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my name is nala, 17 yo, my family is a little family just, mom, and my little sister, my father has passed away in my school im quite popular with my white skin, blue eyes, and other thing so i got so many compliment from all my friend but not just that, the thing that draw everyone attention is my hair, yeah the thing that attracts people’s attention the most from me is my hair my long hair as you know i have pretty long hair, i have a thick brown hair that past my ankle so if i loose my hair it’s gonna touch the floor, although it that long i dont care and not gonna cut it because i love long hair.

because of my hair my friend always call me “brown rapunzel”, beside my family have a long hair too,¬† beside my dad but still my hair still longest among the other like my mom have ginger hair that reach her waist, maya my sister have ginger hair too like my mother that past her but, so my brown hair is from my dad and my sister ginger hair is from my mother.

sometime the boys from my school tried to cut it, like when in my first day in 8th grade when my hair still in my knee, my behind seat is a boy name james, at first i did’nt expect something suspicious, i just think he normal boy, until some day i cought him playing with my hair in his table when the lesson started when i know that i just take all my hair to the front, and when my friend gave me a photo that he just take bunch of my hair and sniff it to his nose, and the most thing i hate from him when some day when lesson started and everyone is focus on the lesson he tried to cut my hair, he take a scissor from his bag an put it my hair near my neck but my teacher caught him and called him to teacher room after this, the next day he got grounded by the school for around a week and i change my seat.

if you ask why my family have a such long hair?, it because my father prefer long hair and order us to not cut our hair he just allowed us to just have a trim, also once she said to us that women pride is their hair, she always take care of our hair like brushing, or always maintain our hair to stay healthy, and sometime buy some accessories for our hair, but when i just a few days in high school my father past away.

“what style you want for this day sweetheart” my mother ask me while she brush my hair in front of dressing table before go to school

“a haircut maybe?” i said while snipping a scissor in front of me

“why darling, what your father said that woman hair is their pride”

“haha, mom please you already said that like a thousand time, beside no way I cut my hair, I still want long hair”

“ok, I ask you one more time, what style do you want darling?”

“because of my long hair think i just want a bun for this day”

“well bun it is”

then my mom take all my hair and do my hair to make a bun, because the long and it’s thickness the bun is quite big


then my mom took a hair pin and put in my forehead hair.

“i think you look prettier with this hairpin”

“thank you mom”

“thank me later darling, hurry up get ready for your school, it getting late now”

after that I’m preparing my school thingy, and go to school with my mother and maya, maya still in junior high school,

“hi nala, your hair is gorgeous as usual”

“thank sumi, your hair is look gorgeous too”

“oh it’s nothing compared with your thick long hair nala or i can say miss rapunzel?”

“stop it, my hair is not that long you know”

Then someone grabbed my bun and and squeeze my bun hardly

“ouch, hey stop it!”

“haha, may i see your long hair rapunzel?”

it’s jack he always love to mock my long hair, then he open my hair and touch the floor.

“wow its so long, well your hair now getting dirty by this floor, maybe im gonna help you clean your hair by cut it?”

then he play a scissor in front of you

“im not gonna cut my hair you brad”

“are you sure rapunzel”

then he leave me and my friend by laugh in his mouth, little did i know, jack love me and he love my long hair but he too shy to confess it it, he confess it after a something serious happen after school in my home

after school over I go to home and everything was fine, my mom cooking for dinner, me and maya playing with our hair in living room, then suddenly someone ring our doorbell, when i open the door i see a tall guy with a suit and i think  there another six big guy with suit to in the tall guy back

“is your mom at home?”

ask the tall guy



answer my mom

“hi, ms jenifer how are you?”

“fine im fine thank you”

“may i come in?”

“oh sorry please come on in, take a seat”

then the tall guy take a seat in our living room, and i just sit in beside my mom and my sister just standing in our back to see what happen

“who are you and what are you doing here?”

“oh my name is not that important, but the most important is your pay time is due the date and no pending”

“pay what pay?, i do not owe something”

“well in our contract it say that your husband owe us 3 million dollar, just in case you want to see it”

then the tall guy lend us a paper sheet, it said that dan morgan, my dad, borrow money some money for 3 million dollar, my mother face look annoyed when he read the contract

“i dont have 3 million dollar for now, sorry maybe i can pay it tomorrow or next week”

“im sorry but you cant delay the payment miss”

“oh come on, just delay it a little time sir, for now i dont have the money”

“no, our company taught us to discipline on everything, especially on time, or we can seize this house”

the tall guy say it coldly, i have an eerie the way he talk.

“please dont do that, if you seize our house where we gonna live”

“i dont care what you gonna do after that, i just want finish my job and I have authority over it”

“oh please im gonna do everything to pay it”

my mother begging, the tall guy then look around like searching something in this room then he look into my mom and said

“jenifer, what is woman pride in you mind?”

“i dont know jewelry maybe?”

