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Estefania and Rhonda

It was a beautiful cloudy morning, it wasn’t really cold but it was not warm either, it was the perfect weather for shopping, and Estefania was really
looking forward to it, she was going to meet her bff Rhonda at the plaza and the were going to enjoy the day

Because, you see, Nia 21st birthday had happened last week but Rhonda had been out of town and wanted to make up for it

Estefania was a lovely latina girl, brown hair down to her shoulders, normally wavy but she usually straightened it out, lovely bronze skin, honey colored eyes
and a captivating smile

She had moved into the big city a few months back, following Rhonda’s advice, she was doing really well, she had a knack for finances you wouldn’t believe so
she had managed to set herself up to a good life, she found a great apartment, she had a big closet with everything she could ever need, and things looked
really bright for her

Sadly, however, she wasn’t that good at picking partners, she had broken up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago and she was still feeling a little blue, thats
why today she wanted a great day and to finally leave all that baggage behind

She had finally reached the plaza, she smiled as she walked in and looked around, the place felt alive, with people coming and going, the sound of the heart
of the city sounding all around her, her gaze then finally settled on a particular shop to her right

She stood there watching as a neatly dressed man was laying down on a chair and an elderly fellow was moving a brush all over his face covering it with white

She entered a trance as memories began to flood in

You’ll see, Nia was by no way an overly hairy girl, but she did had a lightly colored peach fuzz that covered her sideburns and a little bit of her upper lip,
she waxed often, but it was painful and expensive, so her ex often joked about dragging her into a barbershop and having her shaved there…

And even though he was crass and sort of disrespectful in that regard, she had to admit… that the idea had intrigued her…

She was so lost in thought that she did not hear her name being called over and over

Rhonda had arrived a few seconds after Nia herself…

Now, Rhonda was a woman to behold, she was beautiful, really beautiful, her chocolate colored skin was almost perfect, her lips full, her eyes lovely and a
mysterious black brown color, her curly hair normally done in a short afro style

She was sensual and she knew it, and she expressed it in any and all possible way she could, the way she walked, the way she talked, how she moved and dressed
she was a dream

“Hey Girl!” Rhonda called as she hugged Estefania from behind, startling her and making her jump a little bit

“Jesus!, I didn’t see you girl!, why didn’t you said something!” Exclamined Nia as she composed herself

“Said something?!, darling I have been calling your name for like forever!” she said as her eyes turned towards the shop and the gentlemen inside

She was Nia BFF, of course she knew about her ex and how she felt about the idea

“Oh!, I see!, you still thinking about what that gorilla used to say?, no disrespect for the apes of course” She asked sighing, a little bit worried

“What?, No!, not at all!” Nia said trying to look at any other possible way and grabbing Rhonda’s hand to begin walking

“Uh huh, you ain’t fooling me girl!, confess!” said Rhonda smiling as she grabbed her friend and hugged her candidly, stopping her and preventing her from

“Ow, ow!, alright!, yes!, I was!, it isn’t something important” came the reply as both women laughed silly

“You know what, we are going to take care of it right now, so you can close that chapter of your life, we need to move forward!” said Rhonda with a smile as she
grabbed her friend’s hand and began to walk towards the shop

“What!, no!” Protested the young latina girl, as she struggled

Rhonda Turned around and looked at her straight to her eyes smiling

“Alright, fine, if you don’t want it done now, I’ll set something up for later, but girl, we are taking care of it today!” she exclaimed as she picked up her
phone and began messaging away

Estefania knew better than to try and dissuade her friend, once an idea is set into Rhonda’s mind, there is no getting it out till its done

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, and it indeed would allow her closure to move on with her life

Rhonda finished texting and returned to her friend, she took Nia’s arm and moved into the plaza as if nothing had happened

They talked about Rhondas trip, and about Estefania’s week since her birthday, catching up with the little bits of their lives they have missed, they ate
a lovely brunch, they surfed through the stores, bought some stuff, they laughed and enjoyed themselves for most of the morning, once noon began to set, they
were ready to finish their shopping spree, they bought some bubble tea and walked out of the plaza in high spirits

Once they were ready to depart from each others company Rhonda hugged Nia and whispered to her “I want you all femme up and lovely tonight at the address I
just sent you ok?, I’m going to give us the beauty appointment of your life”

