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Noch wilder Westen

Melanie Buzz


Sheena sitzt alleine an einem Tisch im Salon. Vor ihr steht ein Glas und eine Flasche Bourbon. Sie ist nicht ganz alleine, der Barkeeper, was soll er sonst tun, poliert seine Brille.

Ein Cowboy kommt herein. Seine Augen fallen auf Sheena.

“Joe! Wann haben Rothäute Bourbon von dir bekommen?”

Zwei weitere Cowboys folgen ihm.

Zu Sheena: “Kannst du überhaupt dafür bezahlen?” Er lacht laut auf.

“Um Ihre höfliche Frage zu beantworten. Im Moment fehlt mir tatsächlich etwas Geld, aber ich habe diese Flasche bereits bezahlt.”

In der Zwischenzeit hat sich ein gut gekleideter älterer Herr ihnen angeschlossen.

“Willst du mich veräppeln? Rote Haut!” Er zieht seine Waffe und drückt den Abzug.

Die Flasche platzt vor Sheena. Sie saß immer noch regungslos auf ihrem Stuhl.

„Die Flasche hat zwei Dollar gekostet. Bring mir bitte einen neuen.

Der Cowboy schnappt nach Luft. “Joe, lass es los”, sagt der Herr.

“Die rote Haut will, dass ich ihm eine neue Flasche bringe!”

Seine Revolverhand startet sehr langsam, um dann auf das Ziel zu zielen.

“Joe! Hör auf! Steck die Waffe weg!” Joe grinst nur böse.

Ein Surren im Raum, dann ein Schrei, dass der Colt zu Boden fällt.

Alle starren Joe an. Ein großes Messer nagelte seinen Jackenärmel an den Balken hinter ihm. Alle starren Sheena an, die in derselben Position wie zuvor auf ihrem Stuhl sitzt. “Joe, du bist gefeuert”, sagt der Herr zu seinem jetzt ehemaligen Cowboy. Er zieht das Messer aus dem Holz und wirft es vor Sheena auf den Tisch. “Und du bist ein Idiot! Wenn du nicht so viel Glück gehabt hättest, wärst du tot.” “Ich glaube nicht, dass du fast dein Hengstfohlen gezogen hast.

Sheena steckt ihr Messer ein und steht langsam auf, sie trägt keinen Revolvergürtel.

„Yuo konnte das überhaupt nicht sehen.„ Oh, übrigens, ich bin Floyd Benson “, stellt er sich vor.„ Und ich glaube, ich brauche einen neuen Cowboy. Wären Sie interessiert? “”

“A red skin?” Sheena asks. “Why shouldn’t I give it a try? You are hired. What’s your name? “” My parents called me Sheena “while she takes off her hat and two powerful black braids unroll.

“Does your offer also apply to a squaw?” She asks in silence.

It takes a while for Floyd to find his composure.

“Yeah sure,” he stammered visibly still. What else can he say.

“Come to the ranch, I’ll find something where you can make yourself useful.” “Thank you, sir.” “By the way, these are Ben and Marc”, he introduces his two other cowboys. Meanwhile, Sheena has taken her cartridge belt out of her travel bag and is putting it on. The heavy weapon slides into the holster by itself.

The four go outside.

“Hey, you dirty red skin! Now you are due! ”Joe screams behind them.

Floyd, Marc and Ben turn around. “Sheena watch out!” Marc shouts.

She stands still with her back to Joe.

Suddenly she dives down and whirls around.

A shot whistles over them. Nobody noticed how her weapon got into her hand during this movement. Sheena`s Colt barks twice.

First, Joe`s Colt blows up, then his hat.

The three look back at Sheena, who is standing there as if nothing had happened.

The Colt safely stowed in the holster. Joe is standing on the street holding his gun hand. “What was that?” Marc asks visibly confused.

“I’ve never seen anything like it” comes from Ben.

Floyd scratches his head. “I don’t think the knife was a stroke of luck. Is it right Sheena? ”

Sheena just smiles and jumps on her horse. “Where’s the Ranch?”

— Outside the city, a uniaxial closed wagon is camping in a clearing. A woman combs her short blonde hair in front of a small mirror. “Aline! Come here! ”A young girl with a half-tied ponytail comes running in a hurry. “What is it, Victoria?”

