Winter change

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In distant Aspen there was a refuge for skiers and lovers of snowy trails. The place was covered in soft white snow and the trees around were completely white and in front of the shelter a small lake reflected the colors of the surrounding nature. In those days a young girl called Zoe arrived at the refuge and she was very thin, tall with green eyes and blond hair gathered in a hat. My name is Kristina and I am the manager of the shelter, I am 28 years old with dark eyes and hair that reaches my chest and I like women. When I saw Zoe arrive I was struck by her sweet face and her smile was so contagious and she showed all her delicacy. It was Zoe’s first time in the snow and she asked me for a room to stay and where she could take ski lessons. Zoe was a wonderful girl and I wanted to get to know her better so I proposed that we go skiing together in the afternoon and in the meantime she could relax after the trip. Skiing together was beautiful and I tried to give her all the advice not to fall and so I was always close to her and she worked hard to learn even if there was no shortage of falls. In the evening I was in the hall of my refuge talking to some guests when I saw Zoe coming down the stairs and I was captivated by her beauty. Without her jacket and ski suit, her slim but well-formed body was visible, and for the first time I saw her long, loose hair that reached down to her bottom. Her image of her warmed my heart and even though she was waving at me I was silent in amazement. The evening went by quickly and when I was about to turn off the fireplace I went over to spend the last moments with her before nightfall. “Do you like this place?” I said after sitting down next to her in front of the fire. “Yes, it’s really beautiful. I had never tried skiing in my life and the snow fascinates me”. The perfume she gave off was a magical aroma and as she spoke I watched as the light of the fire highlighted her green eyes that seemed even clearer and her hair was a golden blonde that attracted me like never before. “Tomorrow, if you want, you can try again what I showed you today while I’ll join you in the afternoon” I told her and her smile accompanied by a “sure, I’ll wait for you” filled my heart with joy. That night I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to see Zoe again and the scent of her hair was like a drug for me that made me feel like a little girl with her first crush. The morning went by quickly and when I went to the ski slope I saw my young friend trying to improve her stride on skis. That afternoon was wonderful and in the evening we met again in the lobby of the shelter and it was there that she learned a lot about Zoe. She had recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend and she was very sad because she thought she couldn’t find the right person and even at work things were going badly because she had a bookstore but the earnings were few and she wanted to change activities. Hearing what she was talking about, I thought of making her an offer that would allow me to always have her with me and maybe one day I would even win her over. “Why don’t you drop everything and move here? You could work with me at the refuge so you’d learn to ski and have a job.” her amazed and thoughtful gaze left me with little hope even if the words that came out of her mouth changed the situation: “I’d like to but I’m afraid of change and I don’t know if I could be of any use to you here”. My mood changed quickly and she understood that in the remaining days I had to do everything to convince her to stay here with me. I still had 4-5 days left and if I played my cards right maybe I could conquer this fantastic woman and also get some help at work. In the following days I also showed Zoe the paths in the woods surrounding the refuge and these walks of ours were very long and we had so much fun. We would go back to the shelter in the evening and after I served the other customers I would always sit on the sofa next to Zoe to spend some more time with her. One evening while we were talking I kept smelling her freshly made shampoo and I asked her if I could play with her hair and she said yes. I took a long lock in her hands and started to caress her and I felt that she was very soft and I would spend hours playing with it so I came up with an idea. I went upstairs to get a comb in my room and when I got back I started brushing out Zoe’s long hair. The sensation was indescribable because even if I often brushed my long black hair hers were definitely more beautiful and irresistible. The process was long but we both didn’t mind because Zoe relaxed a lot and I didn’t want to stop playing with her hair. On Friday evening she confided in me that on Sunday she would be leaving again and that there was only one day left before her departure and this made my stomach feel empty because I knew I only had one more day to convince her. I felt so sad and scared that day because I didn’t know what I could do to make her change her mind and stay and I decided to use every minute I had at my disposal to convince her. By now she was learning to ski even if right at the end of the lesson she fell and she overwhelmed me bringing me to the ground. While we were standing on that soft white ground covered in snow our faces found themselves inches away and after a slight embarrassment I asked her if she was okay and she blushed and said yes. We returned to the shelter and that evening I couldn’t take my eyes off her with her dress flattering her hips and her long hair pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head. Long last I did my chores and approached Zoe bringing her a cake and a glass of hot tea. That evening we talked so much that I hoped it would never end and before saying goodbye to her good night I asked her if I could comb her hair one last time and she replied “I was hoping you would ask me”. Even if collected in her ponytail, her hair was still very long and I knew I would miss them and I tried