Nia looked surprised for a moment, she had forgotten all about that, she sighed and smiled, nodding with her head, they kissed each other cheeks and Rhonda
walked away, winking at her as she turned, Nia looked at her phone, the address was there alright, as well as the time and a little note with a smiley face
and a heart that said “be punctual!”, she smiled and set and alarm for the evening

Estefania’s day was frantic after that, she reviewed her stocks, made some movements on the stock exchange over the Internet, set things to maximize profit
(as was her usual thing, she was really good at that) and set to relax with a good book and a glass of wine, she was lost in the pages of her novel when the
alarm she had set up went off, which caught her off guard, she got up and ran to her phone to see a single word on the screen: Rhonda’s

She sighed as the memory came back to hit her, she walked into the shower and wondered, what would have Rhonda prepared for them?, she was extravagant and
flamboyant so Nia didn’t knew what to expect, those were the toughts on her head as she walked out of the shower

She did her best to femme up as Rhonda requested, she decided to be exotic today so she put on one of her Qipao dresses, a lovely red and gold Chinese dress
with a skirt that reached down to her knees, that made her look really lovely, she chose a pair of elegantly decorated red high heels that accentuated her legs
in all the right ways, she straightened her hair out and used a single large roller on her fringe to make a nice curl

For her make up, she chose a wonderful emerald tone for her eyes, a long catlike line for her eyeliner, and black lipstick to complement

She stood up in front of her full body mirror as she put on her last accessory, silver long hoop earrings

There!, the mirage was completed, she modeled this way and the other, and loved the way she looked, she blew herself a kiss, grabbed her purse and set off to
reach the address on time, as she knew punctuality was really important for her friend, the transport she called arrive quite quickly

She looked at herself in the mirror and hope she might not had overdone it, after all, it was only a shave right?, something that could be done in 10-15
minutes tops, what else could Rhonda had in store to request a femme up?, perhaps a girls night out or something like that, yeah!, that was probably it, Nia
thought as her transport pulled over a very large and tall building

The outside of the place didn’t tell Estefania much, the walls of the first few floors were black, with no signs or announcements, the place was on the high
part of town tho so she expected a disco or something like it, as she got closer she could see a vision of loveliness waiting next to what appeared to be the
door of the place, a huge iron door with intricate and delicate designs, beautiful but imposing…

Rhonda had also made her self ready for a night out it seemed!, she wore a lovely black dress, with a open skirt on the right side and now back, revealing her
long toned legs and sensual back, her hair was combed into her usual up afro tho, but a little bit more elegant perhaps, her make up was also sublime, golden
tones for her eyes, and a lovely copper lipstick to accentuate it

“There you go girl!, look at you!, so nice” she exclaimed as Nia got close

“And you too!, You look sexy” Nia responded with a smile

“You know it baby!, now come on!, they are waiting for us inside” Rhonda exclaimed happily as she knocked on the door on a very peculiar way

“So this is a salon?, I don’t see any signs!” asked Nia, as the sound of locks met them and the door began to open

“Darling, this place is a very, very exclusive club, I’ll explain everything later, but you got to promise me you’ll be calm and relaxed” said Rhonda smiling
as the door had finally opened and she took Nia’s arm and waled in

“That’s a weird thing to say but ok, I promise” she said as she look at the person who opened the door

He looked impressive, he was a very tall and muscular man, he, however was really handsome, and looked very elegant, yet, he had a mask that covered half his
face, his smile, however, was disarming and charming, he closed the door as soon as they walked in

They were on a small corridor, the light was dim, but good enough to see, the walls were covered with what appeared to be black silk, and the floor was covered
in black marble tiles

Rhonda and Nia walked down this small corridor and turned to find a large reception area, there was a black wall at the end of the room with a large counter
and a logo Nia had never seen before, there were several doors all around the room, however not a single sound could be heard

“AH!, Miss Rhonda, such a wonder to see you again” came from behind the counter, Estefania had not see anyone, she was kinda lost marveling at her surroundings
the art and paintings all around the room were exquisite, and the plants were tasteful and gave life to the reception, so she got close to see who it was

The lady had a lovely voice but she had a full face mask on, so Nia could not see who she was, she was however dressed impeccably in a navy blue business suit