Aline, you’re going to cut my hair now. Just a little bit, so that they become more of the same length. ”With that she hands Aline comb and scissors and sits on a tree trunk. Aline combs Victoria’s layered blonde hair. On the sides, it’s almost over the ears. She puts the scissors on and cuts. Lady Vic checks the result with her mirror. “Are you crazy!

You cut it too short! I want to let it grow long! ”She hisses at Aline. “Wait, I’ll show you! Sit down there! ” “But Victoria, what are you up to?”

“Sit down and keep still! Punishment is needed!”

She grabs Victoria’s long ponytail and puts the scissors on.

“Victoria what are you doing to me? Victoria not! ”

Again and again the scissors are pressed together until they are through.

Then she triumphantly holds Aline’s trimmed ponytail up. At chin level, she cuts off the rest of Aline’s hair, only at the back they are even shorter due to the high braid. “It was really fun,” says Victoria. “I think I do that more often” and reaches into the back of Aline’s hair. Handfuls she cuts it shorter and shorter at the back. Aline sits on the tree trunk and just moans.

Three riders approach. It’s Joe and two of his buddies.

He briefly talks about the argument with Floyd in the city, but omits the humiliating chapter with Sheena.

“I think we do without his cattle and get something much more valuable.”

Aline runs by and Joe looks after her.

“That looks awesome,” he says. “What?”

“Aline’s hair. Cut very short at the back. Did you do this?”

Victoria just grins. “What are you going to do?” “We’ll get his daughter.

Let’s see how much ransom there is to get. ”

Victoria makes plans .—


In the main house, Sheena and Floyd meet two women. Floyd introduces them:

“This is my younger sister Rebecca and here my daughter Linda.

My wife unfortunately passed away four years ago, and since then Rebecca has been helping me. Especially when raising my daughter, ”added Floyd with a smile. Rebecca, a tall woman in her mid-thirties, with her brown hair pinned up in a thick bun at the back of her head. Linda, in her early twenties, with blonde hair just over her shoulders.

Linda turns in front of her father: “Look, Aunt Becci cut my hair. But she vehemently refuses to cut it really short for me. ”

“Rebecca will know what’s best for you.”

All of them have dinner together and Linda bursts with curiosity.

“Are you a real Indian?” “Linda! Behave yourself! ”Rebukes Rebecca! ”

„Oh, just leave it. I also have a sister her age.

I am only half Indian, my mother was a Sioux, my father a white man. But unfortunately they have already passed away. ” There is silence.

“I fired Joe,” Floyd changes the subject.

“Finally,” says Rebecca, “he always looked at me so disgustingly.

And once, I still had my hair open from washing … I don’t want to repeat what he said. ” “Are you teaching me to shoot?” Linda breaks the silence again.

“Marc said he had never seen anyone shoot as fast as you.” “He probably wasn’t really looking. Besides, your father will have something against it. ”Sheena looks over at Floyd.

“Perhaps it is not wrong if the young ladies can defend themselves these days,” says Floyd dryly. m”Floyd!” His sister rebukes him.

Sheena does a good job as a cowgirl. Sometimes Ben or Marc have to give her some tips. You can tell that they have proper respect for the young woman. In the evening Linda is taught and trained for an hour. The Colt is disassembled and reassembled. Sheena explains her every single part.

“I want to finally shoot now!” Demands Linda.

Sheena rolls her eyes. “You are not ready yet.” “Sure!”

“All right,” Sheena gives in. Outside she pushes a cartridge into the drum.

She turns Linda in a direction where nothing can happen.

“Here! Pull the trigger. ”As she learned, she pulls the tap back.

Then she extends her arm and pulls the trigger.

Linda finds herself lying on her back in the dust.

“So so, you’re already ready?” So continue dry exercises.

Floyd likes the calmness and expertise with which Sheena explains his daughter’s handling and precautionary measures.

“You are very petite, so you have to grab the gun with both hands.

One moves and they meet in the middle.

