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It had been an exciting few years for Rebecca Johnson(Becca).  After spending the first 9 years in Christian school, she moved to the public high school 2 years ago.  Being from a very religious family, she still hadn’t experienced the life that most kids were used to.  Even though there was no dress code , her mother insisted that she wear skirts or dresses to school,  which didn’t help her socially.  The only times she ever wore pants, was if she was doing volunteer work for the church.

Ever since she was a little girl Becca’s summers were spent with the entire family on religious retreats to poor countries.  This year, however there was a difference.  Becca had been allowed to get a job, so if she wanted to keep it, she would have to work the summer.

The job was hers thanks to one of the neighbors who lives on the same cul-de-sac with Becca’s family.  They had been neighbors for years.  The Martins were not as religious as Becca’s family, but had always been great neighbors and friends, so when Mrs Martin told Becca’s parents how great it had been for their daughter Hallie last summer, they decided it was safe for their Rebecca to have her first job.

To Becca’s surprise, Mrs Martin, after much begging from Hallie, offered to let Becca stay with them over the summer, while the rest of the family was on retreat.  She explained to Mrs Johnson that with Hallie’s 3 older sisters already out of the house, the empty bedrooms made the house feel empty.  It would be nice to have another child in the house again.

Hallie and Rebecca had known each other all their lives, but were never really close as friends.  This was mostly due to them going to different schools and different social groups. The one thing that had made Rebecca’s parents feel safe with letting their daughter stay with the Martin’s was that like Becca,  Hallie was not permitted to have a boyfriend.  They were both good girls.  So, just 3 days after school was done for the year Hallie helped Becca move some things in to her new room, and welcomed her new ‘sister’ to her house.

The Martin’s house was big.  Four bedrooms upstairs, with a master suite for the parents on the first floor.  Mrs Martin told Becca that she could take the room next to Hallie’s.  They were both large rooms, separated by a Jack and Jill bathroom.  Hallie and her mom quickly helped Becca get settled in, and left to make them lunch.  After lunch, Hallie suggested that they could go swimming in the family pool.  They each went to their separate rooms to change, and when Hallie finished putting her bikini on she walked thru the bathroom, into Becca’s room.  Hallie was surprised as she saw Becca’s suit, a one piece suit with a full skirt on the bottom half.

“Becca, why don’t you wear one of my suits.  You’ll be a lot more comfortable, plus you might get some sun on your body.”  Becca was hesitant at first, but decided that her parents wouldn’t be around to see her.  “Okay Hallie.  Pick one out for me.”  Hallie decided to give Becca one of her tiniest bikinis with a thong bottom.

When Becca saw it’s size compared to her suit, she wanted to tell Hallie no, but she wanted to keep her friend happy, so she started to take off her over-sized suit to make the switch.  As Hallie got her first look at Becca’s naked body, she stopped Becca in her tracks…”Becca, you need to do some serious pruning if you want to wear this one.”  Becca looked at Hallie, not having clue what she meant.  Hallie quickly pulled her bikini bottom aside, showing Becca the hairless area…”We need to give you a haircut.”

Becca didn’t know how to react as Hallie took control of what was happening.  Taking a cordless clipper from the vanity, Hallie directed Becca to have a seat on the toilet seat cover.  Within seconds Becca’s untouched public hair was falling to the towel placed on the seat.  This was something that never occurred to Becca to ever do, but she was excited by what was happening.  As Hallie finished with the clippers, she reached for a can of shaving gel and a razor.  The surprised Becca even more, and she was concerned that Hallie might notice that she was getting excited by the process.  Becca held her breath as Hallie removed what was left of the stubble, she had never had feelings like this before, and was afraid to let Hallie see what was happening.

Hallie then helped her put the tiny bikini on.  Becca was unsure about going outside once she saw how little of her body the thong bottom and tiny top actually covered.  Her parents wouldn’t even let her wear short sleeved dresses when she went out in public.  Hallie pulled her by the arm down the stairs, walking right by Hallie’s mom…”Make sure to use sunscreen” was all that was said to the pair as they headed out to the pool.  Hallie was in heaven, having always had a bit of a crush on Rebecca, and now she would have 3 months with her.