“And I see you are in for one of the deluxe treatments for two!, that is wonderful, will your lovely companion be joining the club as well, I see she comes
very well recommended” she asked as she looked at Estefania

She was recommended?, wow, Rhonda must has spared no expense

“I really hope so, but I will explain it to her during our session” Rhonda said sensually, Nia was really confused, but she trusted her friend with her life
and she knew Rhonda was doing the best she could for them as she always had

“Marvelous, here are your papers…” said the receptionist as she handed Rhonda two tablets and two optic pens

Rhonda turned to Nia and smiled, handing her one of the tablets, a document that read like a non-disclosure agreement was displayed on the screen

“And this is?” Estefania asked as she skimmed over the document, pretty standard stuff really

“As I said my darling, this is a very exclusive club, what happens here stays here, just like las vegas!” She said smiling as she signed her document

“What are you getting me into girl?” Asked Nia a little bit wary but also signing the contract and handlign the tablet back to her friend

“The time of your life dear!” she exclaimed as she hugged Nia

The woman behind the counter reviewed the signatures, nodded, and got up grabbing a very impressive keyholder, she took one of the keys and opened a door on
the left of the wall, a very beautiful marbled door, that had an engraving of two women, one sitting down, the other puring water over her hair, she had
not noticed before, but all doors had different engravings on them

Rhonda placed one of her arms around the waist of Nia, and they walked into the room that was opened for them, the place was beautiful, it was kind of a
hallway with multiple doors as well, but the place was richly decorated with imaged of diferent haircuts, hair coloring, statues, and so on and so forth,
the floor was now covered with wood, it was very tasteful

“Now that we got all that out of the way” said Rhonda as they walked down the hallway “let me tell you what is going to happen, we are both getting the same
thing done, what is done to me will also be done to you and viceversa, you’ll see, the salon here is special” said as they turned around a corner, the ambiance
changed, the lights were a little bit dimmer, (you could still see well, but there was an air of sensuality around) and the statues and portraits were a bit
more exotic now

“You see, here its all about sensations, there are no mirrors, but you will face me, and I will face you, so you can see what is happening to me and feel it
yourself!” she purred into Estefanias earrings

“I’m beggining to think I should have let you drag me into that shop at the plaza” Nia said a bit nervous, however she was really thrilled and excited at the

“Darling, this will be 100 times better, you’ll see” said Rhonda as she kissed her cheeks

They walked into a beautiful room, just like the hallway it was dimly lit, however there was enough light to see well, there were no paintings or portraits,
no art, simple two barber red and gold barber chairs facing each other as well as different beauty salon implents, such as dryers and sinks

Nia looked around and sighed

“This feels a bit excessive for a shave” said Nia as they moved into the room proper, it was just as Rhonda had said

Two ladies awaited inside as well, both dressed in traditional barber smocks, mini skirts, however, their heads were covered with latex masks that only allowed
Nia to see their mouths and chins, their red lips smiling

“Welcome to the Deluxe room, please, take a seat” both women said, at the exact same time, surprising Estefania a little

Rhonda finally let go of Nia’s waist and walked slowly and sensually to the chair on the right, she climbed on the foot rest, and slowly lowered herself into
the chair, signaling the one in front of her

Nia gulped silently and walked to the other chair, so many time she had pictured herself on one, laying down, her face wrapped in a warm towel, was it finally
here?, Will she finally be able to put that out of her mind?

Those were her thoughts as she climbed into the chair and sat, the seat was very comfortable, she inspected it a bit, the leather of the seats were red and
shiny, while the trim and metal parts were completely golden, she was expecting white or chrome, but it was gold, she looked at the smiling face of her
friend Rhonda as she saw her barberette closing down what appeared to be clamps around her friend wrists, and right away, she felt the same around her own,
she looked at Rhonda with worry

But her friend was totally comfortable, smiling that sensual smile, she was looking at her like she never had before, with a hunger, a sensual hunger…
Rhonda smiled as she mouthed the words “Relax, this is normal, just enjoy” as she crossed her legs

Nia did her best to relax, she had promised after all, Rhonda was a bit eccentric, and a bit eccentric every now and then was bad at all, so Nia took a deep
breath and crossed her legs as well

After all this would surely push her ex out and replace the memory with her best friend, right?