“as you know, someone said to me that woman pride is not their jewelry, kids, or husband”

he start walking into my mom back he see my sister rub her head and holding my mom both shoulders, my inner voice said that i have a bad feeling about this.

“and I think your husband must have said it, well do you know what it is?”

my mother then shook her head, then the tall guy poked his head next to his ear and said

“hair, ma’am, woman pride is in their hair”

my mom and i shiver when he said that, my heart like stop beating for a second when i heard that, than he took my hair loose it in behind sofa, my hair just fall and touch the floor because it long.

“Wow, you got a lot of hair young lady”

Then he brush my hair it slowly with his hand.

“Since when you grow this hair young lady?”

“When I little”

“Have you ever cut your hair?”


The he stand up to my mother grab bunch of her hair and pull it hardly, her face look up because the hair pulling, and the man told her in the ear.

“Well, do you say gonna do everything to pay the debt?, Be honest because I don’t like a lie”

Then my mother nod her head.


He stand and told all the big guy loudly.

“Hey!, All of you take this two girl hand and make them sit in the floor!”

All off the tall guy then come to me and mother, grab our hand and force us to sit on the floor, the man then take a scissor behind his suit and come to my mother.

“This is for your own debt miss Jenifer”

then searching someone in this room.

“where the little one?”

everyone dont know where my sister is

“find her, take her to this place, and if you need force her with all your strengh”

then all the big guy search my sister all over the house, after a few minute, one big guy bring my sister by pulling her hair and throw her to the floor.

“good, now everyone is here, i dont want any of you miss the show”

he took a chair and put it with the back of the chair to us

“tie the mom and the young girl all and bring the eldest”

they tied mom and sister and they pulled me, sat me on the chair, i have really bad feeling about this my heart beating so fast, nervous is taking all over my body, the tall guy tied my body up with a rope along the chair also my feet, for now i totally cant move at all.

“if you still curious what i gonna do to you, at least im not gonna rape or have a sex with you, so here’s the clue”

he whisper to my ear.

“say goodbye to you long hair darling”

my eyes widen to hear those words, my heart jus stop, cant believe what he gonna do to me

“well you two have an honor to see this, now i gonna take woman pride from this little rapunzel, in other word i gonna cut this long hair”

mom and my sister turn their head don wanna see this humiliation.

“why you guys tur your head, hey you to! make this two debtor see what gonna happen”

then he take scissor from the kitchen and go to my back, take all my thick brown hair and loose behind the chair, some of my hair touch the floor


im screaming to him

“or what?, do you want i kick you and you family from this house and sleep on the street, or do you have 3 million dollar?”

i shook my head

“well if that so, say good bye this very long hair”

he open the scissor and put the sharp iron between my nape hair,

“no.. not in the nape its tooo many”

“why not?, you want a trim?, its not worth to just cut a few of it your parent have 3 million debt”

i start crying, just imagine how i lost my pride, my long hair in a day by a stranger and i just grow it and take care of it for a long time.

“ooh…., dont be such a crybaby it just hair you can grow it again after this, of course for a long time you know”.

*sch *sch

sound of two metal that collide together, chopping my long hairout, because the thickness it quite long to cut a hair

*sch *sch

the room is quiet and only the sound of scissors continues to cut her long pride for a year, the hair keep falling to the floor as long as the scissor keep chopping.

“done, now look at you, you look fresh with that pixie haircut, well goodbye for now ma’am, and sorry for your hair rapunzel, ah sorry for now you are not a rapunzel anymore”

then he untied the rope, and untied my family.

“goodbye morgan family, especially you ex rapunzel have a nice day”

then he left us with all his big man, i sat on the floor, is it real or just my dream? i just lost my hair, with my trembling hand i rub my nape there no more thick long hair hanging on my back, my nape feels rough because of the haircut, it feel light on my head at least, then i look mass of brown hair behind the chair, i took it and measure the long

its so long, but why?, why it must gone?

i cover my face with both hand, my tear come out a again from my eye, i start cry, my cry getting louder, then mom and my sister hug me to calm me down, my cries start getting louder.

well tomorrow i go to school as usual, with my pixie cut of course, as i expected everyone ask me avout my hair, but i dont tell the truth i just say i want change my hairstyle except my friend i told them what happen yesterday, when i told the story i cry again.

about jack, the next day after the haircut he come to me at first he startled what he see, i turn around my head because i think he want to mock my new haircut, but he said to me

“why?, why you cut your hair?, your hair is beautiful you know rapunzel”

then he took something from his bag

“at first i want to give you this gift to you”

then he give me a cute hairpin to me, the he ask me to be his boy friend, i accept it, when he ask me why i cut it i told him i just want change my hairstyle, but as long time pass my hair is grow again until my shoulder not long but its a progress at least and and my relationship with jack is getting better sand i told him the truth, the story where brown hair rapunzel lost her long hair and lost her most precious pride.







(this is my first story sorry if this story boring or bad, also if there a wrong grammar sorry beacuse my mother tongue is not english)







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