. “Go on,” says Luciano without emotion. The woman’s hair is cut down to the scalp with scissors. Her skull is then lathered and shaved in public.

Disgusted, Sheena turns away and continues her exploration.

On the way back a look at the barber shop. The hairdresser is sitting on his armchair and leafing through a newspaper.

Sheena takes a deep breath and enters.

“Hello cowboy, what would you like?” She is greeted. “Cutting hair.”

“But of course. You sit down. And the hat, please. ”

Her braids fall over the back of the chair and Pietro Pavarotti is unsettled.

“You know a thing like that. Them you cut off too. ”She points to a long blond braid hanging on the wall. “Sure, I’ve done that a lot.” Pietro is still completely unsettled. An Indian sits on his chair and wants to have his hair cut.

> That doesn’t exist <

Sheena takes one of her braids and holds it up.

“Well what are you waiting for. Cut off!”

Pietro takes the big scissors and grins arrogantly now.

> She’ll be surprised when I’m done with her <

His hand reaches for Sheena’s braid. But it goes nowhere. Sheena is now standing behind him, grabs her hand with the scissors and hurls him against the wall. Pietro falls to the floor and stays there.

Sheena calmly takes the blonde braid off the hook and leaves the barber shop.

A pair of scissors protrudes from Pietro’s chest.

When Sheena comes back to the farm in the evening, the food is on the table.

Without a word, she sits down with the others and begins to eat.

“Do you know a red-haired woman in her late thirties?” She suddenly asked.

“Yes,” replies Barbara, “Mary, our librarian. A very lovely woman, so helpful. What about her? “” Nothing. ” She saw movement from the corner of her eye. “What about Mary!” Jim asks now.

“Judith! I brought you something. ” The 17-year-old girl peers shyly behind the door frame. Then she comes running into the room and hugs Sheena.

“What did you bring with you, cousin Sheena?”

“After dinner.” Her parents are stunned with happiness. It is the first time since their experience that Judith is sitting at the table with them again.

The plates are empty. “What did you bring with you?”

Sheena reaches into her pocket and pulls out a blonde braid.

“I think it’s yours.” Judith hugs her gratefully. “How did you do this?”

“I told you last night that there was still a bill open. And part of it was paid. ”

Late in the evening, Sheena, Barbara and Jim sit by the fireplace. Jim is holding a whiskey glass. “Do you have one for me too?” Sheena asks. “Why, surely.”

“Me too” says Barbara. “You?”

“Yes I! And now I want to know what was going on. ”

Sheena reports on the red-haired woman and the shootout.

“It was definitely Ben, her cousin. Nobody has a chance against the two. They move faster than anyone else, ”explains Jim.

“And where did you get Judith’s braid from? You didn’t even have a gun with you, ”Barbara asks. Sheena just shrugs and goes to bed.

Of course not without looking at Judith.

Jim and Barbara look at each other helplessly below.

The next morning Sheena wakes up from the sound of shots.

Jim and Billy do target practice. Jim throws a can into the air and both shoot wildly. The can falls to the floor right in front of her feet.

Jim throws again. Billy shoots first, then Jim. Then three more shots, each time the can changes its trajectory. When the two turn around in astonishment, Sheena stands there completely indifferent with her hands on her hips. Her Colt is in the holster. Jim scratches his head in amazement. A rider comes galloping towards the farm and Sheena uses the distraction and jumps on her horse. She leans briefly down to Jim:

“About yesterday. Pietro Pavarotti no longer cuts anyone’s hair. ”

And she gallops away.

It is the neighbor farmer’s son: “Mr. O’Hara I should warn everyone! ”

He calls from the saddle. “Luciano Pavarotti is beside himself. Someone killed his brother Pietro. You found him with scissors in his chest. ”

“Timmy, ride back and tell everyone to come to town, but armed. I think someone needs our help! ”

Jim goes back inside and takes the Winchester off the wall.

“Sheena started cleaning up. Maybe she needs our help. ”

He gives his wife a kiss and she hands him a gun belt.

Jim looks at him and his hand slides over the gun.

“I promised you never to touch him again.”

“Now is the time to break your promise,” says Barbara, looking him in the eye. “For Judith and many others.”

He ties the belt. The weapon is in his hand as if he had never put it down.

The first thing Sheena does is explore the situation in the city. It seems to be deserted. Then she stands in the middle of the main street.

“Luciano Pavarotti!” She calls. Nothing moves.

“Luciano Pavarotti where are you hiding!”

“Are you afraid of an Indian girl?” Now the saloon door opens.

Pavarotti and two of his companions show up.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

Sheena looks briefly upwards, she sees three rifle barrels on the roof.

Maybe more. Thats gonna be close. Pavarotti and his two companions step onto the street. “What do you want, Indian?” He calls again and grins nastily.

“A single woman, plus an Indian. I divided too many of my people there, ”

he laughs.

“I’m going to kill you with a nice greeting from your brother!”

The cigarillo falls from the corner of his mouth.

He gives a sign with his hand.

He expects a hail of bullets from the roofs. It stays silent.

A nervous look up, none of his people can be seen.

He pulls. His two guards next to him pull a little slower.

A total of five shots are fired. Almost simultaneously.

Three men fall into the dust of the street.

A shadow obliquely behind her. She wants to whirl around, but the movement is slow motion. A man stands behind her with his gun drawn.

It’s Jim and the Colt doesn’t point to her. A man with a gun falls from the roof. She can still see how other men stand up with their hands raised.

Then Sheena breaks down.

She wakes up four days later, lying in a bed. “Where am I?” She stammered.

“At home with your family” says the voice of a young girl who takes her hand.

It is Judith who is sitting at her bed and she calls for her parents.

Barbara and Jim storm in. “We were so afraid for you!” Barbara howls.

“Judith didn’t leave your side.” Sheena squeezes Judith’s hand even tighter:

“You know, A red skin doesn’t kill anything. ” Judith is beaming.

Jim later tells her what happened: “You killed Luciano and his two most dangerous cronies. But a bullet caught you. You only left me one on the roof.

The other farmers took care of the rest. ”

Three weeks later, Sheena jumps on her horse.

Judith runs after her. “Sheena! Wait! ”She turns around again.

“This is for you. As a reminder and thank you. ”

She hands Sheena a blonde braid.

Sheena leans down and kisses the young girl on the forehead and silently rides after the sun.

Jim and Barbara watch her.

“My brother was always faster than me with the iron.

Aber gegen seine Tochter Sheena hätte er keine Chance.



das war mein westlicher Teil 2.

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