everything. “Are you coming home tomorrow?” I asked as I continued to brush her hair. “Unfortunately yes, I will miss this place very much because I had a really good time”. “I will miss you very much” were the only words I managed to say before she continued “I will miss you too very much and I really would have loved to stay but I’m too scared.” At those words I understood that I had to risk everything otherwise I would have lost her and so I took courage “Let me help you and you’ll see that you’ll be fine”. So I put down her comb and pulled her ponytail down forcing her to look up and stare at me. That moment seemed so long and I could see the sadness in her eyes and with all the courage I had I went over and kissed her right on the lips. At that moment I was afraid of being rejected but it was not so and we continued to kiss. Only after a few minutes our lips finally parted and she kept staring at me with her sweet green eyes and I told her “stay here with me and let’s start a new life together.” Zoe was still staring at me when she whispered “help me and I’ll stay”. At those words my heart leapt for joy and I knew I had succeeded in my intent. “Okay, but first there’s something we need to do,” I told her as I continued to tug at her ponytail. Her astonished face gave me courage and the only words she spoke were “do whatever you have to”. At that point I went back to my room and went down immediately with something in my hands that I covered well behind my back. Zoe looked at me but she couldn’t see what I had taken and when I reached the fireplace I asked her to turn around and look at the fire. Initially I grabbed her long ponytail and to smell it and while her smell of her enraptured me I started pulling it harder and harder. “Do you trust me?” I asked her. “Sure” at those words I took her scissors that I was hiding behind her back and quickly placed them at the base of her ponytail and started cutting her hair. The sound of the scissors was unmistakable and an alarmed Zoe tried to get up from her chair but I, continuing to pull her hair, made her sit down and resumed cutting her hair. “Why are you doing this? I thought you loved my long hair and now you’re cutting it,” Zoe said with tears starting to roll down her face. “Trust me you will love it.” Despite my words about her her tears wouldn’t stop flowing but that didn’t change the situation and I kept trimming the thick ponytail. The scissors struggled with so much hair but after a few minutes the scissors finally cut off all her hair and the long ponytail dangled between my hands. Zoe said nothing and remained motionless on the couch as I sat across from her and hugged her. “An old saying said that new life for women starts with a new haircut and I thought it was the right thing to do” I told her as I started to wipe away her tears and giving her a kiss on her forehead. After a while, a small smile came out on her face, which I returned. As she began to touch her hair to assess her damage I handed her the scissors and she looked at me in surprise. “It’s not a new beginning just for you, is it?” I said sticking out my tongue. I then bowed her head and slid all of my hair down Zoe’s legs. “I think now it’s your turn to make me make this change so we can finally start our new life together” were my words as Zoe looked at the scissors and my long hair at her disposal. Smiling she said “it’s okay, I’m in!” and as I had previously done with her, Zoe also took the scissors and gathered all my hair into a ponytail behind her neck. As Zoe started her cut I had my head between her legs and my arms tightened around her calves. After several strokes of the scissors she heard the final snap and I no longer felt that feeling of pulling hair. I stood up to see Zoe smile as she looked at me and in her left hand was my long hair that now only reached her ears. After a moment spent staring at each other we kissed again and it was the most beautiful of all and taken by the moment we gathered our respective tails and went to my bedroom. The following morning I woke up early to prepare breakfast for the rest of the customers and left Zoe to sleep peacefully in my bed. I put on a cap so as not to show off my new cut since I hadn’t had time to fix it but I didn’t mind the feel of the short hair. Finished my chores I went back to my room with breakfast for my love and woke her up with a kiss on her forehead. “Good morning princess” at these words Zoe looked at me and smiled as she approached and hugged me tightly. The rest of the day was pleasant and after lunch we did each other’s hair evenly. “I’m sorry if yesterday I was so aggressive and I cut your hair but I thought it was the right thing to make a big change in your life” I said caressing her new cut. “Don’t worry, I admit it was difficult at the beginning but now I’m glad you did it and then later I was able to do it too so it’s okay”. After the new cuts Zoe’s hair came down to the beginning of her neck while mine was cut down to her ears. Our ponytails we decided to hang in my room (became ours) and we hung them in the shape of a heart on the wall of the bed. During the week Zoe moved and started the sale of the bookstore so she came back to me at the shelter with all her things. We had been together for a while now and I liked the idea of our shelter so we could spend the whole day together. One evening before going to sleep I stroked her head and she asked me “Kristina don’t you really miss my long hair to brush?” before answering I thought back to that fantastic feeling I felt combing her hair and I said “Yes, they were really wonderful and you were a fantastic rapunzel” while I kissed her on the mouth and after the kiss I added “you could always make them grow back, right?” “Yes I think I will even if it will take a few years before I get to that length” she told me and I replied “don’t worry, we’ll wait together and maybe I’ll cut them for you another time in the same way”. We both laughed and Zoe kissing me concluded “yes, maybe yes”.

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