She then felt a belt being applied right below her breasts, she looked at Rhonda as her attendant was was also applying a silken looking belt under her friend
ample bosom, Estefania was no slouch on the size of her breasts, she was actually quite happy with their size, but Rhonda’s girls were really something else,
they attracted a lot more looks than her smile thats for surely

“But how are they going to lay us down with the wrist s…” she began to say, but her barberette placed a finger over her lips while the one with Rhonda simply
whispered shhh

“No more words are needed, let us do our work, you must only enjoy” her attendant purred on her earrings

“If not, we’ll use these on you and your friend” she said as she showed her a rather large ball gag

Nia looked at it, then at Rhonda, at her smiling face as the barberette was covering her with a large plastic looking cape, she had placed a piece of tissue
between Rhonda’s neck and the cape

Nia simply sighed and nodded as her barberette also place a tissued at her neck, and closed the cape around her, it felt like latex, it was a bit tight but
not uncomfortable

She then saw Rhonda’s barberette take a bottle and shaking it vigorously, applying its content to Rhonda’s curls, massaging around the she felt it on her scalp
as the warm bubbly liquid was being massaged into a soapy mass of bubbles on their heads

It felt really nice, he had never been shampooed while sitting up, she almost closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations but Rhonda moved her head slightly

“Look at me dear” she mouthed as she blew her a kiss, she was being much more sensual with her now, she was always effusive and loving, but this… this was
sensual, borderline flirty… this meant so much more…

Nia smiled, and nodded, blowing her friend a kiss too, they enjoyed each other’s eyes as the barberettes worked the shampoo on their heads, vigorously at
first but then slowing down enough for it to be almost sensual…

Estefania didn’t knew how much time had passed, but she saw how the barberette of her friend took what appeared to be a sing and secured it around her friend’s
neck feeling the same around her a few seconds later, she saw Rhonda’s head being pulled backwards, before feeling a tender but strong hand beneath her chin,
pulling her head back too, Nia closed her eyes then, just at the moment she felt warm water running over her hair, she exhaled relaxed, this was really nice

After more massages and a couple of minutes she felt her head being pushed forward once again, she almost doze off, she opend her eyes slowly, only to meed her
friend hungry and loving eyes staring at her, she had never seen those eyes on Rhonda before, they made her feel sensual and desired, she unconsciously smiled,
and Rhonda noticed it, smiling too

Next thing Nia saw was the barberette pouring some creamy looking liquid into her friends hair, massaging it around as the cream began to cover her own head as
well, a few seconds later, their heads were covered with latex showercaps, and a hairdryer that looked like a bowl was placed on their heads, the warm air
enveloped Estefania like a summer breeze, she felt wonderful, and was really happy she accepted Rhonda’s choice

The barberettes began to work on their hands then, filing, massaging, painting, Estefania had not done her nails for the night, so she felt herself smiling
as she saw a lovely black coating covering her nails, to compliment her make up, Rhonda’s nails were now golden, a superb work, Nia thought

As soon as the women were done with their nails the dryers were turned off, the barberettes lifted them and removed the shower caps

Rhonda’s hair looked creamy still, she saw her barberette take a large toothed comb and began to comb the cream off, as she felt the comb on her head as well

But the nagging on the back of her head was strong, as much as she was enjoying this treatment, she hoped they could get to the main event

And she didn’t knew what was in store next, she got a little bit distracted while the thought assaulted her mind, she didn’t noticed most of the cream was now
off, and the barberette had took hold of another tool, she heard a click and a buzzing sensating moving from the front of her forehead to her crown, her
stomach sank to her knees as she saw a patch of nothingness right in the middle of Rhonda’s head, and a pair of clippers moving slowly, mowing down another
patch of hair next to the one on her friend’s head, feeling it on her own head as well

Her first instinct was to try and pull herself away from the chair, but as you surely remember, she was quite secured in it, she looked at Rhonda scared and
confused as the top of their heads was now devoid of hair

Rhonda smiled “You will look divine, just try to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it” she said smiling, and then looked at her barberette, who had stopped
had hanged the clippers on the side of the chair, and approached Rhonda with the ball gag, her friend smiled as she opened her mouth for the gag to be put in,
and smiled as it was secured behind her head

Estefania noticed her own barberette standing in front of her, the gag in her hands, waiting

She was shook for a moment, so she complied, she opened her mouth, the gag was placed on her lips and the strap secured beneath her hairline

Then the barberettes resumed their work, buzzing away the sides of their heads

Nia Was utterly confused, she remembered her friend words, what was done to one would be done to the other too, but why a buzzcut? would they go even further?
was this the deluxe treatment? Was this Rhonda’s idea? if so, why would Rhonda wanted to see her sheared?