After a few hours by the pool, they spent the rest of the afternoon out shopping.  Hallie had seen the plain white, department store bra and panties that Becca had packed and part of her plan was to bring her out of her shell as much as she could.  Hallie took Becca to several stores that she had only walked by before, walking out with some fancy under garmets, and summer outfits.  She knew that she would have Becca in them real soon.

While they were out shopping Hallie saw that the new, big box beauty chain was having drawings for free services the next 2 days…”Becca, we need to go in there, I’ve always wanted to get my hair colored, but my mom won’t pay for it”  Becca was unsure, her entire beauty inventory was a comb and brush, plus her deodorant.  Her parents didn’t allow makeup, or even nail polish, so she really didn’t see a reason to go…”What am I going to do there?”  Hallie had decided they were going…”I want you to fill out an entry too, it’s time to have some fun.”

Before Becca could convince Hallie that she felt uncomfortable about going, they were walking in the door.  They were greeted as they entered, and given an entry to the raffle for hair services.  Hallie quickly filled hers out, requesting a bright pink hair color.  She then asked Becca if she was going to fill hers out….”Come on, at least get a deep conditioning, or a head massage.  If they call your name, I’ll go up there in your place.”  Becca agreed with Hallie, to do nothing more than to stop her from bugging her about it, so Hallie filled out the second card, then put both in the entry box.

The two of them wandered thru the store, Hallie loving her new favorite store, but Becca feeling as if she was in a foreign land.  It was about 15 minutes later when the first raffle took place…”Hallie Martin, come to the stage,”  Hallie squealed as she hurried towards the stage, she was finally going to get her pink hair.  This left Becca to wander around the store by herself.  She found the perfume counter, and was surprised as several girls started spraying her with random scents, making he cough as she tried to escape.  Moving towards safe ground she got a startling blow…”Rebecca Johnson, please come to the stage.”  Rebecca wasn’t sure what she was going to do.  She couldn’t leave Hallie by herself, but she was nervous about anyone touching her hair.  The only person to ever touch her hair was her mom, and that was only to trim the tiniest off the bottom, or brushing it over and over since she was young.

As she slowly worked her way towards the stage area, she made eye contact with Hallie, now sitting with tons of foil pieces in her hair, bits of pink showing through.  Hallie gave her a big smile, and a thumbs up as Becca stepped to the front.  She was welcomed by a girl in her 30’s who asked her if she was ready to look beautiful, then led her to one of the styling chairs.  As Becca sat down, the girl asked if she wanted anything different than what was on the card.  Becca was quick to answer that she was sure that was what she wanted.

The music from the DJ blared as the stylist put the cape on Becca.  Leaning down so Becca could hear her, the stylist told her…”I’m going to take care of the back and sides first, then do the top last.”  Becca assumed that because her hair was so long and thick they would need to section it off to put the deep conditioner on, so she just yelled out to the stylist…”Okay, thanks.”  The stylist sectioned off the top of Becca’s hair, then put it up with clips, leaving the back and sides hanging down.  Just then she saw Hallie getting up from her chair, her hair now a vivid pink color, and smiling like she had never seen before.

Becca was brought back to reality as her stylist said…”Ready?”  Becca nervously nodded yes and the stylist started at the back.  Becca was expecting a deep conditioning treatment and a scalp massage, so when she felt the vibrations on her neck she assumed they were using a massager on her scalp.  Becca was really starting to enjoy how the massager felt as it was repeatedly run over the back of her head, and was glad that Hallie had convinced her to try it.

After several minutes of feeling the massager go over the entire back of her head, the stylist turned her to the side, and continued running it over the whole side of her head.  As the stylist turned to do the other side of her head Becca finally opened her mouth…”My head has never felt better.  I feel like I could do this every day.”  The styist answered Becca, but she couldn’t really hear what she said…”You’ll probably need to come in every couple weeks to keep it looking good.”  Becca just gave a thumbs up as the stylist continued.

