Winter Break Haircut pt. 2

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That winter break Sarah and I got drunk together and hooked up. One other night during the break we booty called each other and had another fun night. But neither of us had romantic ideas of where it was going and we both went back to school a few days later.
I didn’t visit home very much and spent the summer working in the city. The next christmas I’d come home and found myself thinking about calling Sarah again. Its a nice touch to have someone to hang out with when you’re back home.
“You around this break?” I texted.
“Yes! Just got back to town. What are you up to this break?”
“To be honest, no plans. Most of my friends didn’t come back this year so its a lot of family.”
“Don’t forget your christmas haircut 😉 “
“Not that again lol. If only it wasn’t so difficult.’
“Well if you’re around we should hang out.”
“That would be nice.”
We met up a few nights later and went out for dinner together. After we’d left and gone to the bar she got a text. She was reading it and rapidly responding.
“Okay okay so this is a bit of a wildcard. But I did actually want to get my haircut but didn’t make an appointment before they all filled up. My stylist Jess lives over here and said I could come by for a trim. Do you mind hanging out with me through that? Not like its new territory for us” She laughed.
“Yeah not at all.”
“You could probably use a dusting too” She winked seductively at me.
I was thrown off and incredibly excited where this night was going.
We walked down the street through the urban apartments. We got to a brick house victorian house and buzzed the door. Sarah turned the knob and opened the door. “She said it would be open” she said to my confused face.
“Hello!” Sarah shouted into the big living room and grand stair case.
“We’re in the kitchen” A voice shouted from deep in the house.
We walked through and in the large open kitchen there was in the center with what looked like a blob of a person but was in fact a cute girl drenched in a shiny nylon cape getting her pixie cut shaped with clipped. It was platinum and pink in color. Clippering her was a taller girl with long blonde hair in a tank top.
“This is Seamus” I waved to the scene before me. They both looked up even the caped figure and said hello.
“This is Jess” Sarah said pointing to the girl in her chair.
“And doing me this favor is Daphne” Jess said referencing the tall girl. “We had a drink after work and I’ve been putting off a girl trim for awhile. The long black aveda cape, the same they’d used in the salon, was covered in a rainbow of blonde, white, pink, and purple colors. The cape draped all the way to the floor and covered her feet and toes.
“So what are we doing here?” Jess said and her head was pushed down to get the last of her neck.
“That time of year! Just need this freshened up. I trimmed it a tiny bit myself but really haven’t cut it since this time last year.”
“Yeah I heard Cindy ganged up with your mom and got you good.”
“They are just relentless those two.”
“When I first started as an assistant Cindy gave me the worst bob to start out and said it was so hip. She would trim it every monday morning before the salon opened for a year. I’ve hid all photos from that year.”
They all had a laugh and then Daphne dusted off the caped shoulders and un buttoned in the back. She lifted it slowly making sure all the hair pooled in the lap then fell in a pile onto the floor. Jess jumped up and dusted herself off even though no hairs would ever get through her caped cover.
She stood behind the chair then patted it and motioned to Sarah. We were still standing so Sarah stepped gently towards the chair. I could feel her taking  a deep breath and trying to settle herself. She sat down and Jess whipped the giant cape over her. As the cape came around I saw Sarahs face go grim. She was emotionless and staring straight at the floor in front of her as the long cape consumed her body and snapped at her neck.
“So what are we doing today?” Jess asked.
“Nothing as short as what happened year. Just trim it and keep the layers fresh.”
Behind the cape I could see that her hair reached mid back now. I went and took a seat at the table across the kitchen and took out my phone and pretend to stay distracted. I looked up and Jess was spraying down Sarahs hair and sectioning it. I continued on my phone as Daphne came back into the room and sat down at the table. She flipped open a laptop and was playing around. I glanced over at the haircut going on and Sarahs head was bowed in a curtain of long hair. She was getting a modest haircut and not too much came off this time.