Its not like she never had short hair, she had even once shaved the sides of her head, once the shock passed, and her head was pshed down into her bosom, she
noticed Rhonda’s legs trembling a little, she even cross them over and over, she knew her friend was really enjoying this

And… if she was honest… Estefania began to feel the same way, she was really looking foward to it, she thought about it for a moment, and felt naughty,
she was tied down to a chair, being pampered at first, and then buzzed, probably her face will be shaved too, after all that was the supposed plan, at the
beginning, she felt sexy by the way Rhonda was looking at her… now that their heads were up, the buzzing completed, or so it would seem

Nia saw Rhonda’s barberette grabbing another pair of clippers, smaller, and saw as they were run over her friend’s head, feeling as her own barberette was
doing the same to her

Rhonda’s eyes were fierce and yet calm, she was telling her that she looked beautiful, and Nia saw Rhonda then, while their heads were being buzzed once
more with the smaller machines

Rhonda was a vision…, just as she always was, paradoxical as it sounds the lack of hair made her look even more feminine, her eyes looked bigger, her face
looked more defined and sensual, Nia only hoped she looked half as good as her…

Distracted once more by her thoughts, a new sensation brought her back, she saw her friend smiling through the gag as a brush was dancing around the top
of her head, her chocolate skin a clear contrast to the white soap that was now being spread slowly on it , her own scalp felt divine as the brush also
covered her with warm soapy creamy lather

Their buzzing had been somewhat nice, but this… this was downright sensual, it almost felt like foreplay, she felt her legs tremble slightly, she was
really enjoying the sensations now

Nia focused on her friend now, her head covered in white creamy foam, her barberette fiddling with something behind her chair, and Rhonda’s eyes, and a
small quiet moan through the gag told her she was enjoying it a lot too

She then saw as a black towel emerged from behind her friend’s head, and formed a turban on top of around it, the feeling on her own scalp was blissful
just as it was being wrapped too…

Alright, Nia thought she was going to be really really mad with Rhonda but… the wetness she felt told her otherwise…

The barberettes patted their heads a bit here and there while the let the towels do their work, they walked behind the girls and Nia felt her gag coming
loose, the barberette walked in front of her and put a finger on her own lips and whispered shhh

Nia nodded as she opened her mouth and the ball was pulled out, she heard Rhonda giggle as her ball was also removed, but she did not utter another sound,
she just blew a kiss for Nia, making her smile

The turbans were removed and their heads cleaned off for a moment, Nia was focused on the movements of her friend’s barberette

The woman took the brush once again, a cup and began to stir the contents with vigor, a few moments later the brush was dancing over Rhonda’s and her own

That blissful feeling again as their heads were slowly covered with more creamy lather, the brushes danced all over their heads, on their crowns, their
napes, their temples and sides of their heads, avoiding the ears… and then they danced over their sideburns, slowly moving downwards and downwards

“Here it is” Nia thought, what she had been waiting for so long, she was thrilled as she saw the brush dancing over Rhonda’s cheeks, feeling her own being
lathered slowly and sensually…

The brush then danced rhythmically on their necks, below their chin, up the other cheek, to meet the creamy soap on the top of their heads, and then the
unexpected, the brush danced over their lips and upper lips, covering everything in soapy cream, Nia looked at her barberette surprised, she just place a
soapy finger over her own lips and whispered shh

Nia smiled, she felt the brush return to the tope of her head for a little while, as she enjoyed the look of her friend, she had to admit, Rhonda looked
really sexy and sensual with her face covered in white cream, she puckered her lips for Rhonda and blew her a soapy kiss, Rhonda smiled really pleased

They sat in bliss while the barberettes prepared the razors, stropping them on leather belts that were hanging at the sides of the chair