Once Becca’s hair had been taken off, the stylist switched to a foil shaver, and this was like heaven to her.  Becca sat, eyes closed, and enjoyed the feeling of the vibrations pulsing through her scalp.  Once the stylist was satisfied that there was nothing left but a totally smooth scalp, she put the shaver down, and started with the top.

The stylist wet down Becca’s hair and quickly began cutting its length down to a manageable 8″.  When all the hair was cut down she began to put a copper red color on her head.  Becca looked out in the crowd, and saw Hallie was still right there, smiling away as she was being pampered.  Twenty minutes later, the stylist said…..”That needs to sit for 20 minutes so it comes out like you want it.”  This confused Becca, but she figured it was almost over, so she shook her head, agreeing with the girl.

After 20 minutes the stylist pulls the foil sheets off Becca’s hair, then she give her a thorough rinse.  She then take her dryer and a round brush, drying it into its new style.  The girl then tells Becca that she was the biggest makeover of the day…Becca was confused, but before she could question what the stylist meant, the chair is turned.  Becca started hyperventilating as she saw her new look.  Just then Hallie ran up and gave her a great big hug…”Becca, I can’t believe you asked them to do that.”

Becca was still trying to catch her breath as she looked at the red hair on top of her head.  As she turned her head she then saw that the sides of her head were completely void of hair.  Suddenly she was angry…”Why did you do this to me?”  The stylist said she just did what was on the entry blank, and that she asked Becca if that was what she said she wanted.

Becca started to panic again. All she could think of was how she could explain the mistake that had happened to her parents, girls in their church aren’t supposed to cut their hair, let alone have it shaved and dyed red.  And this is the first thing that happens when she doesn’t go on the yearly retreat.  They will never trust her alone again.

Meanwhile Hallie is loving her look, and tries to calm Becca down saying that she has the rest of the summer to make it right, so enjoy herself for now.  As they walked towards the door, all Becca could say was…”How could they make such a big mistake.  I know you wrote down a scalp massage and deep conditioning.”  Hallie, worried that Becca might put the pieces together quickly deflected her thoughts away….”Your hair looks so cool Bec’s, do you think I should get mine shaved too?”

They made their way back to Hallie’s house, and once her mom saw the two of them she was very upset…”Hallie Martin.  I expected you to some home looking like this, but why did you let Rebecca let them do this to her?  He mother is going to be livid about this.”  Hallie tried to open her mouth to explain that a mistake had happened, but her mother wasn’t buying it…”Hallie Abigail Martin, this has your signature all over it.  If I find out you had anything to do with this I’m going to march you down to the barbershop and have Jim give you a crewcut.”

“Mom, it was a mistake.  Rebecca wrote down that she wanted a deep condition and scalp massage”  Rebecca was about to speak up to say it was Hallie who filled out the entry blank, but decided to see what was going to happen when her mom got home.  Just then Hallie’s mom had grabbed her keys, and was headed for the door.  “I’m going to find out the truth about this, and somebody is going to be in big trouble.”  As the door slammed shut Hallie knew that she only had an hour, at most before her mom knew the truth.

Once they were alone Becca spoke up “Hallie Why did you do it?”  Hallie knew that if she lied to Becca, she would probably hate her, so she decided to come completely clean about what she did “Becca, I thought they would ask you if you were sure before they started, like they did with me.  I thought if they called your name first I would go in you place.”  Rebecca was starting to believe what Hallie was saying, plus in the short time she has had the cut it has kind of excited her.  The only problem she saw was what her parents were going to do once the had seen her.

Becca was in the bathroom, looking at her new cut from every angle she could.  She quickly decided that she really loved it, and even if her parents didn’t like it, she wanted to keep it like this for the whole school year.  Just as she walked in to Hallie’s room to tell her that she was happy with her new look…”Hallie and Rebecca…In the car right now.”