Jess started playing with Sarah’s hair a bit more. and was in front of her looking at different shapes.
“You know what would be great revenge on your mom and Cindy?” Jess said.
“You’d look great with a sideshave. Once you go that short there’s nothing they can do about it.” Jess pulled back the hair on the left side of Sarah’s head.
“Oh absolutely” Daphne said turning to look at the shape Jess was making with Sarah hair. Sarah looked a bit worried where this is going. She looked at me.
“Sounds wild. I think you should go for it” I said caught up in the moment. Sarah kept staring at me speechless.
“Lets do it babe” Jess said and went to work sectioning off a bit on Sarah left side. She looked up at both of us nervous. Jess was unrolling her clippers from the bag. Sarah turned her neck and tried to peer over at her oncoming doom. Jess fitted a guard onto it and turned around and sarah looked directly at it.
“I’m going to start with a number 3 then well play around from there.”
Jess took one audible deep breath then excitedly “Okay lets do it.”
The clippers jumped to life and sarah clenched her eyes and smiled. Jess tilted Sarah hand with her hand until it was nearly sideways and held it into place. The clippers came in and made contact in front of her ear and feel back the first bit. It slide down the cape and into sarahs lap. Still with eyes closed she giggled. Another pass up over the ear and another shred falling to the lap. Again it went up and this time as the long locks slide into the pile in the cape Sarah opened her eyes and they bulged huge.
“Oh my god” She smiled and laughed in a shocked state.
“This looks great” Daphne said cheering her on.
Sarah looked at me and I gave her a thumbs up smiling.
“Well you’re looking a little shaggy guy” Sarah said smiling at me.
I was caught off guard. Jess looked up from her clipper work and looked up at me.
“We gotta get you cleaned up” Sarah said again. Half of the side of her head was shaved and she was smiling at me with a pile of hair in her lap.
“Daphne why don’t you take care of this stud?” Jess said. I was blindsided again. I looked over at Daphne at the table next to me.
“Oh yeah I can take care of this one”
Daphne stood up and I saw her towering figure in full. She must’ve been 6’2. She walked out of the room and I turned and looked at sarah who looked mischievously at me.
Daphne returned with a stool and put it next to Sarah’s seat in the kitchen. She patted it and said “up you get” Everyone looked out towards me as I saw Daphone unfolding another fresh black cape. I rose from my seat and begrudgingly made my way to the stool. I climbed up and sat several feet higher than Sarah and nearly eye level with Daphne. I looked out towards the table as Daphone put her hands on my shoulder to steady me then threw the cape around me. It felt like it was happening in a trance and I was being led to the execution floor. Once the cape was snapped the stool swiveled so that I was now facing directly at sarah.
“What do you say we give you the same shave as her but we’ll go all the way around with it. We’ll leave the top as long as we can so it’ll still flop over it.”
“Oh thats such a cute look. And you look good with bangs” Sarah said.
I saw Jess stop the clippers and change guards, having finished the first pass of the sidecut. Sarah didn’t move to touch it and stayed looking at me as Daphne clipped the top of my hair straight up like a mohawk.
Jess tilted Sarah’s head to the side and held it there. The clippers drummed on again and Sarah closed her eyes as they faded up her side.
Thats when I was Daphne at my side with her own set of clippers. She walked behind me and pushed my head down and unceremoniously started running the clippers up and down my back throwing hair rapidly everywhere. She was flicking the clippers with every stroke and tossing the hair either into the floor or splashing across the cape over me. I looked down at Sarah smothered in the long cape below me. She was looking up at me smiling. Her own side shave now faded to from a 0 guard to a 2 guard. She looked really sexy in the fresh clippings. Still every moment another bushel of my frizzy mop spilled down the cape and falling off my knees like cotton in the wind.
Jess flipped Sarah’s hair and was playing around with it. “Wanna see it?” She said.
“Yes!” Sarah squealed.