Estefania’s mind was working overtime, what would be first? their heads? their faces?, all she knew was that she was longing for the kiss of the razor, she
then felt two fingers on top of her head as she saw the barberette behind her friend do the same to her, the straight razor was placed right at the middle
of their foreheads, and it glided back without any effort, the rasping sound of her head being shaved should be terrifying, but Nia found it oddly arousing

The razors hungrily took te shave soap off the top of their heads, Nia expect it to burn a little, or to feel little tugs here and there, but no, the razor
glided over their scalps without a problem or effort, she also expected the soap on her fave to itch as it lose moistness, but it never did, it smelled
like lilacs, absolutely wonderful…

Too soon she felt the barberette looking for spots or places she might as missed, as she saw her friend’s head being massaged like her own, a couple more
passes from the razor here and there and soon a moist towel was used to clean their heads, and sweet rose smelling oil was massaged on…

“I wouldn’t mind doing this again at all” Nia thought as she was her friend smile, it was then that their barberettes began to work differently

So far they had mirrored each other movements perfectly, so much it was scary, but now she felt her barberette massaging her head with something that was
vibrating, absolutely heavenly, while she watched as Rhonda’s barberette placed a finger under her friends chin and pulled her head back, she then turned
the chair sideways, as if to et her see, the barberette then grabbed another hot towel and wrapped it around Rhonda’s face

“Oh!, how wonderful it must feel” she thought as the barberette patted Rhonda’s face while her own began dabbing more oils on her head, massaging her into

Nia, however, was lost as she watched the towel on her friend’s face being pulled off, as the brush danced over her face once more, covering it again with
that warm soapy cream, she sighed as Rhonda’s face was moved to the side, her skin being pulled taunt, and the razor glided from her temple all the way

down to her neck on one swift movement, how the barberette placed the razor on her neck and pulled up, shaving a path up to her chin, and continued all
around her neck, moving Rhonda’s head slightly, how sensual it looked as her chin was shaved with small precise strokes, then her upper lip and finally
her other cheek, Rhonda opened her eyes when she felt a towel cleaning her face of soap, and she smiled as the barberette pushed gently her head up, and began
gathering some oils and puring them on her head as she turned the chair to face Nia’s

And Estefania exhaled as she felt a hand below her chin, pulling her head backwards and moaned as her face was wrapped around in a hot towel

she crossed her legs a couple of times as she felt the barberette press the towel against her skin a couple of times, she closed her eyes, wanting only to
focus on what she was about to experience, the image of her ex long gone, replaced by the eyes and lips of Rhonda now…

The brush began dancing on her chin, fast and vigorous at first, but then it slowed down after a few movements, the brush then danced around her face
tenderly, sensually, it was driving her mad… then it moved around faster, once more making her smile, she wondered if she looked as sexy as Rhonda had
looked, she simply smiled

She felt her face being pushed to the right, so she complied and moved, next she felt the firm yet tender hand of the barberette on her temple, pulling
the skin of her cheek taunt with her thumb, she felt the razor gliding down on her side burn, she absolutely adored the sensation, no more waxing for her,
Oh no, she would return here daily if she had to, she felt the razor return to her side burn and glide down once more, then it was next to her lips, she felt
her face being pulled to the left, once again she complied and moved, the razor kissed her skin tenderly as it glided without effort and shaved her other cheek,
her face as then returned to the center, she felt as her upper lip was lightly stretched it felt really sensual as it moved over her chin and below her lips
and she trembled as her head was pushed even further backwards, and the razor was placed on her lower jaw, and as it glided slowly, shaving her neck

She exhaled and moaned a bit once she felt the last of the cream being shaved off

But the warmth of another towel wrapped over her face took her by surprise, her eyes remained closed, she was truthly enjoying herself by this point, she felt
the towel being removed and she expected the brush..