Hallie’s mother didn’t say a word as the sped towards the uptown shopping center, but Hallie knew exactly why they were in the car.  Rebecca couldn’t believe that they were walking into the barbershop.  She figured the whole thing was just a threat.

As they entered the barber greeted them…”Hello Mrs Martin.  I haven’t seen you in here since your boy grew up.”  Mrs Martin exchanged pleasantries, but then was all business…”John, I have a daughter who likes to lie to her mother.  It’s time she loses something important to her so she thinks about ever doing that again.”

The barber patted the seat of the chair…”Okay.  Who’s going first?”  Hallie knew she had no choice but to go sit in his chair.  She also knew most of her beautiful new pink hair was going to end up on the floor.  Becca sat right across from the barbers chair, still shocked at what was about to happen.

John put the cape over Hallie, and as he combed her hair he looked at Mrs Martin…”I’m assuming you want a full punishment cut.”  Mrs Martin looked at Rebecca’s hair, then gave a simple nod to him.  Hallie closed her eyes before she started to cry.

John was a no nonsense barber, to him it was just another head of hair to cut.  He snapped a 0000 blade onto his big clipper, no reason to make multiple passes when it was all coming off.  As he brought them to Hallie’s forehead, she began to cry like a little girl, but for Becca, the experience was a whole lot different.

Rebecca didn’t know what she was feeling as John took all the hair from the top of Hallie’s head, but she was now trying to imagine it was her in the chair instead of Hallie.  As the barber proceeded to peel the sides of Hallie’s head, her tears started to fade, she knew every strand of her hair would be gone in mere seconds.  For Becca, she was struggling to sit still now, her panties now soaked, she worried that Mrs Martin would notice.

John pulled the cape of of Hallie, deciding to forgo a full blade shave.  Hallie rubbed her head as she stood from the chair.  She started towards the front of the shop when she heard John…”Okay young lady, you’re next.”  She turned, seeing her mom and Rebecca standing there, and then she saw Becca looking towards his chair.  Mrs Martin broke the spell, pulling Becca by the arm…”It’s going to be hard enough explaining this to your mother, without sending you home bald.”

Back at the Martins house Hallie and Becca went upstairs.  Hallie was still terribly upset with what her mom did to her, but Becca was loving Hallie’s new look.  She took every chance she could to put her hands on Hallie’s head, her panties again becoming soaked as she thought about sitting in John’s chair.  Hallie was quick to figure out that Becca was getting off on the whole incident.  She decided to push her on it…”So, when are you going back to John’s”

Becca turned beet red, her secret was out, and she still didn’t know what she was going to do about it.  She had never had feelings like this, and had certainly never pleasured herself.  That was something a good christian woman doesn’t do, but now was different.  “Oh Hallie, I only wish I could sit in his chair.  I don’t know why, but I was getting the chills watching him shave you.”  Now it was Hallie’s turn to play with Becca’s hair…”Come on Becca, your hair is so sexy now.  None of the guys will be able to keep their hands off you.”

Becca was starting to have trouble sitting still as Hallie played with the shaved sides.  She thought if Hallie found out what was going on, she would think she’s some kind of sex pervert.  She made a quick excuse about having to pee to break from Hallie’s magic hands.

As she pulled her panties down and sat on the bowl, she noticed that the pretty pink panties were now completely drenched, but with Hallie about, there was just no way to change them without being noticed.  She returned to the room and tried to talk about something else, but seeing Hallie’s buzzed head meant she couldn’t seem to focus on anything else.

The tension in the house between Hallie and her mom the next day made Becca uncomfortable, so she convinced Hallie to go into town.  Hallie didn’t wait for a reason from her before they bolted for the door.  Hallie’s mother yelling out a fleeting last few words…”This better not be like your last trip out.”

As they drove past the big box beauty store Becca joked to Hallie “Guess it will be a while before you need to go back for another haircut.”  Hallie shot her a glance back…”How about you?  Do you think your mom will ever let you go back there?”  Becca immediately turned red, and now there was no escape from Hallie’s view.