Jess pointed in front of her “check the bathroom mirror” I could tell Sarah was expecting a hand mirror.
“Oh ah okay” she muttered.
Her hands emerged from the armrests and she lifted herself out of the seat. The pool of 1m hair in her lap slid like a leaf in a waterfall to the floor. She stood and the big cape flopped around her. As she adjusted herself it even rubbed against my cape and rustled some more bushels to the floor. Sarah strode away to the bathroom. As she walked i saw behind the cape and her cute jeans and behind. Her tiny body looked so foreign under the large cape. I forgot how cute her ass was.
Daphne grabbed me turned head and put it straight again. “Head down lover boy” She said
She quickly went around with the clippers making sure she didn’t miss a part. She turned them off and put them on the counter then took out the hair on top of my head and shook it out.
“Oh I love my hair” Sarah said returning from the bathroom and shaking out her hair. “It’s so fun”.
“You’re happy?” Jess asked.
“Of course!”
“Let me take this off you then” Jess said coming behind Sarah and unsnapping the cape and tossing it on the chair. Sarah did a twirl showing off her new sidecut.
“Let’s move you down there” daphne said pointing to the chair now covered by the other cape. “It’ll be easier to do the top.”
I rose on the steps of the step and lowered myself to the ground, careful to not get my cape stuck on the way down.
“Well don’t you look cute” Sarah said as I passed her. I tried to smile as I sank into the kitchen chair. I felt so much lower to the ground than I just was. The cape no longer fell like a long dress but I sank into it like a rock in mud.
Now Jess, Sarah and daphne stood over me as daphne started to trim the top. I saw little clippings come down but was relieved that they were still small in size.
“Great work daphne. I’m loving this fade on him. So cool” Jess said.
“Oh I know I’ve loved doing barbering work recently, especially skin tights.”
“Is there a way to show more skin?” Sarah queried.
“We can take this stud to zero if you want. Would you like that?” Daphne asked at Sarah. My eyes went wide and I looked up pleading to Sarah. She noticed my desperation in a quick glance and smirked to daphne, “yes let’s shave him all the down.” With that she grabbed the clippers and undid the guard. My body shut down and I collapsed in the chair. Sarah looked at me so cheerfully. I heard the clippers go on and daphne grabbed my head and pushed it to the side. I felt the clippers come in. They were cold and vibrating without the guard made my whole scalp feel massaged. As they peeled the hair off the side of my head I closed my eyes. Row after row I could feel the clippers scalp my sides and massaged the scalp. They moved onto my back and Daphne held the top of my head and pushed it forward and held it there. The clippers moved through my back as Daphne tossed each strip of rain into my caped lap. As Saphne moved to my last side I opened my eyes and saw the black cape littered in tiny blonde hairs. I peered my eyes up at Sarah and Jess both smiling down above me.
“This is so cute” Jess said. I tried to smile for them.
“Okay all done” daphne said turning the clippers off. She rubbed her hands down on my bare scalp and my skin burst in sensations. Sarah and Jess both stepped forward and put their hands on my scalped and tipped my head forward, each rubbing a hand from caped neck to crown. Petting me like shaved puppy.
“Oh this is so sharp” Jess said.
“Babe this is really hot” Sarah said.
I kept my head bowed and eyes shut lost in ecstasy and confusion
“Okay enough” Daphne said laughing and swatted their hands away. She dusted off my neck while my head was still down. She unclipped the snap and as she pulled it off me I saw my outfit and my real self for the first time in what felt like forever.
“You’re all ready to go!” Daphne said.
I lifted my head and stood up emerging from my cocoon. As I turned towards the girls I felt my scalp for the first time. I’d never felt my bare skin and it tickled in sensations like someone blowing on your neck. I smiled in joy.
“Let’s get out of here” Sarah reached her arm across the room and held out her hand. I limply lifted my hand into hers like a school boy and smiled as we thanked them and walked out the house.

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