But the warm hand of the barberette covered in cream is what touched her skin, she shivered, it felt wonderful, this felt much more personal, as the hand of the
woman glided over her skin covering it once more with shaving cream…

She felt the bareberette wipe her hands after she had finished lathering her up, and the razor returned, but this time, it began at her neck, then moved up
slowly, sensually, and once again, all around her neck and chin, then her head was moved to the left, razor gliding over her ching slowly, head to the right
razor kissing her with passion over her other cheek, head set straight center, only her upper lip and chin remained covering now, she didnt wanted it to end

Small movements of the razor removed and shaved the last remnants of cream on her face… she had done it… and it have been much more wonderful than what
she had imagined it, thanks to Rhonda…

Another warm towel wrapped her face and cleaned the last remnants of shaving cream…

She then felt someone sitting on her lap, she head excited breathing, she didnt open her eyes as the towel was pulled of her face, and a set of lips met hers,
she felt as well manicured hands caressed her newly denuded head, and she loved it, as their lips met, and she was kissed with passion, with longing, with
sensuality, no one had ever kissed her like that, with such passion and hunger…

They kissed for a few more minutes, Nia still tied to the chair, as she heard the moanings of her kisser

“I’m sorry, I really wanted you to enjoy it, but I just couldn’t help myself” Rhonda whispered in her ear, almost crying

Nia opened her eyes and smiled “Don’t be sorry, I really, really enjoyed it” she said as she reached Rhonda’s lips once more, and kissed her back with the
same passion she had shown her…

“I’ve always loved you” Rhonda said smiling, caressing Nia’s bald skin

“I… I think I always knew…” she answered

“Then… will you be mine?, can I be yours?” she asked, kissing Nia’s lips slightly

“If I say yes will you untie me so I can caress your head too?” Estefania whispered

Rhonda smiled, truth be told this was not the first time Nia had kissed another girl, but it was the first thime she had done so with love and passion…

This was a step on the right direction

Rhonda proceeded to free Nia of her bonds, the barberettes were gone, nowhere to be seen

Nia got up from the chair, and embraced Rhonda, searching her lips, they kissed as they caressed each others heads, it felt sensual, and right…

“Then you are not mad that I had our heads shaved?” Rhonda asked as she looked into Nia’s eyes with love, and a little bit worried, lets be honest

“That depends” Nia whispered “How often can we do this?, and how fast can I get you alone so we can take care of how we feel?”

Rhonda smiled and sighted relieved

“We can do this daily from Thursday to Sunday” she said “the club is closed on Mondays, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays its the swingers turn, and I don’t
want to share you with anyone” Rhonda said as she hugged Estefania and rested her hands on her buttocks

“Regarding your other request, I think its still to early, but I will make sure we can spend some very good quality time further down the night” she whispered
on Nia’s ear, she shivered with anticipation

“Ok, then you might need to tell me more about this club” Nia said smiling as she placed her arms around Rhonda’s neck and caressed her denuded head “What more
is here besides this wonderful salon?, but also, can I have you shaved for me again?, Can the shave me for you like this always?” Nia said smiling,
intoxicated with Rhonda’s love

“My darling, this is a palace of pleasures, you can have me shaved for you as much as you want, and Ill certainly have you shaved for me daily if possible”
Whispered Rhonda into Nia’s ear “almost all fetishes can be found and explored here, we might be able to have a little fun ourselves, you see, I was afraid
you wouldn’t like this, but next time, we can be naked if you want”

“Such a wonderful idea” said Nia smiling “I think I’m going to love this club”

Rhonda sighed with relief “I was really hoping you would, because I would have to pay quite a steep price for bringing a guest without informing everything
to you about the club, and the club about you…” she said

“Oh!?, really?, Like what?” asked Nia smiling, Rhonda smiled and placed a finger on her guest lips, and whispered shh as she nodded with her head

They walked out of the lavish salon into the corridor, and then opened another door, that led them into a huge dancif ball room, lots of people around, most
dressed quite extravagantly, Nia immediately noticed quite a few bald women around, she smiled

There was an scenario on the far off wall, right at the end of the room, on it, there was a girl, bald like them, naked, covered in goo and other things, on
what appeared to be a gynecologist chair, another girl dancing around her and caressing her, both smiled

“Something like that, and other very creative things” Rhonda said as she took Nia’s hands and began dancing with her

“Oh” Nia exclaimed smiling as they danced

“Happy birthday my love” Rhonda whispered as she hugged Nia, getting closer

“I love hearing those words” Nia said, feeling genuinely happy

“I hope you enjoyed your shave because I assured you, we will have plenty more” Rhonda whispered once again, as they danced embracing each other

Nia smiled, as she kissed and caressed Rhonda’s head

“I will hold you to that”….

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