Hallie picked up on what had been happening now…”Oh my god Becca.  You got turned on getting your haircut, didn’t you?”  Becca tried to deny it, but she had never had such feeling before, so she had no way of hiding them…”I don’t know.  I just like how it looks.”  But Hallie could tell there was more…”What about when I got my haircut.  Did that turn you on too?”  Now Rebecca couldn’t even look at her friend.  She just couldn’t let her know what had done to her.

Hallie had to know the truth, so once they stopped for their coffee, she decided to push Becca and see if she was right.  “Hey Becca, we’re almost at the barbershop.  I bet John would shave yours just like mine.”  This made Becca uncomfortable again, thankfully the table between them meant that Hallie couldn’t see her hand in between her legs.  “Hallie, my mom would kill me if I cut my hair off.”  Hallie, still pushing her friend…”Look Bec’s, it’s already half shaved, so what’s a little more.”

Becca was overwhelmed, between her friend egging her on and what was happening in her crotch, there was no way she wasn’t going to end up in John’s chair.  As the two of them walked inside, John was not at all surprised by their return.  “I figured I’d see one, or both of you back again.  It usually happens with girls like you.”  As Becca headed straight for the chair Hallie asked what he meant, and was surprised by the answer…”I’ve shaved a couple of girls before, and every time their girlfriend ends up shaving hers too.”  Hallie wanted to tell him that they were not together, but when she thought about the two of them together as girlfriends she felt a rush of energy go thru her.

Needless to say Hallie’s mom was not happy that they went back to the barbershop, she already knew that Becca’s mom would be upset with the first cut, but having her head shaved was a whole different story.  She tried to punish Hallie for talking her into it, but Becca was quick to tell her that it was her choice, not Hallie’s.

When the Johnson’s returned from their retreat, they were more than upset by what they found.  Mrs Martin tried her best to explain what had happened, but Becca’s mother didn’t hear any of it as she marched Becca by the arm to their house.

Hallie hadn’t seen Becca in over a week, her mother would just leer at her and her mother as she rode by them in her car.  Then, a few days later, Hallie looked out the front of her house and saw a strangely dressed person walking the Johnson’s dog.  She wore a full length dress, with long sleeves and a high neckline.  She also had her head covered with a headscarf.  When she turned back towards the house, Hallie saw that it was Becca.

She ran out to talk to her, and was joined by her mother.  They were both surprised at how Becca looked up close, asking what had happened.   Becca explained that her parents were mortified by her new look, calling her an embarrassment to them in the church.  She said she was being sent to a church rehabilitation center, where she will be watched over by a group of very strict church women.  She said she will be cut off from all technology, and spend her days doing chores and in prayer meetings.

Hallie immediately felt guilty for what she had started, and asked Becca what she could do.  Both Hallie and her mom were surprised as Becca asked if she would keep her hair like it was until she came back home, and before Hallie had a chance to answer her mom told Becca that she would see to it that Hallie was in John’s chair for as long as she was gone. Hallie finally got a chance to speak, and asked Becca how long she was going for, hoping that is was just a month or two, but wasn’t ready for what she was told  “My mom says I have to go until I have long hair again so I’m not an embarrassment anymore.”

Hallie went pale as she heard what Becca said.   She tried to figure out in her head just how long it would be until Becca’s hair was anything close to long again, and the number she came up with was quite upsetting.  She figured it would take almost a year to reach her shoulders, and to be considered long it would be at least three years of having her head shaved.

As they said their goodbyes, Hallie was surprised as she saw her mom take Becca’s hand, telling her that she knew about the feelings she had for Hallie, and once she turned 18 she would be welcomed to stay with them, whether or not her and Hallie were a couple.  While Hallie was stunned that her mom knew she liked girls, Becca finally cracked a smile, and as she walked away she said…”As long as I can go back to John’s too.”



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