When Sheena comes into the house in the evening, Rebecca stands in front of a mirror and brushes out her brown hair, which reaches deep into her hips.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb.” “Come on in, Sheena. Floyd is sitting in the living room. He wants to talk to you one more time. ”


The next morning Rebecca and Linda drive into the city with their horse-drawn carriage. It is already evening and the two are not back yet.

Floyd gets nervous. “Marc, Ben and I ride into town. Sheena will stay here if they still come. ”It is midnight when Ben and Floyd come back. Floyd is visibly concerned. Marc comes galloping to the ranch two hours later. “I found your car. Over there in the gorge. ”

“And the two! Where are they? “” Nobody there. ”

“It’s too dark, we’ll ride tomorrow morning,” decides Floyd.

When the men get up early at dawn, they call for Sheena.

“Her horse is gone!” Ben said. “Does she have anything to do with it?”

First doubts.

Where others see nothing in the dark, Sheena sees traces. It follows them.

Three horses, two of them heavier. At noon she still finds wagon tracks. Sheena increases the pace.

Floyd and his men reach the one-horse. Ben examines the traces.

“Someone was here after that happened. He rode south. ”

“Sheena!” Says Marc. “She started the persecution.”

“Give gas men!”

Due to the wagon tracks, Sheena is no longer sure how many opponents she is dealing with. It has to be more careful and slower.


“We have now moved half a mile east through the river and are camping here. Nobody can find us here, ”orders a Joe.

“We go swimming down the river,” says Victoria. “Then we play a little hairdresser with the two.”

“Get our two babies out of the car,” says Joe after the women are gone. “Why should we let them have fun?”

Rebecca and Linda are taken out of their prison cart.

Rebecca`s hair is now open due to the capture and is blowing around her head. Grinning, Joe stands very close to her.

“Cutting hair should be really fun, Lady Vic said” he reaches into Linda’s blonde hair. “Actually it’s a shame.” He turns to Rebecca.

“Who wants to get it first?”

“I definitely” offers Rebekka without hesitation.

Grinning, he grabs Rebecca’s hip-length hair.

“Then come with me now.” He pulls her hair behind him.

“Linus, bring me Lady Vic’s scissors and your razor.”


Sheena carefully approaches the camp.

The first thing she sees Linda standing by the car and her horrified expression. She is guarded by one of the men, but is not tied up. Her gaze wanders on. Since the other two, between them, Rebecca is sitting on a log. One of the two is holding a razor. Sheena recognizes Joe immediately. A thick long bush of hair hangs from a branch above Rebecca. He shaved her bald!

“And now it’s the little blonde’s turn,” Joe calls to his buddy.

“I don’t think so,” Sheena just says and suddenly stands in the middle of the storage area. Less than a second later, three injured men are lying on the ground. “Watch out! The women! ”Linda screams.

In front of Sheena`s foot is Joe`s Colt. Whirling around, she kicks the Colt up in Linda’s direction. Linda catches him in the air and at the same time grabs the other hand to the handle. As practiced a thousand times.

Sheena`s Colt crashes first, shortly afterwards Linda shoots.

The two slightly injured women are now sitting on the tree trunk.

“Well Lady Vic, you already know what’s coming. Rebecca, you may be the first. ” Sheena hands her the scissors.


Not to mention what Floyd does for eyes when he and his boys gallop to the campsite half an hour later.


Floyd looks around, sees his daughter and Rebecca.

Linda undamaged, Rebecca shaved bald.

Overjoyed that they are unharmed, he closes them in his arms.

After a while he turns to Sheena, who is still sitting on the tree trunk, and walks towards her. “Lady Sheena, please get up.”

Er steht direkt vor ihr, steht fest auf und begrüßt militärisch.

Sheena lächelt. “Ich war nicht allein.” “Aussehen!”

Vor ihr auf dem Boden liegt eine Waffe, ein kurzer Tritt und sie explodiert. “Linda!”

Linda fliegt bereits auf den Colt zu, greift ihn mit beiden Händen in die Luft, landet auf dem Boden, rollt und …

Und Joes Hut auf dem Boden fliegt durch die Luft. Zwei weitere Schüsse lassen ihn durch die Luft tanzen.

“Wenn Sie jemals einen Beschützer brauchen, fragen Sie Ihre Tochter”

Sagt Sheena nur und springt auf ihr Pferd.



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